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Lets go, Ohno and bathtubs = love!

Next up Aiba gets the baton from Nino…

NewImageA: (to the guest) In you everyday life, when do you feel most relaxed/healed?
KT: *thinks*
A: Correct! Its when you’re bathing right?
S: Let her answer!
N: That was fast, she hasn’t even considered yet. Do it slowly!
A: But if she says something else what should I do!

NewImageNewImageNewImageJ: You’re sure about this right? You’re sure its correct right?
Aiba turns to ask the guest, while J continues: Even if its wrong she will still say its correct!
KT: I like taking baths
Aiba starts talking about some bath related stats. In USA, roughly 1 in 10 uses the bath tub everyday.

NewImageNewImageBut in Japan, every 1 in 2 person uses the bathtub daily!
S: Indeed, Japan has the image of being the country that loves having a soak in the bathtub
To side track a little… I think the bathtub stats probably drops to like 1 in 50, or 1 in 100 or lesser in Singapore… lack of space means most homes don’t have a bathtub, and those that do probably don’t get used much… like my house bathtub has become erm… storage space :X


KT uses the bathtub pretty much everyday of the year! She’ll read her script or book in the bathtub.

NewImageToday they have prepared some super no.1 most popular bathtubs for KT. Aiba explains that it’s the tub they have prepared…. *gestures to show a rectangle object*

NewImageTitle call by Aiba… and we start!
They comment on how they’ve hardly seen such special bathtubs before. J: Because normally it comes with the house. You hardly see the case of you choosing which bathtub you want.
A: Yes its rare. In variety this days its rare too *points at the model*

NewImageNewImageA: I know you want to go to that side but please, lets come over here first.NewImageA: This is a sofa bathtub!

S: Eh? Sofa?

NewImageThe bathtub has a raised s soft arm rest and head rest… and costs 1,400,000 yen.

NewImageThat’s the arm and headrest. So this makes you feel as if you’re sitting on a sofa.

NewImageS: Does it feel like it’ll be easy to take long soaks?
KT: Yes it does, feels like you can drink brandy in the bath.
KT comments that it’ll be easy to read in the tub too. She likes the seat a lot, because with the seat, you won’t be sliding around in the tub.
Aiba suggests that Arashi tries the tub too. N: Indeed, why don’t we all try it?
KT: *laughs*NewImage In other groups/to other people… when you say ‘lets all try it’, they will probably… take turns trying it. But Arashi? Well it’s Arashi after all… The Arashi who have seen Sho and Aiba bathing together in a single tub… and two/three of them squeezing into one shower cubicle to shower together before so…
KT couldn’t stop laughing while they proceed to pack themselves into the tub.NewImageNewImage J: Sorry for keeping you waiting! *settles down at the corner of the tub*NewImage J: Ah indeed it feels like a sofa
S: *snickers* No it doesn’t! NewImage S: Not at all! After 5 ppl entering it doesn’t feel like a sofa at all!
I guess if 5 of them were to squeeze onto a… 2 seater sofa? yeah… it’ll be like this haha! So snuggly.

NewImageSho asks how Ohmiya feels, since they are the ones who are actually sitting on the seat of the sofatub.

NewImageO: Apart from Nino there’s no one else right now (who is properly sitting down in the tub)
N: Indeed, you won’t slideNewImage KT laughs again. There’s no way you can slip/slide when like you have Aiba right in front of you, and Ohno trapping your arms… XD

NewImageThey decide to let one person try it, because they can’t try out the bathtub properly otherwise.

NewImageThey let their beloved leader try out the tub XD

NewImageO: Ah… ah.. oh *moving legs around* ah! its good ne?

NewImageAiba introduces the side product, a board with the same soft finish of the head/arm rest, that’ll...

NewImagefit nicely across the bathtub to let you place your books, or drinks while you relax in the bath. The relaxation board costs 26,500 yen.

NewImageNewImageO: Indeed the board is soft too!
Aiba explains that it’s an optional add on to the tub.

NewImageO: *pats/drums the board lightly* Ah this is good!
J: Just having all this is good enough!
A: There’s more!
J: What is it?
A: Please! (to the staff)NewImage *staff dims the lights. music starts playing*
A: Speaker!NewImage The speaker is installed in the ceiling!

NewImageThe song played is Only Time by Enya.


NewImageJ: try and sing! x2

NewImageOhno immediately starts singing something incomprehensible…

NewImageNewImageKT is in laughing fits watching Ohno XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageN: Its makes me angry looking at his hands!

NewImageThe camera focuses on Ohno’s hands drumming the side of the board while a peal of laughter from Sho can be heard.

NewImageNewImageSorry, this episode is just full of Ohno ne? XD
N: What is this? This will never end! What should we do? This is scary!NewImage Obvious the Nino’s complains, Ohno continues singing blissfully.
A: Please stop please stop x n!!!

NewImageThe lights come back on and the music stops. When asked how was it, Ohno replied: You’ll get into a zone!

NewImageThe next one being introduced is this!

NewImageIn the winter, your bath room floor will get really cold… this bath will solve that problem!

NewImageJust press the button outside before entering the bath!

NewImageIt’ll spray warm water onto your bathroom floor!

NewImageAiba explains that within 1 minute, it can raise the temperature of the floor by 15 degrees.

NewImageThis bathtub + shower area system will set you back by 1,168,000 yen. The flooring is anti slip even when wet.

NewImageSakurai caster explains something about the room temp increasing by 10 degrees after taking a 15min shower.

NewImageAiba gives Sho a high 5 for reciting out that long chunk of text

NewImageAiba then introduces this plastic cage like thing.

NewImageYou hang it onto the ceiling...

NewImageand then you can lower the ‘cage'

NewImageAnd turn on the shower...

NewImageAfter spraying the area inside the plastic cage with hot water, it starts to become hot and steamy like in a steam sauna!

NewImageThe clever ‘cage’ costs 12, 600 yen!

NewImageAiba asks the model if the water is warm/hot, to which she replied yes. S: If its just normal tap water it’ll be super cold!

NewImageAiba decides to do an Aiba Quiz!

NewImageThe qn. What is that red thing for?

NewImageIt can be used by both men and women.

NewImageNewImageKT guesses that its for sitting on, and then you tilt left and right while sitting on it (like MJ is doing). Nino adds that you sit on that thing while in the bath tub.
O: That’s it
S: Bath exercise!

NewImageThe model reveals the answer

NewImageThey got is absolutely right! Sit on it, and tilt to the sides! And its meant to be done in the tub, but she is doing it outside so that its easier to see/film.

NewImageThe device costs 7,800 yen.
A: So your answer was absolutely right. Congrats! *claps*NewImage The rest bursts out laughing at how low tension Aiba seemed XD

NewImageThey move on to the last bathtub. Aiba rushes over to stop J who’s already approaching the tub. A: Wait wait wait!

NewImageA: You can’t go to the back!

NewImageA: You can’t go to the back because this is a quiz! (In english) Don’t touch me! x2
J: Its YOU we can’t touch?NewImage So anyway, they are supposed to guess the additional function that the bathtub has.

NewImageNewImageJ: We can look right? Just can’t touch right?
A: (In Eng) Don’t touch ne!NewImage They gather forward to look.

NewImageExcept leader who happily proceeds to place his hand on the tub.

NewImageA: You can’t touch it, you can’t touch it!

NewImageNino suddenly exclaims: Light!

NewImageNewImageAiba requests for Ohno to sit in the tub.

NewImageN: It’s a bit scary not knowing what’s to come, but I assure you that this time its definitely light.
O: its light yeah?
N: yes definitely light!NewImage Ohno gets into the tub amid assurances from Nino.

NewImageA: Because Ohno and bathtubs fit very well!

NewImageOnce more the staff dims the lightning… and the bathtub lights up just as Nino guessed.

NewImageThe staff starts playing Only Time by Enya once more XD

NewImageOhno looks around happily… and then is surprised as the lights start changing colours.

NewImageHe enters his ‘zone’ once more.

NewImageAiba helpfully fetches the board from the other bathtub introduction.


Ohno starts mouthing the lyrics again…

NewImageGosh Ohno! Must you seduce us like this!

NewImageHe opens up his arms to welcome us into his world…

NewImageNewImageThis tub is called HOTARU, meaning firefly. It costs 955,000 yen.

NewImageNewImageIt can light up in a total of 7 different colours.

NewImageA: How is it Ohno?
O: *Gestures ‘wait’*
J: He’s still in the zone...

NewImageA: He’s still not done yet?

NewImageOhno starts tilting his head left and right happily.

NewImageThe zipper of his jacker and his watch glimmering in the light makes him look like a prince!

NewImageAiba finally decides that its enough, and yells for the staff to stop.

A: Its not stopping at all!

NewImageIt finally comes to an abrupt end. O: This is really great!
That’s the end of the bathtub segment!NewImage Back at the main studio the guests advertises the play that she’ll be appearing in next year.

NewImageAnd that’s the end of today’s AnShi! FINALLY finished kekeke! Hope you enjoyed it!

Date: 2013-12-18 09:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for sharing!~ :)
Hope some community will sub it soon!~~~

Date: 2013-12-20 05:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL!! That is a wonderful episode! Especially the bathtub segment! We need more of Arashi in the bath :D

Date: 2013-12-24 03:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much for the summery^^
Riidda in the bathtub is the cutest thing ever!(♡´∀`♡)

Date: 2013-12-27 05:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
An interesting episode.Thanks for your hard work in splitting this episode into 3 parts =)

Date: 2013-12-27 10:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I didn't know this episode is so wacky~ waaa luckily u made this review!
Omiya scenes, Ohno in the bathtub, arashi in the bathtub together and so many interesting scenes!


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