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And today i bring you Aiba's drama Last Hope on Picaru no Teiri! If you've not read, I did a review of Ohno's Kagi Heya drama on picaru earlier… you might want to read it, or at least the start of that entry if you have no idea what this show is about. This time round the same guy in infiltrating the last hope drama set!

NewImageNewImageWould aiba do better than leader? Read on to find out! Today's chameleon (hence on C) is as abv!

NewImagefirst they introduce C, who managed to infiltrate the kagi heya set really really well last year. this time round it’s the last hope drama set he's after!

NewImageDifficulty lvl: 20
1 second of infiltration = 200 yen


C thinks he'll get spotted. After all he's been an MC on arashi's shows quite a number of times already.

NewImagebecause he always wears specs during those MC sessions, he thinks it'll be better if he takes off his specs for this mission.

NewImageand because ohno finally recognised him from his jaw/chin last time, maybe he'll cover his lower face when speaking… MC: not like this! this is weird!!!

NewImageand here, the mission list!

  • Say "what to do?" 5000yen

  • suddenly fall down 7000yen

  • set on a chair on the set 10,000 yen

  • talk to aiba or the other actress 10,000yen

  • place the picaru calendar on the set 10,000yen

  • hum A.RA.SHI 10,000yen

  • dance A.RA.SHI 10,000yen

  • eat the orange that is on the set 20,000yen

  • pass the file used in the drama to aiba or the actress 20,000yen

  • pass the card of a beauty salon to aiba or the actress 20,000yen

  • ask aiba about his thoughts on kouhaku 50,000yen

  • ask aiba about his thoughts on new year 50,000yen

  • get filmed on camera (drama) during rehearsal or the actual filming 100,000yen

NewImagehere's the picaru calendar

NewImagethey decided to flip to the page where C infiltrated the kagi heya drama set! XD

C is told to hum ARASHI loud enough for aiba to hear, and dance it in front of aiba (otherwise they won't count?) C complains that 10k yen is too low for doing the dance in front of aiba

NewImagethe file that appears a lot on last hope drama! they got help from the guy in charge of all the props to get an identical file form him.

NewImageand then… they prepared a super huge file too! A3 size! 50,000yen if he can pass that to aiba!

NewImageSee the size difference!

NewImageand 20,000yen if he delivers osechi to the actor/actress!

NewImageno an easy task! :X

NewImagethe salon card...

NewImageOne of the MC decided to add in a T card to the mix. I guessing its some movie theatre member card, since they asked C to talk about movies with the actor/actress.

NewImagethey give him a professional baseball collecting card too...

NewImagemake that two card! XD

NewImage50,000yen for passing the T-card

NewImage100,000yen for the cromartie baseball card...

NewImage100,000yen also for the japanese baseball player card.

NewImagethis time round, with the excuse of making a drama making video, staff from picaru infiltrate the drama set to film!

NewImageand yup, this guy in blue is the guy in charge of the props! they got his help in order to get their hands on the file used in the drama

NewImageafter some random talk which i skipped… we are shown a picture of the last hope set! total of 4 CCTVs and 2 cameras on the set! they will be doing a dry run, followed by rehearsal, then the actual drama filming!

NewImagefirst up is the dry run! in green box: in a dry run the cameras are not running!

NewImageC enters the set and the timer starts!

NewImageC enters the corridor of the studio!

NewImagesee the file aiba is holding now? that's the actual file used in the drama, and of the correct size XD

NewImageC enters the set from the 2nd door.

NewImageC moves to the front of the set, and is very near the oranges!

NewImagehe sits on the chair! *kaching!* 10,000yen earned!

NewImagedanger! Aiba seems to be looking in the direction of C!

NewImageC is fiddling with the orange! is he gonna eat the orange now?

NewImagethe dry run ends and aiba leaves the room!

NewImageC moves out to the corridor too!

NewImageaiba spots the 'making' camera and greets the camera!!!

NewImageA: good morning! what is this for? Making? isn't this a bit too formal for a making video? NewImageA: isn't the camera too big (for a making video)? <in the background, MCs: yabai x n (oh no!)>

NewImageA: wah! happy~! thus far the cameras used for the making video is like this small (makes gesture) though… onegaishimasu!

NewImageMC: that was dangerous! if the cameraman gets busted now its over! Aiba is the type who'd just talk to anyone in a very direct manner isn't he?

they thought that the other actress would be more sensitive/alert, but it seems like aiba is really sensitive/alert too!

NewImageC pretends to read the script in the corridor. the green file is just beside him!

NewImagethe actress is putting on her shoes and getting ready to re-enter the set!

NewImageShe just passes by C w/o suspecting anything!

NewImagenext is aiba!

NewImagethe normal sized file is passed to aiba!

NewImageaiba keeps looking back and seems a little suspicious… but either way its still 20,000yen earned!

NewImageNewImageanyway the rehearsals start and takumi-kun enters the set!

NewImageNewImageC runs off, away from aiba and into the set! he picks up an orange once more!

NewImageseems like he's trying to peel the orange!

NewImageaiba is hanging outside the set… he spots the camera  once more and starts questioning! A: is this really for making (video)?

NewImageA repeats the question.. causing the cameraman and MCs to break out in cold sweat

NewImagethe poor cameraman puts down his camera and runs away for his dear life! XD

NewImagethe actual filming finally starts!

NewImageNewImageaiba keeps looking at the picaru camera!

NewImageC replaces the orange on the set...

NewImagefrom afar is seems like he didn’t eat the orange but...

NewImageits just the skin left! he ate the orange! 20,000yen earned!

NewImagehe's right up at the front of the set now!

NewImagehe casually walks over and...

NewImageplaces the calendar in the seat beside koike-san! 10,000yen!

NewImagehe re-enters the set with the huge file in hand… tires to hide the file under the script but… the file is too big to be hidden properly by the script!

NewImagetotally NOT covered by the script haha!

NewImageand aiba is just standing right in front! dangerous!

NewImagewhile aiba is outside the set, C takes the chance to approach aiba's seat! he places the huge files on aiba's desk!

NewImageafter placing the files C retreats to the back!

NewImagewith that, the actual filming starts!

NewImageaiba sits down… right in front of him is the oversized file!

NewImageaiba picks up the gigantic file to browse...

NewImageof course he noticed that the files are way too big!

NewImagekoike: what's the matter?
A: wait, i think this is a little too big!

thanks to C, they had an NG!NewImage C rushes forward to retrieve the oversized files, and pretends to trip and fall

NewImage7000yen for the fall...

C: sorry!!!

NewImagehe retrieves the oversized file form aiba and earns 50,000yen! so that was a fall+huge file passing combo! haha!

NewImageA: sugihara*-san prepared that? *props staff name, not sure if i got it right

NewImageA: it won't fit here (the shelf) at all!
Koike: sugihara-san!

MC: now they are all angry at sugihara-san! must apologise to him later!

NewImagethe filming restarts… and ends peacefully with no more interuptions

NewImageand that's the end of filming for the two of them! if that's the case there's no chance for C to make conversation with either aiba or koike-san! aiba leaves the set and takes off his white coat...

NewImageaiba and koike-san enters the greenroom.

NewImageC also heads to the greenroom… with the new year bento box in hand!

NewImagehe hands them the new year bento box!

NewImagewith that he manages to speak to the aiba and koike-san, and pass them the osechi!
koike: a reward? wow I'm so glad!

the MCs were still being really glad at C's success when aiba spoke… A: i found it suspicious the whole day… there! you are yoshimura's friend aren't you!NewImage game over! haha aiba identified him by his comedy partner's name :P

NewImagethe MCs rush down to the set...

NewImageand explain about how they've been infiltrating the set all along, and there's even the picaru desk calendar placed on the set...

NewImagekoike: ehhhhhhhhh????
mc: (koike) has that really irritated look on her face!

NewImageaiba explains why he noticed C: i noticed because there's no such unfashionable person on the set of last hope! everyone (the staff) on last hope is very fashionable! maybe if he was more fashionable i wouldn’t have noticed

NewImageMC: its because the staff on variety shows are very unfashionable!

NewImagethe MCs then point out the camera and sound man who were dressed really unfashionably :P

NewImagethe cameraman is even wearing two specs haha!

NewImageand because he didn’t get a chance to dance/sing arashi earlier, they got C and aiba to do it together, for the sake of arashi fans watching the show :P C: arashi, arashi so sweeeeeet!

hahaha! they just love to change the 'for dream' to other random lyrics :P
A: its not so sweet! its for dream!NewImage then C starts dancing...

NewImageobviously the dance is wrong! they just love teasing aiba :P C: aren't you going to join in the dance?

NewImageA: that's completely wrong! what's with this action???

NewImageaiba kindly teaches him the right move :P

NewImageNewImagethen purposely getting the for dream dance move wrong again XD

NewImageA: wrong wrong! from top down!

NewImagebackground comments: he's so strict!

NewImageA: iya iya… you're making fun of arashi's song! the rest of the members will get angry!
C: no no… *got cut off by aiba*
A: you better apologise to Johnnys!
NewImageC: Johnny-san, I'm sorry!
background: that was fast!

and that ends the last hope drama set infiltration!NewImage just how much $$$ did C earned?

NewImageback in the picaru studio they asked C about the orange… he said he ate it right there on the set, and the whole set was filled with the smell of orange… he thought he'd surely be busted then! XD

NewImagethis is the first time ever they cause an NG during the drama filming. words in red above: just, just a team that gives trouble to others!

NewImageso… can the chameleon break his own 408,600yen record?

NewImagehe won't get the $ if he doesn’t break the record! first up is the length of infiltration… he was undercover for a total of 20mins and 45secs before getting busted!

NewImagethat's a total of 249,000yen for the length of time he was undercover.

NewImagehe finished a total of 8 missions for 147,000yen, which brings it up to a total of 396,000yen! aw he missed his old record by 12,600yen, which means no money for him!


and that's it! I hope you enjoyed the review!

Date: 2013-04-21 03:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just saw nino subbed episode today..

So happy to see your review on Aiba.. hope to see Ohno's part too..:)

Anyway, thanks so much. ^o^

Date: 2013-04-21 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh..issit? maybe i miss it..

thanks.. ^o^

Date: 2013-04-22 08:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hope to see nino's version for this bangumi. I heard he was so skillful in camouflaging ~

Date: 2013-04-22 06:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the review!! This was funny too  :-) Aiba is so sweet, seeing your caps I can imagine his laugh, Arigatou

Date: 2013-04-25 10:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was really interesting! Thank you :)

Aiba is unexpectedly observant, don't you think? I've noticed it earlier too, but here it really stands out. Aiba, kakkoooiii!

Date: 2013-10-31 05:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's fun. I really enjoy it.
Thanks for review.


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