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Back to part 1?

The post got too big so I had to split it up into two…

NewImageNext up is cliff climb!

NewImageGuest team goes first, climbers are the runner and of course the pro climber!

NewImageNewImageShe is the first Japanese female winner of the ’09 and ’10 bouldering world championship

NewImageThe MC asks climber for her impression of the wall. Climber: I’ve seen it on TV and wanted to try it. I’m very excited to climb it.
S: The chin of the wall (the protruding portion on the top left), what do you think of it?
Climber: I think its very easy
S: o.o

NewImageThey ask her how high does she normally climb to. Climber: If its with the safety rope/harness, then normally about 30-50m

NewImageJust look at that arm muscle!
S: o.o
Climber: if its just this height, i’ll climb without the safety harness

NewImageArashi looks stunned. haha ^.^

NewImageFukushima (the runner, i finally got her name!) will climb up asap so that she can pass the baton to the 2nd climber.

NewImageMC: Yoshida-san, we are really looking forward to the performance of these two individuals ne?
Yoshida: *continues fiddling with the grip baskets while answering* hai!NewImage MC: Yoshida-san…
Yoshida: huh?NewImage S: She’s behaving like a coach! *imitates*

NewImageYoshida mentions something about looking forward to watching their performance… and then adds on a: although I’m also good at this ne… XD
Crowd: *laugh*NewImage

NewImageYoshida: although i also want to do it, i shall bear with it…

NewImageArashi: *laughs*

NewImageAnd so the cliff climb starts amid the laughter!

NewImageA good pace, 5x2 points get!

NewImageDelivering the first grip!


NewImageShe struggles to get the grip out of the basket...


NewImageNewImageClear! Now to pass the baton

NewImageNewImage Baton pass!

NewImageShe attacks the wall with speed!

NewImageSticking her fingers into the holes and hitting the green button!


Moving down and using her legs to press all the 5 point buttons!

NewImageAnd the last of the 5 pointers!

NewImageAnd now tackling the ‘chin’ with ease!

NewImageThere goes 50 points!

NewImageAnd then 10 points!

NewImageAnd she climbs up from the front of the chin!

NewImageNewImageNewImageArashi is once again stunned.

NewImageNewImageA piece of cake for the pro climber!

NewImageMC: Yaaaa matsumoto-kun, just what did we witness?
J: Ehhh?NewImage A: did you see that <unknown part> muscles?

NewImageLook at those rock hard back muscles!

NewImageN: To aiba, its called ‘senakin'

NewImageN: although everyone probably calls its ‘back muscles’
J talks about how he climbed the wall a few times, but never ever thought of climbing up from the front.

NewImageThey have pretty much only climbed up from the side.

NewImageN: So we should do that too…
J: Yeah lets try it
N: Yeah the person going there should try it
NewImage They all start making a ruckus… look at oh-chan’s face haha

NewImageYup, he’s the one going to climb that part… you just gotta love his facial expressions XD

NewImageNewImageThe climbers are ohno and aiba!

NewImageEveryone else are in the supporters area

NewImageSmooth talker Nino and J decided for ohno that they too, will be climbing the chin from the front

NewImageNewImageJ gets serious and tells Ohno what he saw of the climbing strategy deployed earlier.

NewImageBut ohno is clueless haha
S: shall we check the vtr?
NewImage And so the strategy used was: right leg on the pink bar, left leg on the orange grip.

NewImageS: hai, how was it ohno-san?
O: ahhhh (pretends to understand), i’ll try it!
XD cute leader. Of course they don’t get to see the VTR replay :PNewImage Everyone: *laughs*
Ohno looks worried… N and J: You can do it! O: I can?NewImage

NewImageWhether ohno can do it or not, the game starts!

NewImageNewImageGrip caught smoothly from Sho!

NewImageNewImageAiba makes his way up fast so as to leave more time for ohno!


94 secs left, fast!

NewImageBaton pass and Ohno runs to the wall to start the climb!

NewImagehe asks for the grip!

NewImageand ends up putting two grips side by side haha!

NewImageNewImageNewImageHe gets the 30 point button smoothly

NewImageNow to move to the left side

NewImageNewImageHe gives up on the 5 point button that’s the lowest and on the left most area

NewImageNewImageNewImage50 points get!

NewImageOhno is very hesitant to grab the top


NewImageAnd he makes it up!

NewImageNewImageNice job leader!

NewImageO: i did it…
S: how was it? the course from the middle. was it easy?
O: I was very lost!NewImage S: that’s why you did this is it?

NewImageJ: What was that standby for?
S: it was like tu du du du
NewImage They replay that part together with music XD

NewImageOhno explains that because when he stretched his right hand out, the left side seems to slip and it was really scary… and he is very happy to have everyone’s support XD

NewImageKawaii leader ^.^

NewImageNext up is kicking sniper!

NewImageIt’s the 2nd last game!

NewImageCurrently the guest team is losing by 45 points

NewImageThe focal point is of course on the female striker! She was the top scorer in the previous season of the league! Sho asks if she is confident, after all the ball used is quite different from a soccer ball.

NewImageShe confidently declares that she takes it as her job to finish up all the remaining cans.

NewImageSoccer player: So the two of you can just play any way you want!
1st two kickers: thank you!NewImage Game start!

NewImage1st target: Yoshida hits off the sliver can at the top. 2nd kicker miss. 3rd kicker - ball hits but just bounces off!

NewImagezero points!

NewImageYoshida scores a perfect on the 2nd target!

NewImage3rd target: yoshida kicks off a sliver can

NewImage2nd kicker kicks off another sliver can...

NewImageand the 3rd kicker kicks off a 4rd sliver can! hahaha XD

NewImageUnbelievable :P

NewImageNewImage4th target: Yoshida kicks off 1 can, target sways but doesn’t fall. 2nd kicker: miss? or hit but nothing happens

NewImage3rd kicker… another sliver can comes off, but no points! bad luck much? hahaha

NewImageIts just not her day…. :P

NewImagelast target! yoshida hits the middle pillar!

NewImage2nd and 3rd kicker both miss!
The game ends with them scoring only 110 points! Yoshida comments on how they were really accurate in kicking of the sliver cans, indeed of the point scoring red ones :P
MC: This game requires power as well ne? (as in the kicks)
Soccer player: yes… maybe i was aiming too hard…
Yoshida: but if you aim hard, the ball flies up really high yeah?NewImageSoccer player: Yes, but when doing a toe kick you can’t really control the ball…NewImage Yoshida: That’s what’s interesting about kicking sniper!

NewImageLOL since when did Yoshida become such a comedian!

NewImageNewImageEither way its arashi’s turn next!

NewImageThe plus one kicker did soccer from primary 4-6. She comments on how since she’s in the ladies zone so power wise it should be alright.

NewImageYoshida starts to complain about how come they didn’t get to be in the ladies zone earlier, and Sho tries to stop her from complaining XD

NewImageS: No no, the three of you were in the ladies athletes zone.

NewImageS: its right in the middle! (of the ladies zone and the men’s zone)
Yoshida: So you guys came up with such a rule huh?
S: Just how much do you want to win?
N: So she’s just a claimer (as in like, a person who makes claims and complains) if she didn’t get the gold medal!

NewImageNewImageGame start!

NewImageFirst target: plus one guest scores a perfect!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - kicks off a sliver can

NewImageNino scores 20 points. J’s ball hit the wall. Actually J was fiddling with the positioning of his ball and barely made the kick in time…

NewImage3rd target: 1st kicker: hits off the top cans and scores 20 points! Nino: hits but doesn’t fall. J: has trouble with his ball rolling out of place again. Hits the wall once more.

NewImageNewImage4th target: 1st two kicks were a miss. J’s kick hit, but the target merely moved a little

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker got the middle pillar

NewImageNino missed. J finals hits AND scores!

NewImageToo bad the last can didn’t fall :(

NewImage210 points for arashi!
They comment on the plus one guest’s good performance.

NewImageActually after she scored the perfect on the first target, the ball came bouncing back and hit her in the chest haha

NewImageS: Instead of kicking sniper, it has become kicking Haruka?
N: Should i say this? The first two balls… J’s kicks kept hitting the wallNewImageNewImage J starts his protest. J: Its not my fault!!!! I set the ball properly but...

NewImageJ: After nino’s kick, he ball re-bounded and hit my ball!

NewImageAnd it happened twice on the 2nd and 3rd target! Hahaha! Now we know why J wasn’t able to set his ball properly in time for the kick XD

NewImageKorokoro viking time!

NewImageNewImageGuest time goes first with the layout as seen from the screenies ^.^

NewImageNewImageThey are currently lagging behind by 145 points!

NewImageYoshida: 50, all will be 50 (points)! We will not aim for anything besides 50! Ne?
Runner, in a soft voice: Hai
Yoshida: Have you eaten?

NewImagePlus one guest: Teacher!
S: She’s completely like a physical education teacher!NewImage When asked about the team work between Yoshida and the runner, Yoshida commented that it must be because earlier during the rehearsals she was using a lot of strength and now Fukushima-san is scared of her. Somehow the topic goes to how she’s the only person who’s 31, the rest of the team are all in their 20s. Crowd: Eh???? Yoshida *turns around to face the crowd* So what about it? Crowd: Can’t tell! S: Because you turned around there’s nothing else they can say! Yoshida: I’m so happy now, let’s go for Yakiniku with everyone later!

NewImageRed box: Tension MAX!
Hahaha a little like aiba-shi ne? XD

NewImageGame start!

NewImageThe first ball reaches the orange zone

NewImageIt scores a 50!

NewImageThe 2nd ball reaches the orange zone but the 3rd ball falls in the pink zone!

NewImagethe 2nd ball also scores a 50!

NewImageHere comes the golden ball!

NewImageAw, too bad its not a 50 this time

NewImageAll the balls are out now! Moving the balls slowly and carefully….

NewImageAmazing! Another 50 points!

NewImageAw, this time the ball went straight through to bridge to the 5 point zone.

NewImageAw, the last golden scored 10x2=20 points

NewImageThey end the game with 215 points!

NewImageArashi is next!

NewImageNewImageNewImageWith a 70 point difference only, they only need 75 points and above to win!

NewImageOf course, as regular players, there’s the -30 zone.

NewImageMC: Ninomiya-kun, will it be alright?
N: Of course! Everything in 10 points and it’ll be fine!
A: No no, we can put everything in the 10, but that’ll be really boring!NewImage S: Yes, our opponents are the female athletes team after all
A: Yes, lets win with a huge point difference! Lets all aim for high points… although since I’m in the pink zone its easy for me to say anything i like XDNewImage S: (points at Haruna) Is it ok for you not to be in the green zone?
Haruna: I’m not Shreek!

NewImageHaruna and Sho fooling around together :P

NewImageGame start!

NewImageThe first ball scores 30 points!

NewImageBut…….. its -30 on the 2nd bal… back to 0!

NewImage3rd ball...

NewImageAn another -30 o.o!

NewImagePositive at last!

NewImageBut the next ball got on the bridge too early and… -.-‘''

NewImageThe guest team rejoice!

NewImageThe 6th ball rolls on the edge of the bridge and… falls off!

NewImageWin or lose? Everything depends on the last golden ball!

NewImageIts on the bridge!

NewImageIt goes into the 30 points zone!

NewImageThey end up with 100 points and wins today’s VS!


Look at the climber’s arm muscles!

NewImageAnd its time for the 10 sec challenge!

NewImageWhy is Nino climbing up the wall? That’s cause today’s challenge is called flying catch!

NewImageNino climbs up the wall but fails halfway :P

NewImageAnyway the explanation proper… Can Nino catch a disc while falling down from the cliff climb wall? That’s the 10 sec challenge!

NewImageIt’s a success if he can even catch a single disc mid air!

NewImageNewImageAnd he sets off!

NewImageNewImageThe discs all look pretty far away :P

NewImageNewImageMission failed!

NewImageMC:One last word from Ninomiya-kun!
NewImage N: My stomach hurts ne!

And that’s all! XD

Date: 2013-11-24 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for the summary XD

Date: 2013-11-25 06:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wonderful! Oh, things make so much more sense this way! :)

Thank you for sharing this! :)

Date: 2013-11-26 09:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG I have to watch this episode XD Looks so epic! Thank you so much for the summary! (leopard print brothers in action XD yei! hahaha)


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