Sep. 24th, 2015

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Tested Kimura Kaela's pasta recipe from the 2012.12.13 episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. I have to say it's a pretty simple and tasty dish!

Since the show didn't feature it step by step, I decided to add details to the pasta. Try it and enjoy! :)

Note #1 - MENTSUYU: The only ingredient that may be a little difficult to get is the MENTSUYU or the noodle dipping sauce that's basically a concentrated mixture of dashi (katsuo & konbu), soy sauce and sake. You can make this on your own or just buy the bottled kind in supermarkets (It's a livesaver, I make my oden, tempura dipping sauce, agedashi tofu by diluting this with different ratios of water. Such a timesaver!) Also, I used Thai Napa cabbage instead of the cabbage Kimura-san used but I promise you it's pretty much the same.

Note #2 - Choosing Mushrooms: Shimeji mushrooms have a softer texture compared to shiitake but a similar woodsy taste. I think that woodsy flavor is what adds the umami to this dish. If you'll use fresh button mushrooms which are slightly milder in flavor, I suggest browning a bit and then adding a bit more mentsuyu for taste.
BUT PLEASE PLEASE make sure you choose fresh or well-dried mushrooms. Moisture inside the pack is not a good sign! Mushrooms have to be kept well whether fresh or dried if in doubt, DO NOT EAT IT.

EDIT! Here's a more detailed explanation according to [ profile] coolohoh
"Moisture is bad for mushrooms, they spoil easily when moist... so you have to make sure they didn't go bad. (Maybe repackage them once you get home - newspapers are good for soaking up moisture, or cook them ASAP.) If you're not sure whether the mushrooms are still good, or can't tell how bad mushrooms look like, best to just avoid packets with moisture in it."

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