Sep. 8th, 2013

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Hi Hi!
It's been awhile since I posted in this comm. I was discussing with [ profile] madolyricszone to do something Jun-related, since hajimari no uta and hidamari no kanojo is coming), if that will be the case there will be 3 months dedicated to Jun xD

So we thought this month we do something to celebrate their upcoming group anniversary!
Also to celebrate the few-hours-ago-confirmed news that Tokyo won the 2020 olympic bid!
Edited on 10th September: And Arashi new album, LOVE! (click here for more)

The recent Shiyagare's announced that they contents will change, namahousou (broadcasting live) at the next episode!
This made me remember one episode where the format was different than usual, where they went to visit the kabuki !

The aniki is Nakamura Hashinosuke (中村橋之助 for those of you who want to search the episode on tudou)

The aniki is an aniki of huge status in the kabuki industry. And this Arashi extremely surprised.

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Do watch this episode. It is definitely worth the watch! Even if you can't find the subs, a raw is still fine because it is so entertaining!

Thanks for another entertaining episode Arashi, Happy group anniversary month !


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