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Man, this is such a long review ne? This is the last spurt now! A mere 22mins more of video to go!

NewImageAiba introduces his VTR!

NewImageThursday special show! Again it’s the same one as what he got last year!

NewImageThis special show filmed from 1973, and is still on going!

NewImageNewImageWhen talking about the Thursday SP, its about programs with a HUGE scale!

NewImageAiba’s show last year involved loads of pyrotechnics too

NewImageNewImageOf course, if they did this kind of booming dokiri twice in a row Aiba would be suspicious… so they changed tactics this time!

NewImageIt’s a 180 degrees change from the previous prank!

NewImageThe title (its ultra long!): The super detailed, possibly unnoticed, barely a prank, prank, 30 pranks in a row!

NewImageThe pranks will take place in NTV, during their regular TV show (AnShi) filming. Studio Aiba: They did so much?

NewImageThe first one occurred in the make up room

NewImageThe puff for applying power is put together with some smelly stuff, for a day so the puff stinks!

NewImageIn comes the star of the day!

NewImageNewImageThe make up artist applies the smelly puff on Aiba’s face.

NewImageAiba takes a loud sniff.
Sho in the studio: You won’t say a thing?
A: Yeah who would!NewImage Make up artist: Is everything alright?
Aiba just nods. He puts his hand up to his face and smelled it while walking off though. Sho: So kind!NewImage Next up is in the meeting room.

NewImageFor this part, there are two pranks coming up. First, someone will suddenly knock loudly on the door.

NewImageSecondly, the PET bottle of mineral water can’t be opened!

NewImageOur hero is ushered to the room by a staff member.

NewImageNewImageAiba is still sniffing the effects of the stinky powder puff.

NewImageA guy suddenly comes and knocks really hard on the door, but of course everyone else in the room pretends they heard and saw nothing.

NewImageNewImageA: So noisy!
Staff: Who?
A: He was here just now wasn’t he?
Staff: I’m sure you are mistaken.NewImage Aiba then tries to open the bottled water.

NewImageHe tries wrapping the bottle around his shirt...

NewImageThen he tries to open the other bottle. Which doesn’t open either.

NewImageHe comments about his hands being all red from the exertion.

NewImageNext up is sudden loud music playing from the speaker.

NewImageThe speaker suddenly plays while they are discussing about the bathtub segment they will film on AnShi later. Aiba is startled, but he didn’t realise it was a prank at all till watching it in the studio :P

NewImageNext up is the director farting.

NewImageNewImageThe loud noise made Aiba turn around to look.

NewImageNext up is the multi coloured pen - that filled with black ink and black ink only.

NewImageAiba just looks strangely at the pen, but he doesn’t suspect anything at all.

NewImageAnd the director farting again.

NewImageAiba looked over again

NewImageNext up is the elevator series!

NewImageThe staff leads him to the lift, he is supposed to head to the 5th floor where the studio is.

NewImageA waves of recognition washes over Jun’s face as the duo looked at each other… A: It happened ne?

NewImageAiba enters the lift.

NewImageOoo and look who’s here as well! It was unplanned but J happened to enter the same elevator - he’s heading off to the same studio for the same AnShi filming after all.

NewImageJ looks down at his phone the moment he enters the lift :P

NewImageInstead of the 5th floor, the lift stops at the 5th floor. AIba is about to step out, but Jun stops him. J: It’s the 6th floor.NewImageStaff: Ah, I made a mistake, sorry.

NewImageCool J continues using his phone the moment the lift door closes. Hahaha this was supposed to be about Aiba but J’s actions here amused me so much more :P

NewImageBut instead of going to the 5th floor, they head all the way to the 2nd floor.

NewImageThe completely unalert Aiba is about to step out of the lift once more then J goes; It’s the 2nd floor you know?

NewImageA: Wait a minute, how many times are we going to stop (at the wrong floor)?

NewImageA smile breaks out on cool J’s lips.
J at the studio: Why did i have to end up on the elevator with him? NewImage Next up is a series of 9 pranks.

NewImageFirst up someone that Aiba completely does not know approaches Aiba from behind, pats him on the back, and tells him ‘thanks for the hard work’ in an extremely friendly manner. AIba was shocked by the man’s approach.

NewImageAnd left standing in the corridor bewildered :P

NewImageAnd another elevator prank. A bunch of girls in swimwear enter the lift.

NewImagePoor AIba!

NewImageNewImageHe notices the camera though. A: Is this for filming?

NewImageNewImageA smile breaks up on AIba’s face after the girls leave XD

NewImageA: That smelled really good!

NewImageAiba in the studio immediately gets up and wave his hand violently in protest. XD Oh but its all too late Aiba-chan XD

NewImageA: That smelled really good. Ah we’re here! *Hurries out of the lift*
HAHAHANewImage Everyone is doubling over in laughter now.
Next up is a gang of old folks entering the lift. NewImage

NewImageOnce again he is squished against the wall :P

NewImageAiba whispers: Filming?

NewImageAfter the grandpas leave, Aiba commented that they were such a force!

NewImageNext up is… Only Aiba’s towel is smelly. Aiba at the studio complains about how his HAD happened. Well, i think all of the above DID happen :PNewImage

NewImageIts during the filming for the bathtub segment!

NewImageAiba suddenly realises that something is not quite right about his towel.

NewImageHe sniffs his hand.

NewImageNewImageAnd then he rubs his hands on his pants to get rid of the smell hahaha!

NewImageNext up, once again the un-openable bottle trick.

NewImageAIba tries to open the bottle to no avail.

NewImageAiba passes the bottle back to the director after he fails to open it, and mentions something about the probability of him getting three un-openable bottles in a day (it happens really occasionally due to manufacturing faults, i’ve gotten a few before in my lifetime… but certainly not three in a day!)

NewImageThe director is able to open the bottle though, making Aiba feel like it was something wrong with him
Staff: Is it because its from early morning?NewImage A: Look there’s even a line of blood here! (from a broken vessel, there’s no broken skin so the blood isn’t actually coming out.)

NewImageAiba is reading manga on the bus… the staff sitting next to him ask: Is it interesting? What is it like?
A: You don’t know about this at all do you?
And then our kind boy proceeds to lend the staff the manga. NewImage Of course, Aiba doesn’t know it’s a prank and that he’ll not be getting his manga back.

NewImageBut really you won’t voice out your irritation would you… it could be that the person is genuinely engrossed in reading after all...

NewImageOhno laughs really hard and his poor, tortured bandmate.

NewImageAnd then the same guy farts again.

NewImageAND yet again.

NewImageA: That was really high pitched ne?
Staff: It was me farting…
A: So high pitched?
Aiba is getting amused. NewImage Next, the make up powder puff is HUGE and stinky.

NewImageIts pretty much the size of Aiba’s face :P

NewImageThe HUGE puff getting the stink treatment.

NewImageAiba rubs his face as he complains about the stink

NewImageNewImageNext up is a fake PR filming. Aiba is the only one left and he is asked to do a fake 5 sec PR shot for the New Year SP.

NewImageOne of the prank: The floor director suddenly gets really mad at the AD.
S: Normally both of them are really nice people!NewImage The floor directors looks around for the prompt boards.

NewImageHe starts yelling for the AD.

NewImageThe atmosphere is getting weird…

NewImageThe director yells at the AD for being slow.

NewImageHe continues scolding the AD for a while

NewImagePoor Aiba!

NewImageNext up is a string of weird PR comments that will never get aired

NewImageFirst up the comment is: Next up is ‘The Forest Mushroom cream spaghetti!’

NewImageAiba finds the comment weird, but before he was given time to react, the director asked the cameras to start rolling.

NewImageNewImageYappari sunshine boy ne? He puts the weird scolding incident aside and puts on his best smile for the cameras.

NewImageHe even adds in a slurp :P

NewImageJ laughs really hard.

NewImageThe director than comments that it might have been too long, and next he wants AIba to say the same thing, but without the word ‘cream’

NewImageA: You mean we might not even have 5 seconds?
Director: Yes, and on top of that, we might not be using raw cream at all.
Back at the studio every laughs and the strange comment from the director. NewImage A: Don’t use the raw cream? Eh? What do you mean?

NewImageOnce again the director starts the count down cue before Aiba could protest. Honestly, i think the director looks really hilarious. As in, he has a comedian kind of face. The AD who got a scolding earlier too. Its like, they are just perfect for the prankster role :P

NewImageA: After this will be Forest mushroom spaghetti!
NewImage Next… the type of spaghetti changed! Now that’s a LOT of words.

NewImageA: Can it fit in? 5 seconds right?

NewImageA: After this is young chicken cream spaghetti, once you lick it you’ll love it!!
*I kinda guessed the 2nd part, gomen!*
NewImage Next the director asked him to speak at the same speed, but add in a ‘gangster-ish tone’ at the 2nd part.
A: Will this really be used?NewImage Aiba complies. XD

NewImageAnd then the director asked for a last take - a kawaii (cute) version
A: Kawaii version???NewImage The director give a little demo :P

NewImageEveryone bursts out laughing at the director’s antics.

NewImageAiba in the studio: The persons so sly!

NewImageAiba adds in a weird body wave to go with the ‘cute’ voice. Sounds more like sexy to me though XD Plus the body wave… hahaha!

NewImageThe director thanks Aiba for the hard work. A: Is that alright?
The director claps and thanks Aiba once again.

NewImageThen Aiba asks if the AD who got the big ‘scolding’ is alright.

NewImageA: Ganbatte!
AD: Thank you very much.
Sho and others in the studio: So kind!
Indeed ne… Aiba is always so positive, and we can see how he always tries his best no matter what.

AND I thought it would end at part 6. Turns out that I screen capped too much for Aiba’s part and now it has to be split into two. Gosh!

Last part here!

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Lol these pranks were hilarious XD


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