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Have you guys heard Digitalian? <3 While having the feels of the PV (shake it shake your body!), the making (FINALLY, after all these years), and off course the album, we still have the boys' regular shows, and this Shiyagare is half half fun and not as fun (well, it's not super mundane but oh well, let's just say that last week's better, and probably the guests play a part too). The second segment, the fashion show with 100K JPY budget, is just full of trolling and LOL.

Again, it's started with 4 of them only XD, so that means....

Aiba-chan: Do Sports! (oh the engrish!) Are you ready for good sweat? Aiba TARZAN Masaki desu.

Not MORE Masaki anymore? XD

Aiba-chan: Today is gonna be tough! He's showing off his getup, what the heck are you wearing??? I think he's trying to show that he's the referee...

I'm not sure what he's trying to do here, either it supposed to whistle or it supposed to be some water tube, but whatever it is, it's not working LOL

And after few trial, it's still not working to the point Aiba-chan himself wonder how it actually works.

Our guests for today... Mukai... is not really good in variety (to me, please don't brick me)...

So, Tarzan Masaki segment for this week is the latest trend in sports.

First, it's the 3 on 3. According to Sho-chan here, he's done it in junior high. So, how Arashi fare on this?

They have a 5 minutes match. this is like regular basketball divided by half. Apparently they're going to have the trial match in Tokyo Olympic (I'm not sure on this one, feel free to let me know if this is not right hehe).
In this 5 minutes, none of them score anything, NONE. And the only person who finally score is Hairi-san (the lady). Nino is giving up midway (unfortunately I didn't get the cap).

Even Osamu was exhausted and Sho-chan's complaining about this show LOL. But this is just the first part!

The second part is slacklining (here's the wiki). Slacklining began popular from German in 2007 and they even have world championship on this and the sensei this time is one of the champion. It looks fun but at the same time dangerous, it's almost like those line acrobatics from the circus world. The line width is 5cm at the span of 8 meters. So how do Mukai and Arashi fare on this?

First technique is walking

We have lots of shaking (LITERALLY) and it got worse with Mukai since he's so tall. Sho-chan struggled so much to even move 1 step. And off course, Aiba-chan was having fun laughing at all those struggles. I'd say those 2 chibis, Ohmiya is the ones who actually could do this.

Next is the Line jumping. They're barely able to walk and now they have to jump... Okay...

Nino could jump a little, but...

Sensei hold him 100% at all time XD

Ohno actually can do this but he barely keep the face straight as well XD

If you couldn't jump while standing, you can also try to jump using your butt.

And that's what exactly Mukai did (told you, he's too tall for this haha). So doing the jumping hurts your butt, apparently.

But despite the pain, Mukai made it. I think this is the only segments where Mukai doesn't manage to keep his kakkoii image, which makes him stiff in variety show.

How about Ohno? He's so cool here mastering moves and...

such accident happened... poor boy...

The third one is bouldering. In here they're trying the latest space bouldering. Come on Arashi, show your Cliff Climbing skills that you've gained from the past few years doing VS Arashi.

Our host decided to try this one as well. We can see his arm muscles again and at the same time how freaking skinny he is... seriously Aiba-chan, you've been stabbing my self esteemed with your skinniness.

Everybody need to reach that circled boulder. But Aiba-chan was confused on which hand he supposed to use to reach it... and failed, off course.

In fact the members have been failing one after another, including Matsujun...

Mukai off course manage to do it. Here his being tall actually gave him some advantages. But then again, if I'm not mistaken bouldering is one of his hobby.

But not all our boys failed. Arashi must be deemed by their esteemed leader!
Watch how he just jumped from one spot to another... showing how light he is...

Otsukare Riidaa!

Ohno: Today I've worked hard! Yes indeed.

How many movies Mukai did in 1 year??? I thought he's promoting Nobunaga Concerto (which I wonder because it's supposed to be in FujiTV)... amazingly productive.

2nd segment is the fashion show with 100K JPY budget (equivalent to roughly 1K USD). The theme now is for club/longue going hipsters.

To increase the hype, now the winner gets to keep the clothes.
Matsujun: How many times have we done this?
5 times
Why we only have this now?
Sho-chan: this is the real claim XD

First group...

Sho-chan asked what's the trend for autumn?
The current trend is to have knit items, as a set up. So he's getting 2 sweaters and lining them up as top & bottom.

Nino actually did lots of trolling here. For example, he told Sho-chan to OK the knit set as a choise and get on to try it out.
Sho-chan off course quickly cancelled his choise LOL.

Bonus cap: Matsujun being a serious diva.

Ohno decided on the flashy blazer and he thought it's about 20K JPY.

He's eyeing on the silver shoes and thought it's expensive. When asked how much he'd think it is. It's 80K JPY.

Trolling #2: To Ohno, just now you said the blazer is 20K, then you're going to have the shoes, which is 80K, isn't it 100K already?
Ohno quickly put the shoes back and grumbling LOL

Sho-chan: Does Made in ITALY expensive? Yes it is.

2nd group Start!

Nino was eyeing on pajamas, well it really looks like pajamas. He really enjoys trolling.
Aiba-chan, you definitely can fit into that tiny jacket XD, don't worry about the size.

I think this collar gave him the idea of what he's going to wear LOL

Aiba-chan tried the coat and look at Nino's face. Trolling #3.

Indeed it's the most expensive item in the selection! Aiba-chan you have the eyes for expensive stuff, ne.

Arm porn #1.

Trolling #4: Take-chan, let's meet tonight
Sho-chan: Take-chan is not here!

Arm porn #2,3,4 Aiba-chan you NEED to wear sleeveless more often on NATIONAL TV.

Showtime... The engrish is Walking time... engrish...

Top batter, Aiba Masaki. OMG... bare legs... His legs are so skinny... they'll look good with heels...

Trolling #5: really only Nino can work pajamas for clubbing getup and to look actually cute. Don't forget the idol pose!
Major troll!

Bonus cap: sigh... despite being in dress, still look pretty... damn...

The guest. I like her, and the way she picks her clothes.

Sho-chan with his glitter cap and skateboard bag. Mannequin Five is back!

Bonus cap: his flat tummy must be documented.

Ohno... I'm speechless... wtf is that LOL. But he look good with that type of sunglasses.

Our diva coming out with bare legs. Why he didn't put on the shoes?

So we have all the contestants. All on the full blown attack mode LOL

The guest actually likes Aiba-chan's getup. Good for you Aiba-chan. And his theme is St. Francis Xavier, including the pose.

Meet Aiba Biel. So cute, even with that furry hat LOL.

Point #1, feet porn. His feet is so smooth *look at my own feet... T__T, time to put on foot mask?*

This diva thought that the shoes is super cheap so he's actually using it as accessories.
So, who's getting to keep the whole coordination?

at #2, it's Sho-chan!!! Look at the smirk, it's the same smirk from Mannequin Five. Blessed Shiyagare staff for this segment.
At #2, he's out y 49K JPY, which makes the rest a little edgy on how this will go.

At #3, it's Ohno with the exact opposite of Sho-chan. His total is only 49K JPY LOL.

At #4, it's Aiba-chan! He's so happy to get #4 LOL

His dress alone is 110K JPY. Look how 'shock' he is LOL.

Nino *trolling* commenting that he should just go with the dress only. But Aiba-chan has no confidence in just wearing the dress alone LOL

So, turn of event, #5 is Nino! The coat is the killer. He's out by 104K JPY...
You can hear somewhere in here that Sho-chan exclaimed 'it's getting interesting'. Yes indeed.

Matsujun's face literally say 'CRAP' LOL

Sho-chan commented that Matsujun's coordination doesn't look like it's more than 200K JPY. But the guest knew better LOL.

And she's right!

This is just like Mannequin Five all over again LOL.

Our diva couldn't comprehend the item that he thought it's so cheap that he can use as decoration is actually.. wipe out the whole budget LOL...

And we have the culprit at 96K JPY!
Without that shoes, Matsujun can get 2nd place!
Nino *last trolling*: you should just wear the shoes only, and you'll be #1.
Oh yes, we'd like that too LOL

Behold the glorious batsu game!

The transparante raincoat is back! with style LOL

And Sho-chan: Now we know that our debut costume is seriously kimochi warui LOL

Date: 2014-10-19 01:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] is648y-hsj.livejournal.com
ROFL!!! This is such an awesome episode! Thanks for the review <3

Date: 2014-10-19 08:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
Oh...heavens. Some of those outfits...Aiba, did you really want to win that dress? At least you have the legs for it! Sho and Nino are the only two I'd say were dressed for clubbing, but maybe I'm out of the loop! :D

*hugs you*

Date: 2014-10-20 11:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candywalla.livejournal.com
Another funny episode of AniShi! The previous one was awesome but I was really enjoying this one as well :) Was laughing all the way through!

i wonder what name will Aiba come up next time he hosts again :D More, Tarzan.. :D The slacklining thing looks really interesting, I would like to try it someday ^^ Ahh and poor Ohno! Although I had to replay that part at least 3 times again (ahh I was laughing so much that I feel kinda guilty now :D) but erh *cough* poor Ohno! At least he regained his image at the bouldering. But then he completely destroyed it again at the Collection 10 hahaha seriously what the heck was that?! :D

And Nino had so many funny lines in this episode haha! I liked how he kept saying about Mukai 'he is doing bouldering so it's fine' :D
The fashion segment was good too waa~ This time I feel like they really went with it haha. After seeing Aiba and Nino right after him ... like that's not something you can see anywhere right?! :D smirking Nino in pajamas and a red tophat hahaha
I recently had a feeling like they went a bit more serious in their recent shows (like in interacting with guests and fooling around) but after seeing this episode... NOPE. :D

Overall, this episode was good, I really enjoyed it:)

and I agree, Aiba needs to wear more sleeveless things on TV! had a bit of a fangirl moment there haha

Date: 2014-10-20 01:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candywalla.livejournal.com
Went to tumblr to check the gifs with Anishi tag and yeah, the first one was an Ohno's moment in this episode... just him revealing his err chest piece :D but I'm sure there's gif of the accident somewhere :D

coincidentally I saw an Anishi episode with Mukai just recently and he was teaching bouldering there so that's why I managed to catch that reference :D
the transparent raincoat is the best and worst thing I have ever seen in terms of costume haha! I'm generally intrigued by the costumes they wear during concerts some are really amazing! some are really random but still intricate. But the raincoat is just kimochi warui :D

come to think of it, the level of (half-)half-nakedness was kinda high in this episode wasn't it? the members were revealing their parts a lot in this one and it isn't even summer! first Aiba's arms, then Sho's belly and then WTF Ohno:D and of course poor MatsuJjun :D you rarely see MatsuJun revealing his legs :D

Date: 2014-10-20 03:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candywalla.livejournal.com
ahh that's fine thank you for your effort ^.^

the color clashes yeah! there were so many times when I thought 'how did those creators come with a combination like this?' but in a good way haha i admire them :) it's so flashy and fascinating!

Date: 2014-10-20 12:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nurcahya.livejournal.com
omg, i was laughing like hell on my bed.

i love this , 'And Sho-chan: Now we know that our debut costume is seriously kimochi warui LOL'.

its totally, purely awesome.

Date: 2014-10-20 10:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
These outfits are the best!!! Thanks for this xD

Date: 2014-10-25 07:55 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-10-26 10:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nakahalu.livejournal.com
thanks so much
just glanced thru
now waiting for kind community to sub
my greedy mode is so on

Date: 2015-04-05 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heeaza.livejournal.com
it was awesome to see matsujun wearing their debut costume...


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