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Mago Mago Arashi #17 : Juntoshi  (Grandsons-a-day):
Airdate: 050730

Juntoshi as excursion facilitators to bring a group of grandmas who havent met each other for 60 years!!

Main highlight of the show:          
Juntoshi being "bullied" in grandmas' pillow fight !!

I think Ohno has the capability of making many epic facial expressions.

 Caring Jun sat beside nervous grandma. And that made grandma being so happy and blushed!  ̄▼ ̄

These grandmas are so full of energy that the grandsons were tired !
Juntoshi on the swing!

Ahh.. it was good that Ohno was the excursion planner because he had thought about the cultural aspects of the attractions. The excursion will be perfect if he had also considered about the accessibility of the places, such as the rocking boats and staircases. Overall, well done planner Ohno! 

Ohno is a person that likes nature and is evident by how he wants to made the grandmas happy by sharing the comfotable things in nature. Yassashi Ohno ne~

Jun was observant of the grandmas, such as whether grandmas are involved in the activities. He walked close to the grandmas, helping them with their walking and groceries.

Happy faces gallery :D
At the end of the day, all are in smiles and they had fun :D 


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