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[ profile] smap_bangumi by [ profile] dekishimeta
[ profile] kazenomukoue by [ profile] arimi_skywalker
[ profile] storm_freaks

Special thanks to [personal profile] random_fashion for designing the banner, and [personal profile] mmestrange for finding all the DW links!

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Hi all!

How's everyone doing? Personally, I've been busy trying to catch up with all the Arashi variety shows.... After like over a year of not watching their shows... It's tough to catch up again. At least I've cut down my backlog to just about 7 months now! I'm at like... Dec 2016! :P Soon~! Soon I'll make it to this year's shows!

Anyway... I'm really enjoying their shows... And I'm liking Gutto! Sports so much that I've decided to make an episode guide! (That, and cos the show just started... I love Aiba Manabu a ton too but there's so many episodes to go back and look through if I were to do an episode guide so...) I've included links to the wikipedia or other pages about the athletes too, so if you're interested, you're just one click away from reading up! :)
I'd like to do a short summary to each episode for Gutto! Sports too... Like just introducing the 'keywords' used and so on... But then knowing me... 'Short summaries' tend to end up not so short... We'll see :X

I've also been hard at work updating the Arashi ni Shiyagare Episode Guide as I watch. 

These links have been added to the sidebar for easy reference!

Also... This comm has been really quiet recently. Here's a call for all members to share your own review for Arashi shows! <3

That's all for this post. Happy watching Arashi shows!
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hello! mari is here again xp

today I wanna write my review of arashi ni shiyagare SP, it was a long day with kame and yamapi drama after it!!! I will try to talk about as much as I remember because I lot happen! and of course I will talk about my sakuraiba 

here in my DW

or here in my LJ
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Welcome to our new home on Dreamwidth!

Membership to the community is open, and ALL members are welcomed to post their own bangumi review! Please see here for some posting guidelines.  

The masterpost has been updated with DW links - let me know if there are any errors in the comments.

We have a spanking new, fucky, 5 colored layout and a brand new banner! 

Enjoy your stay in the community, and I hope to see your reviews soon!

Also, we have a twitter and a tumblr account, do follow us there!

PS: If you're new to DW and need some help, check out my Getting Started on DW guide.
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Originally posted by [ profile] nuriamerceditas at Incoming proyects for Arashi

Today was announced the new movie of Sakurai.
He is finishing the shooting of Laplace Witch, the original script is a novel of an investigator and a woman with supernatural skills. Although, is filming this year will be relased on mid's 2018.
This is his first movie in 4 years.

By the way, we have some others Arashi proyects:
Nino: last recepie (filmed last august) jun 2017
Aiba: Kizuko Tantei (getsu9) may 2017
Jun: Narratage. Nov 2017
Onho: Shinobi no Kuni. (Filmed until sep 16)May 2017
Screencaps )

Kizuko Tantei

Last Recepie

Shinobi no kuni


Laplace´s Witch (2018)
Español )

Hoy se ha anunciado la nueva película de Sakurai.
Está terminando el rodaje de Laplace Witch, el guión original es una novela de un investigador y una mujer con habilidades sobrenaturales. Aunque, la filmación es de este año se lanza recién en mediados de 2018.
Esta es su primera película en 4 años.

Por cierto, tenemos algunos otros proyectos de Arashi:
Nino: última recepie (filmada el pasado agosto) jun 2017
Aiba: Kizuko Tantei (getsu9) mayo 2017
Jun: Narratage. Nov 2017
Onho: Shinobi no Kuni. (Filmado hasta sep 16) Mayo 2017
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Hi all! I have a new review! This time it's Sho's interview with Uchimura Kohei.

I personally love watching gymnastics, and am kinda of a fan of Uchimura. I mean, he's the $#!&%$)! king of gymnastics. His form is beautiful. He won 6 individual all around world championships, and two time individual all around gold medals at the olympics... Making it a whooping 8 years of domination. And the most ridiculous thing? He's the same age as me. World champion, married with 2 kids... And everything that I'm not. Lol. But anyway... Click on the pictures below to read the review!

Also made a list of noteworthy vocabulary here!
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I bring you another short review of ichimen! (Actually, the review isn't all that short... It's mostly because ichimen is a pretty short segment.) Click here or the pictures for the review.

If you're interested, also check out the noteworthy vocabulary from this ichimen segment over here.
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Gosh. It's been a long time since we have any reviews posted here! ><

I have not actually forgotten about this community, even though my RL situation and online ventures have meant that I've not been doing reviews in a long time... I did a short review on Sho's Ichimen on my website though! Click on the picture to read it.

Hopefully I'll be able to do more of these short reviews!
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Hi! Something fast, I translated the characters chart of Ohno's new drama (it's short name is Sekamuzu). You can see here the original:

I didn't translate the name of the characters except Ohno's who is called Samejima Reiji (the first kanji of Samejima is the kanji for shark (same), Ohno's fave fish, lol). The reason is that the same kanji can be read in different ways and I will not know the correct way of reading them until I hear them. I noted down the name of the main actors in case you want to search more info about them. I didn't write "Ohno Satoshi as" because the space was narrow and everybody here knows his name, lol

I'm not familiar with japanese companies and how they hire so perhaps some title or something is not called like that in english speaking companies.

This is not exactly a review so if you think this is not appropiate to be posted here please delete it^^
Oh! I also got surprised that Johnnys allowed Ohno's photo on ntv web page, at last they noticed how weird was to not see the pic of the main role's actor on the drama web page!!

Read more... )
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Hi everyone!

Time flies gosh, it's Feb 2016 already!

A happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates the occasion!

It's been a terrible start to the year for me. Loads of things happening to my life and loads of things to sort out and take care for. But as with every change, it's also an opportunity... So I'm still trying to make the best out of everything.

Meanwhile, let's all take the occasion to thank our contributors to the community for the past year!

[ profile] spsn
[ profile] nijininare
[ profile] deelovesryo
[ profile] candywalla
[ profile] j_sei
[ profile] dekishimeta

Scrolling back... We've had a lot of reviews posted in 2015! Thank you everyone for making this community possible!

And to everyone else... Do join in the fun and post your own review! Or at least leave a nice comment to encourage our reviewers! :)

Have a great year ahead! (There's still 11 months left!)
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Hello everyone!

Apologies for this late post, I hope all of you have been having a good week.

I was thinking of doing a mini review on yesterday’s VS Arashi episode but I wasn’t too entertained by it that I decided to go with last week’s hilarious bump sumo. So when I say mini-review it'll be more of a commentary on how entertaining the episode has been.

Without further ado, let’s go to the mini review.
Read more... )

Sasaki Yusuke, Takeda Nobuhiro and Shimizu Hiroyasu.  [ I mean this in the best of ways, each time I see Takeda-san, I can’t help but think this is how TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun will look look like in 15-20years…]

A speed skater, a soccer player and a pro-wrestler on Matsumoto’s team. That’s already a scary thing to begin with, but if you’ve watched Sasaki-san in other shows she comes off as a gentle giant. Very soft spoken. And wait…
What’s happening here?

no title

I won’t reveal the results but let’s just say it didn’t go as expected—with someone even causing himself to..well..self-destruct? XD

Next  we have the atheletes from Ohno’s, Himura and Matsumoto’s teams. Himura-san’s teammate was a former professional sumo wrestler…This episode has its fair share of unfair moments from having a former sumo wrestler to having 2 petite (non-athletic) girls in 2 teams.
no title
But he assures us that it’s been 15 years since he gone in the ring That’s…comforting?

Darenogae x Tanaka x Komiya
While I’m happy Darenogare wasn’t up against Kano-san, she is so tiny.
Watching her enter the ring had me..well.. anxious.

Kikuchi x Kano x Kotouge

Looks like Kotouge san holds a bit of a grude towards Kikuchi-san who took a photo of him reading “ero-hon” inside a convenience store and posts it on twitter. Apparently she did that while they were taking a break from location shoot, that photo…ended up becoming internet news.
no title

Oh dear…

First Set: Sakurai x Ohno x Ninomiya
So..Sakurai-san was the loser of the Bump Sumo from First BUMP Sumo between him and Aiba. So we ask Riida (who was said in an AniShi episode to be one of the strongest members) what he thinks of his opponents and he says:
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.02.12 AM.png
He thinks the two of them will end up flying out.
He says it so expressionlessly that it makes a statement that would sound as cocky…well, seem like a matter of fact. Haha!

Second set: Himura x Matsumoto x Aiba

Up til this point in the game, it’s only Matsumoto’s House Division that has yet to have a point. Do you think they’ll be able to score a point?

I'll end my post there. I won't post about the elimination round so as not to spoil anyone's fun. Just a clue, up til the elimination round, each House Division was represented. :)

If you haven’t watched this episode: Who do you think will win?

If you have watched this episode...instead of talking about who won (let’s not ruin the fun for those who have yet to watch) Who did you find most amusing? OR If you could make your own line up for the talents that will be in each house division, who would you choose?

That’s it from me.

VS A Screenshots from KnH

* are the talents who I’m not sure what exactly they do as talents .
**ero-hon is a portmanteau of ERO (erotic, perverted) and HON (books)…so it’s probably that kind of magazine if you know what I mean. :P
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Hello! [ profile] nijininare here! I posted this review on a new community called [ profile] storm_freaks! :) We're a new ARASHI loving community with a little something special for active community members. (Check out the community to see what I mean!)

This is a lengthy episode review, hope you enjoy!

Episode Number: 236
Guest: Ito Atsushi

Today's guest it Ito Atsushi who is best known for his first ever role which was a show called Kamen Norida back in 1989! A show which even Riida remembers!

But wait a minute...before you think he's an old man with babyfaced features, he isn't! He's actually the same age as Nino and Matsujun (born Nov. 25, 1983) and he's a meat lover! Hence 3 meat-related segments! :)

Read more... )

Read more... )
They had to do kick the panels with ingredients and for the panels they knock out, they get that ingredient for teppanyaki. Think kicking sniper but with panels and the center is the rare cut of delicious beef.

There was no meat in this segment. Didn't bother to review it as much since the boys ended up cooking smelt ( a teeny tiny fish).

I'll do ratings per segment before I give the overall rating. By the end of this post you'll see how many "lightnings" (it's storm-freaks afterall) the episode gets from me! :)

I love yakiniku and I love food, so I would willingly grade this  segmentwith a 5/5.

BUT if you aren't such a fan of food related topics OR you prefer ARASHI doing more active activities than quiz type activities the segment with the guest will definitely bore you.
Even more so if you don't feel the need to learn about the different parts of the cow. XD

I wish they did more active style games like they did for the last than having 2 quizzes. We prefer our adorkables running about right? XD
So that gives a cost for some demerits! -2! So...3/5

Before we give a final digit, let's do a thorough evaluation!

This episode had me laughing at the way Matsumoto was narrating his episode. It was very...unnatural yet so amusing. (MJ sometimes can be a bit boring for my liking but this one amused me.) I also liked how MatsuJun does something down to earth (get the pun? XD).

But I'm all for variety shows showing an educational side in a way that won't let our internet glued generation change channels.
Jun didn't snap as much as he does and he seems to be genuinely interested in what he's doing. (I honestly, think amidst all that glamour Mr. Stoic is just a good natured guy)

I'm not Jun-biased but this episode makes me want to give it 5/5

This time he's against very well experienced men who work in an industry that requires them to do such work!

You have to give it to Miracle boy. He never loses heart. Haha! <3
I like that he's more strategic. So...4/5!

Answers to questions from Meat Quiz #1
Tell me how well you did if you tried answering! XD

  1. Lemon (Look who's so marching so happily after getting the answer right. XD

  2. It's the nose!

  3. Rib bone!

  4. Eating ox tongue with lemon.

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Watched the raw and I was so amused with this batsugame.Because Riida lost to the tug of war looking game with Sakurai, he had to do a batsugame before proceeding to the next corner.

His batsugame was to announce the ten parts of himself he liked.
I found it both cute and funny how he struggled through. Probably because it was too embarrasing to mention some of the things without coming off as bigheaded. Haha! Enjoy the translation, full text in my journal cos I'm still editing through the last parts <3
Read more... )
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Woah. That's a long ago show.... Mayonaka no Arashi. As such the videos I have arent the best quality...

Well, this is part of my initiative to use tumblr more, so I took a bunch of GIFs that could be shared on tumblr and in this comm.  So yes, this is more of a GIF collection than a proper review... Oh and pardon my GIF making noob-ness!

Loads of GIFs under cut! )

Woots ok! That ends my first GIF adventure as well. Looking at the GIFs on loop is giving me a headache -.-. I hope you enjoyed the review :P 
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Tested Kimura Kaela's pasta recipe from the 2012.12.13 episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. I have to say it's a pretty simple and tasty dish!

Since the show didn't feature it step by step, I decided to add details to the pasta. Try it and enjoy! :)

Note #1 - MENTSUYU: The only ingredient that may be a little difficult to get is the MENTSUYU or the noodle dipping sauce that's basically a concentrated mixture of dashi (katsuo & konbu), soy sauce and sake. You can make this on your own or just buy the bottled kind in supermarkets (It's a livesaver, I make my oden, tempura dipping sauce, agedashi tofu by diluting this with different ratios of water. Such a timesaver!) Also, I used Thai Napa cabbage instead of the cabbage Kimura-san used but I promise you it's pretty much the same.

Note #2 - Choosing Mushrooms: Shimeji mushrooms have a softer texture compared to shiitake but a similar woodsy taste. I think that woodsy flavor is what adds the umami to this dish. If you'll use fresh button mushrooms which are slightly milder in flavor, I suggest browning a bit and then adding a bit more mentsuyu for taste.
BUT PLEASE PLEASE make sure you choose fresh or well-dried mushrooms. Moisture inside the pack is not a good sign! Mushrooms have to be kept well whether fresh or dried if in doubt, DO NOT EAT IT.

EDIT! Here's a more detailed explanation according to [ profile] coolohoh
"Moisture is bad for mushrooms, they spoil easily when moist... so you have to make sure they didn't go bad. (Maybe repackage them once you get home - newspapers are good for soaking up moisture, or cook them ASAP.) If you're not sure whether the mushrooms are still good, or can't tell how bad mushrooms look like, best to just avoid packets with moisture in it."

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In minna!

In a bid to get more people to join discussions on the community... Arashi_bangumi has gone social!

I've made a tumblr and a twitter account for the community!

For now I'm still waiting to get a new computer (guess I'll have to wait till Nov for an iMac 21 inch refresh, no iMac annoucements earlier :( ), so I might not be able to update that frequently... but I hope to get more active starting from Nov/Dec! Either way, do follow us! I'll post links whenever we get new reviews on LJ ;). So do share your reviews here with us! (Oh and retweets and reblogs would be welcomed too!)

Last but not least...

Thanks [ profile] jheili for helping me with the masterpost links! Also a big thank you to [ profile] pame_31 for the tumblr suggestion + the giftset!

Keep the reviews coming ne? ;)
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Hello. The full review of this episode is in my journal ([ profile] nijininare )but I thought of sharing the bank bowling clip where another episode of Sakurai-san's interesting omiyage gets aired.

The guests from this episode were from the movie, "Unfair--The End". For the second throw, Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san were the ones on the platform ready to clean up the pins Aiba-san and the plus one guest, Fukuda-san, had left.
This is a pretty funny two shot. Sakurai-san looks barely up to the challenge while Ninomiya-san seems hyped up. Don't you think?

Heaven's voice starts: "Today (you're fighting) against the Unfair team..." Look at the expression of these two--listening intently. Heaven's voice continues with the the question:
"Between the two of you has something (that happened) recently made you think "That's unfair..."?"

 Ninomiya-san immediately speaks up which prompts Sakurai-san to move around. He looks like he's not too keen on where this conversation's going. "
Read more... )

It seems Ninomiya-san is always looking forward to Sakurai-san's omiyages but it seems that it doesn't always end up the way Ninomiya-san expected. The episode they had in bank bowling is similar to the previous episode where Ninomiya-san talks about a souvenir he received from Sakurai-san..**

For those wondering what I'm talking about there was a VS Arashi episode where Ninomiya-san says that he received a candle from Sakurai-san. When he lit it, he didn't like the smell saying it smelled like dust. To which Sakurai-san immediately points out "Hey! That was a souvenir I bought you from India!"

**Sakurai-san was on the guest team during this episode so it must have been the Nazotoki TV Drama guesting
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1) Ok, this is obvious, but reviews must be of Arashi appearances on TV. At least one member of Arashi must be in the episode.

2) Reviews can be in any format. Screenshots, text, GIFs (or tumblr posts!), or a mixture of the three are welcome.

3) If you are using GIFs that aren't yours, ask for permission and give proper credits. Please note that your screenshots may be used for post promotion proposes on tumblr and twitter, let me know if you don't want that happening.

4) Photos/GIFs should not be wider than 600 px, there is no limitation on how many you can put in one post. (The only limitation is LJ's post length limitation, in which case you can always split your post into two or more parts.)

5) If your post has more than 3 pictures/GIFs, or if the text is lengthy, please put them under a cut. You can put up to a maximum of three GIFs/pictures at the top of the post before a cut.

6) Please use the appropriate tags for your post. For their regular shows, please tag with their show title (make a new one if it doesn’t exist). For guest appearances, check if there's an available tag for the show title, otherwise just tag as 'other programs'. I will make new tags if we get a lot of reviews from any particular program.

7) Please include the title of the show, and the date of the program airing in the title of your review.

8) Multiple reviews of the same episode are welcome! Even if there's a review of an episode, you can still review the same episode!

9) You are free to repost your review anywhere else! Tumblr, forums, your own journal... that's for your own reviews only though! Do no steal other people's work! (If you want to use a screenshot or GIF, do ask for permission)

10) You may make the post members only if you want some security - but please note that as of now our membership is OPEN. (And will continue to be open unless JE/Japan starts cracking down on TV show reviews.)

11) That's all for now! Have fun!

These guidelines are not 'final'. Let me know if you have any concerns/suggestions. I'll update this post as and when it's needed. Cheers!
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Sharing a full episode review from my journal to this community. Thought more people could be able to read it here. I have to say Tanaka AD is one of my favorite people. I mean seriously, how many people can piss MatsuJun off? Hahaha!
The LJ cuts are going crazy. For some reason you should be able to click on the segment you watch to watch. It isn't appearing the way it. I'll try to fix it as soon as I figure out what's wrong.


To be extremely honest, the episode preview was “okay”. I didn’t feel particularly excited by the segments nor by the guest. Let’s be honest, Matsumoto Jun never fails to deliver on his challenges even if he has a number of less than impressive moments, in the end he always manages to pull it off.

Nino’s segment was about the difficulty of being left handed. It doesn’t seem as interesting as his previous segments…and I’m saying this as someone who likes his segment. (His is second to Leader's then Sho's segment comes a close third).

Matsumoto’s caption was: Ritualistic Okonomiyaki making. (The kanji refers to a Shinto Ritual but it can also mean superhuman, ritualistic, divine. I thought superhuman is the best.)

Read more... )
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Welcome to Arashi Bangumi!

Fan-sharing community for the reviewing of Arashi bangumi (TV SHOWS)
Discover new shows, share, and flail together.

Hi everyone! I'm [ profile] coolohoh! You can call me the nidaime (二代目) or second generation. I'm taking over from [ profile] dekishimeta who is no longer active in the fandom... :(

I'll try my best to make this community lively... but the most important thing we need here is YOU! YOU, to share your reviews with us, to comment, and interact with the reviewers... Participatation is strongly encouraged! Let's make this community successful together!

Join the community to read and post reviews! Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr for updates!

Reviews Masterpost
About this list:

  • Arranged in alphabetical and chronological order.

  • Dates are in this order: YYMMDD

  • Updated as and when there are new posts! So post away!

Only Arashi's regular shows are listed in respective show names. For Arashi's guest appearances, look under the heading "others".

8-Jida J
Arashi's appearances round up

Aiba Manabu
130421 The very first episode of the show! Which ingredients are from Japan?
130428 How are calories spent?
130505 Learning about the four seasons in Japan - Spring
130512 Which ingredients are from Japan?
140831 Manabu taxi + Speaking english to gaijin
140907 Manabu taxi + Speaking english to gaijin
140914 Marine animals fishing (guest: Daigo (not the mentalist)
140928 Indoor gardening (1)
141005 Indoor gardening (2)
141012 Indoor gardening (3)
141019 Indoor gardening (4) + surprise meals in restaurant
141221 Indoor gardening (5) + birthday & Christmas party for Aiba-chan

Arashi ni Shiyagare
100417 Promo SP for Arashi ni Shiyagare
100724 Oguri Shun (Actor, Jun's good friend)
100731 Matsuko Deluxe (BF skit only)
110430 Matsuoka Masahiro (Tokio)
110806 Takenaka Naoto (Actor. Nino's dad in Freeter)
111029 Namase Katsuhisa (Actor)
111217 Aiba making French toast
120211 Iseya Yusuke (Actor and painter)
120714 Shinji Kagawa (Japanese professional footballer)
121027 Aiba making porridge
121110 Nobutaka Murao (NewsZero Presenter)
121117 Scary Urban legends [Version 1] [Version 2]
121201 Wonders of human brain
121208 NTV morning show presenters
130119 Nagase Tomoya (Tokio)
130323 Teruyoshi Uchimura (Comedian) [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
130504 Riki Takeuchi (Yazuka Movie Actor)
130601 Nakamura Hashinosuke (Kabuki actor)
131130 Shirai Kenzo (Gymnast) [Part 1] [Part 2]
131207 Kimura Tae (Actress) [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
140101 2.5 hours New Years SP [Part 1(Jun)] [Part 2 (Sho)] [Part 3 (Nino)] [Part 4 (Ohno)] [Part 5 (New year's conversation)] [Part 6 (Aiba)] [Part 7 (aiba and prank)]
140510 Things that Arashi does not know - World investigation [Part 1] [Part 2]
140705 100k yen shop + Matsuko Deluxe + shopping for leather wear with HSJ
140816 Effeminate males party + Summer vacation recommendation
140823 Shinsengumi history + Anne
140830 Arashi VS Kanjani 8 - 24 hr TV SP
141011 Ayase Haruka
141018 Sports with Mukai + fashion with 100K Yen
141213 Domoto Tsuyoshi
150117 Sekai no owari
150131 Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi [Part 1] [Part 2]
150307 Vacation edition: Sho at Abi and Sendai, Aiba at Chiba
150314 Osawa Takao
150725 Ohno Satoshi's Let's Make it Corner! - Making a mug
150613 Iron Man day, This is MJ, and Nino's A Small Aspiration
151017 Ito Atsushi, This is MJ & Aiba Japan
151107 This is MJ part
151219 Christmas SP with NEWS Kato Shigeaki and Hey! Say! Jump! Nakajima Yuto
160101 Ohno Omotenashi Ryoukan part

Arashi no Shukudai-kun
070917 Yamada Yuu
071210 End of Housework SP
080621 Haruna Ai
090511 No money SP
091221 Shizuru
100222 80 Seconds Talk

Arashi no Waza-Ari!
040612 Junba bowling

Compilation of episodes
Guest: Gackt

D no Arashi
031217 Wheelchair Basketball + Chameleon

(Alphanumerical order)

Yamada Taro Monogatari

Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi drama characters chart

G no Arashi
051109 Minor Sports 1
051207 Minor Sports 2

Himitsu no Arashi-chan
080904 AMNO in Haunted House
091022 Akiyama Sanma SP
091029 Kurotani Tomoka Arashi Karaoke
100204 Kimura Kaela
101118 Koyuki (Part 2: Ninomiya Derby Cup)
110203 Matsuyama Kenichi (Part 2 of HnA)
100617 Nishino Kana
100127 Yoshitaka Yoriko
100715 Nakashima Mika
110714 Mannequin must item corner (Jun & Aiba)
121101 Oguri (Yamada) Yuu
121115 Himitsu no Arashi-chan: 10 Things I Like About Myself (Ohno batsu game snippet)
121213 RECIPE - Kimura Kaela's Pasta Dish!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan: VIP LIMO
110526 Sakumoto. Guest: Ayase Haruka
110602 Ninoai. Guest: Katahira Nagisa. VIP Limo + Adults Segment
110623 Sakuraiba. Guest: Kinoshita Yukina
110728 Omiya. Guest: Nakatani Miki
120126 Junba. Guest:Harada Tomoyo

Himitsu no Arashi-chan: Sharehouse
120726 Omiya. [Part 1 (Becky)] [Part 2 (Adults Segment with Daigo)]
121025: All 5 of them: Unseen Footage
121101: Yama. Guest: Oguri Yuu (formerly Yamada Yuu) [Part 1] [Part 2]
121108: Matsumiya. [Part 1 (Chara)] [Part 2 (Adults Segment)]
121115: Yama. [Part 1 (Momoirokuroubaa Z)] [Part 2 (Last Mission)]
130131 Juntoshi. Guest: Mama actresses and Ikuta Toma as last mission guest
130321 Final episode! [Part 1] [Part 2]

Mago Mago Arashi
050702 Grandsons for a day: Soon to be flooded town: Ohno x Nino
050730 Grandsons for a day: Grandmas outing: Jun x Ohno
050820 Grandsons for a day: Period drama filming: Sho x Ohno
061104 Dinner for Kids: Jun x Aiba
070512 Dinner for Kids: Sho x Nino

Mayonaka no Arashi
011003 The first episode! Sho's midnight adventures

Nama Arashi
021019 Guest: V6's Inohara

NewsZero Ichimen
070604 Australia's drought problem
080808 Beijing Olympics
100215 Vancouver Olympics
110801 WWII Memorial
110808 How to use an Automated external defibrillator (AED)
110815 Refugees and famine in Somalia
160111 Change of Symbols used in Japanese maps
160118 Precautions to take on snowy days
160208 Interview with Uchimura Kohei

140706 Trip planning [Part 1] [Part 2]
140614 Nino in dress

Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai
141009 Sho in Hawaii
150115 Toma + Oguri Shun
150806 Miyaken (V6)
151008 Toshokan Sensou Cast - Okada Junichi, Fukushi Sota, Eikura Nana, and Kuriyama Chiaki
151029 V6 - Sakamoto and Nagano
160225 Matsumoto Jun

Tensai Shimura Dobutsen
060511 Aiba in Singapore Zoo
061012 Aiba in Hong Kong Zoo
100424 Matsumoto Jun helping Aiba
101211 Senpai VTR +
110901 Baby Animals SP
140308 Feeding 200 squirrels
140412 [Part 1 (Nino's prank on Aiba)] [Part 2 (Aiba with lioness, golden retirever puppies)]

VS Arashi
110512 Girls' Compass team
110915 Artistic Gymnastic team
100402 Massugu no otoko team
111110 NazoDi (Sho's Drama) Team and Koda Kumi
111201 Kaibutsu-kun drama (Ohno's Drama) [Part 1] [Part 2]
120412 Shirigatari team
120503 Nijiiro Jean
121025 Child actresses and actors/Nino doggie shirt
121108 Team Chiba and Ishihara Satomi
121122 Team 'Osozaki no Himawari' (Ikuta Toma)
130418 Kazoku game (Sho's drama)
131107 Female athletes [Part 1] [Part 2]
131121 2nd generation Team
131128 Sazae San [Part 1] [Part 2]
131205 Chinen Yuri (HSJ) and artises from Gunma [Part 1] [Part 2]
140227 Takazara Team and Kazama Shunsuke [Part 1] [Part 2]
140306 Idai Naru, Shurara-bon [Part 1] [Part 2]
140403 MMDA 2014 [Part 1] [Part 2]
140828 V6 Miyake Ken's drama (Hottokenai Majotachi ほっとけない魔女たち) Team
140904 V6 Kazappon's drama (Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi) Team
140911 V6 Nagano in Kanagawa Team
141204 Aoha Raido (Ao Haru Ride) live action movie's cast
141211 Judo team + Mochida Kaori (Every Little Thing)
141218 Vancouver Asahi Team (including Kamenashi Kazuya, Tsumabuki Satoshi)
150129 Team Uehara (Uehara Koji related) + Kamenashi Kazuya
150205 Former Japan national football team, Kojima Ruriko, Ogata Takahiro
150312 (Golden) Artistes from movie: April Fools+ Ivan (UTAGE DJ), Tomochika [Part 1] [Part 2]
150903 Bank Bowling segment (Ninomiya's "Unfair" moment)
151203 Bump Sumo! - Mini Review

Others (non arashi-regular shows)
070506 Jounetsu Tairiku 情热大陆 (Ninomiya Kazunari)
090425 Ousama no Brunch: Promoting HnA
100325 Tunnels 30th Anniversary- Moji Kun
110425/26/27/28 Ito Jakuchu (Ohno Satoshi)
110603 Aiba in Bhutan
100703 Ousama no Brunch: Promoting HnA
120411 Picaru no Teiri: Kagiheya (Ohno's drama)
121218 Arashi no ashita ni kakeru tabi 〜 kibō no tane o sagashi ni ikou 〜 岚の明日に架ける旅~希望の种を探しに行こう~ (Jun)
130116 Picaru no Teiri: Last Hope (Aiba's Drama)
130411 Sho at Hanamaru Cafe
130422 Otameshika! - Aiba Manabu promotion
1411107 NHK documentary: Arashi 15th anniversary

24 Hour TV
080831 MatsuJun in Cambodia
080831 Sho in Europe

Fuku Arashi
2014 Short translation

Music Station
151023 Kokoro no Sora and Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi performance

000420 Arashi's First Appearance in Utaban
090305 Arashi Bento
100302 Love opinions + Palm reading

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