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1) Ok, this is obvious, but reviews must be of Arashi appearances on TV. At least one member of Arashi must be in the episode.

2) Reviews can be in any format. Screenshots, text, GIFs (or tumblr posts!), or a mixture of the three are welcome.

3) If you are using GIFs that aren't yours, ask for permission and give proper credits. Please note that your screenshots may be used for post promotion proposes on tumblr and twitter, let me know if you don't want that happening.

4) Photos/GIFs should not be wider than 600 px, there is no limitation on how many you can put in one post. (The only limitation is LJ's post length limitation, in which case you can always split your post into two or more parts.)

5) If your post has more than 3 pictures/GIFs, or if the text is lengthy, please put them under a cut. You can put up to a maximum of three GIFs/pictures at the top of the post before a cut.

6) Please use the appropriate tags for your post. For their regular shows, please tag with their show title (make a new one if it doesn’t exist). For guest appearances, check if there's an available tag for the show title, otherwise just tag as 'other programs'. I will make new tags if we get a lot of reviews from any particular program.

7) Please include the title of the show, and the date of the program airing in the title of your review.

8) Multiple reviews of the same episode are welcome! Even if there's a review of an episode, you can still review the same episode!

9) You are free to repost your review anywhere else! Tumblr, forums, your own journal... that's for your own reviews only though! Do no steal other people's work! (If you want to use a screenshot or GIF, do ask for permission)

10) You may make the post members only if you want some security - but please note that as of now our membership is OPEN. (And will continue to be open unless JE/Japan starts cracking down on TV show reviews.)

11) That's all for now! Have fun!

These guidelines are not 'final'. Let me know if you have any concerns/suggestions. I'll update this post as and when it's needed. Cheers!

Date: 2015-09-07 03:18 pm (UTC)
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I'll be Glad to join your comm ^^


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