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NewsZero 110815  special segment by Sho, on World war II memorial.   
This year is the 66th year since the incident. 
In this episode, he interviews an oba-chan and goes to the museum to see the records and journals of the pilots involved in the war.  

Ichimen@NewsZero 110801 

Sho talked about the refugee and famine problem in Somalia. text="more.."> From what i read from Time Magazine:

  • droughts and famine happen every year, and Somalians have to go through treacherous jungles to reach refugee camps.

  • Current camp facilities are taking in 30 times of refugees than intended. 

  • Children died along the "yearly migration" journeys, or died shortly arriving. 

  • In addtion, most Somalians said the camps are not very far off from the place that they leave.

Let's live in peace and harmony. No more hatred and wars.. let's give concern to each other and practice how to accept others' differences. Let's care for each other =)  


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