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20110127 Himitsu no arashi chan! 
VIP Guest: Yoshitaka Yoriko (the girl from Gantz)
[livejournal.com profile] neon_lines picspam of the whole show.. yea! xD  
edit: I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED SOME PICS! T-T   but luckily the undeleted ones are the best shots ^^ the captions may be a bit out (cos originally they are decription to the pics that are now deleted

okay.. lets start!!!  sakurai turns up for filming with the most awesome clothes and arashi as human pets

 Here comes the oji-sama.... and all bows to him....

  the ojisama strikes a beautiful pose for all his admirers to see, and asked the guest if he looks good. Prince jun gives a raised brow and a smirk.     Jun gives Yuriko a surprise, and the brat gives a kawaii sniff, and we will see a hilarious waruii sniff from the fisherman. Jun goes under some test from Yoriko, and Jun is happy with the praise.. (he smiles so broadly :D     Yuriko comes back to a room full of her pets (and one machu piccu resident)    Yuriko: "What's ur name?" "Sato -chan"  The brat burst out laughing~    Jun was laughing so kawaii-ily~   
Some Sakumoto interaction at the end of this segement~  

Mannequin 5--  the display of the best parka demonsitration~ with matching red shoes~!  

SHO under pressure to win this round. The others were commenting that his outfit tonight looks like the improvised parka design of the mannequin that was wearing the failed outfit from last year) .  

This pair has similar reactions when they are receiving praises..  and someone is giving advice..  yea~~~ XXXX  won!!   

Sakurai will ganbare yo for 2011~!  Fisherman goes into a daze @-@  

Total of 72 caps concentrated into 18 collages for this show. All 5 of them in animal ears is just too great. oh i mean 4... the ojisama has too much assessiories on his head.. no space for the ears xD  THIS EPISODE IS kawaii !! :DD                           


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