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It's November! Time to put up this header!

Gomen, this was supposed to be posted on November 1st.. things got a little busy for me -_-"

First and foremost, happy 14th anniversary Arashi!
And second is happy Satoshi birthday month!

For this month's review, it is Himitsu no Arashi-chan desu.
Let's see which guest was in this episode exactly one year ago? (1st November 2012)

She actually made Ohno changed his mind about marriage and wants her to marry him?

Click the cut to find out
Who is she?? )

The sharehouse segment ended with Ohno proposing (!!) and said : Can't you do something about it?
Next: Mannequin 5 )

And also sharing a fresh news from Japan,
that MatsuJun will be getting a new drama!
jun's new drama about cholatierRead more... )
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and edited on 18th sep: Ohno's 24hr TV drama to be on dvd

As written on 16 sep
Kagiheya SP promo



I am Ohno Satoshi.
Next year, that Enamoto will return back to meet everyone!
Will be starting to film, I am really looking forward to what kind of strong enemies will appear this time, and what kind of trap awaits!
A closed-door mystery that comes after a year, I will do my best to remember my lines so that the mystery can be really solved! (*laughs*)
Everyone, please look forward to it!

Mezameshi news. Video from fb page Arashi

Web Source (Japanese only) here

kagiheya sp newspaper 1231173_382041641898640_1396806980_n
Credit to fb page Arashi   
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Two news to share on a great Thursday morning!

Today morning, Arashi has been confirmed to be... once again, the host for Kohaku Uta Gassen! The female host will be Ayase Haruka
Arashi becomes host of Kohaku uta gassen 2013 21443_495926920486128_1148086084_n

Yesterday afternoon, Sho was confirmed to be the best actor in the 77th Drama academy, for his role in [Kazoku game]. The drama also got the best Drama, script, producer, second male lead, theme song award!
Sho's Kazoku game drama wins best actor and best drama
77th drama academy awardees
The full list of awardees (picture) )
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Jun's NHK dramaJun's new NHK drama based on song [furusato]

Jun will be starring the NHK drama named [Hajimari no uta], story inspiration from the song [Furusato] in which Arashi sang in Kouhaku 2011 and 2012. As the song was so touching, it was used as the annual NHK primary school choir song. The drama was planned to commemorate the competition's 8oth anniversary.

The story is about a photographer who went back to his hometown and met his former crush (acted by Nana Eikura) who is a primary school teacher. His childhood dream, of becoming a teacher was reignited when he saw her determination in leading her students to compete in the  National school choir competition.

There will be scenes where Jun will be playig the piano while the choir is singing. He is currently under training to play the piano.

Other artistes include Naho Toda, Jun Kunimura.

It is scheduled to be broadcasted on September 23rd,  at 7.30pm (Japan time)

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Remember that arashi will have a new (2 days only) bangumi called [Atarashi arashi]? So in a bid that this is also a bangumi, I thought, well, I can share in here too ;)
atarashi arashi promo
To promote the new program, there will be giant posters along Shinjuku station. 2.6m high, 14.56m wide. The posters will be changed regularly from July 8th. There will be total of 6 versions. The poster will change from sunny day to stormy days, and their crispy white shirts will progressively become wetter through the 6 version. The bangumi will be aired on July 13 and 20 at 11.30pm.

This bangumi news is on today's Mezameshi here. credit to uploader

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I was busy celebrating Nino's birthday yesterday so I was kinda lazy to translate the news when I saw it last evening m_ _m. I went around to do some research as a makeup for the lateness ^^ V

Ohno Satoshi (32) will be in the SP drama for this year's NTV "24Hours Love saves the Earth" campaign. Airing on August 24 and 25, the drama is called 今日の日はさようなら [Today's is the day for goodbye].

Based on the original novel by Kazuya Miyuki 幸和也, with the title 大空への旅立ち がんと闘いながらも夢見ていた未来
[A trip towards the sky: battling cancer with hope of still seeing a future full of dreams].

The scriptwriter is 桥部敦子, who wrote the drama of [Freeter, ie o kau] and [Boku no ikiru michi]. The production team will be those that took part in [Yokai ningen bem] and [Hara-chan, don't cry!].

Ohno's role will be 耕太 who is 29 year old man who lives in the countryside, a University dropout and had changed many jobs. Just when he finally decides to live his life well as a chef, he was suddenly diagnosed with "malignant lymphoma cancer" (a type of blood cancer). The story will describe how he faces life and prepares for death.

Ohno is looking forward to the role. He expressed that "耕太 is a very ordinary teenager who faces many emotions after he is diagnosed with cancer and left with little time to live. The theme of the drama is "Live well, die well". I hope I will be able to face this problem and give my best in acting out 耕太's perseverance".

Ohno is the 3rd Arashi member to land a role in NTV's 24Hr TV SP drama, after Jun and Nino.

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Himitsu no arashi-chan is ending!
Next March, Himitsu no Arashi chan will be stopped and replaced by another TV show called FaceTV where Sho will be one of the host.
It was already being long decided that HNA will be stopped because all of their scedules are difficult to match .

Newly updated news?(or rumour?) on Jan 13th!
TBS Himitsu no Arashi-chan to end in March due to power struggle within J&A! from [livejournal.com profile] aramatheydidnt
Article in jap )
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Quick Quick its airing now!! Go watchie~~click pic
End of show. Link disabled (;
NTV music fest- Sho MC
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So excited when I see the news this morning. Now that I just came back from school, can't wait to share it here!

Horikita Maki and Arashi

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I just read from WB

This year, 2012, will be Kohaku's longest showtime compared to past years.
The time for this year's show will be 7.15pm to 11.45pm (Tokyo Time). A total duration of 4Hour 25minutes.

Arashi will continue to be the host this year too!
This year's White team will be lead by Arashi and Red team by Horikita Maki !

I went over to the Kohaku website here and twitter here to check.
(From my limited Jap reading, it is indeed that the show-time is extended.

But for the news of Arashi and Maki Horikita as hosts? I can't find yet.. Fellow fans, any news to confirm? ;) 

Will update this post once things are confirmed. *Goes back to prowl at all the international resources that I have*
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News gathered from webs, aramatheydidnt and yamakaze067

News Released: 120731
Shiyagare guest as Ren Ohsugi on Aug 11. Arashi learns magic formula of being a bad guy role. Also has impromptu collaboration skit.

News released: 120730
Nino as special guest on NTV Waratte Koraette on August 15
News released: 120728
Ohno as Navigator for a documentary program entitled "Everything is to reach my dream ~Walt Disney, The Path of Creation~" which is set to air on the NHK integrated channel in August. He is the first TV personality in the world being allowed to step inside the development site of the attractions in Disney theme parks in America. He said he was able to look around, empty of any visitors! (:
The documentary will be broadcasted on August 22, 10pm~11.13pm on NHK integrated channel. You can read more of the news from here  Aramatheydidnt
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Gathered from yamaxkaze067, weibo and television, some updates on Arashi's
  • Bangumi News
  • Interesting content and guest-lineups in upcoming episodes.
Starting from the latest news ....

24HrTV (Updated 17/7): Aiba supports a 17 year old girl who challenges her first climbing mountain in artificial leg. Aiba will be her Cheer Leader situated in Budokan, where there will be live streaming of her mountain climb from Yaku Island
ANSHI (Updated 16/7) : All of Kanjani Members as guest in 28/7 episode. Many admiration chat of each other!HNA (Updated 13/7) : Segment of Jun and Aiba and Ohno!! in New York in HNA episode (not sure when is the airdate)
edited: Ohno mentioned on his radio show on 17/7 about what the three of them did in New York .

24HrTV (Updated 12/7) : Sho and and “INAC Kobe Leonessa” lead by Homare Sawa of Nadeshiko Japan played a friendly match with former team mates of a talented ace striker who passed away in the 3.11 earthquake. The match is in memory of the girl.   

Jun as Conductor of a brass band from Ishinomaki city in Miyagi. He was given conducting lessons by Yutaka Sado, a worldwide director.

p/s: Minna, interesting bangumi news and guest-lineups are welcomed to be shared in this comm too! *winks*


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