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Hello. The full review of this episode is in my journal ([livejournal.com profile] nijininare )but I thought of sharing the bank bowling clip where another episode of Sakurai-san's interesting omiyage gets aired.

The guests from this episode were from the movie, "Unfair--The End". For the second throw, Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san were the ones on the platform ready to clean up the pins Aiba-san and the plus one guest, Fukuda-san, had left.
This is a pretty funny two shot. Sakurai-san looks barely up to the challenge while Ninomiya-san seems hyped up. Don't you think?

Heaven's voice starts: "Today (you're fighting) against the Unfair team..." Look at the expression of these two--listening intently. Heaven's voice continues with the the question:
"Between the two of you has something (that happened) recently made you think "That's unfair..."?"

 Ninomiya-san immediately speaks up which prompts Sakurai-san to move around. He looks like he's not too keen on where this conversation's going. "

The other day I received souvenirs (from Sakurai-kun)."
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.32.05 PM.png

"Since it's from abroad...won't you be looking forward to the souvenir?"

Sakurai-san softly interrupts "Didn't you guys receive them too? Truffle salt and truffle mayonaise?"

Aiba-san and the other members nod.

Ninomiya-san continues: "Weren't those pretty good things? Really stylish? (But) what I got was a t-shirt with katana written on it--" This is where Sakurai-san goes closer and puts Ninomiya-san's hands down to stop him from the gestures. And shakes his head. (Very similar to a Mom, subtly telling a child that something isn't acceptable. Haha!)

Of course, that one "reprimanding" gesture won't stop Ninomiya-san. Suzuki-san asks "You mean you got a shirt from abroad with katana written on it?" The audience laughed at this point.

He says "That's right..." and continues it's a black shirt with "Game boy" written on it in katana. The audience, with a clearer picture of the shirt. Ends up laughing harder.

Sakurai-san defends his choice by saying "But...he is a game boy!"

Ninomiya-san without even looking to Sakurai-san still keeps on talking: "The t-shirt too by the way, is black but you can see that your nipples are here and here." (Sakurai-san's face when Ninomiya-san is explaining it is hilarious. Haha. It's a mixture of embarrassment and well, just an "Yup. No stopping Nino now." expression.)

Ninomiya-san "It's a black t-shirt where you can see where the nipples are!"
(Poor Sakurai-san. Looks like he didn't think of that when he bought it...)

Ninomiya-san is still not done talking: "How thin is this shirt? is the kind of thing you'll think of! BUT I was told that the price of all of our souvenirs were the same!'"

Look at Sakurai-san's face when here. Hahaha. I don't know if that's smug or if that's a "I hope they don't see me as stingy after this."

In any case, Sakurai-san decides to explain himself rapidly: "Please listen, heaven's voice. Won't choosing souvenirs take time? You decide on one thing then continue searching, right? The first one I chose was this guy's shirt!"

He continues to say: "The moment I saw it I said this is it! He's a game boy after all.I'm sorry to the three other members but that game boy t-shirt's price became the basis of everyone else' souvenir.

He babbles: "I gave Aiba-san a 2-piece set, right?"

Which Aiba-san does confirm. He further explains: "Because if I just got you one it was too cheap... If it was just one it wouldn't even compare to the price of the game boy t-shirt. That's why I got you two..."

Looking at Ohno-san and Matsumoto-san, he continues "Then I gave you the truffle salt (Ohno-san) and the truffle mayonaise (Matsumoto-san)."
The other members just nodded, no one said something like: "Mou, yamero.".
Seems like they didn't want to get involved and chose to let Ninomiya-san ramble while Sakurai-san defends himself. haha.

Then Ninomiya-san goes: "Well if it's like that then that's fine..."
Then Sakurai-san retorts: "That was a heartwarming episode wasn't it?"

(Poor Sakurai-san was exhausted even before he threw the ball.)

The audience cracks up and Ninomiya-san cuts it to "Let's throw it..."

Was their score unfair too? Watch to find out!

It seems Ninomiya-san is always looking forward to Sakurai-san's omiyages but it seems that it doesn't always end up the way Ninomiya-san expected. The episode they had in bank bowling is similar to the previous episode where Ninomiya-san talks about a souvenir he received from Sakurai-san..**

For those wondering what I'm talking about there was a VS Arashi episode where Ninomiya-san says that he received a candle from Sakurai-san. When he lit it, he didn't like the smell saying it smelled like dust. To which Sakurai-san immediately points out "Hey! That was a souvenir I bought you from India!"

**Sakurai-san was on the guest team during this episode so it must have been the Nazotoki TV Drama guesting
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