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Hoho, managed to get a HQ video! Really loved this episode! The guest team was hilarious, and our dear leader showed off his manly side as well!


Today they are up against a strong team!NewImageNewImage It’s the female athletestics team!
S: The strongest females in the history of mankind are gathered here!

NewImageYoshida-san and Kataoka-san have been on VSA for the 4th time now!
S: Yoshida-san is there any game that you are particularly good at?
Yoshida: Yes the cliff climb, I’m good at that, but today, we have a proNewImageYoshida has tried the cliff climb twice previously.NewImage Indeed, the pro free climber is here today.

NewImageNeen comments on how she’s wearing shoes that they’ve never seen before...

NewImageFrom wresting champions to 100/200m runners...

NewImageTo soccer and baseball

NewImageto swimmers and climbers… they are all the top athletes of Japan/the world!
Arashi starts commenting on how important it is for them to have a strong plus one guest to help them win.NewImage Today’s plus one guests are the two comedians from harisenbon!
Arashi looks very, very disappointed.NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageYou just gotta love their handsome faces… :P ah i <3 HD videos!

NewImageOur boys start complaining about how the plus one guest is extremely important today as they are facing really strong opponents… and how they wished they had a strong plus one guest team to help them

NewImageThe first game is pinball runner!

NewImageThe runner is the fastest girl in Japan!

NewImageThe swimmer (she’s a breast stroker), the base baller, and the wrestler will be giving the commands!

NewImageMC: As the record holder of the 100m and 200m in Japan, you are definitely confident in your running abilities right?
Runner: *in a small voice* Hai…
She’s so shy when answering the qns, so cute ^.^NewImageAudience: Kawaii!
Yoshida: Thank you!
Base baller: Wrong!!! (they are not talking about you!)

A/N: Sorry, I only know the wrestler’s name since she appeared in VS loads and i watched her in other shows and during the olympics too… so the rest shall remain nameless >< )NewImage Her antics send everyone bursting into laughter. I absolutely loved this episode because of Yoshida. She was so hilarious throughout. I swear she’s prepared to become a comedian after she retires from wrestling.
Arashi starts asking the runner some qns. When did you discover that you were fast in running? When i was in primary school. J: Faster than those people around you? Runner: Yes, faster than those people around me. Plus one guest: That’s how you realise you are fast right? *all burst out laughing* O: Have you ever had the feeling of ‘I can’t stop (running)’?  Runner: Because Im a short distance runner, if I run long distances i’ll naturally stop. NewImage *crowd bursts into more laughter at her serious but funny answer*
They ask the three if they have any strategies in giving out the commands. MC: Ah Yoshida-san, don’t tell me its going to be 1, 2, 3, 4…? Yoshida: Ah no, although i thought of it, it won’t be 1,2,3,4 Alsok (the brand advert catch phrase), instead, we are going for 4,5,6,7.

NewImageNewImageA: eh? She will definitely be able it catch it, she’s the fastest in Japan after all! (red box: 100m in 11.21 sec!)
Yoshida: So lets do all thenNewImage In perfect synchrony, N+A: She will definitely catch it!

NewImageAnd so it starts!

NewImageThey started off well!

NewImageShe bends forward in time to catch the first pink!

NewImageSadly the 2nd one hit and rim and bounced out!

NewImageShe manages to catch the 3rd pink by luck? Pretty much all i could hear of the instructions was exclamations of pink! ^.^

NewImageTime’s up! 170 points! Neat! J comments on how she moved one step forward + bend down to catch the first pink.

NewImageS: Was it difficult? Runner: Ah, it was difficult *shy* there were instructions of ‘go back to the original spot’ etc…
Yoshida snatches the fame again: the instructions was good right?NewImage

NewImageYoshida was in charge of the yellows and the other two the pink. N: but when Yoshida was saying the yellows, the two of you were abnormally scared. Base baller: Ah I thought she won’t be able to get any balls at all! Hana-chan (plus one): Hahahaha! Yoshida: What was that hahaha for!
*waits for the day Yoshida debuts as a comedian*
NewImage Next up is Arashi’s turn!

NewImageHandsome boy J is running!

NewImageAnd giving instructions is O+plus one

NewImageJ is worried about the 3, as previously in last year’s VSA ohno declared that he will never ever work with the two again as they were completely fooling around instead of giving proper instructions (he was the pinball runner then)

NewImageThis time round they will do a proper job. Haruna-chan will be in charge of yellow.

NewImageNewImageJ declares that he will aim for 190 points!

NewImageEveryone claps!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageHaruna starts giving instructions in a rather weird voice...

NewImagethe first pink dropped down way way be hid J at around no. 2.

NewImageHaruna: ~na~~na~… ~hac~chi~….

NewImageJust so happened that the pink ball fell right into the cargo!

NewImageTime’s up! 150 points!

NewImageJ looks pissed

NewImageNewImageJ: Kondo were you fooling around?

NewImageJ imitates how she called out seven earlier.

NewImageO: That seven was really too much!

NewImageOhno imitates her as well, with actions all added in XD

NewImageEven J can resist laughing at leader’s antics

NewImageNext up… you guessed it, jumping shooter!

NewImageLeopard prints brothers are the shooters!

NewImageRock climber is the goal keep for the top goal...

NewImageand the bottom goal is the soccer player!
N: Ah so its like that. The bottom one, the bottom one. MC: Eh? the bottom one? At the bottom is the soccer player you know? N: she’s not the goal keeper after all…NewImage N: Wont she do this? (see abv, imitation of soccer players during corner kicks) Soccer player: it doesn’t matter if the hands are used or not, as long as the balls are stopped its fine!

NewImageN: indeed… maybe something like this? (kicks leg out to the side a few times)

NewImageMC: what do you think sakurai-kun? S: its not a matter of how the opponent is, is a matter of me being bad at this game *all: laughs*
N: the top (player) is scary na…. constantly laughing!NewImageN: Do you do any sports?
Climber: Apart from climbing i don’t do any other sports, so i probably fail at them.
*N and S whispers: may be possible*
MC: Oh, a strategy change?
N: After all the person below is doing soccer…NewImage N: Dangerous dangerous dangerous!

NewImageGame start! Let’s see how they perform!

NewImageNewImageThey are aiming for the bottom goal!

NewImageNino slowly runs to pick up the next ball. Tired already? there’s still 40+ secs to go!

NewImageSho is tired too XD He stands by the ball stand and waits for Nino to arrive before setting off together! hahaha

NewImageThey aim for the bottom again!

NewImageNewImageThis time round the top! Both in!

NewImageNewImageNice catch, the ball went smashing into her stomach XD

NewImageThey both look really tired

NewImageA tired Sho climbs out from the trampoline area

NewImagethey both toss the ball w/o going on the trampoline

NewImageand then he collapse on the cushion XD

NewImageNewImagesimilar position much? XD

NewImageThey look surprised to hear that they scored 160 points. S mouths the word ‘really?'

NewImageN: How was it? Was it considered good?
They are both still sitting on the floor haha

NewImageJ: Looking at this… A: it’s a little… you know…? Can feel the age issues ne?

NewImageN+S: o.o


NewImageThey show past footage of an energetic Nino and Sho back in 2009… and then a replay out their earlier ‘relaxed’ performance XD

NewImageJ: Although you tried your best, from the POV of the audience, you sure took your own sweet time

NewImageNext is the guest team! Yoshida and the base baller are the shooters!

NewImageThe top goal is Haruna!

NewImageWhile Aiba takes the bottom goal!

NewImageThe shooters start doing some stretching/bending exercise. MC: The game will last 1 minutes, can you do it?
Yoshida: The (wresting) competition is 3 minutes, so this will certainly not be a problem.
MC: We await your performance. What about you base baller-san (i suck at names sorry)? As a base baller you should be good with throws…
Base baller: Yes I will just think of it as a base ball jumping throw.
MC: at the top is haruna-san, and below is aiba-kun, which will you go for?
Yoshida: We will put high focus on attacking Aiba-san’s (goal)

NewImageNewImageA: Yes… the baseballer’s profession is the throw (balls), while Yoshida-san throws people everyday ne? Honestly speaking i don’t have any experience as the keeper…. How? Have you had any experience as the keeper? *points at Haruna*.
Haruna: Of course not!
A: How about as a catcher?
Haruna: No! What kind of image is that!NewImage A: I’ll show you! (what i got) S: That was cool!

NewImageGame start! Let’s see if aiba can really live up to his promise XD

NewImageAiba stops a ball from rolling in. Haruna also manages to stop a ball.

NewImageNewImageAiba catches another ball

NewImageo.o the base baller’s throw hit the wall and rebound back!

NewImageNewImageQuite a few balls have hit the top of the bottom goal, or the floor of the top goal

NewImageNice save! Aiba blocked like 3 balls in a row!

NewImageMake that 4!

NewImageGreat job aiba! They only managed to score 80 points! (what? only 4 goals? that’s… sad… I was seriously expecting them to smash ageing N+S’s good but not too stellar record. I remember last time some athletes team came and scored over 300 points… was it the gymnastic team?)

NewImageThey comment on how they keep hitting the wall

NewImageThey also show replay footage of aiba’s chain blocks. J: You’re on a roll today ne? A: Yes I’m on a roll ne? I think my physical condition is good today!

Go on to Part 2!

Date: 2013-11-25 06:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
when the pros in sports play sports related games, sure sounds interesting! wonder what will happen to arashi's score? will see part 2 later! thanks for the review =)

Date: 2013-11-25 10:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you^_______^
will watch this with your review^^

Date: 2013-11-25 02:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for sharing the summary of the ep. Will love it more if the community can just sub it!~

Date: 2013-12-05 04:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah I see... That's too bad... >


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