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Mago Mago Arashi
Airdate: 070512

This is a special entry because I have a total of 8 sets of screenies to share!! All because this episode consist of my ichiban and also my favourite pairing ★☆ ゝ∀・`


Papa Sho had a great time with the kids!!
I think Papa Sho was even more excited than the kids ♪

What will Sakumiya duo be cooking? Absolutely can't tell from the drawings.....
Papa Sho almost forgot his ingredients!
But he had a great time cooking~ :D


We will also see a very excited Papa Sho ♪

I need a gif on this scene. Such a Kawaii puppy~  (/ω\)

Energetic Sho Papa and a tired nino mama?!

Caring papa looking at the kids eating, and the kids stick with mama ^0^


The Sakumiya duo had a great time with the kids (:

I was grinning from ear to ear after watching this episode.
I want to have Sho papa !!


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