Sep. 8th, 2015

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Hello. The full review of this episode is in my journal ([ profile] nijininare )but I thought of sharing the bank bowling clip where another episode of Sakurai-san's interesting omiyage gets aired.

The guests from this episode were from the movie, "Unfair--The End". For the second throw, Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san were the ones on the platform ready to clean up the pins Aiba-san and the plus one guest, Fukuda-san, had left.
This is a pretty funny two shot. Sakurai-san looks barely up to the challenge while Ninomiya-san seems hyped up. Don't you think?

Heaven's voice starts: "Today (you're fighting) against the Unfair team..." Look at the expression of these two--listening intently. Heaven's voice continues with the the question:
"Between the two of you has something (that happened) recently made you think "That's unfair..."?"

 Ninomiya-san immediately speaks up which prompts Sakurai-san to move around. He looks like he's not too keen on where this conversation's going. "
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It seems Ninomiya-san is always looking forward to Sakurai-san's omiyages but it seems that it doesn't always end up the way Ninomiya-san expected. The episode they had in bank bowling is similar to the previous episode where Ninomiya-san talks about a souvenir he received from Sakurai-san..**

For those wondering what I'm talking about there was a VS Arashi episode where Ninomiya-san says that he received a candle from Sakurai-san. When he lit it, he didn't like the smell saying it smelled like dust. To which Sakurai-san immediately points out "Hey! That was a souvenir I bought you from India!"

**Sakurai-san was on the guest team during this episode so it must have been the Nazotoki TV Drama guesting


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