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Here we go!

NewImageSho will be taking part in the ‘comedy ultra quiz’ show!

NewImageWahahaha! What’s with that look of dread :P

NewImageThey start showing vtr of the show.

NewImageThis show started airing in 1989 - the year i was born! At its peak it reached 21.9% in ratings!

NewImageThe most famous segment of this show is the OX quiz!

NewImageWhere they actually use explosives!

NewImageThe explosions get nearer and nearer and then… bang! those who picked ‘X’ got surprised by an explosion from the back!

NewImageWhether its flour or explosions… a quiz show from hell!

NewImageA show that our dear Sho will be using his body to perform in!

NewImageThe stage is set for Sho!

NewImageThere is no lack of comedians here to drive up the mood! They are all very high tensioned even in the bad weather!

NewImageIs been raining since the morning! The grounds are still wet! The worst condition for filming the ultra quiz!

NewImageLook at the wet floor just in front of the flour OX answer section! Flour + water = …. ew! Worst conditions for them = best conditions for us? Kekeke XD (yes, I’m evil)

NewImageNewImageNot letting the comedians down, Sho makes a very energetic appearance XD

NewImageAnd still at it… while scream yayyyyyy XD

NewImageAnd it continues!

NewImageOur Keio boy is all pumped up.

NewImagethe first stage is the ‘scary OX flour quiz!'

NewImageThis is like the entry level quiz of the show. The game works easy enough. A yes/no qn is asked, you run into the O panel if you think the answer is yes, and X panel if the answer is no.

NewImageIf you get the answer wrong, you are treated to a flour bath!

NewImageThe first round! These four will be taking part!

NewImageThe quiz question! The statue of liberty in America…  in order to represent ‘freedom’, there’s a cut shackles/chains below the feet of the statue. Right or wrong?
Man I have no idea! Never been to US before, and every time you see photos of the statue, you don’t really focus on the feet do you?

NewImageThey set off for the OX panels!

NewImageEW EWWW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! They all fall down on the patch of water… (on purpose?)

NewImageCompletely soaked now!

NewImageOh-chan laughs

NewImageSho: Like this?
I bet the man is getting horrified already. *You mean I have to get myself all wet and then dipped in flour?!?!?!* NewImage 4 very drenched men.

NewImageThey set off again!

NewImageTwo yes and two no! Its just a question of which two will become dough men XD

NewImageThe answer is YES!

NewImageThat’s the cut shackles at the feet of the statue! First time I’m seeing that for sure! Did you get it right? :P

NewImageNewImageCompletely white! Ohno and Sho makes a comment about the white men being ‘beautiful’ XD

NewImageHe blows out a puff of flour!

NewImageThe MC warns Sho: Look at this carefully! If you get it wrong, you’ll really end up like this!

NewImageSho commented that this guy looks like a blueman.

NewImageRound 2, Sho’s turn!

NewImageMC to Sho: Next is your turn, do you have confidence?
S: Yes I have confidence to get the quiz qn right
MC teases Sho: Indeed, for Sakurai, it’ll be embarrassing if he gets questions of this level wrong!NewImage Sho’s qn! Way, way harder to translate this time. Pardon my lousy translation. Qn: In the Sengoku era, there’s a master of tea ceremonies who goes by the name of [Sen no rikyuu]. Actually, this is a false name that he only uses during tea ceremonies. His real name is [Tanaka]. True or false?

NewImageSho says something about meeting a master of tea ceremony called Sen something (not the same guy of course, the guy in the qns is long dead)… and that guy’s real name in a kanji 千 - which is  pronounced as sen. In which case, Sho reasons, the real name is not Tanaka.

NewImageSho has made a decision! Is his answer correct?

NewImageOhno from the studio: So lonely! *laughs*
NewImage Sho runs towards the X with all his might! He opts out of the ‘landing in the puddle of water’ part XD


NewImageSho’s wrong! The guy’s real name is [Tanaka Yoshirou]!

NewImagePancake Sho!

NewImageHe’s completely unrecognisable from his angle!

NewImageSho gets up slowly, flour spilling from all over.

NewImageEven now he’s completely unrecognisable! Sho fans what do you think? Be honest! Can you recognise that this is our cool rapper? XD (Maybe Jun would have more success disguising himself like this muahahaha)

NewImage1 second costume change… from a black tux, to a white one! Kekeke XD

NewImageHe starts spitting out the flour. Someone commented that he looks like the guy from golden bomber XD

NewImageThe poor boy continues coughing out the flour.

NewImageFinally a bit more recognisable now :P
S: The upper lip and front teeth gets stuck to each other ne?
Hahahaha!NewImage All the wrinkles on Sho’s face, greatly exaggerated :P

NewImageThe helpful camera man zooms in on Sho’s mouth XD

NewImageSho confesses that when he was in primary 4, these two powdered comedians were the first comedians he respected/liked.

NewImageThey shake hands, causing more flour to shake off Sho’s sleeves. I’ve been wondering.. you know how their clothing during filming are rentals, and they’ll have to pay and buy the clothing if they dirty it during filming…? What will happen at this kind of shows? Say if they are regular guests of such shows… do they just  wear their own clothes on? :P

NewImageSho says something about never having imagined that the three of them will be standing there like this.

NewImageAnd then they move on to stage 2! ‘Scary OX explosive quiz!’ Yes, with Sho in all his white glory.

NewImageThe game rules are really simple and similar. Same true false type of questions…

NewImageOnly that instead of white white snow, i mean, flour. You get exploded upon. Sounds fun… no? XD (I mean for us, not Sho :P )

NewImageOf course, explosions would not be complete without a demo on the explosive power. Lets see how the mannequin flies!

NewImage‘Start-over-from-the-beginning-kun’ (the mannequin) will show us the power of the explosives with its body!

NewImageS: Its scary! Its scary!
MC: Switch on!NewImage First explosion

NewImage2nd! See the dirt fly!

NewImage3rd explosion, its getting close now!

NewImageA 4th...

NewImageAnd a 5th explosion… right on the mannequin?!?!?!?!

NewImageThe mannequin’s clothes came off!

NewImageNo scrape that. Its entire upper body flew off. Guess they did mount the explosives on the mannequin after all.

NewImageA closer view. Please do not do this at home :P

NewImageIt was just gone in a split second! With bits and pieces raining down afterwards.

NewImageNow Sho is really scared.

NewImageThe group is assaulted by the smoke from the explosions.

NewImageThe sad state of the styrofoam? mannequin.

NewImageNewImageThey make a big fuss about the scariness of the variety program XD

NewImageS: *yells* I don’t want to die!!!!

NewImageThe continue making a big fuss. Is it just me or do I sense Sho trying really had to suppress his laughter..? XD His face looks like he’s torn between laughing and crying.

NewImageFirst round! Between Sho and this comedian!

NewImageThe qn! Gushiken youko-san (i.e., the guy in yellow helmet!) has a genus boxing sense (he was a boxer), and that allowed him to win the world title.
Jun interrupts “that’s him isn’t it! Sorry, but its about the man himself right!”NewImageContinuing with the qn: The genius Einstein has never once received the Noble prize. True or false?
Hahaha, the actual qns and the preamble had absolutely no relation!NewImage Right or wrong? Its time to set off!

NewImageThey set off to pick their answers, with Sho continuous complaining that ‘Its scary!’

NewImageIt’s a longggg walk :P

NewImageTheir answer is as above! See the black patches, that where all the explosives are laid… the explosions will get closer and closer to them and bang! Someone will get exploded on from the back!

NewImageNewImagethe switch is triggered and the series of explosions start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageWho will get blasted off?

NewImageSho’s correct!

NewImageNewImageBut he got scared by the blast coming from the other side all the same!

NewImageOhno watches on in amusement XD

NewImageBack in the studio everyone’s also enjoying Sho’s reaction XD

NewImage*blast* Gushiken went down and climbed away and over of sight from the camera XD

NewImageNewImageS: That was really bad!

NewImageThey asked Gushiken what was the name of some guy, to which he replied: I don’t care! The important thing is that I’m alive! XD

NewImageHe commented that it was really so scary, that tears came out of his eyes.

NewImageSho couldn’t stop laughing XD

NewImageLast stage! ‘Scary OX flour and explosives quiz!'

NewImageThe set up is like the 1st stage with the flour only...

NewImageThat this time out, after landing in a pile of flour, that’ll be a huge explosion after the flour attack!

NewImageAnd to top it off, Sho’s opponent is some some guy… i mean, professor.

NewImageThey are surprised by the prof’s appearance. A: He really came for this?

NewImageThis guy’s from Hiroshima University, and he’s Japan’s leading  biologist

NewImagewho’s travelled all over the world etc etc… NewImage quick search of Naganuma Takeshi revealed that his research interests lies in botany, biodiversity, and biosphere science… etc. He’s got quite a bunch of papers to his name too. See here and here. Of course, he’s got a page on the Japanese wiki too, which helpfully informs us that he’s 52 years old now. Quite the adventurer huh? Sorry, got a little carried away since I’m a (half-baked) biologist too.

NewImageS: Teacher are you really going to participate in this quiz? *shocked*

NewImageMC: In any case, the staff offered and he agreed (to take the job)
They can’t believe that a prof would agree to take part in such a show :PNewImage Either way, Sho’s got himself a strong rival!

NewImageQn! Humans first achieved powered flight with the Wright brothers.

NewImageActually, the Wright brothers were from a family with 4 brothers, and one sister, 5 siblings in all.

NewImageThe Wright brothers who completed the aeroplane, and is know worldwide as the [Wright brothers] are the 3rd and 4th younger brothers. Right or wrong?
Phew, that was easy to translate. Hahaha, nothing to do with biology at all.

NewImageSho winces in agony.

NewImageS: So it wasn’t just two only (talking about the Wright brothers)

NewImageThe Prof helpfully gives his analysis of the answer. He knows that its not the eldest brother, so that remains either, (2nd and 3rd brother), (2nd and 4th) and (3rd and 4th) as the possible answers. How mathematical XD

NewImageProf: One third chance!

NewImageProf: but with O and X it’s a 50% chance so its pure luck

NewImageWhen asked for his opinion, Sho answer: I think it’s the elder two…
In-studio Sho snickers at this VTR self. XDNewImage N: Didn’t the prof already say its not the eldest?
S: *laughs*

NewImageSho’s guess is that it’s the 1st and 2nd brother! So he thinks the answer is X!

NewImageSo they set off!

NewImageIt’s the final round!

NewImageThey each run towards what they think is the right answer!

NewImageIn they go!

NewImagePoof! An explosion is heard!

NewImageThe explosion went off at the very moment Sho crossed the board. Sho-in-studio: Wah amazing!

NewImageView from the camera at the back… we see a yellow helmet bursting through and then...

NewImageWhite smoke filled the place! At first I thought the camera dropped somewhere and was filming some kind of wall but no...

NewImageThe smoke cleared a little and… we see Sho lying in the midst of the smoke and flour!

NewImageYou can read more about the inventors of the first powered flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright in wiki.

NewImageOne of the comedians came running to Sho with the busted mannequin head from earlier :P

NewImageNewImageThere’s our white man XD

NewImageS: *in a daze* What happened?

NewImageS: *still in a daze* Where was I? What happened?

NewImageS: I really have no idea what happened back there!

NewImageProf: I really had no idea (on the answer) either
Its just luck. Or maybe fate, that decided that we shall see Sho in while all over. XD NewImage MC: So the guys who was called the brains of Arashi couldn’t get it right after all! That’s kind of embarrassing isn’t it?

NewImageComedians: But he did a great job!

NewImageS: *seriously* In any case I really started over from the beginning today… in this state *looks down at his own whiteness*
MC: *laughs*

NewImageS: This is no. 1 isn’t it? (Note: When they say start over from the beginning, it can also be translated as start over from no. 1)

NewImageThey ask Sho for his thoughts and halfway through, Sho went: Haaa.. (sigh)

NewImageAnd they all burst out laughing XD

NewImageAnd that was all for Sho’s segment!

NewImageBack in the studio, someone commented that it was very manly of Sho to participate in the quiz like that. S: I didn’t expect to be complimented! *laughs*NewImage The comedians who went to the location shot commented that Sho’s ‘makeup’ will certainly not fall off. Why? Because... its not caught on camera but even with the cold weather, Sho actually applied water to his face so that the flour/dough will stick!

NewImageRyohei (the comedian) said of Sho: I've seen a lot of comedians, but it’s the first time i felt that I’d lost!

NewImageSho quickly denied it. But now we know how much effort he’d put into the show, for the benefit of the audience. Yappari Arashi wa sugoi ne!

NewImageNino is completely bent over in laughter.

NewImageNext up is Nino! And that means Part 3 and more waiting! :P

Date: 2014-01-03 11:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sometimes it is very hard to tell if he's actually getting answers wrong or if he's just doing it to make things more interesting for the viewers, you know? Either way, I totally respect the things he does to bring us entertainment! :)

Yay for more mortal embarrassment! Er, I mean, oh, look, Nino's turn next! ;)

Date: 2014-01-03 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really enjoyed reading your report so far! Looking forward to the next parts :-) Thanks so much!

Date: 2014-01-04 08:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No worries!Take your time :-)
I'm really grateful that you're doing this, so you don't have to apologize at all!

Date: 2014-01-04 07:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I understand what you mean. I've got the same mentality: when I've set my mind on doing something and as long as my heart is in it (really important for me), I won't give up easily. So try to follow your heart I guess, and try to make the right decision for yourself. Your readers will support you, no matter what that decision is :-)
Good luck with your job, btw!

Date: 2014-02-02 09:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Will Part 3 be coming this month~? Hehe~ =)

Date: 2014-02-08 09:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
looking forward to it! =)


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