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Last spurt of pranks!

NewImage In the meeting room, a foreigner is lying on the floor and resting! Aiba got a shock when he entered the room (the foreigner is not supposed to be there, and definitely not sleeping in the room like this!)

NewImageAnother look at Aiba’s startled expression.

NewImageWhile the prankster is blissfully sleeping :P

NewImageSome staff goes to wake him up, he took a look around the room, apologised, and left.

NewImageNewImageA: Isn’t the security too lax?
Hahaha! XD

NewImageNext, Aiba is introduced to the new AD, who is 42 years old. I guess normally the ADs are all young chaps, like the one who got scolded just now.

NewImageNewImageA: You’re 42?
Guy sitting opposite Aiba: Yes, because we know you’ll be interested, so we mentioned his age.
A: Yes, I’m very curious. NewImage And then the guy farts again, the moment he bends down.

NewImageAnd he farts again, only this time his fart causes the painting to move.

NewImageA: That shocked me! Such a thing can happen?
Aiba puts the painting back into place. Yasashi! (Kind!)NewImage As Aiba is leaving, he says to the guy who kept farting all day long: Its better if you go to the toilet.

NewImageGuy: I went but…
Aiba: *laughs*NewImage Next up is a fake poster photo taking session. Its supposedly for some new year campaign… of course, everything is fake!

NewImageThe cameraman will give Aiba very detailed instructions on posing like a horse - like lift your leg and pretend you are galloping across a great grassland. And then when the cameraman gets excited during the photoshot, he’ll keep saying great x n and nice x n. And in the end it’ll become grace instead of great.
Sho in studio: The whole meaning has changed!NewImage Next up… the director and the AD - yes the same two guys...

NewImageThey are actually gay lovers, and during the photoshot they will kiss in front of Aiba. Of course its just for the prank :P But i bet Arashi and the rest of the staff are laughing their stomach out watching the duo act like this :P Imagine if your colleague does this for the sake of a prank… i bet it’ll be really hilarious!

NewImageThe photoshot starts!

NewImageWords: Happy New Year - Year 2014
HAHAHA! Aiba you look hilarious :PNewImage The cameraman starts giving instructions to Aiba on how his leg should be raised.

NewImageAnd then the fingers must be curled up like this…

NewImageAiba tries his best to follow.

NewImageNext the AD and director start their act.

NewImageFirst its just getting feely touchy. And they are standing right behind the cameraman and right in Aiba’s line of sight.

NewImageAnd then they kiss!

NewImageAiba is surprised.

NewImageBut his surprise soon turns to amusement...

NewImageAnd the duo kisses yet AGAIN. Gosh, those two are really great actors.

NewImageOhno laughs. Meanwhile back in the VTR the cameraman is busy saying ‘greats’

NewImageAiba can’t take is anymore and protested: What were you guys doing?
He apologises immediately and got back to his posing though. NewImage The director’s face looks beet red?

NewImageThe cameraman requests for one last pose, and he requests for Aiba to well… neigh like a horse. The teasing between director and AD duo continues.

NewImageI swear Aiba made a roar and not a neigh though :P

NewImageCameraman: How about a hee-heen like a horse?
A: Do i have to say that? NewImageA: Now?
Cameraman: Now!

NewImageA: Hee-heennnn~!

NewImageCameraman: Hai… grace!

NewImageCameraman: One more… grace!

NewImageThe cameraman yells out more graces, while the ‘love making’ between the AD and director goes on.

NewImageSho is beside himself with laughter.

NewImageA: Hee-heennnnn!
Camerman: Grace!

NewImageAnother pose, and another grace!

NewImageIf I didn’t know better I’d have thought that poor man is having spasms or something >< XD

NewImageAnd another CG photo of horsey Aiba :P

NewImageAnd they wrap up! Camerman: That was grace!

NewImageAiba gives his blessing to the duo as he leaves the room: I wish you will always be blessed! (rough translation once again)

NewImageAiba bid goodbye to the rest of the staff and leaves the photoshot room.

NewImageAND…. prank no. 30 is coming up soon!

NewImageThe poor boy immediately looks around his seat, he’s getting really worried!

NewImageMC: One prank is missing
A: Eh what!
J: So only 29 was done?NewImage A: No no no! Even though only 29 were done but isn’t my segment way too long? This wasn’t just one day, it was continuous!

NewImageThe MC then brings Aiba’s attention to today’s date (as in, the day of filming of course). Which just happen on be Xmas eve and the birthday of our miracle boy.

NewImageThey all say their congratulations.

NewImageThe staff has prepared a birthday cake for Aiba! Wait… but why is there a suspicious looking cord dangling out at the side…?

NewImageAiba protests immediately.

NewImageJun invites Aiba to cut the cake.

NewImageA: Wait wait wait, what’s with this cord!

NewImageVery suspicious indeed...

NewImagePoor Aiba…!

NewImageHe’s afraid of the cake blowing up on him anytime!
MC: Can you put the knife in the cake?NewImage N: Do it at the count of three!

NewImageThey ask Aiba to move one step forward towards the cake. But everyone else is standing miles away :P

NewImageJun motions for the guests to move back :P

NewImageThey are all standing really far back, and asking Aiba to stick his face out. Do i spy a smirk from Ohno? :P

NewImageEveryone: Happy birthday!
At the last syllable, Aiba plunges the knife in!NewImage He slices right through the cake!

NewImageBut nothing happens! No flying or exploding cake! Aiba is surprised.

NewImageEveryone claps while Aiba is bewildered.

NewImageAiba looks around in confusion.

NewImageCelebration over, they head back to take their seats.

NewImageOnly for Aiba to discover that it was his chair they had planned to rig all along :P

NewImagePoor Aiba falls all the way though. Just when he was letting his guard down :P

NewImagePrank no. 30! Huge success!

NewImageJ enthusiastically keeps pointing to Aiba :P

NewImageNewImageSignboard: Prank Big Success!

NewImageNewImageA: The preamble was so long! (Actually there was more besides the cake, but it got cut out. It was shown in the next episode of AnShi though)

NewImageAnd there’s the chair with no seat!

NewImageKazu will pick the Arashi member who started started off* again the best. *I have no idea how to properly translate ‘yarinaoshi'

NewImageAiba won the award! And for the 2nd time too!

NewImageAiba was shocked by the sound of streamers being popped, and Nino laughs at AIba’s shocked reaction. Haha, the poor boy had one too many pranks ne?

NewImageAiba motions to complain, Nino: This is different, this is different (it wasn’t meant to be a prank)

NewImageA: That wasn’t no. 31 was it? Mou, I’ve had enough of this!
Poor boy, I feel you!NewImage Sho thanks the guest, and then: This year’s Arashi ni Shiyagare…
Arashi: We ask for your favour!

And that’s it! The end! At long last! Gosh, even the last ten minutes took me a good hour to finish… alright, shall head off to bed now. I feel like a zombie already ><

Date: 2014-03-04 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow...poor Aiba! He was an amazing sport about all that! But you really get a feel for just how amazing and unpretentious he is. *squishes him*

I hope he gets a better one next year! :D

Date: 2014-04-28 11:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahaha I feel sorry for Aiba, its so funny :)
They really got him good, and built up alot of suspense at the end
Thanks for sharing!!!


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