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Back to Part 1 here.
So… where were we? Ah yes bunk bowling. (or bank bowling as it should officially be, whatever.)


NewImageGuest team goes first!

NewImageBut first… what happened to KS’s hair? LOL. So that was the hairstyle he adopted after watching J at the concert…

NewImageA commented that normally they would (as idols) let their hair down to cover their face and stuff, but KS does the exact opposite.
KS: If i don’t do it to this extent, I don’t get the attention of others at all!
A: *breathy laughter*NewImage A closer look at his hair :P

NewImageIt’s a OG and CG? (current girl? I made that up myself!) pairing. The junior confesses that it was because she saw a butai of the OG that made her decide to join TZK.

NewImageSho asks how long ago was that. OG: It was during the 85th anniversary. 15 years ago… woah!

NewImageOff they go!

NewImageThe blue one is way off, but the pink ball is right in the centre! Dead on!

NewImageSadly not enough speed in the ball to hit many pins though :( Still they got the red pin!

NewImageThe domino effect made some of the pins at the back fall too! 152 points for the first throw! Nice!

NewImage2nd throw!

NewImage35 pins left and 98 points up for grabs!
Sho asks if the duo have acted together before. She explains something like… once a year the different groups get together and put on a show and at that time they’ve acted together. NewImage The senpai explains that its something like during countdown, and all the groups assemble together for the Johnnys countdown party

NewImageS: Makoto-san’s analogy to Johnny’s makes it really easy to understand!
I agree! XDNewImage The guests ask if Kazama-kun appears for the countdown.
KS: i don’t goNewImage S: Why don’t you come?
N: Be the MC!
KS: No no no, the last time i went, this 5 said ‘you don’t have a single song, what did you come for?’NewImage KS: I said i came to say 5, 4 (the countdown) and then they told me to go home!
They all deny it of course :PNewImage A: You’re part of inoshishi 7 right?

NewImageApparently it’s a gathering of those who are born the zodiac year each year, this year is was the horse 6.
N says that even then he was pathetic...
KS explains that they completely forgot about him. N keep saying that that guy is also inoshishi, and they added him on at the very last minute.
Inoshishi = boar/pig. You can read more about the japanese zodiac here.

NewImageKS: It because inoshishi 8 at the very last minute
N: Wrong wrong, its inoshishi 7 plus one.NewImage KS and A apologise for taking up the guest’s time :P
S comments that looking from the back (he’s sitting behind the duo), A and KS are really having a good time.NewImage They laugh really really hard.

NewImageKS: Ah this isn’t the tea house like always (let’s be more serious/lets stop this)
A: Ah this is tv…NewImage Aw, the 2nd throw became narration based? And because somehow the scoring is taking a while, they asked KS to dance to pass the time.

NewImageDude… wrong direction! I know Arashi is sitting there but… terebi da yo! terebi! The camera is this way!

NewImageHe dances for about three seconds then… get interrupted by the MC! Loser much? >< LOL!
MC: The score for the 2nd throw is 55 points!NewImage In red: The scoring was finished.

NewImageIts Arashi’s turn next! Kazama + Ohno!

NewImageS: Chino! Chino!
Guest: Ah i watched it! And Riff!
Apparently it was during the west side story musical, KS’s role was called Chino, and O’s was called Riff.

NewImageSho was Tony and J was Bernardo.

NewImageSho explains that they are talking about the musical west side story to the audience. I know the three from Arashi was in it, but i never knew KS was in it too. (Then again, i only knew KS pretty recently after watching hachi jida J.)

NewImageIn the musical, J and KS were in a team/gang, while the yama pair were together.
They commented that it was from then that KS looked up to J. Apparently even in the musical his role looks up to J. The guests asked who KS looked up to before J.
KS: Eh I didn’t know about Johnnys very well...
N: Then why did you enter Johnnys?
KS: Its not a questions of why did i enter, but rather why did i get in (not sure about this, he’s playing with the words here and my grammar isn’t good enough…)
Apparently he sent in the application himself. He wanted to work in the tv industry, but he doesn’t know much about the industry. He asked his sister, but all she knew was Yoshimoto-san and Johnnys. So he decided that if he couldn’t enter Johnnys, he’ll try Yoshimoto (an agency for comedians)… and he got into Johnnys.NewImage The guest asks… ‘Is it that easy to enter Johnnys?’
S: For that guy it sure feels that way!NewImage Sho decided that he got in because he’s handsome :P
S: Kazama you are handsome!NewImage KS: Everyone is laughing because you don’t think I’m handsome right?
They start calling KS handsome instead of his name, and says that he won’t be handsome if he can’t get the red pin… :P
J asks him to practice…NewImage So he does air bowling :P

NewImageNewImageHe acts like a superstar and Ohno acts like his fan. Hilarious!

NewImageKS: This is weird isn’t it!
Ohno purposely does it again :P
KS promises that he will make this act happen again :PNewImage Off they go!

NewImageDead on spot! KS’s ball hits the red pin!

NewImageThat’s a lot of pins fallen!

NewImageLol the duo are just really really happy :P

NewImageEveryone stands up to congratulate the ‘star’ :P

NewImage222 points! That’s really high!

NewImageThat’s really few pins left! I sense another narration based throw coming up… :P

NewImageThey replay KS’s reaction after he hits the red pin. It was completely different from the act earlier :P

NewImageNewImageS: Handsome, how was it in reality?
KS: I was so surprised! In my mind all i saw was that i didn’t get the red pin and was getting bullied. To get such a result completely took me by surprise
Hahaha you’re really funny KS! NewImage Sakuraiba next! They imitate KS’s pose

NewImageA mere 10 pins left!

NewImageMC: Oh this pose? They are completely in a ‘handsome bowling mode’ ne?

NewImageMC: With a cool pose, they throw the ball… (sakuraiba compiles with the air bowling) and then...

NewImageMC: They did the first ever spare!
NewImage MC: Even then they are not happy! This is handsome bowling!

NewImageNino reminds them that if they don’t hit anything, it’ll be narration based!

NewImageAnd as i predicted… narration based with only 1 blue pin hit. 10 points...

NewImageAiba lets out a pained cry, but S puts on a perfect ‘handsome’ act.

NewImageAiba suddenly remembers the act...

NewImageSo cute :P

NewImageNino announces that its kicking sniper next!

NewImageFirst up is the guest team, this three will be playing.

NewImageTXK team does a cheer!

NewImage“We can do it!"

NewImageAll hyped up now!

NewImageThe guest team was about to start already… when the MC finally couldn’t contain himself anymore… *someones* hairstyle has changed again :P
N: Third gen (referring to the MC), its alright.
MC: And so let’s begin… NewImage Finally the game starts! XD

NewImageFirst target, first two kickers miss.

NewImageLast kick hit the bottom panel of the set. Cries of agony from the 2nd kicker!

NewImage2nd target! First two kickers hit, but nothing collapsed!

NewImageNice! A perfect from the 3rd kicker!

NewImageHigh 5 and celebrations abound!

NewImage3rd target: First two missed, third hit but it merely wobbled a little...

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker hits… and scores 20 points! Somehow the target maintains its balance and doesn’t collapse on itself though :P

NewImage2nd kick miss, 3rd kick adds 20 points to the score!

NewImageLast target! 1st: hits side panel, 2nd and 3rd all miss!

NewImageThey score 130 points!

NewImageGuest: Yosh, let’s go for the actual one!
Arashi stops her and inform her that that was the actual filming :PNewImage They did manage to score a perfect though!

NewImageThey break down the scores… the 2nd player didn’t contribute any :P

NewImageShe gets scolded by the rest :P

NewImageTheir senpai speaks up for them - the target that scored a perfect, the first player moved it a little, and the 2nd player moved it a little, and the 3rd scored a perfect… ‘this chain effect makes me so touched i want to cry!’
She’s such a nice senpai!NewImage Arashi up next!

NewImageA, N and KS!

NewImageArashi does a cheer too! Instead of ‘we can make it’ like earlier… they say ‘handsome!’ LOL!

NewImageAll 6: Handsome!

NewImageNot forgetting the trademark handsome pose! LOL!

NewImageNewImageNewImageA: Even if we get perfect, just high touch with this ok? (just the index finger)

NewImageHe does a rehearsal with KS as well

NewImageGame start!

NewImageAiba gets 20 points, N misses, KS misses as well.

NewImage2nd target: A miss, N hit but nothing collapsed. KS...

NewImageIt’s a perfect! They do their index finger high touch :P

NewImageNewImageThe rest are probably getting stomachaches from laughing :P

NewImage3rd target… Aiba scores a perfect!

NewImageAgain, the handsome high touch with N and KS.

NewImage4th target: A hits the base but nothing moved. N and KS miss

NewImagelast target! another powerful kick from aiba… Aiba’s kicks are always very, very powerful!

NewImageHe manages to hit off 5 cans!

NewImageNino hits but nothing falls yet again. KS hits, but the last can remains standing, no perfect too bad.

NewImageThey score 340 points! N is surprised… yeah u better be, you scored 0! LOL :P

NewImageThey replay their perfect shots…

NewImageMC: And Ninomiya-kun is…
N: Am I zero handsome? NewImage MC: Yes you are zero handsome.

NewImageLike earlier… the 2nd kicker scored 0!

NewImageA: something is cursed/wrong about this place (the 2nd kicker spot)
The 2nd kicker from the guest team complains about the ring thing used to hold the ball in place :P

NewImageThat’s the ring!

NewImageN: I wished we had changed it!

NewImageA: This person is not handsome at all!

NewImageLast game left!

NewImageKS promotes his drama - boku ga its jikan, Wednesday 10pm!

NewImageLast game! Ohno announces Korokoro viking!

NewImageTZK goes first!

NewImageNewImageThe guest team is behind by 335 points…

NewImageThe last time TZk came, Arashi team was losing badly and they got the 50 points zone changed to 100 points zone.

NewImageSo now they are returning the favour.

NewImageThe guest team rejoices :)

NewImageSome immediately cries out ‘handsome’ :P

NewImageNewImageA handsome present from the Arashi team! The 50 points zone is now worth 100 points!
I swear, the staff deciding to use LED for the score zones so that they can change the scoring at will is the best idea ever haha :PNewImage Due to a lack of time… their play became narration based… 1st ball missed. 2nd ball 30 points.

NewImage3rd ball 100 points. 4th ball 20 points, 5th and double score ball 5x2= 10 points

NewImageLast golden ball was 10x2=20 points

NewImageAnd the final ball only scored 5 points...

NewImageIn the end they only scored 185 points.

NewImageNext up is Arashi team…!

NewImageNewImageNewImageArashi team is leading by 150 points right now. Of course, they have the -30 point zone to avoid…

NewImageJ asks what’s the highest negative score (as in the worst score) they got so far.

NewImageMC informs them that they got -200 points before.

NewImageThe guest team is shocked.

NewImageKS: There was such a thing?
MC: yes.
It was during last year’s spring SP, aired on 4th of april 2013.
MC: But at that time the handle was -50 points.
Indeed, because they lost too many times, the handle was lowered from -50 to -30 points. NewImage The guest makes a request: Because you are handsome, change the -30 to -50…

NewImageHandsome decides to change it to -100! because -50 isn’t cool enough :P

NewImageTZK rejoices!

NewImageS: Handsome! (I bet you guys can recognise those katakana by now? or at least the colour tone and glittery stuff :P )

NewImageThe rest are kind of panicking about it though…
N: They asked for -50 you should have just accepted that!
KS: Its ok, lets go for a decisive win, that’s arashi isn’t it? NewImage The rest are… worried.

NewImageHahaha, they can barely squeeze the word -100 into the box.

NewImageO: Eh are we really doing this? Really?

NewImageNino stands up to look at the score.

NewImageNino scolds KS. Something that i don’t understand and am too tired to check it out.
J: Hiri hiri is here!
Lol i think only hiri hiri J is enjoying this :PNewImage Korokoro viking starts!

NewImageNewImage50 points for the first ball! Nice!

NewImageNarration based again, because there’s only like 2 mins left on the clock :P 50 points for the 2nd ball too. and 50 points for the 3rd.

NewImageAnd the 4th… which is a double.

NewImagefinally the 50 point streak is broken. 5 points this time.

NewImageOoo a -100.

NewImageThe last golden ball disappeared in the hole

NewImageNewImageJ: Bakaaaa! (idiot!)

NewImageBut they still scored 155 points!

NewImageAnd that means arashi team won!

NewImageN: At the end it was really no good…
J lets out a high pitched laughNewImage They comment that dropping the ball results in 0 points.
MC: Kazama-kun, that was not handsome!
hahaha!NewImageNewImage TZK shows off their handsomeness! (They are females playing the male role after all)
Duo: TZK’s handsome

NewImageNewImageShe does a handsome spin kick jump!

Guest: See you in the theatres!NewImageArashi rushes over to repeat the scene :P

NewImageO: 1, 2…
A + B: Johnny’s handsome. NewImage

NewImageNewImageHe immediately got J and O falling on their knees with laughter

NewImageNewImageKS: *still not saying a thing*

NewImageKS: See you again on VSA!

And that was all!

Date: 2014-03-09 06:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
wow sugoi, it's so fast for part 2, but thanks.

Date: 2014-03-09 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Alright, I know what I'm watching tomorrow XD Haha This episode seems really SO awesome (well VS is always awesome but sometimes even a bit more awesome than other times haha)

Date: 2014-03-14 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I watched it and this episode is really SO awesome! XD Love it! And thanks to y ou I could understand a lot this time =3 Thank you! ^^

Date: 2014-03-09 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! The ending was also funny XD

Date: 2014-03-11 08:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Indeed...eeeepic trolling! LOL!

Those women were great! I hope they come back again soon!

And that friend of Aiba's...LOL! ;)

Date: 2014-03-13 04:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I had fun reading this review. Thank you very much for sharing! Bless your heart! :)

Date: 2014-03-13 11:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for your sharing. I really enjoy reading this!


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