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It's the month of Jun's brthday heh heh, so I thought of doing a short review on an episode featuring Jun.

And since it is also near the 24hrTV challenge, which features a SP drama on Ohno,
therefore today's review is on OhJun/  Juntoshi

2013.01.31 Himitsu no Arashi-chan

- Sharehouse: Mama party
- Challenge: Toma Ikuta


  • Funny faces of OhJun papas

  • OhJun papas carrying the toddler carrier

In this HnA episode, Ohno and Jun interviews female guests who are mamas, and the boys tried on some items for taking care of babies such
as strollers and toddler carrier. For this sharehouse segment, it gets boring when the mamas start talking about their babies..The rewarding part about this episode is their peek-a-boo and them wearing the toddler carrier (with a toy baby as demo)

Their expressions when asked to do funny faces to play with babies.
Lol that look! ^0^

Jun's peek-a-boo face is really hilarious that Ohno could not stop giggling too!
Lol Ohno I think that peek a boo will stun a baby haha!

Lol Ohno you looked like you just woken up >0<

Challenge segment

  • Ohno was surprisingly good in one game

  • Jun's series of impersonation on 5 things

  • Toma doing comedian skit wearing english Sir outfit

I think this segment is more interesting then the sharehouse segment, since there is some anticipation on who will excel in the games etc. It's a fight between the 3 Johnny's

Ohno looking good =)

Jun's pursed lips

Love their expression here! Their "unimpressed face" of the appearance of a sporty comedian.

Ohno trying his might to hang on to the bar and... !

Jun gets a forfeit by doing a series of impersonation of 5 different things..4 artistes and a gorilla )=
Was thinking of having Ohno to do the impersonation. His facial expressions are rather epic these days!

Overall, its a (6.5/10) viewable episode, a non subbed version is still fine because the watchable contents are with their actions and expressions. Streaming with chinese subs from tudou here

End of review. Hope you have enjoyed it~

Something on weibo..
mao and jun?
If this is true, then... really hope the appearance of Jun papa too~

Date: 2013-08-13 01:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] angelasyp.livejournal.com
Having OhJun to look after the babies is going to be havoc! :P.. Either to pity poor baby or pity poor ohjun!

Thanks for the review.. ^o^

Date: 2013-08-13 04:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] angelasyp.livejournal.com
wooow... hopefully it's true. ^o^


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