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Part 1 was posted here!

Ready for Part 2?

NewImageSo they started off discussing about the program dynamics? part. Jun communicated and discussed with the staff to see how they could make the program more exciting in various situations. Like changing the game rules as shown in the VTR. And because of that, the hiri hiri (how should I describe this? Loves excitement?) Jun character was born.

NewImageSho asks O what he thinks of it. O: I really wish he’d calm down!

NewImageSho asks if there were times when J dug a grave for himself, or felt like ‘opps, my suggestion was too much’
J: There isn’t, is there?

NewImageN: What about the -50 being changed to -30?

NewImageJ: You mean the one who created -50 was me?
N: Look the hiri hiri guy has turned stupid! He doesn’t even remember what hiri hiri stuff he did!

NewImageJun clarifies: Although I was the one who suggested the -50 points zone, the one who said ‘lets do it’ was leader!

NewImageEveryone: Eh???
O: Will you please stop it! EH? ME?
J: Yes it was youNewImage Staff: Yes it was leader who approved it.
J: Yeah i didn’t approve it
Indeed i remember this episode/scene… in a rare show of , Ohno gallantly accepted J’s suggestion!

NewImageO: Eh? I didn’t stamp the seal of approval! (the keep saying seal of approval earlier in the talk as well)
N: No that just a figurative way of saying it! It doesn’t mean that you literally stamped the seal!NewImage Ohmiya duo starts mimicking the stamping motion.

NewImageMatsumoto’s dame play up next!

NewImageFirst up is bank bowling, Matsumiya pair!

NewImage16 pins left!

NewImageOf course J is aiming for the red pin. J: If i just hit that guy (the red pin), we’ll get back the lead!
N: Sugoi, he even call it ‘that guy'

NewImageIn the end the throw ended up being narration based as they only scored 37 points.
N: Where were you aiming for?
J: That guy!
XDNewImage Time for some shockingly bad data from the staff! He missed the red pin...

NewImageand missed it here as well...

NewImageAnd another miss!

NewImageAnd here it is! The shocking data! Jun did not hit the red pin even once in 2013! 4,3,2,1,0… ouch poor Jun!

NewImageHe’s the narration based bank bowling kind of arashi! ><

NewImageA total of 5 narration based throws, the most in Arashi!

NewImageAnd that was all for J’s dame play!
S: I do have an image of J hitting the red pin though…
J: Maybe that was last last year…
S: AhhhhhhNewImage S: And to think that when we were in a pinch we sent J off to bank bowling to hit the red pin confidently… I guess we’d better not do that anymore!

NewImageA: But he didn’t get an gutters ne?
J: Yeah, no gutters
The 2nd row stats are the number of times they scored 0 points. As mentioned earlier, Sho tops at 6… Aiba is somewhat better at 3… :PNewImage S: Isn’t it that way? Red pin and gutter both zero, its not good isn’t it?
Well I guess J’s average score would still be higher than Sho’s though…. :X

NewImageN: So its better to have 6 gutters but 1 red pin ne?
S: *confidently* Yes!!
Hahaha XD
Rest of Arashi: That’s not it!NewImage Either way… Its Nino’s turn next!

NewImageFor some absolutely unknown reason… the VTR starts with Nino’s imitation? of his own movie platinum data scene.

NewImageN narrator: If you talk about Ninomiya’s special/strong point in VSA, its got to be….

NewImageTROLOLOLOL. His fashion hahahahaha! Seriously. How badly have these guys done last year? The staff-san has really tried hard to put stuff in their ‘good play VTR’ ne? I don’t remember non-game stuff like J’s hiri hiri-ness and N’s outrageous fashion being in MMDA videos last year…? Or maybe I’m just mistaken :P

NewImageBut anyway… who could deny the chance to look at Nino’s fashion once again? ;)

NewImageAnd here we go… Ninomiya fashion, year 2013 good play collection! LOL!

NewImageNewImageStaff: HAHAHAHAHA!

NewImageN: Why are you guys laughing! You guys are making me angry!


NewImageNewImageI’m sure anyone who watched this episode will remember the cloud outfit with a ridiculous button belt. I’m pretty sure i reviewed that episode too :P

NewImageAnd his latest ‘fashion’ hahaha!

NewImageThe outfit that will get him in trouble with the police! XD

NewImageNext up is this… in between filming they take some actions for use in the CG (like you know… those little icons that always appear at the bottom)

NewImageNewImageNino always finishes before the rest!

NewImageWhile the rest are still holding their poses, Nino has already bowed to thank the staff and is leaving the set!

NewImageNewImageHe always does the same pose, and says thank you after he’s done.

NewImageEvery single time he’ll thank the staff.
Nino narrator: I thought everyone does the same too. NewImage And that was all for Nino’s good play videos. Oh gosh. In terms of VSA games itself… that was really… wait… there wasn’t even a single mention of it! >< ouch!

NewImageJ: That’s all? That’s the end? He’s sly!NewImage J: Everyone don’t get fooled! This is probably a super long term plan that he’d had for the entire year!

NewImageN: Indeed… like you see earlier, all i got was rank 2 or 3… but really, when you think about it, what are idols, what are humans? Really its about greetings isn’t it?
N: I thought everyone was also doing their greetings properly. I said to the staff that that doesn’t really count as good play, but they said it countsNewImage O: Are you sure you didn’t plan this?
N: No i didn’t, how can you plan such things?
J: If its you, it can be done!
LOL Nino! Hahaha that scheming little brat gosh!NewImage Time for Nino’s dame play!

NewImageFirst up is cliff climb with baka rhythm.

NewImageThe plus one guest first climber was pretty slow, and didn’t leave nino with enough time… but… at the end with just a few seconds on the clock… anyone remembers what Nino did? :P

NewImageHe got the grip…

NewImageLOL! His face here really made me burst out laughing!

NewImageYou can’t see if very clearing in this screenshot but… yes! He threw the grip at the button!

NewImageMissed, and the grip bounce back down.

NewImageS in studio: But you can say he has good brains….

NewImageAnd then in this year’s new year SP. Both the other guest teams did well on viking…

NewImageNino was aiming for a high score but… first a -30…

NewImagethen a ball dropped…

NewImageand -60 for the last golden ball!


NewImageAnd not just during the new year SP… whenever Nino was on the orange zone in viking…

NewImageThe chances of the balls going into the negative zone is exceptionally high! He is the no. 1 in Arashi with 16 negative zones scoring… and not in a good way!

NewImageAnd that was all for Nino’s bad play VTR!

NewImageAiba comments on Nino’s grip throwing incident. A: That’s does not reflect well on your character! For someone who said earlier about how greetings is important to humans… that totally erased what you said earlier!

NewImageN: I just wanted to throw the grip and get 10 more points!
Ohno is certainly not convinced hahahaha!NewImage N: You’d give up wont you, if its just 10 points
A: No i won’t!
N: Tu, tu tu tu tu~ (the ending music). I’d throw the grip and try to score something till the very end, even if its just 10 points.

NewImageA: I understand what you feel, but if you threw that and hit yourself, its really sad, that’s how i thought!

NewImageThey then talked about how the New Year’s SP minus points was really too much. Nino then declared that if that was the reason why they lost that episode, than he’ll gladly take the blame and fall down today (as MMDA).

NewImageN: So its alright even if we don’t see the video (referring to Aiba’s)
Look at Sho smirk! XD
A: Wait a minute, please watch it!NewImage And so here it is! Aiba’s good play VTR!

NewImageMiracle play time! First up is bank bowling!

NewImageAh… i think i reviewed this episode too haha… i remember taking screenshots of Aiba’s thumb! Anyway… this earlier the MC asked Nino how he felt about the game, and Nino replied that he was worried, because before filming started Aiba apologised and said he might not be able to play well today. Nino asked why and Aiba showed the red line of blood (but the skin is unbroken) on his left thumb. Crowd goes ‘ahhh’ in a worried tone. And then Nino goes...

NewImageN: This guy… is right handed!

NewImageAnd then he did a 3 legged race style of throwing with Nino…

NewImageWhich lead to Nino collapsing after the throw…

NewImageEither way, AIba’s throw was right smack on target!

NewImageNext up is Aiba as pinball runner! The guest team runner was Morita senpai earlier, who scored 160 points. Aiba declared that he will try his best to chase after the senpai (but not overtaking him to show respect) How will Aiba fare?

NewImageHe scored 190 points, a personal best!


NewImageAnd this gosh lol!

NewImageI’m sure you guys remember this ne? How he struggled to get up and barely made it in time!

NewImagePerfect with a mere 1 second left on the clock!

NewImageAnd once again we are treated to a stunning view of merry go round Aiba XD

NewImageNewImageNino in studio: Its not dangerous at all!

NewImageIn case you forgot, the reason for his ‘special’ descent was that he saw Nino’s safety line and was afraid that it’ll cut his throat, so he held on to the line and ended up spiralling downNewImageAnd that was all for Aiba’s good play VTR!

NewImageS: It was a very fun VTR to watch but…

NewImageS: In the end what was it about?
A: No no no! In the end i got a perfect (cliff climb), and in bank bowling I got the red pin as well, it was a VTR about my good performance!
S: Ah was it so?NewImage A: What kind of impression do you guys have now? (of the VTR)
J: Really, really fun!
A: *bangs table*
Nino explains that while Aiba performed well, the feeling of him having fun wins that of him performing well.
Crowd: Unnnnnnn (in agreement)
A: Ah, everyone feels that way?
rest: *laughs*
Nino tries to console the man: It was the best VTR you know? Watching it was really fun and enjoyable. NewImage J: You were thinking for the program right?
A: Wait! What’s with this cold attitude!
Rest: *laughs*
Poor boy :PNewImage Last VTR of the day! Aiba dame VTR!

NewImageAiba’s lacklustre performance last year…!

NewImageFirst up was Aiba as the passer in shotgun disk.

NewImageYama pair as shooter, and J as the net wielding receiver.
O: Is it alright for Sho-chan to stand in the 20 points zone?
A: Nope, its ok if you want to stand at the top too Sho-chan (30 points zone)
S in studio whispers: This one was too much!NewImage J voices what’s on our minds: I have yet to see a good result from Aiba-kun playing that position!

NewImageAiba replies: But you know… good team play starts with trust!

NewImageAnyhow, game starts!

NewImageAiba is merely trying his best to throw the disks as fast as possible, without caring where the disks end up!

NewImageThe disks are either landing short, or way too far to the left/right side.

NewImageN: You did it again!

NewImageNewImageMC: Matsumoto-san, a word about the entire situation please
J: Erm… I think those of us who trusted Aiba made a mistake…NewImage A: But look the box is empty!

NewImageN: How many times must I say it! This game is NOT about emptying that box of freebies!

NewImageAnd the episode where Okada Junichi (V6) appeared as plus one guest…

NewImageOkada as the pinball runner… Aiba wanted to cheer him on, but Okada said Aiba has to cheer him on from somewhere nearer, as the spectators stand is too far away.

NewImageAnd so Aiba runs off from his seat to cheer his senpai on halfway through the game!

NewImageSho in studio: He’s so extra/distracting!

NewImageOkada got pissed too and ask Aiba to leave :P

NewImageIn the end Okada scores 110 points :P

NewImageNext up is Baba Arashi during this year’s New Year Sp.

NewImageAt the very end there was just the two of them remaining. Aiba-kun and Kano.

NewImageKano starts whistling A.RA.SHI.

NewImageAnd AIba starts singing/bouncing along! :P

NewImageWhen finally wants to draw the card, he picked the winning card… Aiba panicked and withdraw his cards backwards, giving the game away entirely.

NewImageAiba still tries to deny having moved his hand away :P

NewImageKano: Look there’s even tears in your eyes!

NewImageAnd so Kano won! Making Aiba the weakest Baba nuki player!

NewImageNewImageAnd that’s all for Aiba’s dame VTR!

NewImageS: Let’s start from Aiba’s own thoughts!
A: The last part had absolutely no relationship right?NewImage A: Look we’re talking about the good plays and precious plays in VSA, the last bit was evil!
S explains that that was part of the VSA SP, and was related to the program as a whole…NewImageA: *sadly* hai...

NewImageN: But it was interesting!
O: There wasn’t any play that was particularly left in my head.

NewImageNino and Aiba mimics the sweeping motion over the forehead when he said ‘left in my head'

NewImageA: there was no good play?

NewImageThey make Ohno do that motion again :P

NewImageO: Ah? There’s none!

NewImageEveryone has fun doing that action :P

NewImageAnd finally here we are! Most, Most Dame Arashi! Or MMDA for short!

NewImageNewImageS: Its been a long time ne?

NewImageIndeed… every since MDA was stopped last year…

NewImageS: And our clothes too, all in white
N: This time it’s a dye too right?NewImage They all have chosen a MMDA in their hearts!

NewImageAnd the results! HAHAHAHA!!!! Gosh, no wonder Nino was stressing that it was only ‘one person right?’ earlier. HAHAHA! I just love their… teamwork? When it comes to this!
Crowd: Ehhhhhhhh!

NewImageN: Wait a minute, wait a minute!

NewImageWow, they are even wearing gloves hahaha!

NewImageNewImageMC: The MMDA of 2013 is decided, Ninomiya-kun and Aiba-kun! Its no use protesting, Aiba-chan! :P

NewImageThe two of them are blaming each other now :P

NewImageThe rest are laughing now XD

NewImageA: Both of us are going to fall?
Yup AIba, you got it! XD

NewImageMC asks Nino for a word of reflection.
N: *laughs* reflection? NewImage N: From now on i’ll focus on playing properly, for the year of 2014!

NewImageA: In 2014, i’ll try my best to have good play that’ll leave an impression in leader’s mind!
Hahaha :PNewImage Oh-chan is amused by Aiba’s comment? XD

NewImageAiba does that Ohno’s mind move again XD

NewImageAnd Nino has no choice but to follow Aiba as well XD

NewImageFinally time for the fall!

NewImageThey’ll be painted BLUE this time round hahaha! Black two years in a row is boring ne? XD

NewImageOne moment they’re just standing there…

NewImageAnd the next they’ll falling down!

NewImageNewImageNewImageHahaha! Its blue power this time!

NewImageNewImageAimiya aliens hahaha! XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageThere’s our two avatar boys waving goodbye! XD
Kuuuuuuuuu and that’s all! Before watching the episode I had absolutely no idea that it’ll be these two!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Btw, because I took so long to get round to watching and reviewing this episode… mirei_22 has come up with the subs already! You can check out her post here!

Date: 2014-04-13 10:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really felt that Aiba and Nino kept trying to throw each other under the bus when I was watching. Seeing your review...yup! LOL

Aw, Sho! You judge yourself too harshly! Those two totally deserved that!

(And yeah, Nino has claimed his fashion as a positive in years past too. It's the first time that was the only positive though! Ouch!)

All I can say after watching this is...Jun had better SHINE this year or he is liable to be the one falling next year! :D

Date: 2014-04-13 06:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just can`t say how much i wanted j to be chosen as this year`s MMDA!* but actually I think he will be safe for next year`s MMDA, they dont`t want the show to be predictable^_~

*Note:My ichiban is J, but a DoS Idol should expect a DoS fan too!XDDD

Date: 2014-04-19 03:38 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-04-15 05:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hahaha... i was laughing throughout the last parts where MMDA had to fall. I didn't expect that two will fall this year and by reading the first part I was having some premonition that it will either be Nino or Aiba. I can't wait to watch this episode. Thank you very much for the review! Bless your heart! I love reading the reviews especially VSA!


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