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Its VSA time!

NewImageWith an all Johnny’s line up for the Arashi team, this episode promises to be interesting… let’s start!

Sho starts by saying that its strange that this year they’ve not won at all this year. Nino mentions that it’s near the MMDA time again, and ask who’s fallen so far.

NewImageSho and Ohno! The MMDA brothers!

NewImageS: Yo brother! O: Yo!

NewImageN: You’re wearing different coloured clothes today you know!
Not sure why that random comment, but who cares as long as we see them laugh :PNewImage Sho decides that its going to be really bad if they still don’t win this time. (From the handily in depth guide - they lost 4 times in a row before, but actually in the last episode they won)

NewImageThe guest team make their appearance!

NewImageIts the Takarazuka Team!

NewImageIts Takarazuka’s 100 anniversary this year! Takarazuka is an all female musical troupe, numerous members from the troupe (or former members) have been on Arashi shows before… both AnShi and VSA. You can read more about the troupe here.

NewImageThis time the guests consists of 3 OG (I’m guessing it means old generation? my google search turns up nothing on this, sorry) members and 3 current members

It’s the first time the current and old members appear on TV together! And its only done because of Arashi!

NewImageThese three are the retired members, you can see their active years below each photo.

NewImageAnd the three current troupe members from the star troupe.

NewImageAs they are waiting for the plus one guest to appear, J wonders if its someone from Johnnys (they do not know who is the plus one team before hand)

NewImageNewImageIndeed. A Johnnys. Hahaha what’s with everyone’s reaction HAHAHA! Sho has not even introduced the plus one guest. Something that i’ve not seen happen before, even for their most ‘hated’ comedians. HAHAHAHA! Btw, he’s part of the drama cast for Boku no Ita Jikan, which went on VSA on the 23rd of Jan earlier this year. He wasn’t able to go on VSA then though, so everyone in the drama team wore that pin badge which he is wearing now. I guess they got him on the show as a kind of make up for that :P.

NewImageAiba blocks him out XD
In red: Please give the plus one guest an introduction

NewImageS: Sorry, but he’s Aiba’s friend right?
A: Sorry, but why did you decide to come on this show on your own!

NewImageA: I know we are friends but you can’t decide to come on the show just like that (because they are friends)
Kazama: No no! I’ve been called (to appear as plus one guest)NewImage J: Today it’s a battle between Takarazuka and Johnnys!

NewImageKazama: Sorry but as a Johnny I can’t bear this responsibility...

NewImageJ: That won’t do! You’re a Johnny after all!

NewImageSho: (points to the camera he is to use) Please give a self intro… ‘today’s plus one’s...'
NewImage Kazama: Wait, I have to do that myself?!?!?!
Sho merely nods and points out the camera to him once more. NewImage So the poor guy gave his own introduction. Today’s plus one guest is Kazama Shunsuke! Hahaha :P

NewImageText: Kazama Shunsuke from Johnnys Entertainment.

NewImageThe guest from Takarazuka asked how big is the senior junior gap. Nino immediately replies that Kazama-kun is one year below him.

NewImageThey have been together for 17 years though! This guy has the exact same birthday as Nino btw.

NewImageIt’s the battle between Takarazuka and Johnnys after all, Sho asks for Aiba to ask for a word of encouragement from the plus one since he’s Kazama’s friend.

NewImageA: Sorry, can I ask for a word of encouragement from you? (he asked in a very polite way)
Kazama: A word of encouragement is asked for like this?

NewImageThe rest are laughing their heads off :P

NewImageKazama: Today, as a 6th member of Arashi, I will work hard!

NewImageJun applauds while Nino is beside himself with laughter.

NewImageWe start off with dual curling!

NewImagethe three current members from takarazuka are playing!NewImageNino fools around and blocks Kazama’s face with his curling stick.

NewImageNewImageJ joins in the fun :)

MC asks the guest team the usual about if they are confident on winning.NewImage J comments on one of the guest’s name. J: Kurenai (her name) is sugoi ne?

NewImageShe thinks that her name has a punch! :)

NewImageSho starts asking something about her name, but is interrupted by Kazama.

NewImageSho asks aiba if he can ask his friend to shut up :P

NewImageaiba apologises on his friend’s behalf :P

NewImageNino defends kazama by saying that he’s in a good condition today.

NewImageSho asks how they get their names - its not their real, original names but their showbiz names.
The senior explains that there are three possible ways: 1) from someone they respected 2) from their family 3) from the individual themselves. NewImage The two on the right came up with their names themselves, but the one with the sugoi name got it from a teacher whom she respects a lot. Sho: So cool!

NewImageFrom the guest team and three youngest are playing, similarly its the younger three in the arashi team who are playing.

NewImageSho brings it up! Nino and Kazama have the exact same bday! Apparently they are both blood type A as well.

NewImageSho asks them about their birth time next. Kazama: I don’t know...
Nino says he heard he was born before daybreak.

NewImageOn hearing this, KS (i shall call kazama that from now on) immediately repeat’s N’s words, earning a smack from Nino.

NewImageGame start!

NewImageKS moves first!

NewImageIn the 30 points zone. Not bad, but will it last? :P

NewImageThe guest team makes a move, it knocked KS’s stone a little but she used too much strength so… ><

NewImageNewImageJ and KS throws as well, Arashi team sending out a lot of throws!

NewImageNewImageWOAHH! J and N got their stones on the very centre at the very last second (in particular J)! any later and the stage would have raised up already! The guest team’s double stone fell off when the stage raised up.

NewImageJ: This is arashi x2
KS: Ah indeed.
Hahaha XD Ooo and i just realised  is wearing a sparkly sliver leopard print pants :P

NewImageIt’s a huge score gap!

NewImageNewImageMC congratulates N for getting his stone in the middle. And of cos, J’s last second 50 point throw gets a replay. (N’s is around last… 2 or 3 seconds?)

NewImageN: But its all thanks to kazama-kun

NewImageN: Because during that time, his double stone ended up in the 10 point zone.

NewImageAnd at the very edge too...

NewImageN: And during that time my eyes suddenly opened/awoke (like the obtaining of enlightenment kind of feel)
N: I have to do this properly or else! NewImage KS: That’s why in the end it was all thanks to me…!
hahaha, cheeky guy ne?NewImage 2nd round! Naturally it’s the older three of the two teams playing against each other!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey did a little wave with their hands XD

NewImageThe guest teams talks about how as actresses from takarazuka (can I call it TZK?), they are good at using  props. Like for fighting scenes and what not.


N: We are leading by 210 to 70, the OB team can take it easy

The younger three makes a joke about these three being the ojisan team (old man team)

NewImageA: OB team? You mean OG team?
S: No no no! Its not OG-san (sounds like ojisan). NewImage S: G stands for Girl you know!
Oh so that that’s what OG for TZK stands for!
N: Look at them, look at them!NewImage They are besides themselves with laughter.

NewImageThey are still trying to figure out what the OB that N called them earlier means.
Words on screen tells us that OG = Old Girl. So by that vain naturally they would be the Old Boy team…
N: They way you are so clueless is like an ojisan!NewImage Whether they understand what OB means or not, the game starts!

NewImageSho moves first… a blocking move? But the stone seems kind of…ahead for that :P

NewImageThis time it’s the red team who gets their stone out really fast. And somehow Sho’s stone end up in the middle :P

NewImageOhno and Aiba makes their move

NewImageSeeing his earlier success, Sho repeats the move :p

NewImageOhno kind of hits Sho’s stone further away from the scoring area though

NewImageAnd sho does the blocking move YET AGAIN. Even he was laughing at himself :P Well it beats his usual ‘destroy everything and leave a clean board’ move though :P

NewImageNewImageTwo of Sho's stones end up with no points. And three red stones in the centre, one of them a double as well! That’s got to be the record for the highest score from the 50 point zone for a single team!

NewImageOf course they celebrate their success :)

NewImageWow, surprisingly the score difference isn’t much! True, all of arashi’s stones ended up in the 30 point zone besides the miserable two… :P
The MC informs us that it’s the first time ever that there are three stones from the same team in the 50 point zone!

NewImageAiba asks Sho what with those two stone… hahaha :P

NewImageIts Pinball runner next!

NewImageGuest team up first!

NewImageThe three OGs are giving instructions!

NewImageThey are losing by 90 points at the moment, but 90 points really aint a lot
Some info about the runner provided from one of the OG: She is quick on her feet, very sporty, and hates losing. TSK holds a sports championship once every 10 years, with the last one held in their 90th anniversary. Said person won in running, but cried the loudest when the star troupe she is in lost.NewImage One of the OG mentioned that she looks really cute with the cargo, in contrast with the usual feathery stuff the top stars have to wear. The feathery props are really heavy though! 20kg or more! So the cargo is way lighter and ought to be no problem for her!

NewImageS: 20kg? Like primary 1 kid?
Haha, a nice comparison :PNewImage Game start!

NewImageNewImageThe pink hit the edge of the cargo and bounced far far away

NewImageThe 2nd pink looked like it was headed into the cargo, but it went just a little too far back

NewImageThey managed to get the third and last pink at last!

NewImageShe managed to get one last ball after time up to make it 160points!

NewImageThe guest giving instructions has an extremely low voice, and she said things in a very monotonous way. Nino imitated her for a bit :P

NewImageArashi team is up next, all 5 of them instructing KS!

NewImageNewImageMC: This pattern is hardly seen right?
KS: Its like in concert…NewImage Our boys compile with the waving :)

NewImageA: Thank you! (in a tone he always uses in concert) Let’s have fun again together next time!

NewImageKS: Is this the last (part of the concert) right now?
A: But kazama-pon right, at the Johnnys sports day right, you got pretty good results didn’t you?NewImage KS: I have no idea… its like everyone is dancing and I’m told i don’t have to me, just introduce everyone.
The video cuts to a VTR of the Johnnys sports day
They asked if the butai he’s doing now involved dancing and he said yes. he said he hasn’t danced in a long time, though its weird for a Johnnys to say that. He’s a Johnnys but he isn’t part of any group or anything, he just does like dramas and butais… so its not really that weird for him…
They asked to see his dance. Sho asked if he wants them to clap or count the beat, but he says its fine, he’ll do it without any background sound.NewImage

NewImageHe dances a little then the cargo hits the set :P

NewImageSho waves to signal the end of the dancing session.

NewImageThe guest asks KS who he trusts the most in Arashi. The keyword being trust, and not who he is close to, since that would be Aiba. KS replies that its Jun.
J: You’re a good guyNewImage KS laughs. LOL!
KS replies that its because although all of them a gentle/kind, J is especially so.NewImage A: No wonder!
Rest: What what?
A: A few years back… kazama-pon went to the Arashi concert… and J had this hair that was standing up like this *gestures* (see pic)… and the next time i went out drinking with him, he had that exact same hairstyle!
Rest: *laughs*
A: I finally understand now!
KS: This is embarrassing, please stop it!
J: You’re a good chap!

So they decide that J should give the instructions. J: No isn’t it better for everyone to do it together?NewImage KS: Then Jun-kun will say the coloured balls…
S: All of the balls are coloured!
HAHAHAHA!NewImage OH god, he’s such a natural comedian :P
In the end they decide to just do it in the free manner.
Nino suggests that they do it in silence, without the background support/cheering from the crowd, like how he liked it earlier for the dance.
So KS asks the crowd to keep quiet, and says that he trusts the five of them. NewImage He gets ready to start, but faces the wrong direction, which is promptly pointed out by… Nino i think? And soon by Aiba as well. LOL!
S: Do you want to go home?

NewImageN: You like people to laugh don’t you?
N: Just how much do laughter do you want to receive?
KS: No no no! But I think having a lot of parts that can be used for airing is best for the editors!NewImage Trololol!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageThe crowd is completely silent!

NewImageHe scores pretty fast!

NewImageThe poor audience hahaha! They can only watch silently :P

NewImageIncoming pink!

NewImageIt bounces off the edge though!

NewImageHe manages to get the 2nd pink, kind of by sheer luck though? :P

NewImageHe manages to get 1 ball after time up for 170 points!
Arashi comment on now they know how impt the audience is, and how great mikes are. They ask if KS heard the four of them (w/o the mike in the middle). KS says he heard N clearly, but didn’t hear O at all :P He heard A as well, but for S he only heard it when he got angry at KS. At some point in time S was yelling and asking what KS was doing - he wasn’t getting any balls at all and was slow to react to the instructions.NewImage KS: In the middle Jun started playing with the mike (he did? i didn’t notice lol! EDIT: Oh, J asked KS to look over at them, no wonder, i was wondering what he was doing looking back at Arashi in the middle hahaha!) and i realised i made a mistake trusting him

NewImageJ laughs XD

Its bunk bowling next, and that’ll be in part 2!

Date: 2014-03-09 02:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah, this ep make me laughing, even though i don't understand what they say, but thanks for this. can't wait for the next part.

Date: 2014-03-09 03:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for this review! KS and TKZ makes an interesting guests lineup!

Date: 2014-03-09 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aah now I want to watch this episode even more XD Thanks for sharing! Seems really really funny =D

Date: 2014-03-09 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! The opening was hilarious XD I like interactions between Kazama and Arashi :)

Date: 2014-03-10 12:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, heavens! Just as funny as I expected :)

Wow, those Takarazuka Review members are cool! Thank you for the link :) ...if anyone can understand the pressures of a Johnny, it looks like they're the ones! Seven years, plus school!

Ah, KS was just too adorable and they were trolling him like he was bait for a bigger fish ;)

Thank you!

Date: 2014-03-13 11:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So funny! Thanks!

Date: 2014-04-30 01:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol so funny XD Thanks for sharing!


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