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Same as last week, but with more Engrish!!! This time the gaijin guests are not as proficient in Japanese as last week's. Hence, more awkward effort to explain etc, for our entertaiment sake. I like last week's topic better than this week's but we still learn new (or not so new) stuff this week as well :).


Again with Manabu Taxi, but I think they learn their lesson and choose the not so hot day, BUT what's with Bobby have to run behind the taxi? Haiyooo!!

The guests of the week, Pricilla (from Papua New Guinea) and Sergei (from Ukraine)

First driver is Takeyama...

Their first stop is the flower shop and the focus is on bonsai!

Goodness, Aiba-chan don't know Karate Kid, in Japan it's Best Kid LOL.
Bonsai is popularized by this movie (apparently) by Miyagi-san.

The most expensive bonsai at 1M USD (approx) is a 300 years old tree. It looks old and precious!

Next stop is at the soba shop for Takeyama to show the food display, which off course originated from Japan.
Aiba-chan is particularly fond of the pasta display with the fork spooning the pasta (I was amazed too when I first saw it LOL)

Last stop is Judo. This is interesting. Takeyama explained why Judo character comes from Yawarakai (soft) and Michi (way). It's to express how small people can defeat bigger people by honing their soft agility.

And we have a chou kakkoii obaa-chan! 79 years old and still can kick ass! And, she speaks English (ermm... Engrish to be exact) too!

Next driver is Aiba-chan...

Again, Aiba-chan's standard Engrish and this time he has a disclaimer LOL

First stop is the coffee shop...

Aiba-chan started with pointing out that the wheather is hot and what to drink.
Pricilla suggested water, which Aiba-chan said no no no, coffee, then reikou. Reikou is Kansai way of saying Ice Coffee.

Apparently both guests never had iced coffee before and they're not particularly thrill with the idea of iced coffee either.
But do Aiba-chan care? Off course not LOL, Let's Go (in Engrish)!

Aiba-chan also gave brief explanation of instant coffee that originated by Japanese by transforming coffee into powder, and introduced in the US and became popular from then on.

This is where I find that both guests Japanese level is not as good as last week's because Pricilla struggled in explaining how she felt after tasting the iced coffee.
I particularly love iced coffee, especially from Japanese cafe because it tastes stronger and more flavorful than Starbucks' (and it makes Starbucks tastes like sewer water, pardon me).

And Aiba-chan? Good 3x, in Engrish. He's struggling LOL but that's what makes him cute!

Next stop is the Remote control helicopter shop. Japanese' is at the top in this niche market.
I cap the shop keeper because he's cute LOL.

This cute mini copter can be flown, off course, and when the shop keeper flew this mini thing, it landed nicely at Pricilla's hand with Aiba-chan 'OMG' LOL...

Aiba-chan wanted to try too, off course!
Sawabe had his own doubt on that LOL...

And off course... the mini copter struck the top stack of the shop there LOL...
Aiba-chan: in Engrish 'I am sorry' LOL

Sawabe: Sorry janaiyo (that's not sorry ~ this is not the right expression though, more like direct translation)... LOL

Aiba-chan... Engrish in a pinch!
I think he wanted to say tanoshii in English (are you happy?) but he forgot LOL.. He started with 'Do you like... janai... ... Happy?' LOL!!!

Last stop for Aiba-chan is the local small snack shop. Such snack shop has existed since Edo era...

Another series of Engrish... Aiba-chan was introducing his childhood snack to the guests, Kujitsuki katto yocchan, basically it's one of those squid snack...
He started with saying it's IKA (squid)

But guests thought ika was Octopus (this is another reason why I think their Japanese is not as good).
And Aiba-chan knew ika is not octopus BUT he didn't know it's a squid LOL
So, Bobby explained to the rest it's a squid...

And true enough Aiba-chan called Bobby to ask what's ika.
Bobby: Ika wa ikadayo (a squid is a squid) LOL
Sawabe symphatized with Aiba-chan and told Bobby to tell him... d'awww Sawabe is nice!

And after he got the answer, he quickly got off the phone LOL

The Engrish continues...

This part is interesting, same practice but different method. To boost the sales often those snacks put the symbol that you can trade off with 'something.' The western practice shows that you have to mail the symbol (I used to mail those stickers too LOL), but in Japan you can just go back to the shop and show the 'Atari' sign to the shop auntie and get a free snack. It's more convinient in a way...

Another Engrish: Aiba-chan got Hazure sign (something similar for you're unlucky), then the rest also got Hazure
Engrish: I am hazure, you are hazure...

Final Engrish: All hazure!
And Aiba-chan tried to tell the guest that this snack is the best with beer! but unfortunately these guests didn't catch what he meant... Aiba-chan ganbatta ne!

Last driver, Sawabe!

Sawabe followed Boby's advice to make LOTS of BIG gestures...
He started off with Engrish: Last main driver! Perfect driver! Yuu Sawabe! This did have an impact on the guests.

He even made noise when he stopped :).

Japan is the first to come up with the touch and go ticketing system with Suica & passmo. And this later followed by the rest of the world, hence we have Octopus in HK, EZ-Link in SG.


I think we have this at ATM too nowadays, that mirror is there to enable users to see what's behind them, for safety reason.

Engrish: Next Ichiban!
Takeyama: Now it becomes trip to find ichiban?
Aiba-chan clearly had fun watching all the clips LOL (as long as he's not the one doing XD)

Sawabe introducing himself as Japanese Jim Carrey. Pricilla noted that they also have the Papua new Guinea version of Jim Carrey and Sawabe: Ouuwww, Raibaru! (rival)

OK we already know vinyll umbrella is from Japan, for several times mentioned in Manabu already XD
Now, the beach sandal. I know sandal is from Japan and I thought it's a given that the rubber sandal is also from Japan LOL!

Apparently not for Japanese. Aiba-chan thought it's from Hawaii...

So, in deed the rubber sandal is from Japan but it's popularized in Hawaii

And to score more points, Sawabe did the Michael Jackson pose, LOL!

So... we all know who's the loser now LOL...
I understand why the guests pick Sawabe and Takeyama... it's coz of their big & overly done gestures.
Aiba-chan's style works better for the guests who can speak better Japanese and further asks questions (which is exactly like the guests from last week).
The topic also play a part, this time, I find Takeyama's topics are more interesting than the rest :) (see, I'm still objective, though I still don't like Takeyama LOL).

But don't worry, Aiba-chan still get hugs from Bobby (d'awww)... and lots of pats from me XD

Next week we have DAIGO!!! not the mentalist (I don't like that one, too creepy), but the Wish's Daigo XD plus seafood (food!!!)...

Date: 2014-09-08 06:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nadzsanz.livejournal.com
wah~ this was interesting.
You might want to kick me or slap me for asking,
but still i want to ask.
Why dont you just do sub ?
You know much ne?
Im gonna refer to this when i watch manabu later.

p/s: Look like Aiba and english cant be seperated xD

Date: 2014-09-09 02:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madolyricszone.livejournal.com
agreed! that's what me, dekishimeta and coolohoh thinks too! reviewing allows us to put our personal thoughts, comments and crazy fangirling along the pictures and reviews! *high five*!

Date: 2014-09-09 03:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] annisayuli.livejournal.com
Ah, so in this episode Watabe-san didn't come out?

Yay for Aiba's english again!! (^o^)/ Thanks for the review. It would be a big help for me. I can't wait to watch it.

And next episode too!! Finally one of Shimura Doubutsuen members will appear, ne.

Date: 2014-09-09 07:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] frappeissu.livejournal.com
Thanks for the review! Now I really want to watch this episode with subs. :)

Date: 2014-09-09 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kanu-x.livejournal.com
thanks for the recap. i learned so much XD

Date: 2014-09-14 08:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
Yayayayayay!! Thank you for this beautiful summary! :)


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