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Part 1 is over here.

Part 2!

Really, I finished part one like more then 2 weeks ago… but I ended up being hospitalised for 12 days, and that really made me lose momentum in doing this episode… I’m just so glad to be finally back home, even though I have to walk using crutches again sigh… T.T

Anyhow, here we go!

NewImageJ announces that its time for cliff climb next!

NewImageGuest team goes first!

NewImageThis guy will be tackling the chin! He hopes to have more time left so that he can clear the wall.

NewImageThat’ll mean that Okada has to climb fast! Sho asks for Okada’s thoughts. Okada: Its changed since the last time I climbed it… (referring to the chin) But since I’m not climbing that part it doesn’t matter

LOL! He’s evil!

NewImageTN wants to ask both of them a question!

During filming he exchanged phone numbers and email addresses with the two cliff climbers. Its been 10 months since then but neither has contacted him even once. They had promised to contact him when they are free, and go out to a certain place (Nakameguro) to drink sake. But they never contacted him...

NewImageWhereas the both of them just went drinking at that place two days ago…
They promise to go out with TN next time :PNewImage Game start!

NewImageNo problems getting the first grip!

NewImageHe clears the middle section without problems and proceeds to scale the right side.

NewImageHe forgets the 10 point button on the right… and uses his left hand to try and press the button...

NewImageAfter some struggling he finally hits the button.

NewImageSho mimics his action :P

NewImageNewImageTag and they change climbers!

NewImageNewImageHe gets the grip with no problems.

NewImageHowever he has trouble getting the grip out of the bucket! It cost him his precious seconds!

NewImageFinally he got the grip out!

NewImageHe nearly falls while trying to place the grip the first time.

NewImageHe starts to tackle the chin!

NewImageHe gets the last button, not much time left!

NewImageHe reaches for the top...

NewImageBut he didn’t manage to catch the rails, and ends up falling instead!

NewImageHe manages to get back up… 4 seconds left… the clock is ticking!

NewImageHe caught the railing!!! Will he be able to make it up in 3 seconds?

NewImageUnfortunately no… he barely makes it up when its time up!

NewImageNewImage250 points for them, no finishing bonus

NewImageWhat a waste!

NewImageMeanwhile… Sho asks the joker how was the game. Okada: My shoulder hurts!

NewImageA: Isn’t it because of this?

NewImageA: You could have just used your right hand (to push the button) but you had to use your left!

NewImageAimiya pair next! As promised at the show opening these two are in charge of cliff climb today!

NewImageEveryone else will be supporting.

NewImageA: This is really dangerous
N: This is really, really dangerous. If you see a VS Arashi logo around his region, I’m really sorry!NewImage S: That won’t do!
N: Eh?
S: They won’t take the shot from below!
A+N warns the cameraman not to go closer and film them from below.NewImage Nino bends down to peak through his own shorts. LOL!

NewImageAiba tries to stretch his legs a little… A: I’m really in big trouble!
They decide to proceed with the game in a safe manner. S: Who’s going to take two side?
Aiba points at N. NewImage N: Is it ok for me to take both sides?

NewImageA: Yes!

NewImageN: Earlier you did *that* (bunk bowling)….
A: Ah… such rivalry?
N: No no I mean, you should try harder here…NewImage A: Okok i got it, please let me do two sides!

NewImageNino laughs. I’m 200% sure that’s what he’d wanted all along XD. U scheming little brat :P

NewImageAiba then suggests that they should the rest what real team play/work should be… Nino wears the hat, climbs up, then takes it off and passes it to Aiba.

NewImageBasically instead of a baton, they will use the hat!
A: Let’s do it in a touching manner, like how earlier Hamada tried so hard and touched others
N: What’s so touching about this! Even for me I’ve only met this costume today! There’s nothing touching about this!
A: Lets do it!NewImage N: Really… ja… let’s go!

NewImageAnd off they go!

NewImageNino gets his first grip from J.

NewImageHe asks for another grip...

NewImageHe ends up inserting the 2nd grip just one step on top of the first…

NewImageNah, he changed his mind at the last moment and decided to put it a little higher up.

NewImageHe finally makes it up!

NewImageHe’d better hurry! There’s not much time left for Aiba!

NewImageNino makes sure to grab his shorts tightly before falling down!

NewImageNewImageUpon reaching land, no, before reaching actually, he takes off the hat and passes it to aiba.

NewImageIt’s a race against time! A saves time by putting on the hat while running towards the wall!

NewImageUp he goes!

NewImageHe gets the grip from TN smoothly.

NewImageGreen button getto!

NewImageHe makes his way to the chin area of the wall! Aiba is making good time!

NewImageHe asks for a grip...

NewImageHe goes from the side of the chin to get the yellow button first!

NewImage20 seconds left… will he be able to make it up in time?

NewImageNewImageHe gets the pink 50 points button with 14 seconds to spare!

NewImageAiba starts swinging to get momentum to climb up.

NewImageHe’s struggling to get up so much that it makes me wonder if he’s doing it on purpose :P

NewImageBut either way, he manages to make it up in the nick of time!

NewImage1 second left on the clock translates to an extra 3 points.

NewImageNow its Aiba’s turn to get fall off the cliff..

NewImageHe started grabbing the other safety line… and because of that spun around uncontrollably…


There’s our poor boy still grabbing the line with both hands… and nino is completely bent over in laughter. A: Dangerous! xN

NewImageHe finally collapses in a messy heap on the crash mat.

NewImageRed text: What happened!?

NewImageAiba keeps going “dangerous, dangerous!” While the rest wonders what happened. He doesn’t forget to cover up even on land :P

NewImageEveryone is besides themselves with laughter.

NewImageAiba tries to explain himself: When I started flying...

NewImageA: I thought this line will cut my throat!

NewImageAnd so let’s look at Aiba’s glamorous fall once more!

NewImageNewImageHe turned a full circle by then :P

NewImageThen he turned a circle in the opposite direction :P

NewImageBefore finally collapsing :P

NewImageS: To think that you were so cool…
O: You finally became really cool, but (the fall) made you lose your place on stage!
Wow… Ohno finally spoke? :P hahaha… (ok, the earlier part of my review was written some 3 weeks ago, I can’t remember anymore)NewImage S announces the next game, rolling coin tower!

NewImageIt’s the 2nd last game, and Arashi is leading by 110 points!

NewImageIt appears that the two troublemakers were at it again before the filming started.

NewImageGuy on the right: I invited him to a LINE game (search the app store). And then he (Okada) got really angry, like why did I send him an invite at this time…
Okada: He is really insistent… NewImage Sho once again asks them to be nice to each other, he requests for Hamada’s help but… Hamada: I’m at my limit too!

NewImageNewImageOkada: If possible i’ll like Dai-san (his arch rival) to make the tower collapse!
DaI: Wait, this game is not about which one of us makes the tower fall!
LOL! NewImage S: Takada-san, lets make sure we don’t collapse the tower as well
TN: Yeah, I’m surprisingly good at this kind of stuff (involving the hands). Don’t you guys remember? The last time or last last time i came on the show, you guys praised me for my good performance!
But sadly no one remembers it :PNewImage He says that Ohno praised him last time…
O: I didn’t say anything!NewImage In any case, TN is confident of his skills in this game!

NewImageThey start praising him… J: I want to say it (the praise) once again today!

NewImageTN: I’ll (perform well enough to) let you say it!

NewImageAnyway, game start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageJ places a 5 points coin in between…

NewImageAw love his face XD

NewImageHe did it! The tower collapses on the next player’s turn!

NewImageNewImageShe blames J’s move for making the tower fall XD

NewImageThe bonus 50 points goes to arashi team! (But really, with the tower collapse bonus being reduced to 50 points, theres not that much difference between the scores of both teams, because the ‘losing’ team gets to go one more turn…)

NewImageNewImageJ barely made it, when it was his turn, the tower was already shaking badly. And of cos he purposely placed the coins off centre.

NewImageJ: But you were the first one to put it off centre right?
Guest: No, before that, I saw you placed the coin off centre too, so I was influences by you! It was all Matsumoto-san controlling the game! NewImage J: The playing order if bad ne? XD

NewImageN: Why are these guys looking down and sniggering?

NewImageOkada: Nothing, I’m just happy that it wasn't me… *bursts out laughing*

NewImageGosh he’s hopeless!

NewImageAren’t you glad you’re not on his team? :P

NewImageOhno gives a very reluctant word of.. praise? to TN for not making the tower collapse.

NewImageNot sure what he said but… :P

NewImageTime for the last game! Kicking sniper! Phew… finally this review is coming to an end :P

NewImageGuest team goes first!

NewImageThey are behind by 125 points!

NewImageGame start!

NewImage1st target: 1st kicker hits off a silver can.

NewImage2nd player missed, 3rd hits off another sliver can.

NewImage2nd target: 1st player hits but ball bounces off harmlessly. 2nd player hits, target turns a little and that’s it. 3rd player finally hits. no perfect though.

NewImage3rd target: 1st player miss, 2nd paler scores a perfect!

NewImage4th target: 1st player miss, 2nd player hits off some cans, including 1 red can.

NewImageOkada’s kick missed!

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker hit, but no effect, 2nd missed… Okada beautifully skims off just one can :P Total score 150 points!

NewImageThat was… not a… very good score huh?

NewImageThey barely got past Arashi’s score...

NewImageArashi’s turn next.

NewImageThey only need 40 points, or 2 red cans to win. Its pretty easy huh? Hira hira Jun is here again!
He suggests that each target shall have just one person kicking. NewImage Purple words: Hiri hiri matsumoto mode switch on!

NewImageO: *grimaces* don’t say such stuff!

NewImageJ: Eh what? With a 25 point score difference?
O: Un
J: Will you be happy if we play normally?

NewImageO: As long as we win i’ll be happy…
Audience: Ehhhhhhh!
O: It isn’t that sort of game!NewImageEveryone laughs… XDNewImage TN says he has no pressure. He used to play baseball as a youngster, and after that he has only kicked people and nothing else for work.

NewImageWith that Nino suggests that TN moves together with the target to kick all three balls.

NewImageSo the kicking order for the five targets has been decided as in the picture!

NewImageWith that the game starts!

NewImageTN’s first kick hits the wall and bounces back…

NewImageRight into Aiba!

NewImageNewImageHe misses both the 2nd and third shots.

NewImage2nd target: J kicks off the red can in the middle with the 1st shot. 2nd shot missed. 3rd shot also missed.

NewImage3rd target: Ohno scores a perfect in the first shot! Sasuga leader! Its victory for Arashi team!

NewImageNewImageNewImageAnd so they won the day’s VSA!

NewImageThey make TN do his gag again, but this time changed to PR version for the movie ‘come and watch it!’ XD


The end!!! XD

Date: 2014-04-10 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much for sharing! I already watched this episode and it was so funny, I loved it XD

Date: 2014-04-10 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

finally i can understand!!!

i just watch this part and can't understand what they say.
thank you very much for explain and translate ^_^

u r very cool!!! i think choose screenshot for explain is very hard

and thank you again ^^
ps i hope u fine now(where u go to hospital)
ps2 i think u'll understand my bad english haha

Date: 2014-04-11 05:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeii thank you!!

Date: 2014-04-11 01:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I watch the episode without any subs. It was really hilarious. The 2 guest keep competing with each other. lol

Date: 2014-04-11 09:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank yoooouuuu!!!

Date: 2014-04-12 08:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
have I told you before how much I love your detailed reviews?!♡✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ ,thank you soooooo much for the review!
this episode was really fun and of course Aimiya rocked it!XDDD
p.s btw i was wondering if you could resize the pics before uploading(or change their format to jpeg)? because sometimes the page becomes so heavy (^^;)
again thanks a lot!^^

Date: 2014-04-13 03:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Reading your posts is always a big pleasure for me^^
i wish i could help you with that but I don`t know anything about mac,sorry(;^^)
(but in windows you can simply open the pic with paint and change the format to jpeg)

will wait for your next reviews, but before that GET WELL SOON^____^

Date: 2014-04-13 09:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah, it`s too much time consuming:((
and i don`t think using picasa makes a big difference in size either>.<
anyway don`t get bothered with that any more^^ this way is great already^^

oh yes, it has been about a week since she has released mmda.
actually it seems subbing MMDA has became a tradition for her (she has subbed the previous ones too!) and this is one thing i`m so grateful to her^____^ she is a really professional subber.
but surely i`ll check your post too^^

Date: 2014-04-13 06:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh yes, i love her choices of projects for subbing, and of course she is fast^^
it seems u and her have the same taste for choosing projects for subbing/reviewing!XDDD
p.s. btw I don`t know if you were going to do this or not but dear barboosa7 has already written a review for this week`s VSA (2014.04.10)^_~

Date: 2014-04-19 03:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i think u mean TSD!XD i haven`t downloaded it yet,but will surely check your post after downloading!^__^
take a good rest dear, will be waiting for your future posts (maybe this time a shiyagare episode(;^^)!XD)

Date: 2014-04-19 08:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you^_____________________^

Date: 2014-04-12 09:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Okay, knowing what was actually going on made this far more fun! :)

*squishes you* I hope your ankle heals quickly!

Date: 2014-04-12 09:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for your hard work ^^

Date: 2014-04-28 11:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for sharing!!! It was so funny :)


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