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Tensai Shimura Doubutzen 2006.05.11
video link here

Aiba drinking spitout water from Merlion, an iconic symbol in Singapore.   Aiba visits the Singapore Zoo and went into the forest enclosure.  The enclosure is an open exhibition , visitors can get really  close to animals.  Animals run and fly freely here. Walk nears you and flys above ur head (: Aiba feeds the bat here (: 

Moving on, he feeds the monkeys and polar bear. 
Yes, Singapore is in the tropics. But the exhibition is equipped with air-conditioned round the clock.  This polar bear is named Inuka, the first polar bear born in the tropics. 

Aiba bathes the elephant and the elephant played with him xD
Aiba feeds the Manatee also known as Stella Sea Cow,
in this zoo too (: With 5 SGD, you can feed this gentle creatures too ^^ 

Aiba then went into the Wildlife Healthcare and research centre.
Where he helped to treat a civic cat and gets treated himself !  TSD
The needles is an Eastern way of treatment called Acupuncture.
It targets the blocked points in the body and released the block qi (energy) that causes the body problem. Both humans and animals can be treated this way.

For Aiba, the doctor just gave him a simple prick to improve his blood flow =) 

ohyea, Aiba drew this manatee ^^

Let's keep our carbon footprints little so that future generations can enjoy these gifts of nature (:


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