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Yay, my 1st ever AnShi review. The theme of the day is News Arashi! Video from Hachi.A, but it’s the reuploaded version to youku since AnShi gets taken off real quickly… (ahhh omg this means that every time i pause the video i have to do the additional step of closing the ad… :( )

But anyways, let's begin!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOur boys are dressed up nice and smart :) All suits :)

NewImageNewImageThey start guessing who's the guest… Who would you link with suits? Sho thought of something! S: Isn't this week Zero Week? 

NewImageYou got it Sho! This week's guest is a news caster!

NewImageNot only that, Sho also guessed correctly! The guest IS murao-san as sho guessed! (thank sho, i didn’t know how to pronounce that name XD)

NewImageJ: so after taping AnShi, its just nice time for news zero. S: yes the timing is just nice.

NewImageEnter Murao-san!

NewImageSho is shocked XD

Omg. Its hard to write reviews for AnShi. There's so much talk! I guess i'll end up skipping quite a bit of the talk, gomen ne? 

NewImageAfter a bit of small talk, they proceeded to the title call right away! No 'true or false rumour session' today! Title: Top caster Murao VS Johnny's Arashi. Revealing the face behind the News.

NewImageAniki calls on Aiba to change the set. Aiba tries to do it newscaster style :)

NewImageNewImageJ seems to be looking for instructions/directions or something… cos the arrangement of the chairs was all cramped together.

NewImageStaff-san arranging the chairs :)

NewImageAs aniki tried to sit down, the flimsy backboard threatened to fall on him :P 

NewImageCos the staff have yet to put the prop properly in place yet XD

NewImageMC: On one hand we have top caster Murao-san, on the other we have national top idol arashi. There are a lot of similarities between the two. S: Really? MC: What are the similarities? N: Male. (HAHAHA NINO! You are hilarious!) 

NewImageThey start off with the 1st similarity. Something that aniki MUST do after every news filming. Sho asks if he knows about it. Aniki: I don't think sakurai-sai knows about it...

J (i think? I'm translating after watching each small portion, so i may forget some details or get some things wrong… find it too time consuming to keep going back and forth) asked Sho if there's anything they do together after NZ filming. Sho says that they do a reflection meeting together (agh what's that called? my english vocab isn't working T.T). Like they talk about who didnt do what properly (aniki chirped in with an e.g.: Ah today Murao-san's pronunciation was really bad!), or what went well, like if some video was good, they'd praise/thank the director or something. Like they have a ton of directors, each in charge of a different category (e.g.: social etc etc). 

N: What time do you reach home? Aniki: About 1 or 1:30am everyday (ah so he's a regular. As in, regular regular :P Sorry i hardly watch NZ so i don't know :P ) 

They continue talking about the 'must do' thing. MC gives hint that its something he does after reaching home. And also its not part of the job. NewImageSho seems to have gotten the answer! NewImageSho's answer: hand washing and gargling! (as in, rinsing your mouth). I totally laughed when he said this. As you might expect, his answer is wrong XD After some more guessing, they give up and ask aniki to provide the correct answer...

NewImageAnswer: Think about what flavour to use for onsen (hot bath) today! Lol ok so Sho wasn’t actually that far off after all! You know they have like those different flavours of stuff you can add to your bath? Like… idk… rose or herbs etc etc (not sure what are the 3 examples he named though). Aniki loves onsen a lot. 

Then they ask him about his schedule. Aniki says that Sho knows it very well too, i think its pretty much the same for Sho on mondays (i remember reading it in a magazine somewhere, or was it on tv?). At 4pm, he enters the workplace. About 2 hours is spent on meetings. Debating about each piece of news, the positive and negative aspects of each news items, the order of presentation, who's gonna comment on which news item, etc etc. There's also times when they (the news casters) have different opinion and argue amongst themselves. Sho say's that aniki is really great at arguments… when he argues all Sho can do is this: 

NewImageXD aniki says he uses up all his energy during the meeting that's why he can be so cool and collected when he is on-air haha! Next up is arashi's turn to say what they always do after live/recordings XD

NewImageS: Consider what to eat with soba (soba toppings). MC: You guys love soba a lot don't you? O: But after shiyagare, its always soba (wow never knew that, and that was like, the 2nd or 3rd sentence by ohno today :P )

NewImageNino leans in on leader as he considers is there's anything all ALL 5 of them will do… A: Only during live (concerts), we'll eat together after the concert. But its only during live. 

Eventually they decided to each say out their own habits after filming. J: I usually drink something. He's very vague with his answer, leading nino to question if they are really recording this for TV XD. J: If its after a live concert, I'd immediately drink soda. A: After live concert, i'll go eat yakiniku (bbq meat). After exercising i'll eat meat. (yes we all know aiba loves yakiniku ne? XD) S: After live, I'd go training. He mentioned something about getting rid of the lactic acid or something like that. S: After training i'll go for yakiniku. Sho loves his meat too. :) N: After recording, i'm always challenging myself to see how fast i take before i can go home. LOL NINO! He say's he only takes 2-3 minutes! O: After today's recording, i'll eat oyako nanban soba. 

NewImageThey had two recordings that day so after the 1st recording, he ate soba for lunch. After the current recording, he'll eat soba for dinner XD. S: Isn't it a waste of time asking us this? Yeah a little, but it was interesting nonetheless XD Conclusion: the 5 of them each do different things.

Now we move on to point 2!

NewImageUnexpected weakness!

NewImageSho has a guess! S: He's actually bad in the evenings/night. Aniki: Sho is right! I'm actually weak at night. That's why i take a 20-30mins nap at around 8-9pm everyday. I go into a very deep sleep, sometimes i wake up no knowing where i am!

Great guess sho! A cookie for you! but that's not the answer written on the board though! Keep guessing! MC: Aniki really talks a lot. Aniki: Yes it because on NZ you only have 30 seconds, which is not enough, so here i want to talk more! 

O: (aniki) gets nervous easily. Aniki: Yes, like see now I'm sweating a lot, but sadly that's not the answer (on the board) A: Hates television! Aniki: I don't like television… but that's not the right answer. 

They finally decide to reveal the correct answer: He's bad at cajoling (says google translate, but somehow it feels weird in the context they are using EDIT: I think in this case they mean that he is bad at responding to flattery? Ppl would say that this (fashion item) would look good on you, and he would go 'really?'). 

Somehow the topic changes to talk about how he's bad at fashion (i.e. i can't 100% catch what they're saying), and they bring in a bunch of fashionable items to help him with that.

NewImageNewImageJ the stylist to the rescue!

NewImageNewImageMC: Please do read the news while wearing this

NewImageAniki: *bows* Good evening XD

NewImageA: These are premium goods ne? 

NewImageA: I think this would fit Murao-san. *looks at O and N expectantly. O and N gives A the look. A: Oi can't you guys help me out! 

Haha sorry aiba, but… that wig? XD

NewImageAiba lets aniki try the wig anyway...

NewImageJ picks up a scarf for him… they start giving him a 'makeover' XD trololol!

NewImageOMG LOL! He looks like a 'new half' (what japan calls transexuals) to me lol! I think it’s the wig and the glasses :P

NewImageAniki: I'm look like I'm in the zoo!

After all that messing around its time for arashi's weaknesses.

NewImageIn an episode a few weeks back, they had this similarity comparison thing too… and all 4 had the same thing but leader was always the exception :P. So this time the MC (same MC as that previous AnShi) decided to just leave a space at the side specially for Ohno! XD N: Think about it ne leader? 

N: We're vainglorious/boastful. (once again, i think google translate isn't doing a good job, from J's explanation its feels like like 'keeping to ourselves') J: Like when you go on music programs with other artist, we'll talk amongst ourselves. Within the 5 of us only. N+S: Like us is us, you are you.

Aniki: That's the secret to being together for so long...

Then they ask Ohno for his weakness. O: I'm bad at making peace. I'll just sleep.

They go on to say how its not that he doesn’t listen, but he just starts to get sleepy. But he's actually still listening. NewImageS: So the other day we were having concert meetings/discussion/something to that effect, Ohno ended up looking like this. (see pic abv. Sho was pretending to be the sleeping Ohno) 


S: Ohno was sitting right at one side, and at the opposite side was J. He was looking like he was asleep already and i thought he was not listening. Then J asked "So Ohno-kun, what do you think about this?" Ohno replied "that's good" immediately. That was really cool. 


J asks if Ohno was really listening, and Ohno says he was XD.

The MC then starts commenting on how sho was very news zero like today. Like how he was a lot more serious and all… which i guess is true. Then they make him go over and sit with Aniki XD

NewImageNewImageSo its zero casters on one side, and AMNO on the other now :)

NewImageThey start on the next point. "What aniki will always do before he sleeps" Sho starts gesturing and asking why he's sitting WITH aniki when the answer is a personal one and not unique to zero casters… XD Cute XD 


S: I look like aniki's eldest son! Are you sure this is fine?

Anyway the start guessing. J: Write dairy? Wrong. O: Reflect on the day's events? Wrong! NewImagethey start telling ohno that it’s the same as J's guess, just phrased differently. Nino demands that aniki answers Ohno's question anyway XD Protective Nino XD

A: Do stretches! Also wrong… 

S: can i answer too? Aniki: yes eldest son? S: Papa reads books! Aniki: Correct!

NewImageSeems like the son knows his dad well :P

NewImageGosh. Sho's epic face. That got turned into a meme(s). Saw the meme before i watched this and gosh this is hilarious! And to think that he posed like this for so long… (didn’t even have to replay the video to get this screenie). BUAHAHAHAHAHA! Of cos the members complain that Sho is cheating since he should know as he's the eldest son XD

NewImageAnyway… Aniki reads this book… A: this is the relative of journey to the west or… XD

Aniki explains that it’s essays written 800 years ago. And he proceeds to recite two sentences from it… and asks if arashi has heard of it before but...

NewImageNewImageHe goes on to explain what the 2 sentences meant… which I'm not gonna translate XD Ok… its roughly some poetic thing about how rivers keep flowing on and on, and how it relates to life (and death). 

NewImageSho listens on with a really serious face XD When aniki finishes his speech...

NewImageS: Next up, its Zero Culture (a segment within News Zero). XD Gosh this episode is hilarious! 

Aniki continues to explain why he reads that book… and then… 

NewImageS: Next up, is Zero Movie. 



NewImageThen aniki starts talking about how its true, in NZ they really get very little time to talk. Like 30 seconds. For 2 person - him and sho. That kind of thing. Half way through aniki's talk, the MC goes off to press the button on set that makes the NZ's trademark '~ZERO~' go off… cutting aniki in his talk 

NewImageNewImagePLUS making him bow most automatically (as they have to on NZ)… as nino points out to laughter from sho. NewImageSo the MC tries it again...

NewImageNewImageMuch to everyone's (including myself) amusement XD S: Please stop it, my body will move automatically!

NewImageAnd again in perfect unison XD OMG now my stomach's hurting!

Ok… but for now, NZ has to stop because...NewImageIts time to explore the unknown world with ohno satoshi! XD

NewImagehmm… writer? or artist?NewImagemangaka desu! NewImageThe mangaka kinda ignored ohno after saying hello so ohno bent down to look at him :P

NewImagehe said some to to hno which i can't catch… but probably asking him to stand further away cos he stood like… the above pic XDNewImageThen he asks if ohno has seen the manga before. Ohno says it looks familiar but couldn’t come up with a name...NewImageHe is Ueyamatochi, the author of the manga cooking papa! Woots. A manga that's been going on for 28 years now. Sugoi! What is he gonna teach Ohno?NewImageRight now this favourite dish is Curry Udon! (T.T! I'm hungry!)NewImageSo he's here to teach ohno how to appreciate curry udon! 

Mangaka: right now there are many different types of curry udon, like cold curry udon (O: Oh there's such a thing already?), tsukemen type of curry udon (tsukemen is like you have a bowl of dry ramen/noodles, and a bowl of the soup. You dip the noodles into the soup just before eating.). There's a lot of different variety now, there's a curry udon boom now. I'll like to teach Ohno the 'king's way' (best way) of eating curry udon!NewImagePoint no. 1: Eat curry udon in soba house (aka shops) This kind of curry udon tastes great. Because soba shops they have this sauce, that's a bit sweet and spicy. When that is added to the curry, it makes the curry japanese styled. NewImagePoint no. 2: Add a huge amount of spring onions to your curry udon! (Gosh I'm really really hungry now! and that drawing is really pretty too, as expected from a top class mangaka XD ) As expected, ohno got very interested in the drawing XD. O: Who drew this? Mangaka: I did O: it looks great/delicious! Managaka: Cos I'm a mangaka… O: Sorry that was rude. Mangaka: its ok, i get very happy when ppl say I'm good. O: Do i really put THAT much spring onion? Mangaka: Yes, because the curry has become japanese styled, it goes great with spring onions. Please do try it with this amount of spring onions. NewImagePoint no. 3: Slurp till the curry flies everywhere! NewImageO: till it flies? Mangaka: Yes, slurping makes is delicious. Slurping noodles is a culture unique to Japan. By slurping the noodles, you introduce air into your mouth together with the noodles and cool the noodles in an instant. At the same time, you also take in the aroma and taste of the food. 

O: what about your clothes. Mangaka: *tapping at his drawing* As long as you prepare your own apron, it'll be fine. 

He informs ohno that he'll have to buy his own apron somewhere. Ohno asks if he won't be getting an apron from the mangaka. After thinking of a while though, the mangaka promises to give Ohno an apron that's used in the cooking papa manga! O: Ja, please. You said it already sensei! (i.e. don't go back on your word!) 

Hahaha ohno! 


So anyway… Ohno sets off to the soba place that the mangaka introduced him to.


I thought he was holding a map or an address or something but no… O: I'd be better if its not a picture, but an address...

NewImageBut it finds the shop right after saying that XD Exactly like its drawn in the picture! 

NewImageAt the front of the shop, Ueyamakachi-san informs Ohno that he has prepared an apron specially for Ohno! He 'tosses it from the space ship to Ohno'

NewImageWho catches it happily XDNewImageUwahhhhh pretty! NewImageThe shop that Ohno goes to has been around for 80 years already 

NewImageNewImageLeader orders curry udon, with loads of spring onions :)


650 yen! Uwah its looks delicious!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageO: Is it like this? (the slurping) Mangaka: No its not quite enough… you have to slurp it more violently.NewImageO: but i don't want to do this! After you purposely drew on the apron and gave it to me. Mangaka: I really don't mind, please slurp more!

NewImageNewImageOhno then lifts a bunch of udon really high up… but one strand of udon slipped from this chopsticks and went down with a little splash, causing ohno to jump. NewImageOhno: This time I'm sure i dirtied the apron for real… NewImageOhno whines at the dirtied apron. Mangaka: (you dirtied the apron but) Not in the way i asked you to though… NewImageO: Its good to have added so much spring onion. I'm only eating spring onions now.NewImageAfter Ohno finishes the curry, the mangaka has an additional point to tell ohno. NewImage"Add 'half rice' into the left over curry sauce."NewImagei think the half rice meant either half a bowl of rice?

NewImageNewImageO: Ahhhhhhhh its delicious. Compared to the usual curry rice, this curry sauce is much more watery, so it makes it easier to slurp the rice down. NewImageNot a single drop of curry left!

NewImageNewImageHe gives Ohno 90 points! Ending sentence: Next time, i'll teach you how to draw manga! Wah I'd really love to see that, and i bet ohno would love that too! Haha, instead of saying like 'next time eat more curry udon', he talks about teaching ohno to draw manga! XD

So that ends the unknown world segment.. and we go back to the news zero scene… 

NewImageTo find that they've talked through one whole point while Ohno was eating! Tsk Oh-chan! Eat faster next time! XD (Nah just kidding, they just cut off that part) 

The last point in about who in arashi aniki wants to ask about, or interview.NewImageHe says that he'll like to interview J!NewImageAnd the zero interview starts! 

Aniki: Do you remember when we 1st met? J: *ponders for a while* It was in the corridor of NTV wasn’t it? Aniki: Yes, that time i was surprised that J knew my name. I thought you wouldn’t know for sure. 

He goes on to ask J what he would do if he didn’t become part of Arashi. J: i've been in the entertainment industry since i was 13, and although i do quite a bit of acting now… I'd always thought that i'll become a back stage staff. (Once again, just rough translations) 

*insert missing talk* XD nah, just too difficult japanese for me to properly understand, much less translate.

They don't have much time… for the last question, aniki asks J to name one weakness/bad point (or something that needs changing) about Murao-san (i.e. aniki himself). J gives some really complicated answer about how he was surprised that aniki was actually such a hot headed person during the meeting for news zero… like how there's gap between the 1st 3 hours when aniki steps into the workspace and the last 3 hours... and stuff. (meh. i thought I'd be able to translate this, but in the end… no ><, can't understand what J was trying to get at)

But yes, that ends the AnShi episode!

Next week preview:

Scary/ghost story telling! 


uwah! Finally finished! This took exceedingly long! Video refusing to load at times, having to reload the entire video when i go back and replay some slightly earlier parts of the video, shockwave crashing, accidentally pressing on the starting parts of the video when i intended to press play… and of cos, the most important thing, my poor command of the language. Not sure if I'd want to review more AnShi episodes… that was really difficult!

EDIT: Ok. This took ridiculously wrong. I think cos i made a tumblr post in between, my photo upload settings was auto changed to post to tumblr, which didn’t work, and so the posting failed. Since i always take SSes and directly pasted them w/o saving a copy… i end up having to take SS of my SSes and… you get the idea. -.-'''  EDIT EDIT: AHHHH no!!! I didn’t notice some of the SSes (of the SSes) had that stupid 'NewImage thing'. Bleah. Sorry about that >< Also thanks to [ profile] parfum3 for helping to to correct a translation mistake

Date: 2012-11-13 11:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
can't wait the segment ohno draw manga

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From: [identity profile]
love the "son" part!!

thanks so much.. *hugs*

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Was curious about this episode. Murao-san with Sho in variety show! Thanks for doing this review! :D

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Thanks a lot.  :-)

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Thanks for doing this *___*

It'd be sad if you'll stop reviewing AnShi eps though it's understandable since whenever they have this type of guest, they'd talk and talk and talk and the topic becomes difficult to catch.

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thanks so much for this!


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