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Here we go again! Its VS Arashi time! In my continued attempts to make my reviews shorter and the reviewing process faster, I’ll be skipping all not so interesting parts :P

Sorry this took so long to came out. Had an overdose of video watching after watching about 20 or so episodes of TSD and almost all the 8 Jida J episodes in a row (files courtesy of [ profile] demy_arashi, see here to download) :P Chibi arashi is cute as always but i guess it was just too much videos in what… 3 days? ><


NewImageNewImageIts our beloved leader’s birthday 2 days ago!

NewImageN: It was just two days ago ne?
A: What has changed most?NewImage O: (My) age has changed ne?
N: Whatever the case ne?

NewImageS: A message for your mum?

NewImageO: Mum, thanks for always giving birth to me!

NewImageThe other members immediately raise their protest

NewImageJ: How many times have you been given born?


Pretty boy wink! In any case… Sho introduces the today’s guests!

NewImageNewImageToday’s guests are from the drama “Sazae san”!

NewImageNewImageIt’s a special drama that will air on the 1st dec. (or rather, was aired…)NewImageNewImageNewImageKawaii kids!

NewImageNewImageSho asks the little kid if he watches VSA and knows about arashi, the answer to both were yes. S: Ja, who do you like most? Kid: That *points*

NewImageS: It was his birthday, can you say omedetou to him?

NewImage Kid: Omedetou
Kawaiii!NewImage O: thank you XD

NewImageAnd Sho calls for the plus one guest

NewImageNewImageAs expected… hahaha!

NewImageThe guest complains about being ignored… J: No wait just one person….? S: *bursts out in laughter*

NewImageCan you guess what’s the first game? Hint: the starry pole J is holding

NewImageYou go it! its Dual curling!

NewImageThe guest team has the following members playing. This time since there are two kids, a special rule is in place to allow 4 players to take part!

NewImageN, J and plus on guest Kojima is taking part!

NewImageNeen the little devil blocks Kojima XD

NewImageThe Sazae-san team has been on VSA 3 times already, and so far they lost twice and won once.

NewImageNino complains about the large number of pucks the guest team has XD MC explains once again that there will be 4 players, and each player will have their own three pucks. N: So, we have no choice but to become a devil! (and I was just talking about Neen being a little devil!)
J: Let us see the devil (in Eng) Kojima!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOpps, the blue stone overshoot and fell straight off!

NewImageYet another blue stone falls off from the very left hand side of the screen

NewImageN’s stone knocks a blue one off

NewImageNewImageIn the end pretty much all the stones ended up in the 10 point zone haha

Next round!NewImage

NewImageNewImageNewImageLol what’s with this angelic face leader? XD
MC: It’s an adult battle now
S: Yes, we are trailing by 30 points right?
O: It’s a huge gap… 30 points… an NewImage S and A protests saying that once you get into the 50 point zone you can make up the 30 points gap already.
O: It won’t do to have that sort of feeling!

NewImageLeader asks aiba to do it seriously as he is holding on to the 2x puck today!

NewImageS: Ah so… because Aiba Masaki is holding on to the 2x so you want us to play seriously
A: Ah so its like this! You’re controlling us (so that we won’t go overboard) right?
<at least i think that’s what he said>
O: (you guys can be) Scary!
A: Ok ok!

NewImageIt’s a funny trio :P

NewImageThe grandfather? actor talks about his make up. It takes a full hour for him to transform into the anime character! He has to start at 6:30am everyday to get the make up done… or rather, the (lack of) hair done.

NewImageA closer look at the bald head :P

NewImageAnd next this guest, she holds the record of being the female guest with the most number of appearances on VSA! A whooping 6 times!
S: She’s like a VSA master ne?NewImage The game starts after the guest team changes the 2x puck holder.

NewImageSho makes the first move

NewImageNewImageLast 10 seconds!

NewImageThe guest team’s double stone didn’t make it in time!

NewImageSho’s stone made it in the centre!! And good job too, Aiba’s double didn’t stay in the 50 point zone, but at least it got 30 points! A huge win for arashi!

NewImageNewImageAnago (the guest) himself is shocked that the 2x stone was wasted like this :P
G: Looking at Katsuo’s face now, his face is really scary! (see below)NewImage
Kid: I was looking forward to it so much. And moreover that was a double stone!NewImageSo adorable :)
S: Wait a minute, we did good didn’t we?

NewImageA: At the end leader… ne

NewImageA: Before i played the last stone, he keep saying ‘hurry up hurry up hurry up!'

NewImageA: Even though he was the one who told us not to be anxious, he was the most anxious person in the end!

NewImageLOL! Leader admits that indeed he got anxious XD

NewImageAiba announces the next game, kicking sniper!

NewImageGuest team first! This three members will be playing!

NewImageThe scores are as seen abv, the guest team is behind by 120 points!

NewImageThey comment on how they are worried about the performance of Anago-san. He was a K1 fighter, but confesses that besides fighting he can’t do any other sports. And they remind him once more of the kid’s angry eyes earlier haha.

NewImageAnyhow, the game starts!

NewImage1st target: 1st kicker - left, 2nd kicker - right, 3rd kicker….

NewImagebang! right into the wall!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kick - clips the bottom of the target but it barely moved. 2nd kicker - HIT!


NewImage90 points getto!

NewImage3rd target! 1st kick - hit, 40 points get. 2nd and 3rd kick missed

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker - hit! All but the last can fell!

NewImage2nd and 3rd kicker missed though, no perfect sadly.

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker - hit but target merely swayed a little.

NewImage2nd and 3rd player both hit… but too softly! The game ends w/o the K1 fighter scoring a single point!

NewImageNewImageNewImageand then he breaks out laughing… cute XD

NewImageNino comments on how mr. K1 kept doing this action of tubing his hands together...

NewImageNext up is arashi team! NewImageKojima, Sho, and Ohno! MC asks Kojima about whether he has any experience playing soccer. He replied that he played for 5 years in primary school.

NewImageThe Kaze trio starts talking among themselves at the back and ignores the talk. And then a ‘fight’ breaks out XD

NewImageSquabbles aside, MC asks the girl who she likes best in arashi… to which her answer is Ohno-kun :)

NewImageNewImage2nd child to say they like Oh-chan the most today XD

NewImageShe likes Oh-chan cos he’s good at singing, and kakkoii (cool/handsome)

NewImageO: Its been so long since anyone said i was kakkoii…
S: That’s good isn’t it, and your birthday is right after this. It’s the first time isn’t it?
O: Yes, first timeNewImage O: You are number one! (as in the best)

NewImageLets see how kakkoii Ohno can be today XD

NewImage1st target: 1st two kickers missed. Ohno hits but the red can doesn’t fall

NewImage2nd target: 1st two miss again, ohno hits! Sadly just short of the perfect… the last can looked like it was gonna fall but didn’t in the end….

NewImageNewImage3rd target: 1st kicker missed. S hit off the 3 cans on top

NewImageOhno’s kick nicely skimmed off the red can but sadly no perfect.

NewImage4th target: plus one guest finally hits!

NewImagethe last can fell by itself too, perfect!

NewImage1st two missed the last target… ohno hits! He scores 60 points. They end off with 290 points

NewImageWhen asked, the girl replied that Ohno’s performance was cool :)

NewImageOhno looks pleased XD

NewImageO: What do you wish to get?
hahaha oh-chan XD

NewImageNext up is rolling coin tower!

NewImageArashi has a huge 200 point lead at the moment

NewImageMC: Matsumoto-kun, arashi team is strong ne?
J: Yes indeed… why is that so?
Kojima: Because we don’t have Anago here?
S: BUT we have Kojima here!
K: So what if I’m here! Isn’t it good?
S: The effect of Kojima?
A: Kojimagic? NewImage K: What is Kojimagic!

NewImageApparently there’s someone else who calls himself Kojimagic?

NewImageGame start! Mum adds 1, kid adds one, mum adds 1 more…

NewImageAnd the kid adds one more! XD Kawaii XD

NewImageSho takes off the extra disc and returns it XD

NewImageSmiling J XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageHahaha, the kid wants to play too :P

NewImageNewImageAw the tower collapsed!

NewImageNewImageArashi team gets another 50 points!

Go to Part 2.

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Thank you very much for sharing :)

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Thanks so much, really enjoy this!


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