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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a HUGE review coming up! 2.5 Hr SP AnShi! The HQ video itself is a whooping 2.5 GB large! Here’s wishing everyone a good year ahead… and here we go! Its AnShi time!

A word of warning, before you start reading. Part 2 is NOT done yet. I've not had the time to watch the next part of the show! If you
hate 'cliffhangers', maybe you should... come back tomorrow or something instead :P

Finally all finished!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

On a side note, I’d like to recommend Tokio’s Ultraman dash to you guys as well. Just watched it and it was very entertaining :P


Let’s get the party started!

NewImageAs expected of a new year SP, there are many guests!

NewImageNewImageNewImageArashi enters the set and the crowd goes wild!

NewImageThe members are wearing their colours :)

NewImageAmong the guests today, Yoshida Saori, the olympic wresting gold medalist, is also here today! You may remember her from her antics in last year’s VSA aired on the 7th of Nov - I did a review of that previously. Let’s see what she’ll bring today XD

NewImageShe has won 11 consecutive times in Japan wresting.

NewImageNewImageThey have a special guest today! I don’t know who he is though… :S

This year too, Arashi will be trying out monster variety programs of the past!

NewImageFirst up is Jun!

NewImageNewImageJun yells for the VTR to start!

NewImageThe vtr starts and shows J ‘spinning’ the variety program wheel. The light stops at Dokkiri camera. Hmm what kind of show is that?

NewImageA vtr shows what the show is like… that show started airing in 1970! Something about playing tricks/pranks on others!

NewImageAt its peak, it achieved a rating of 33.9%! In the program, there has been segments of famous people dressing up in camouflage to scare ordinary citizens...

NewImageAnd that means……..NewImageJ: *in a girly, creepy voice* Good evening, Matsumoto Junko desu!
Trollololol! I’m sure many of you saw this in the adverts already? Whatever the case, I must say that unlike last year’s Satoko who looks 100x prettier than I am… Junko looks… really… creepy ><  (Gomen ne MJ fans ><) But perfect for a dokkiri bangumi maybe? He looks really easily recognisable too… will he be able to succeed?

NewImageNewImageTrololol! Look at that manly build! The shoulders! Ahhh! Strange that I think of him as manly when he dresses up as a girl :X Anyway, he’s task is to camouflage as a female shop assistant, enter a shop, and then scare the shop customers!

NewImageSho was constantly protesting during the Junko vtr… and at the end he said something like ‘its easy to tell its Matsumoto’.

NewImageJ is going to have to infiltrate this shop!

NewImageNewImagebwahahaha! time to see how the make up was done! the make up took 2 hours!

NewImageNewImageEyeliner… to make the eyes round and more feminine

NewImageFake eyelashes

NewImageAnd then changing his thick, trademark eyebrows to brown colour!

NewImageTo finish it off, colour contacts! Ah indeed, his eyes looks much bigger now!

NewImageAnd then more make up to make his nose and mouth look smaller!

NewImageDoes he look more feminine now? Sorry J, but the nose the mouth shape/size looks identical to me ><

NewImageStaff: What’s do you think of the feminine make up?
J: *DoS mode on* Nothing much.NewImage

NewImageStaff: A word of encouragement please?
J: A word of encouragement? I’m still quite… myself you know? NewImage And its starts! The first dokkiri!

NewImageJun, i mean Junko heads off for the shop.

NewImageJ: *in girly voice* irrashaimase

NewImageDokkiri (trick/prank/surprise) start!

NewImageThe shop is filled with customers!

NewImageNewImageJ walks along the aisle

NewImageJ approaches a customer.
Junko: Irrashaimase. Do you need a basket?NewImage Basket passing success!

NewImageJ: *back in his manly voice* I didn’t get spotted ne!

NewImageA customer approaches J for what. C (for customer): What’s the difference between these?
Junko: The size is different.
NewImage C: What’s this?
Junko: This is M (size)NewImage None of them notices that its J!

NewImageJ continues helping the obaasan with the clothing size

NewImageJ: Surprising i don’t get discovered!

NewImageNext, J enters the area where they are selling underwear :P

NewImageC: Is this the one you just put on, or do you have the wear other underwear first? (not a very good translation)
Junko: Nope, this is the type where you can just put on directly
Wahahaha Jun talking about female underwear! *dies*NewImage Sho applauds Jun while dying of laughter back in the studio (small corner pic).
C: Is M size the smallest?
Junko: Yup it isNewImage Jun starts helping the customer choose the underwear colour…!

NewImageMission accomplished! Jun you sure know a lot about underwear ne…? *raises eyebrows* XD

NewImageJ walks away, relieved. Jun: Fuuuuuuuuuu...

NewImageJun: That was really difficult!

NewImageJun: I really touched those underwear a lot…
Bwahahahahaha!NewImage Jun: Shall I fool around a little?

NewImageHe approaches the camera on an empty aisle…

NewImageAnd starts doing a little moonwalk :P *background music: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson*

NewImagePurple text: moonwalk

NewImageA moonwalk in the shop! How will the customers react?

NewImageNo reaction! Hahahaha! What will Jun do next? XD

NewImageNext, Jun approaches the cash register!

NewImageHe starts helping the cashier fold the clothes for packing. Did the obaasan (arrow) notice J?

NewImageThat obaasan starts talking to the customer beside her!

NewImageJunko: 599 yen, one item!
C: He speaks in a weird voice x2!

NewImageJunko: 599 yen, that’s all!
Will Jun’s cover get blown? NewImage Nope, despite the comment on J’s voice, the customers just leave without any further suspicions.

NewImageAnd so Junko continues serving the customers!

NewImageNewImageBut if that’s the case… this location shoot filming will never end!

NewImageJun decides to target this obaasan!

NewImageJunko: Ano, just one moment please. Just one moment please?

NewImageJunko: Do you know about Arashi?
HAHAHA! Poor thing! How long has he been in the shop I wonder? He’s so desperate to get discovered that he actually asks so directly like this! But true… this kind of… erm… daily goods store? (sorry of my lack of a more fitting description) is pretty much frequented by those obaasan only, no rabid fangirls to sniff Jun out :PNewImage C: hn?
J: Do you know Arashi?
C: Hai
In the studio, N: Are you sure its ok to ask like this?NewImage Junko/Jun: (his voice is getting closer and closer to his natural voice) They say I look like (someone in) Arashi…
C: So they say…
J: Do you know? They say that I really look like them but…
C: And so what?
Back in the studio Sho bursts out clapping in laughter once more. Poor Jun! I think this obaasan barely knows about Arashi >< NewImageAnd so it ends, with Junko’s identity completely intact :P
Everyone bursts out in laughter at the studio!NewImage Jun: What will happen if i go to somewhere with young people?
Yes! That’s the problem… those obaasan probably won’t recognise J even w/o him putting on any make up >< They probably heard of Arashi since they host Kouhaku and all, but they probably don’t know/remember how they look like >< (unless say, their granddaughters are rabid arashi fangirls or something)NewImage And so Jun decides to change a location!

NewImage2nd dokkiri! Harajuku! The street for youngsters!

NewImageThe shop he’ll be infiltrating is a popular shop...

NewImageRainbow pancake!

NewImageApproximately 90% of the customers are young and female. Now this will be hard!

NewImageThis will be a completely different task compared to fooling those grandmas earlier!

NewImageThis time round, the program staff have prepared two tables for J to serve

NewImageThe rest of the people in the shop are all sent by the program staff!

NewImage(i.e. they are part of the act)

NewImageAnd so it starts!

NewImageJ changes his look once more!

NewImageMatsumoto Junko, Harajuku pancake shop version!

NewImageJun: So it became short… it wasn’t my choice though. (talking about his hair) The atmosphere has change, how is it?

NewImageJun: After that it’s the voice ne? I must be careful about that
Yup! You got that right Jun! Changing your voice will play a huge part in the success of this mission! Too girly/airly and it’ll sound weird, too little and your identity will be revealed!

NewImageHere we go!

NewImageRight from the start, customers enter the shop!

NewImageThe first group, a young couple!

NewImageFrist contact! Junko serves glasses of water for the customers. Junko: Shitsureshimase!

NewImageBecause of his weird voice, Junko startled the male customer immediately!

NewImageJunko takes the order. Indeed, its hard to describe, but Junko’s voice is very weird… (don’t think Satoko’s was much better either though :P )

NewImageAnd then… male customer: Its MatsJun! Or not?

NewImageMale customer: I don’t think it’s the case but… don’t you think she looks really similar?

NewImageFemale customer looks at Jun closely as he serves the customer in the next table… and then

NewImageshe laughs upon recognising Jun.

NewImageThe guy starts looking around the check the reaction of other ppl in the shop

NewImageThey are getting very suspicious!

NewImageBut on the other hand, J doesn’t realise that he’s been suspected at all! Jun: I didn’t get suspected at all!

NewImageN: Your cover is already blown!
MC: Why is he so full of confidence?NewImage He exits the kitchen to the dining area once more...

NewImageJun looks at the camera…: *in his normal voice* Shall I try a song?

NewImageJun starts playing A.RA.SHI in the shop. *dies of laughter*

NewImageJun walks slowly down the aisle with a pitcher of water, while moving his head to the beat.

NewImageNewImageThe couple bursts of laughing

NewImageNewImageThe female customer comments something like ‘he’s getting into the grove'

NewImageShe was of course, referring to Jun’s head dancing movement

NewImageAnd then a 2nd group of customers enters the shop! A pair of young female customers!

NewImageJ, while looking at the hidden camera: Next I’ll like to attack more…
J completely hasn’t realised that he’s already been discovered.

NewImageAs he approaches the new customers… One of them immediately gets suspicious!

NewImageWhile taking the order, Jun completely abandons his girly voice, and simply speaks normally!

NewImageGuest at the extreme left: That won’t do!
NewImage Jun takes their orders and ask “would you like a drink to go with that?”

NewImageBut his normal voice doesn’t get any reaction from this customer!

NewImageHer friend on the other hand… is looking at something on her phone

NewImageShe (in light grey) passes the phone over to her friend (in black.dark blue) to see.

NewImageSeems like Jun got discovered?

NewImageIgnorant Jun continues serving the customers, and attacking!

NewImageJun: Arashi is good isn’t it?
Hahaha!NewImage They immediately start laughing

NewImageAnd then… J does another moonwalk!

NewImageNo reaction to that though. She probably can’t see what J’s doing.

NewImageMC: Junko starts thinking again for the 2nd time “at this rate the location shot will really never end..."

NewImageJun serves up the pancakes.

NewImageAnd goes for it again! Jun: Right now I’m doing a survey… I’ve been said to look like someone… do you know who?

NewImageThe girl laughs.

NewImageGirl: MatsJun!

NewImageJun: Eh?
Girl: *louder* MatsuJun!NewImage
Jun: MatsuJun? Out of the five, if you were to pick one, which (among the five) is your type? NewImage Girl: MatsuJun
Jun: Yatta!NewImage J then thanks everyone and asks for applause

NewImageSo with J’s unreasonable actions, the location shot ended.

NewImageJun asks how she realised its him. She answers that she saw MatsuJun’s photo on her friend’s phone.

NewImageJ looks shocked. Jun: So it was like that?

NewImageJ: So it seems like my cover was pretty much blown...

NewImageNext Jun asks the couple. The guy replies that at first he thought J was a new-half. Then they heard the music and saw him dancing to it.

NewImageJ did his head bobbing move again XD

NewImageJ: Ja… since you got it right...

NewImageJ: Since its such a rare occasion, its fine if you touch it *offers his ‘breast’ to the guy*


NewImageJ: Congratulations! *laughs*

NewImageStaff: Matsumoto-san, did you start over from the beginning? (Sorry, I can’t think of a better/more fitting way to translate this part, and since this part is the title of the AnShi, you’ll see it over and over again ><)
J: There was not a single need to redo anything at all ne?NewImage Junko: Dokkiri, big success!
Hahaha! I don’t think the surprise part was really successful but… you sure made me die of laughter J XDNewImage The comedians comment on J’s acting. Someone said that J’s type of asking ppl who (in arashi) is their type is a surrendering kind of dokkiri. The guy in black in the abv pic commented that giving the game away like this is the worst thing a comedian can do. Its like if he look off the mask at the end and say ‘look I’m arashi!’ people will be surprised, but J’s way of doing things gave the game away.

NewImageAnd of course, they made fun of how the obaasan replied ‘so what?’ when J says he looks like Arashi :P

NewImageAnd next is Sho’s turn to start over from the beginning!

NewImageOn the request from the MC (can’t catch what request it was), Sho introduced the VTR in a very gentle tone… before going ‘Ah I don’t know i don’t know!” while shaking his fan violently XD Whatever he was supposed to do… he shaking fan part was cute XD

NewImageSo the vtr starts with Sho pressing the wheel of fortune (or misfortune? XD)

Which program will Sho be participating in? You’ll have to wait for Part 2 to find out! :P

Date: 2014-01-03 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy New Year!!!!!
Thank You for the wonderful translation and summary
Can't tell which I like better "Jun shop" or "Jun cafe"

Date: 2014-01-03 02:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy New Year!

I think Satoko is really prettier! >.< No offence though but hahaha Jun strong features can't be hide! Unless they really trim his eyebrow to slimmer!

Thanks for sharing this! Will look forward to the next part!

Date: 2014-01-03 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh...MatsuJun. That was just silly. The things those poor boys have to do. LOL

I can't wait for part 2! :) Thank you for doing this! :)

Date: 2014-01-03 03:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They've done it twice, that makes it tradition! ;)

Date: 2014-01-03 03:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy new year! So glad that u did a review on this so much fun episode! Omg Junko! I thought if he took off his glasses in the pancake store, he would have not been so easily recognized.. zomg was even shocked with what he offered the male customer to do!


Date: 2014-01-04 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Where can I watch this? Onegai~ Domo! :D

Date: 2014-01-05 12:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you for trans
jun very cute haha

Date: 2014-01-13 03:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks so much for your sharing^^

Date: 2015-08-22 09:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahaha, thank you for this XD


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