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Yay finally! Part 3 hehehe. If you have not read them yet, Part 1 and Part 2 are here.

NewImageso time for erm… round table talks?

NewImageits time to watch 3 years worth of AnShi disasters!  hahaha, i wonder what amusing clips awaits us XD


basically they'll be recapping all the disastrous happenings in previous episodes!
A: there's those clips that are disastrous but in a good way… and there's those that's disastrous in a bad way, those won't be shown right?
Staff: *slience*
A: EH?
NewImage AD board: first we'll start with Sakurai-san please.
S: ME????NewImage S: Ah… so lets look at the VTR. GETTSU! (comedy gag he did the week before)

NewImageNewImageso we look at who's clips… ranked no. 3: his super weak imitation of bruce lee.

NewImageit was the episode when this guy (koroke-san?) went on AnShi… first up is the guest's imitation of bruce lee. then it's S turn

NewImageNewImagegosh its so hard to describe… its just… plain hilarious!

NewImagejust some frantic old man trying to put his hand in the kettle! XD at the end… he went: Ahhhhhhhh i don't want this to be aired!
hahaha poor sho… you were safe… for a while :PNewImage next is when kitajima kosuke went on AnS.

NewImageS struggling to put on his swimming cap haha!

NewImageNewImagethat was seriously funny XD

the last clip… was the solo 'ya' shout hahahahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

NewImageremember this butai/broadway/whatever performance they did?

NewImageat the end there was supposedly an agreement to shout 'Ya' together… but then S was the only one doing it… hahaha! embarrassing!


and that end's Sho's video clips. S complains about the four of them not saying the 'ya' with him XD he explains that since he's standing at the back, he can only see their behind… he saw the four of them taking a deep breath and he thought they were going to say 'ya', so he did, but thorns out they were only panting… XD

Next up is nino!

NewImageno. 3 is the rare miss from nino! ha! i remember this really well!

NewImagethe topic was about shoes. the guest says he hardly buys shoes… like in 10 years he's only bought a pair. but nino somehow mistook it as socks, and asks the guest how come he didn’t buy it in packs of 3 or 5, which is cheaper...

NewImageLook at Sho's face as nino was talking about 3pairs (of socks, but the rest thinks he's talking abt shoes) sold together, with different colours.

NewImageA: Eh? What? Not shoes? You mean socks?
N: Ah? Shoes? *embarrassed look*

NewImagenext up is the episode where match-san went on AnShi

NewImagein front of his JE super grand senpai… nino remarks abt how he got so shocked by his senior's words that his pants tore :P


NewImageNext is the episode where ikuta toma came...

NewImageaiba was made to do his old gag… 'phun gorilla...'

NewImageNewImagesomehow nino ends up putting on the shirt and made to do his version of the gag...

NewImageA: baba chop (chop motion on nino's head)
N: phun!


and so that was nine's vtr! haha not as bad as sho i would say.

NewImagethey make aiba do the gorilla gag again XD A: no look, there's no gorilla word written on my shirt!

NewImageJ goes ahead with the baba chop anyway...


then its aiba's turn!

NewImagefirst up is when arashi was given a bunch of hard to read kanjis… and aiba kept guessing and kept getting them word

NewImagein another episode… aiba is asked to read the kanji again and….

NewImagehe 'talks with the kanji god' for like 5 seconds...

NewImageNewImageand gives a wrong answer XD

NewImagenext up...

NewImageNewImagegerman sausage were brought into the studio for taste testing...

NewImageMC: the sausage is nice isn't it?

NewImagethen aiba opens his mouth to give a very informative comment: its like sausage.

NewImagedude! that's cos it IS sausage! wahahahaha!

NewImageMC: this is sausage!

and aiba's most disastrous video...

NewImagethis was from this month's episode...

there was an entire section that was unaired… aiba teaching the guest how to make a simple dinner...

NewImageNewImageNewImagewhen it was aired, all we got to see was ohno thanking the guest or something… aiba's cooking was completely cut! the only evidence of the segment ever occurring was the lonely plate on the table...

NewImageaiba laughs like mad at the vtr…!

NewImageactually because nine's magic was too good, there wasn’t enough time and aiba's segment got cut entirely! aw poor thing ><

NewImageaiba complains that they could have at least showed a bit of the cut segment! haha! i thought they were going to show the cut off part too but… the staff is quite mean ne? :P

apparently aiba did some magic in that episode too… but it got cut as well… aw…!

NewImageS: since this time it got cut off as well, it'll probably never going to get shown again.

A: *laughter*

NewImageJ is up next!

NewImageJ was asked to brush the crocodiles teeth...

NewImageNewImageNewImagethen J suddenly went 'oiiiiiii'

and the crocodile made the same noise! J got really shocked and scared XD


next up is the episode with koroke again… J was asked to imitate a baby...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImagesomehow… it just doesn’t look like a toddler…

and they have to repeat the vtr again in slow motion haha!

next vtr!

NewImagethis year's new year SP!

NewImageNewImagehahaha! his eyes got really big ne?

NewImageand then after that the comedians 'fought' and dragged J into their kiss gag :P


NewImageand that's all for MJ!

NewImageNewImageS: at first J didn’t want to do it… but later he thought 'ah let's go' right?

NewImagelastly we have ohno!

NewImageit was doing some episode that i've not watched before… Ohno was supposed to give the weather report in a news program...

NewImagehaha! the first thing we see is the AD helping ohno put on his costume… and moving the thermometer in place.

NewImagegosh what's with that look!

NewImagefirst he gave the weather report from osaka… -3 degrees C in osaka…! while wearing that??? hahaha

NewImagethen from sapporo… boy poor… hahaha moving the props into place! XD

NewImageand bending down to put on the clothing XD


and while ohno is shivering like mad in sapporo… the thermometer shows 26 degrees C! XD Nino asks Oh-chan for the current temperature...

NewImageohno walks over to the thermometer and finally realises what went wrong… he covers thermometer XD you're so funny oh-chan!

NewImage2nd one! some episode i've not watched b4 again! all 5 of them played the electric guitar with the guest…

NewImageat the end of the show the 5 of them decides to do it again by themselves...

NewImageohno was supposed to be the lead, and give to cue to end the performance...

NewImageNewImageNewImagewhen he finally gives the cue… he fails terribly at playing the ending part XD

NewImagelast vtr now!

NewImageit’s the right or wrong quiz… contestants will have to dash and break the wall… behind the wall of the wrong answer is a puddle of water waiting to wet the contestants!

NewImageA qn is asked, J thinks its wrong… he gets leader to go for the correct answer, but leader refuses

NewImageso J decides to go for the correct one, while leader goes for the wrong one. (as in, its like a true false qn)

NewImageOhno scolds J, calling him a devil XD

NewImagehaha in the end the first one that J made ohno do was correct!

NewImageanother qn… Nino this time round XD

NewImagewhat a splash haha!

NewImageNewImageand that's all!

NewImageS gets O to give a message, since AnShi is entering its 4th year already… but ohno gave such a fail message that he got embarrassed and apologised right after he finished :P
S: Ohno-san, that was a big disaster yeah?
O:Yes it was… NewImageO: it comes in 3rd place!NewImageand so amid laughter the episode ends!

yay! finally finished this XD Thank you for reading, sorry it took so long to finish... m(_ _)m

Date: 2013-03-27 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ha ha ha

thank you for review this funny ep ^0^

Date: 2013-03-27 03:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thnaks for finishing it!!

Date: 2013-03-28 02:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I loved this!!! Thanks so much for the caps and comments :D :D


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