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Its finally here! MMDA! Gosh I’ve been looking forward to MMDA for a long time… finally I bring to you the episode review! Let’s go!

Note on the screenshots: I’ve changed the screenshot picture format from PNG to JPEG a few screenshots into this post, hopefully that will make the post load easier and faster… name wise you don’t see any difference since I’m too lazy to change each time from my blogging tool, but i checked on my photo host and the photos were *slightly* smaller than before (previously picasa also does not upload the full image size already I guess).
Let me know if you have any objections/suggestions/comments!

NewImageNewImageMost, most dame Arashi! It’s the 3rd time now!

NewImageSho was the first generation MMDA…

NewImageAnd Oh-chan was the 2nd gen MMDA. So… who’ll get the ‘honour’ of being the 3rd gen MMDA? We’ll have to watch and see!

NewImageApparently the staff polled the audience before hand on who would be today’s MMDA. Aiba got the vote :P

NewImageA: REALLY?!

NewImageA: I thought I did well!

NewImageA: For real?? *stands up and look at the audience*

NewImageN: If you played well then you’ll talk about it?
A: Wait a minuteee!NewImage Nino said something about Aiba playing dirty… and Aiba retorted: I don’t want to be lecture on that by you!
Hahaha!NewImage S: *shaking his head violently to look at both ends* Both ends are sugoi ne, today… (Aiba + Nino are sitting at the ends of the table)

NewImageWe start off by looking at the total stats of 2013! A total of 42 episodes, how many wins and how many losses did they score?

NewImage17 wins and 25 losses! That’s really… bad…

NewImageSince the program moved to golden slot, it’s the first time they lost more then they won in a year!

NewImageAnd at times, they lost with a HUGE score difference!

NewImageOther times, they lost narrowly (they needed 380 and abv to win, they scored 350)

NewImageFrom the same episode… they lost by 20 points in the end.

NewImageOther times they begged the guest team to let them play without they regular penalty…

NewImageAnd because they lost SO MUCH, MDA was stopped!

NewImageNewImageFurthermore… on both specials they did not make it to the finals!

NewImageWho is to blame for this bad performance? Or are ALL of them MMDA?

NewImageThey comment on how they decided to stop the MDA, because dropping down is not new anymore and the viewers are watching them fall down every week… :X

NewImageNino commented that Aiba appeared quite a lot in the VTR… :P Aimiya are at it again XD

NewImageA: Its just an image!
J: But when they showed the falling, it was Aiba-san too! (MDA)
A: Its just a coincidence!!! NewImage Of course, each of them had good performance too. Like last year, each of them have done their own narration for their good play VTR!

NewImageThe staff will air their bad play VTR (selected and narrated by the staff) together with their good play VTR!

NewImageLooking at all their good and bad plays, they will then decide on who is the MMDA!

NewImageS says he heard from the staff that this time round they performed so badly, that searching for ‘good play’ videos was really hard!

NewImageThey decided that someone who is more confident should go first… and they picked leader, since he was the one who fell last year, it’s unlikely that he will fall again this time. Ohno is pretty pleased with his own performance too. He was thinking ‘ah, i performed so well’ when he did the filming for the narration.

NewImageSo without further ado…. Ohno Satoshi’s good play video, here we go!

NewImageNewImageO: I, Ohno Satoshi, set a new, huge, record in 2013!

NewImageFirst up is bank bowling! Ohno with the plus one guest, Dan Mitsu-san!

NewImageOhno’s throw was right on target! Right smack in the middle!

NewImageOhno got the red pin!

NewImageAnd with Nino this time…

NewImageOnce again, Ohno got the red pin!

NewImageHe pretty much ONLY go the red pin :P

NewImageOhno’s winning face.. trollolol!

NewImageNewImageIn last year’s bank bowling, Ohno got the red pin 4 times, making him the top in Arashi. Also, none of his throws ended up in the gutter! (0 points)

NewImageO: Isn’t that great? if its bowling, leave it to me!

NewImageNext up is Ohno’s performance on cliff climb!
S in studio: Indeed, there’s an image of him climbing to the top quite some bit!NewImage The Odaiba’s chin that started in June last year…

NewImageO: I’m surprisingly good at it!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageOhno succeeded in climbing up the chin 3 times, which is the best score in Arashi!

NewImageNewImageAnd the last time… 28 seconds to spare! This was a very recent episode wasn’t it? I wanted to review just the cliff climb of this episode because Ohno did so well… (yeah, he’s my ichiban) but still have not gotten around to it hahaha.

NewImageAnd that was all for Ohno’s good play VTR!

NewImageSo two No. 1s for Ohno Satoshi!

NewImageO: I had the image that i was constantly doing the chin… you guys have not really cleared the chin have you… *points at Sho and Nino*
On screen text: Sho and Nino both cleared the chin 0 times…
S and N: No I’ve not clear it before…NewImage O: How was it? This is good play… everyone listen, this is what good play is!

NewImageNext up is Ohno’s bad play VTR!

NewImageIn 2013 the no. 1 (in a negative sense) for ohno is...

NewImageRolling coin tower!

NewImageNewImageThe tower had gone over to the next player’s ‘territory’… but it collapsed before the guest touched it!

NewImageAnd again…

NewImageHe made the coin tower collapse the most number of times!

NewImageIncluding this time… when he made the tower fall when it was only during the 3rd round!

NewImagehahaha, look at his face! :P

NewImageAnd then when talking about Ohno, it has to be the number of times he talked back/talked rudely to the guest!

NewImageHere we go! A collection of Ohno’s rude moments in 2013! I’ll try my best to translate…

NewImageFirst up, is during kicking sniper. O as the last kicker, they scored a good scoring of 380 points, but O only hit a single non-scoring can. The guest team is TOKIO, and they chided him for his poor performance. And our dear leader says: Don’t speak to me that way!

NewImageThat left TOKIO roaring in laughter… XD

NewImageNext up was when Kame went on VSA as plus one… he was talking about something… when Ohno goes: I’d definitely hate that!

NewImageGuest team: Hidamari no kanjyo (J’s movie)
Game: pinball runner
Runner: A girl from the guest team
Situation: Runner was tired after running, Ohno goes: Have you really been running? (girl said earlier that she runs often as exercise I guess)NewImage Ohno doing bank bowling with Okada Junichi from V6. As you know… V6 as a group is Arashi’s senpai, since V6 debuted in 1995 whereas Arashi was only started in ’99. They then talked about when they entered Johnny’s. Okada: I entered in ’95. O: I entered in ’94. So Okada you’re actually my junior!

NewImageHahaha XD

NewImageStill on the same incident/episode…
There was something that Okada really wanted to tell Ohno during that episode, and that was how Ohno promised to give Okada a drawing. Its been 19 years since Ohno made the promise… and recently O even game kamenashi a drawing… but nothing for Okada! NewImage N: You’re in the same generation after all...
NewImage O: We’re not the same generation! He’s my junior!

NewImageRest of Arashi: *in uproar*

NewImageOhno then does the hand action to show the *huge* gap between the two of them :P

NewImageAnd that was all for Ohno’s dame VTR!
Discussion back in the studio… Ohno says that he’s only being rude to people from the same jimusho (Johnny’s). O: If its other jimusho then it’s rude isn’t it!
Nino then pointed out that Ohno was rude to the female guest as well. O: that was just a coincidence! The staff should not have included that in the VTR!
LOL! XDNewImage And the rolling coin tower talk… Ohno made the tower fall 3 times! Nino and Sho once, Aiba and Jun none at all!

NewImageAiba happily rubs it in… A: Everyone is playing this game ya know? Equally much! And only this game…
S: Because everyone takes part each time yeah

NewImageHere’s our Aibaka looking so pleased at himself :P XD

NewImageNext up is SHo’s good play VTR! Hahaha! I’m looking forward to seeing his bad play video :P I bet his famous ‘swing’ will feature there hahaha! :P XD Ok… but first let’s see our kawaii caster’s great plays!

NewImageHahaha… somehow i just burst out laughing when i see its Nazodi… Ok, first up is Sho’s appearance as a guest, for the Nazodi movie team. (Talk about Nazodi and VSA and I just can’t forget how pathetic he was when they appeared for the drama. Oh that and Candle Sho!)
The game is dual curling!

NewImageSho threw the double stone at the end…

NewImageIt ended up in the 50 points zone! Meanwhile Nino throws his stone too late and it bounces off the circular stage harmlessly as the stage moves up…

NewImageMeanwhile Nino in studio is face palming at this poor performance :P

NewImageNext up is when Shitsuren chocolatier team came on VSA….

NewImageTWO of Sho’s stones made it in the 50 points zone!

NewImageThanks to Sho, they won that round by a large margin of 300 to 190!

NewImageNewImageHahaha, they just had to zoom in so Sho’s stones!
But indeed… he’s come a long way from the time of the ‘destroyer’ - remember back then when all he did was hit all the rest of the stones off the play area? ;) XDNewImage Gold text: Miracle 2 stones in the zone (50 points)

NewImageSho did exceptionally well on dual curling last year! Just looking at the data and you’ll see that Sho had stones in the 50 points zone 6 times, the highest within Arashi! Jun and Ohno came in 2nd with 2 stones each, Nino had 1 stone, while poor Aiba had none ><
S: Fantastic! Indeed I’m Mr. Dual Curling! That’s all!
Back in studio Nino: 6 is indeed amazing!NewImage But wait… that’s… all? >< That’s kinda… short? >< Gosh… they really did badly last year ne? I’m starting to wonder how the other three will be like… (Then again we all know Sho isn’t particular good at sports. Besides skiing and snowboarding maybe? Ah that snowboarding episode on AnS… Sho was really kakkoii ne!)

NewImageAnd that’s all for Sho’s good play VTR!

NewImageSho credits his improvement to the 2011 New Year SP episode, when he performed badly at dual curling and caused Arashi to lose. Since then he has reflected on his performance and improved his play XD

NewImageNino points out that his % of getting a stone in the 50 point zone is also the highest, he played the least number of games but had the highest number of 50 point zone finishes! 6 stones out of 13 plays!

NewImageN: The ones who took part the most were Ohno-san and ai… ah…
All of them bends forward to take a closer look… hahaha! Love their coordination with one another!NewImage A: This is bad, this is really really bad! I totally screwed it…! Even though its not my turn but… agh!

NewImageS: Just what are you coming here for?
A: *breathy laughter*NewImage Yay! What we’ve all been waiting for? (or is it just me kekeke)
Sakurai’s Dame Play!NewImage Speaking of Sakurai Sho, it’s his bad performance in cliff climb. Hahaha just look at the poor guy’s face at the top right :P

NewImageFirst up is during an episode with Sakuraiba as climbers. S is going for the chin of course. The MC asks the guest what he thinks of Sho and cliff climb. Guest: I feel that we can definitely win!

NewImageS: Thanking for watching! (past episodes of VSA)

NewImageSo! Sho’s first time challenging the chin!

NewImageSho in studio: Ah this one ne… why did i turn to face that direction?

NewImageThey are all dying in laughter already :P

NewImage3 seconds left! Sho tries to use his leg to kick the 50 point button… only that he kicked on the wrong side/with the wrong leg!

NewImage1 second left, he got the side right this time but still…

NewImageAnd our goal keep starts swinging on the clothes hanging pole :P

NewImageSho’s ‘swinging finish’!

NewImageAnd another episode with TKO as the plus one guest…

NewImageThis time round Sho is the first climber, so he has practically all the time in the world (ok, just two minutes) to get up the chin.


NewImageHe ends up doing pull ups on that same pole…!

NewImageNewImageA swinging finish once more!

NewImageOn top of using up the entire 120 seconds…
S: Wait a minute… I sprained my waist… NewImage He used up all the time himself AND still managed to sprain his back! Dame play indeed! :P

NewImageOn top of that...

NewImageKicking sniper! Sho in VTR: Finally I meet a game that I can score in!

NewImageAs a former soccer player Sho had done really well in kicking sniper before… But in 2013…

NewImageMiss… the ball goes right through the hole!

NewImageAnother episode, another miss.

NewImageMore misses...

NewImageIt used to be a game he was really good at… but his kicks never hits the cans now!

NewImageNewImageAnd more VTR of him completely missing… :P

NewImageNewImageThis time he hits but nothing moves. Narrator: Is this a slump, or was it just luck that he had played so well till now?

NewImageIn 2013, Sho scored the least number of perfects in all of Arashi!

NewImageAnd that was all for Sho’s Dame play!

NewImageSho comments that he feels that way about kicking sniper too. Like he always feels that he is in a good form, but in the end he performed really poorly. On top of that… for bank bowling his gutter rate is the highest amongst Arashi!

NewImageAD holds up a board for Nino to read. The blue text says: If this news was included in the VTR, it will look really sad, hence it was cut from the VTR.

NewImageS: Gentle!

NewImageS: My chances of gutter is high too but… i think my chances of having the two balls hit each other is really high too.

NewImageS: And so why is it…?
*he starts waving his hands about in a cutesy circular clapping motion*NewImage N: He looks like a clapping chimpanzee toy!
Like this:NewImage
Hahaha! Nice description Nino!NewImage S: If you take away the jokes… this is seriously bad! This is so bad that you can’t even joke about it!

NewImageNext up is J’s good play collection!

NewImageKorokoro viking! It’s the last game and Arashi leads by 76 points...

NewImageThe hiri-hiri boy is here. J: How about if we get demerit points for dropping the ball down the hole?

NewImageWith that, a -20 points penalty was added for dropping a ball. In the end they got a score of -20 points LOL!

NewImageThey won that day’s VSA even though they got a negative score on viking :P
J narrator: How was my hiri hiri strategy? Did it make the show more fun?
J narrator: Everyone in Arashi, let’s go hiri hiri this year as well!NewImage You thought the video was ending but nope! There was a game in which J performed really well last year!
S in studio: There’s more???
Hahaha XDNewImage And here it is! Last year’s new king of kicking sniper! Matsumoto Jun! XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageJ scored loads of perfects in 2013!

NewImageIn this particular episode with Rola as the plus one guest… J did really well! 2nd perfect in a row!

NewImageLast year, Jun scored 15 perfects, the top in Arashi!

NewImageNewImageAnd that was all for J’s good play VTR!

The rest will come in part 2! :P (Coming in... maybe 1 or 2 hours? Hopefully :P) Finally its completed!


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