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Hohoho, here we go! My very first TSD review! TSD stands for Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (天才!志村どうぶつ園 Genius! Shimura Zoo) by the way. Aw come on, you knew that didn’t you? :P Aiba started appearing on that show waaayyyy back in 2004, where he quickly became on of the co-hosts. Thanks to this, he became to first Arashi member to have a regular appearance on a show that’s not hosted by Arashi, as you already know from Aiba’s wikipedia page I suppose. And really, he still was the only guy who appears on varieties (regularly) outside of their own shows… till last year when they all started setting up their own shop that is :P Ah i still feel so guilty about… not having the time to watch Aiba Manabu. Yet I’m already falling behind on my Nino-san and AnShi and VSA watching. I’d like to do a review of Nino-san someday… I downloaded all the raws so the only problem is time and motivation. Motivation seems to be high recently but time is a problem ne?

Ok, enough small talk. On to business. A word of note though, I got the TSD video pre-cut. I trust my source to cut out Aiba’s part nicely for me, but I really wouldn’t know better if there’s some parts that’s been accidentally left out. Said source prefers to remain anonymous so let’s keep it that way. :P (I think some of you know where I’m getting my files from though! ;) )

Ok, since its cuts so its kind of in bits and pieces… but its really amusing anyway so enjoy!

First up is Yahoo search results...

NewImageThere’s this blog about a doggy called momo-chan. Momo-chan makes a pose that you won’t believe is from a dog.

NewImageThe TSD staff goes to investigate.

NewImageThat’s our doggy! Its 8 this year!

NewImageIts snowing outside! A freezing -4 °C !

NewImageBut mono-chan goes for a walk in that cold weather!

NewImageHe/She looks like he/she is strong against the cold but...

NewImageThe moment he/she returns from the walk… the doggy will sit in front of the heater to get warm… and always in this pose!

NewImageThis pose will allow it to warm up its stomach, feet, and face at the same time! It’s the ideal pose!

NewImageSo cute!

NewImageThe pose is exactly the same as the grandmothers who warm themselves up by the heater!

NewImageBut if it gets too close to the heater…

NewImageText: A little too hot?
XDNewImage By the way, this stove and cushion is exclusively for momo-chan!

NewImageThey saw many other pets from the Internet, but Aiba loves momo-chan the most! XD

Moving on… it’s a different part of the show now :P

NewImageIt’s the baby animals segment! What cute animal will they have today?

NewImageShimura peeps into the baskets first…

NewImageThen the guest takes a peek too.

NewImageAwwwwwwww! Its little bull dogs! So cuteeeeeee!

NewImageTwo basket full of them!

NewImageNothing else to say besides kawaii XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageAiba? What Aiba? These little pups are the stars XD

NewImageThe guest comments that the pups made him remember how his own bull dog was like roughly 5 years ago. His bull dog is 5 years old now and weighs close to 30kg!

NewImageNewImageThat’s our star boy cuddling the puppy :) In case you’re wondering, the pink words and the head that’s been appearing on the top left or bot right corners says ‘Becky camera’.

NewImageAiba’s pup doesn’t seem too happy though. If you’ve never watched TSD before… well… somehow Aiba kinda… sucks when it comes to this baby animal segment. The animals just seem to hate him… like by downright avoiding him altogether. I don’t even know how he does it cos… how do you get like all the animals to hate you? It feels unscripted yet it always happens and its so hilarious :P (ok ok, i’ve not watched that many episodes of TSD myself, so this is just my very personal and uninformed opinion)

NewImageMore puppy love!

NewImageOpps. I just realise this review is turning out to be a spam of puppy pictures. Too bad! Kekeke! XD

NewImageAmid all the puppy love… Aibaka strikes! XD

NewImageA: Becky, your BCG mark is amazing...

NewImageBecky: Stop it!

NewImageAibaka happily points to the mark and Becky uses the camera she was holding to show the mark to the audience.

NewImageWoah ok, that is A LOT of marks.

NewImageBecky: I’d never thought that i’ll be taking a video of it myself like this!
A: *laughs*NewImage Back to the animals… Its meal time for the pups and here comes mama bull dog!

NewImageShe prefers walking by herself rather then being pushed though :P

NewImageOff she goes to explore the studio XD

NewImageShe’s maririn-chan and she’s 3 this year!

NewImageNewImageShe looks angry though? :P

NewImageNewImageThe pups fight for the milk!

NewImageIts pretty squeezey there huh?

Ok, enough of bull dog puppies!

NewImageIts Masaki dot com time! XD

NewImageThis is a segment where aiba comes up with stuff that’ll allow animals to have fun (in captivity). While some of the ideas are plain weird/stupid, i must admit that he’s come up with some pretty creative stuff as well. Like a narrow wooden circuit as a ‘highway’ for mountain goats, to allow the goats to have some exercise. Makes things interesting for the visitors while benefitting the animals.
NewImage Today he’s gonna make this animal happy. As usual Aiba’s drawings are kinda… dubious… Well it is better than Sho’s though...

NewImageIts this! Haha love Aiba’s upgraded helmet… not sure exactly when it got upgraded though :p I have not been watching every week.

NewImageA: yes, its risu!
Which means squirrel, if you have not figured from the figurine. Honestly, I thought he drew a hamster :XNewImage Its Aiba VS 200 squirrels! TWO HUNRED! Like seriously?!?!
Ah you’re not surprised? Ok its just that i’ve never seen 200 squirrels together in Singapore before ever!NewImage And so Aiba’s mission starts!

NewImageThis time round, Aiba has arrived at the Machida Squirrel Garden in Tokyo. Ah, no wonder there are sooooooooo many squirrels! You can take a train from Shinjuku and reach the Machida station within 30 minutes.

NewImageThe have all kinds of squirrels! In the above pic is an… American squirrel? I’m translating straight from the katakana so… :X

NewImageAnd this is a ‘hondo squirrel’.

NewImageAnd this… i give up translating the katakana hahaha

NewImageAnd this… wait, this doesn’t look like a squirrel? Yup, that’s cos it’s a bunny!

NewImageThey have other animals besides squirrels too :)

NewImageThe prairie dog that’s good friends with the pigeon :)

NewImageNewImageEntrance tickets are 400yen per adult (counted as secondary school students and abv)

NewImageAiba enters the zoo...

NewImageHe meets up with the vice-director/head/in-charge of the zoo. What does a zoo have… director? Let’s just stick to that.

NewImageRight away he thanks Aiba for giving his ideas to the zoo! That’s fast hahaha!

NewImageHe pretty much takes cares of all the animals.
A: At a glance, you look like a ramen shop owner!
Vice director: Ah maybe I’m unique in that way...
Haha i agree!

NewImageSo… on to the problem they have…

NewImagethe 200 Taiwan squirrels in the zoo are free to roam as they please!

NewImageAfter doggy pictures we have squirrels! (I actually dreamt about those bull dog pups last night ><)

NewImageHahaha! The squirrels are swarming all over Aiba-chan XD

NewImageThe squirrels seem to like Aiba a lot :)
The zoo VD says that its because the squirrels like Aiba. There are loads of other guests too but they don’t get swarmed like this. Sugoi ne Aiba-chan!NewImage One guy, i mean, squirrel, even starts worming its way in Aiba-chan’s jacket!

NewImageAnd in it goes! hahaha!

NewImageA: It went in ne...

NewImageA: now I’m confused as to which one is the mike…
Hahaha! XDNewImage Our zoo VD explains that the squirrel is searching for materials to make a nest inside. LOL!

NewImageAnyway… feeding time for the squirrels. The zoo VD makes a call and the squirrels rush over to him for food.
A: He’s like the boss!NewImage The squirrels recognise the call

NewImageAnd begins a mass exodus to the food source.

NewImageTest: Mass gathering of 200 squirrels!


NewImageA: I’d say, there are more than 200 squirrels here!

NewImageThe sounds of squirrels munching can be heard.

NewImageIt’s the sound of the squirrels munching on nuts!

NewImageAiba takes over the feeding. Instead of ‘ko ko ko…’ like the zoo VD called out earlier, he goes ‘po po po’ though XD

NewImageNewImageAiba realises what’s the problem the squirrels have!

NewImageA: These aren’t squirrels anymore, they are mice!
Indeed… esp with their grey coloured fur… hahaha!

NewImageSo that’s the zoo’s problem! Originally squirrels live in high places, and the zoo would like to let the visitors see that.

NewImageInstead of you know… this.

NewImageIn the wild squirrels live on trees… moving along really fast on the tree branches to look for food (no screenshot cos each time i pause its blurry :P)

NewImageA: From this you can’t tell they are squirrels…
Text: Everyone (the squirrels) are all slacking around on the floor.

NewImageAnd after eating their fill the squirrels just slack around grinding their teeth in the posts.

NewImageCan Aiba think of a way to bring back their behaviour in the wild?

NewImageA: But look, you have that don’t you? The four poles there.

NewImageIndeed, there’s four poles with connecting ropes to act as an exercise area for the squirrels…. BUT...

NewImageThere’s just a lone squirrel sleeping on the pole there. Hahaha.

NewImageThey built it with the vision of letting the guests see the squirrels cross the pole etc, but it just became a look out spot for the squirrels.

NewImageSo the VD wants Aiba to think of a way to let the squirrels play around, so that the guests can have fun watching the squirrels.

NewImageA: Ok I got it… ok shop owner…
VD: I’m the vice director! NewImage A: Fukuda-san no fuku enchou (Fukuda-san’s VD)
VD: Fuku enchou no Fukuda-san (Vice director, Fukuda-san) —> Aiba got the semantics mixed up here and its hard for me to properly translate that.
A: understood…NewImage A: Ah… hai x N
*Rushes to put on his hat while the staff sorts out the wiring to his upgraded with lights helmet*NewImage A: Beep beep beep x N


A: Masaki dot com! *Winks*

NewImageVD: *in a nonchalant way* Its out? (the idea)
A: *embarrassed* Its out…NewImage So let’s see what is it that our miracle boy came out with this time XD

NewImageA: Its done!

NewImageA: Totem-Masaki-pole!

NewImageText: System no. 61. Totem Masaki Pole

NewImageThey curved out some animals in the pole...

NewImageNewImageThere’s Aiba there...

NewImageAnd below there’s that transparent box… that place is for putting the feed.

NewImageSo the squirrels will have to climb up the pole at the side, and cross the rope to be able to get to their food.

NewImageNewImageAiba’s idea is that the guests can throw food up into the box, so its not just the squirrels who can have fun.

NewImageBecause he thought that just squirrels are kind of lonely, he curved a money, giraffe, and lion face into the pole. LOL

NewImageAh i’ve been wonder what that metal thing was… it’s a drinking thing for the squirrels.

NewImageHahaha. So the squirrels will be kissing Aiba each time they take a drink :P

NewImageWalnuts and kumquat. Oo kumquat. I thought it was just oranges or something. Guess I learned about a new fruit today :P

NewImageTime to test out the system!

NewImageIt’s a goal! Haha nice, I thought it’ll be really hard to aim there or something.

NewImageIn goes another. The MC happily informs us that Aiba used to be on the basketball team.

NewImageAibaka starts having fun throwing the food up….

NewImageOne of the squirrel notices what’s happening.

NewImageIt starts climbing up the totem.

NewImageBut because of the glass blocking, its can’t get up that way!

NewImageIt can see the food though!

NewImageThe only want to reach there is by the ropes!

NewImageThe squirrels realise that soon enough…!

NewImageNewImageUp it goes!

NewImageNewImageAnd food!

NewImageAnd soon more squirrels follow!

NewImageThis chap prefers climbing upside down :P

NewImageHahaha cute! Look at how its checking out the destination.

NewImageThe VD informs us that only the Taiwan squirrel can do that, the rest of the squirrels can’t!

NewImageNewImageAnd like in the wild… the squirrel takes the food leave!

NewImageAnd hanging upside down too :P

NewImageJust like in the wild, the squirrels will bring the food back to the safe place to eat.

NewImageAnd the squirrel earlier? High up in the tree enjoying its meal :)

NewImageA: That’s more like a wild squirrel!

NewImageBut there’s a grand total of 200 squirrels (or more) here… They wanted a system that will let all the these squirrels have fun but...

NewImageAiba is throwing oranges up this time hahahaha.

NewImageThey are throwing a lot of food up there!

NewImageBut naturally, its tiring...

NewImageA: Mou… lets just put everything in *grabs a handful and tosses*

NewImageIts peanuts this time :P

NewImageThe squirrels are gathering around the totem!

NewImageMore and more squirrels are coming for food!

NewImageNewImageAnd they bring the food back after getting them! This one is bring back a peanut

NewImageAnd eating the food elsewhere

NewImageNewImageThis one just starts eating upside down on the rope hahaha.
A: Their innate ability ne?NewImage These two start fighting for the food!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey also notice the drink pipe!

NewImageHahaha, Aiba finally got his kiss :P

And that was all! A pretty short one ne? Hope you enjoyed it! XD

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From: [identity profile]
this was a fun ep! thanks for ur work

Date: 2014-03-15 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the review!! It's really help me to understand what they talked about because I always watch the raw one. Hope you could review another TSD episodes ^^

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Aw, that was adorable! :)

Thank you for sharing that!

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thank you for sharing this.. love those cute animals... more tsd review please.. ;) wink - not as cute as aiba's wink though


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