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I'm totally not procrastrinating at all. So sorry that I couldn't make this a regular thing, been caught up with other stuff (other fandom, lol so honest) So that's why I might be a bit too positive about the rating (I'm starting to doubt the point of that rating lols) but anyway. This is worth seeing. This is an episode where I couldn't stop laughing. Watch it. WATCH IT. :D

Wanted to stuff this into one post, oh well nevermind. BTW loads of screencaps ahead.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.22_[2015.03.22_00.37.47].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.59_[2015.03.22_02.02.01].jpg

Rating: 4/5
Reason: Starting with our Arashi boys who seem to be in a perfect form as funny moments were coming one after another. The guests were also fooling around quite a lot but the plus one guests Tomochika and Ivan were splendid in how they interacted with our stormy boys. I would say that even Itou-san had a good moment :D The gameplay was also good and it was freshened with few new rules. I don't want to overpraise this but even the editing staff did their best in here :D
Recommend: Sho is definitely the winner here. Aiba and Nino, either as individuals or a pair are also perfect. We also had bits of Juntoshi moments there~
Key words: April Fools, Ivan, Tomochika

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_00.08_[2015.03.21_23.31.35].jpg
Sho firstly mentions that it is soon gonna be White Day [day 1 month after Valentines day where men give presents to women]
Jun here suggests Aiba to give something to his co-actors.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_00.17_[2015.03.21_23.37.54].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_00.25_[2015.03.21_23.38.52].jpg
Aiba: Wait a second.
He turns to the audience and asks whether it's normal for a guy to give something even if he didn't receive anything.
Audience (in unison): Yes!
Nino: That's obvious since you receive [Valentine chocolates] just like that.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_00.29_[2015.03.21_23.39.38].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_00.31_[2015.03.21_23.40.06].jpg
Sho: Then you can give deodorants to all of your co-actors.
Sho is referencing to the middle schooler Aiba who after being told that the girl wishes to have something consumable, he gave her a deodorant. Yeah.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_01.03_[2015.03.21_23.43.54].jpg
The guest team for this episode are cast from the movie April Fools!
Sho: Firstly, what kind of movie is April Fools?
Erika: It's about April Fools.
Sho: I thought so. I was thinking about that.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_01.29_[2015.03.21_23.47.13].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_01.34_[2015.03.21_23.48.32].jpg
Matsuzaka then tells us that it's about variety of lies, plenty of lies and it's a moving, entertaining comedy.
Sho then asks who is the member who would be the best in the games. Erika thinks that everyone has good reflexes so it should be fine.
Sho: When you speak about reflexes, I see a big boss standing over there.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_01.41_[2015.03.21_23.50.06].jpg
Jun expresses his amazement how he never expected Sonny Chiba to come to VS Arashi [Hollywood star, starred in Kill Bill, holds black belts in multiple martial arts, hence Sho pointing out the good reflexes]. Sho then asks how S. Chiba feels about practicing the games and whether he has confidence.
Chiba: No.
Sho: No?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.15_[2015.03.21_23.57.00].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.17_[2015.03.21_23.57.08].jpg
It's time to welcome the plus one guests - Tomochika (actress, comedian) and Ivan (fashion model, onee)!
Jun: It's an unusual combination, isn't it?
Tomochika: Certainly, I think so too.
But it turns out that they've been together in a regular show quite often.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.27_[2015.03.21_23.58.10].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.30_[2015.03.21_23.58.42].jpg
Sho: Why did you enter in a bit of an embarrassed manner, Ivan?
Ivan: Well, that must be because my heart started to beat faster because of you, Sakurai-san.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.32_[2015.03.22_00.01.04].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_02.36_[2015.03.21_23.59.45].jpg
Sho: ?
Nino: Why, why?
Ivan: You're an idol so I can't really tell.
Sho: Can't tell? There's nothing to tell!!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_03.21_[2015.03.22_00.02.35].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_03.46_[2015.03.22_00.04.42].jpg
First game is Koro Koro Viking! First challengers are April Fools cast. Itou-san speaks to Erika Toda and says that they probably want to win over Arashi team.
Toda: Yeah, we want to win.
She says that's she's not confident that's why she will leave it to Tori Matsuzaka.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_03.56_[2015.03.22_00.05.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_04.01_[2015.03.22_00.08.14].jpg
Itou-san then speaks to Matsuzaka and asks him about the combination with Erika Toda. Matsuzaka turns his head upwards.
Matsuzaka: I think it's alright.
Itou-san: Matsuzaka-san..
Matsuzaka: Yes?
Itou-san: I don't think you'll see me even if you turn your head that way.
Matsuzaka: I was wondering where I should look.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_04.10_[2015.03.22_00.09.20].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_04.12_[2015.03.22_00.09.24].jpg
Sho: It's my first time seeing someone who is properly facing the Heaven's voice.
But they praise him for his seriousness. Before they start Itou-san reminds him that last time Koro Koro Viking was freshened with a new feature - there are no longer 7 balls but 6 and the 6th ball is actually not just one ball but 10 small tiny balls that have to be sent to the slots in 40 seconds, otherwise there are no points. That's why the first zone, the pink zone has been given much bigger importance than it has ever had. Itou-san is also really looking forward to the performance of the green zone. He calls Shigeyuki Totsugi-san.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_04.39_[2015.03.22_00.10.41].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_04.42_[2015.03.22_00.10.45].jpg
Totsugi (abruptly looks upwards): Yes, yes?
Itou-san: Combination with Chiba-san-
Itou-san: I've been already telling that you won't see me even if you look that way!!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_05.22_[2015.03.22_00.19.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_05.28_[2015.03.22_00.19.55].jpg
We find out that Totsugi-san has already acted together with S.Chiba before. And turns out that during their second meeting they went to Totsugi-san house. S.Chiba is asked what kind of atmoshphere did Totsugi's house have to which S.Chiba responds that Totsugi's house is quite big and they have a cute dog.
Chiba: Or there wasn't one?
Totsugi: Everything is a lie, isn't it?
As expected from the April Fools team!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_05.31_[2015.03.22_00.20.11].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_07.47_[2015.03.22_00.21.53].jpg
Itou-san: But you definitely don't want to lose, right?
Chiba: This match is all about matter of chance?
The April Fools are doing quite well, even though they only sent 1 tiny ball out of 10, they were still better than Arashi as Arashi didn't manage to sent a single ball (out of those 10) so far. The score is pretty good, it's 270 points for April Fools team! Aiba praises the good gameplay.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_08.46_[2015.03.22_00.25.39].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_08.48_[2015.03.22_00.25.44].jpg
Arashi are taking the spot to challenge the new version of Koro Koro Viking. Ninomiya here comments that the other team was really good and it's gonna be tough to overcome them. Then he suggests that maybe they should just let all the yellow balls go through to the last zone..

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_09.06_[2015.03.22_00.26.09].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_09.20_[2015.03.22_00.27.59].jpg
Jun: That's right, last time lots of them stopped in the pink zone. So they didn't make it to the last zone. That's why we should let them flow down till the end, once they arrive down. We don't have to worry much about -30.
Nino: As there's no minus 30 points when the balls fall, right?
That's right. Itou-san reminds them that since the 10 balls at the end are really small, the handicap of deducting -30 points whenever a ball falls has been removed.
Sho (in weird deep voice): I'm glad.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_09.55_[2015.03.22_00.31.12].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_09.57_[2015.03.22_00.33.06].jpg
Then Itou-san notices the green zone.
Itou-san: Ivan-san, why did you want to be together with Sakurai-san?
Nino has been curious too, since earlier before.
Ivan (puts weird accent in random parts): You see, we could do groupwork together
Sho (puts on the same weird accent): But you know, me too..

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.04_[2015.03.22_00.33.21].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.06_[2015.03.22_00.33.46].jpg
Sho: Could you please explain something?
Sho: Just what is the connection between us two?
Sho: Just what? (genuinely confused)
Nino: That's fine, that's fine!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.13_[2015.03.22_00.35.30].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.16_[2015.03.22_00.35.47].jpg
Ivan: We're bride and groom.
Ivan: That's why, I mean, sorry Aiba-kun.
Ivan: Even though I thought it would be Aiba & Ivan. [Ivan in Japanese is pronounced as Aiban]

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.17_[2015.03.22_00.36.04].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.18_[2015.03.22_00.36.13].jpg
Aiba: Eh? "Sorry?"
Sho: You've been dumped.
Aiba: Wait a second, wait.
Aiba: Sorry, sorry, eh?!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.22_[2015.03.22_00.37.47].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.26_[2015.03.22_00.37.01].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.29_[2015.03.22_00.37.58].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.30_[2015.03.22_00.38.01].jpg
Aiba: I was not approaching you at all!
Nino: Give it up, give it up.
Aiba: Yes, I'm giving up. Excuse me.
Aiba: This is weird.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.13_[2015.03.22_00.39.04].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.18_[2015.03.22_00.41.10].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.21_[2015.03.22_00.40.54].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.36_[2015.03.22_00.41.41].jpg
They manage the game pretty well, the last normal ball gets them 50 points and that's when the 10 tiny balls have already arrived. But wait a second. Something happened! Something happened in the pink zone where Ohno and Aiba were in charge.
Itou-san: Wait a second, what happened to the yellow balls?
Jun: Why is there just one? Why is there just one?
They finish the game after sending the single yellow ball left through the bridge. They earned 170 points, which is not so bad! But what happened in the game left them incredibly perplexed.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.47_[2015.03.22_00.43.34].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.50_[2015.03.22_00.44.03].jpg
Nino: Wait a second, eeh, what did just happen now? Eeh?
Ivan: There was only one [yellow ball] in the end.
Nino: No, no, it must have been 10!
Jun: Weren't we supposed to send them daradaradara down once they arrived?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.47_[2015.03.22_00.43.59].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.53_[2015.03.22_00.44.07].jpg
Nino: Yes, that's why we quickly sent the normal ball over.
Nino: But then when I turned around there was only one yellow ball.
Itou-san announces their points which doesn't make them very happy.
Itou-san: And then, Matsumoto-kun.
Jun: Yes?
Itou-san: This is the Arashi Mystery: The Disappearance of the Yellow Balls. (creepy BGM)

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_12.53_[2015.03.22_00.45.15].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.14_[2015.03.22_00.46.46].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.15_[2015.03.22_00.47.07].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.31_[2015.03.22_00.49.43].jpg
Jun is clearly frustrated.
Jun: That was the most fun part in this game.
Jun was apparently really looking forward to this part.
Jun: What was that?
Ohno (feebly): We stopped them.
Aiba and Ohno explain that when the rest was busy with the last normal ball, they wanted to send the small balls over but once they moved them, 9 of the balls fell down through the gaps.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.34_[2015.03.22_00.50.45].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.35_[2015.03.22_00.50.48].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.37_[2015.03.22_00.49.51].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.43_[2015.03.22_00.51.14].jpg
Nino: What the heck were you doing?!!
Aiba: But it's not our fault!
Nino: What the heck were you doing?!!
Aiba: No, no.
Aiba: It was an illusion~

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_13.51_[2015.03.22_00.51.37].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.03_[2015.03.22_00.52.20].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.12_[2015.03.22_00.52.05].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.16_[2015.03.22_00.52.10].jpg
Next game is Dual Curling!! They introduce the challengers and right after that, Itou-san asks Sho whether the air in the studio is polluted. Seems like Sho has been curious about the sudden masked characters too.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.21_[2015.03.22_00.53.43].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.41_[2015.03.22_00.55.57].jpg
Matsuzaka then suddenly takes off his mask and explains(what was the point of wearing it then?!:D) that Toda actually wears a mask in the movie. So they are wearing it for promotion purposes apparently. Practical Sho responds:
Sho: But then you can't talk which is not so marketable for variety...
Erika: Let's roll it.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_14.54_[2015.03.22_00.58.05].jpg
Sho: You talk?
Nino: No, she's not. She's not talking.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_15.07_[2015.03.22_00.59.19].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_15.09_[2015.03.22_00.58.22].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_15.27_[2015.03.22_01.01.42].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_15.34_[2015.03.22_01.03.16].jpg
Now we want to focus on the game but before that, Itou-san announces another change in the game. The 30 points slot now has a slightly different pattern of moving so it's more difficult to predict when to shoot the stones.
Jun: Isn't this disadvantaging Arashi team?
Jun is probably pointing out at the fact that movement is causing the slot to be open mostly for the rival's side.
Itou-san: Yes, if you look at the movement it's as if it was saying "It's bad for you Arashi, rival, just go ahead"
Itou-san: But nevertheless, the conditions are the same for both teams.
As if :DD

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_16.26_[2015.03.22_01.06.33].jpg
And just a little bit before they really start, Nanao-san asks Tomochika-san about something related to a photo Tomochika once asked her to give her and stuff. They were apparently starring in the same drama so they talked a little bit about it but then Nino catches their attention.
Nino: Excuse me everyone, while you're talking Chiba-san has been training his abs.
Nino: Let's do it already!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_18.06_[2015.03.22_01.08.47].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_18.11_[2015.03.22_01.08.52].jpg
Even though it seemed to be a quite a disadvantage for the Arashi team, in this case it was quite the contrary. They did very well and Sho managed to insert quite a lot of stones into the slot.
Jun: Isn't this way better then?
Sho: For me personally, this is good.
But the opponent team also managed to get two inside, one of them with the double points.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_18.57_[2015.03.22_01.15.30].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_19.06_[2015.03.22_01.15.50].jpg
It's turn for second round and Toda-san claims that this might work for her. This receives an admiring "Whoah" from the audience.
Ivan: That was manlier than me.
Meanie Jun: Bit you are quite manly.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_19.39_[2015.03.22_01.20.46].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_19.55_[2015.03.22_01.26.27].jpg
Then Itou-san asks Chiba.
Chiba: You won't know until you try.
They ask him whether he has it all calculated.
Chiba: The moment [the duration] equals the moment when you jump down onto a moving train from a bridge.
Nino: (points at Jun) You will definitely not win this! Impossible!
Jun: Since we haven't jumped down like that yet.
Then we get to know that Chiba-san aimed for Olympics during until university days. Turns out in the artistic gymnastics.
Chiba: That's why I was thinking whether I would be quicker than the shot stone.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.01_[2015.03.22_01.31.45].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.03_[2015.03.22_01.31.49].jpg
This time both of the teams are not very successful as those in the previos round as none of them manages to get a stone into thes slot.
Nino: I'd rather not say this in front of my senior but still, what was the point of watching this?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.18_[2015.03.22_01.32.06].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.31_[2015.03.22_01.34.03].jpg
It's time for Bank Bowling! The first challengers are MatsuJun and Tomochika!
Aiba: Nee-san, nii-san! [older sister, older bro]
Tomochika is asked about being in combination with Jun.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.45_[2015.03.22_01.35.19].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.51_[2015.03.22_01.35.29].jpg
Tomochika: Just right.
She said that with a word "bacchigu-" [apparently from word "bacchiri" = just right and "guu" from English word "good"] that is not heard very often, that's why Sho said it's been a long time since he heard it. For some reason Jun turns to her and addressing her as Akina-san, to which Tomochika immediately responds in talking in a very low voice, apparently imitating Akina Nakamori's recent comeback in Kouhaku.  (I couldn't understand at first why Tomochika was speaking in such low voice, now after seeing that video I do :DDD)

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.59_[2015.03.22_01.35.41].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_23.09_[2015.03.22_01.45.59].jpg
She rambles on and on
Nino: We can't hear her at all.
Jun: You made a comeback just recently right?
Tomochika: Yes that's right. (mumbles something)
Nino: We couldn't hear anything other than the "That's right"
Tomochika continues but Itou-san cuts in
Itou-san: Well then, get to your positions please.
Tomochika: I was still talking!!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_23.30_[2015.03.22_01.46.21].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.01_[2015.03.22_01.51.19].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.03_[2015.03.22_01.50.04].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.06_[2015.03.22_01.50.57].jpg
They get on with the game finally and earn 84 points!
Sho now gives Tomochika another opportunity to imitate someone, this time it's Fujiwara Noriko (the one who wanted to take a photo with a big fat snake in HnA episode together with Sho and MJ) Which made Jun laugh so much that his laugh reminded everyone of Paako-san.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.13_[2015.03.22_01.54.06].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.28_[2015.03.22_01.54.23].jpg
Next is our legendary bowling pair, Nino and Aiba!
Aiba says that there couldn't be a better pair chosen for today's game. Nino then reveals that the two of them were practicing a new technique they wanted to try.
Nino: But after seeing all of this, we won't do it.
Aiba says that they want to save this secret technique for later.
Nino: Secret technique?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.50_[2015.03.22_01.57.21].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.52_[2015.03.22_01.57.27].jpg
Sho: Toda-san, do you want to see this secret technique?
Toda: No, not at all.
In the end, we don't even get to see the whole playthrough but a narration :D They only got 39 points.
Jun: Do you think you would knock down the red pin if you used your secret technique?
Nino: That's a sure thing.
Nino: Since it's written in characters for "without fail", "kill", "technique". [必殺技]

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.17_[2015.03.22_01.58.42].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.25_[2015.03.22_02.00.19].jpg
Itou-san: Toda-san, do you want to see that secret technique?
Toda: I'm not really interested.
But then she agrees to see it briefly.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.36_[2015.03.22_02.01.05].jpgVS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.39_[2015.03.22_02.01.10].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.44_[2015.03.22_02.01.20].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.42_[2015.03.22_02.01.16].jpg
Time for exhibition! It turns out to be an interesting technique! How will it turn out?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.52_[2015.03.22_02.01.30].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.55_[2015.03.22_02.01.55].jpg
I see.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.59_[2015.03.22_02.02.01].jpg
Boys are immediately trying to hide.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_26.02_[2015.03.22_02.02.31].jpg
Sho: Give me back my time!!!!!
Raging Sho :DD Not even 3 exclamation marks are enough to express his fury :D Imagine how many cultural monuments could Sho-chan flick through in that amount of time instead.
Aiba (feebly): We're sorry!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_26.28_[2015.03.22_02.05.18].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_26.30_[2015.03.22_02.05.22].jpg
Now it's turn for the opponent team. The first pair is Toda and Matsuzaka. Toda is still flowing with confidence as she exlaims that they are able to knock down the red pin.
Ivan: You're a man, aren't you?
Tomochika adds that Toda's eyes are really burning with seriousness, and thinks that Toda is able to snatch the championship. Everyone tries to correct her that this is not and individual tournament :D

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_26.54_[2015.03.22_02.05.54].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_27.12_[2015.03.22_02.09.14].jpg
Then Matsuzaka is asked about the connection between their characters, a both of them are the main characters.
Matsuzaka: There's quite a lot of connection.
Matsuzaka: I can't say them though.
He explains that it's all hidden in the plot.
Jun: Then, tell us your role, Totsugi-san.
Totsugi: I can't really tell it.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_27.15_[2015.03.22_02.09.49].jpg
Nino: What can you tell?
Totsgui: That I appear in it! [in the movie]
Nino slaps him on his thigh :D
Of course he's in it, otherwise he wouldn't be in VS Arashi in the first place.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_27.39_[2015.03.22_02.11.00].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_27.45_[2015.03.22_02.11.17].jpg
In the end they weren't able to knock down the red pin. Although it was very close.
Matsuzaka: This is quite difficult, isn't it?
Matsuzaka: What's the trick?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.04_[2015.03.22_02.12.15].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.05_[2015.03.22_02.12.18].jpg
Sho: Aiba-san, what's the trick?
Aiba: I'm the one who wants to know.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.13_[2015.03.22_02.12.28].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.36_[2015.03.22_02.13.57].jpg
Turn for the next pair. Nanao and Totsugi. Both of them seem very decisive and Totsugi with burrning flames in his eyes even says
Totsugi: Anyone can do this if you just do your best.
Sho: So passionate!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.50_[2015.03.22_02.14.39].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.00_[2015.03.22_02.14.51].jpg
In the end it was a narration. We know what it means when it's a narration right? :D No good results With this, the score is 538 for April Fools team and 539 for Arashi Team.
Sho: Thank you very muuuuch~
Arashi is leading by one point.

Thank you for reading so far~
Go to part 2

Date: 2015-03-22 07:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dekishimeta.livejournal.com
As expected from the Golden episode, so full of fun!
Korokoro viking never fails to to get me to scream and shout as I watch the game.

Aiba looks nice in the outfit!

Thanks for the review, was gasping when I saw the time you published the review >0<

Date: 2015-03-22 10:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] noinhere.livejournal.com

thanks, im really enjoyed it. Poor aiba and nino  because their technique is not working.

Date: 2015-03-22 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
"Imagine how many cultural monuments Sho could flick through in the time" LOL! xD
Thanks for this!

Date: 2015-03-23 09:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
*wants you back in our fandom!*xD
thank you for the review!:)

Date: 2015-03-24 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] atanah.livejournal.com
Thanks a lot for ths, their secret technique was a total fail, it's a fun episode :)

Date: 2015-03-24 11:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heeaza.livejournal.com
they always made us laugh...our boys never failed us


Date: 2015-05-29 01:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rennerarruda.livejournal.com
Where can I download this show? =]

Date: 2015-06-19 05:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ashley-2812.livejournal.com
Wow! Thanks for your review! Sho is rock!!!!

Date: 2015-07-27 01:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ohnino.livejournal.com
Thanks for the review! I didn't even realise I'd missed this episode!

Date: 2015-08-15 08:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] beverly98.livejournal.com
thanks for sharing!!


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