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Read Part 1 over here.

And here's part 2 of the AnS review! Gomen, as always it takes me much longer than expected to get my reviews out.

As always, S does the title call!

NewImagethe Title call: Filming a short movie with uchimura director!


uchimura has written a script specially for arashi!

NewImagethe first thing they have to do is read the script of the short film 'graduation from arashi'!

NewImageNewImageS: isn't this too serious?

NewImagefunky girls + AD brings out a board with the script… Or shd i say… boards.

NewImageG: let me read out the script. Ah first up is the sakurai role. Who's going to act out the role of sakurai?
S: *anxiously steps out* sakurai is here! of cos i should do it right!?!?!NewImage MC: don't complicate things unnecessarily!
G: ah ok… then each of you act out ur own roles!
Arashi: thank you!NewImage NewImageNewImageAnd so he starts reading out the script. here's my attempt at translating it… in brackets are the actions they are required to do

S: what's wrong leader? You look deep in thought.
O: …everyone, listen to me!
Rest: We are listening!
O: I think that today, I'm going to graduate from Arashi!
Rest: EHHHHH!!!!!!!?
J: Why? Why? (while grabbing on to ohno's chest)
S: calm down! i understand you feeling but…
O: I…. I want to become a fisherman!
Rest: FISHERMAN!!!?!?!?!
A: What's this? haha! I can help but laugh!!
N: No… no… this can't be happening!!! (crying)
S: Don't cry! even though i understand how you feel…
J: You really think you can make a living from being a fisherman? (once again grabbing ohno's chest)
S: Don't quarrel! Even though i understand how you feel… [yeah, this line is like Sho's pet phrase lol, S complained a little about having to keep say this line XD]
O: I just want to fish!
A: Ahahaha! Either way is fine with me…!
S: Oi! Are you alright? Even though I understand your feelings…!
N: MUMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: <To N> I don't understand your feelings. Leader, would you reconsider? What other things there are apart from graduation!
J: What kind of day is this? [some comedian's gag line, that G is very into now]


NewImageAnyway the next step!

NewImageNewImageStep 2: Learn director chimera's weird antics! (ok, I'm not sure what the word means. weird antics? overall just… learn his acting skills)

NewImageThe MC kindly informs arashi that the director is very strict, and that even famous actors (see that little box on the left) have cried after being criticised by him
S: really?
crowd: ehhhhhhhh?
G: nope that's not trueNewImage G orders Nino to change the turn in the style of his favourite movie 'locky'

NewImageNewImageN throws up some punches and then does a victory pose while saying the famous lines :)

NewImageSo this is where they'll be doing the short film! G explains the setting is some kind of control room… like somewhere they gather say after a concert or something kind of job together… and then that's when the whole talk started.

NewImageG starts telling them where to stand etc. 1st leader's place is in the middle. J: so you have a vision? (on how we shd stand etc) G: Yes i do. J: and so we just follow? G: yes, you all just have to get on the ride

NewImagesomehow they just end up standing in one line. they complain about how its boring and didn’t make use of the set at all :P

NewImageG: okok i understand! leader will stand like this… while the rest of you will tilt your bodies in the direction of leader.
(Lol seriously! once a comedian, always a comedian haha!)
J: Its not a problem of which way we are facing though…
G: ah isn't this great!!!! (because) I HAVE A PLAN!
Arashi: Okok *nodding*
NewImage the rehearsals start...

NewImageat the EHHHH line, all of them are supposed to look at camera no. 3 while gesturing. Yes, it’s a comedy skit, if you haven already gotten it :P

NewImageO: even me?
G: yes yes.

NewImageG demos how leader shd act.

NewImageThey do it again. Hilarious! (don't you think oh-chan is really brown these days? he must have gone fishing a lot eh?)

NewImagethey continue the skit..

NewImageG: Ah wrong! its supposed to be like this! *does crossing and waving his hands in a wave like motion… which is the trait mark gag of another comedian*

NewImage*see the comedian in red, he appeared on AnShi the week before*

Arashi complains that it wasn’t written on the script, and on the script J's supposed to grab ohno's chest. G: Its fine its fine its fine!

NewImageNewImageJ has no choice but to follow XD ah hilarious!

NewImageS clarifies how he shd calm J down...

NewImageS: shd i do it by trying to catch J's hands?
G: yes that!NewImage So J and S ends up doing the little dance XD

NewImageNext up is leader's line, and they have to go back to the starting 'basic' position and listen to oh-chan's talk.

NewImageand they do it again: Fisherman???

NewImageG: hahaha! Ohno is the one who is the most surprised!

NewImageNext up is aiba's line. G makes aiba bend down, pick up an imaginary item and throw it while saying his line! He's supposed to pretend there's a lake in front and he's skipping stones XD Yes… a lake in front of the greenroom haha!

NewImageAiba skips a stone nicely :)

NewImageHe nods as he looks on at the skipping stone.

NewImageNext nino is supposed to kneel on the floor while singing his line: i don't want this!

NewImageG demonstrates how N should sing his line. Yes, literally, sing.

NewImageN: *accusing tone* Anpanman -.-'''
apparently the line was sung to the theme song of the cartoon hahaNewImage G: because my daughter is watching! (in the talk earlier he said that his daughter love watching anpanman.)

NewImageand so Nino sings XD

NewImageHe makes J repeat the earlier move, while of cos arashi complains about the change in script XD

NewImageG: ah ok… then say the script while doing this! 'You think you can really become a fisherman?'

NewImageI think they're all getting stomachaches from laughing too much XD

NewImageand ohno's supposed to pretend he hurt his shoulder while saying 'i want to fish!'

NewImageJ: that's not cool!

NewImageA: *while dancing around like… a weirdo? a drunkard?* it doesn’t make a difference to me/i don't dive a damn!

NewImageNewImageN: Okasaannnnn! (Mummy!)
G: hmm that's a bit different ya… my 3 year old daughter does this when she crys…

G's demo: *sobs* Oke *sobs* oka *sobs* Okaaasaaaannnnn!

NewImageN: how come I'm acting as ur daughter?

NewImageNino baby cries for his mommy XD

NewImageG demos how J should walk up to the camera to say the last line with great impact...

NewImageMC: he completely copied it! Completely copying the gag of his junior!

NewImageafter some consideration though… G decides that instead of crying for his mommy, he shd yell for anpanman instead… and of cos nino protest violently. But then G insists saying that because his daughter is watching haha

NewImagethen he decides to rope in the MC for his comedy. MC: ehhhh?

NewImageThe mc gets ordered to sing a song entitled 'graduation'.

NewImageNewImagethen J comes out to say his line, cutting off the singing and ending the skit.

NewImageand then step 3! In one try do the wild acting with uchimura!

NewImagethey get some time off to rehearse… then they must do it in front of the audience in one shot! no second chances will be given!

NewImagesome screenies of them in the backstage… G: sorry! for making you guys do this! :P

NewImageNewImageNewImageand so they reenter the studio for the 'actual' shot!

NewImageand the short movie 'Graduation from Arashi' starts!

NewImageG gives the starting call.

NewImageNewImageS: what's wrong? whats with the deep in thought look?

NewImageO: everyone, listen up!
Rest: we're listening!NewImage O: I want to graduation from arashi.

NewImageIn perfect unison! nice XD

NewImagebut then the director orders a cut. XD he complains that they were taking too long in between each line XD he asks them to do it with a slightly faster tempo, more energetically

NewImageso much so for doing everything in one shot. we move to take 2 XD

NewImageand so they started from the beginning...

NewImageJ: why! Why!

NewImageS: clam down! even though i understand ur feeling...

NewImageO: i want to become a fisherman!

NewImageand again! All: fisherman???
NewImage While aiba picks up a stone, nino scrambles into position for his line.

NewImageNewImage(nothing much to say but repeat their lines)

NewImageNewImageohno with his dramatic face!

NewImagehaha nino's anpanman!

NewImageNewImageNewImageAnd so the skit ends!

NewImageG declares that it was perfect!
MC: So how was it? chimera's directing
S: it was very unique…
N: The script and what we did was completely different...NewImage

NewImageand then they watch the whole thing together with all the sound effects etc...

NewImageit’s a fast forward video of the entire filming session

NewImageNewImageG: that was great!
A: EH?
J: what was that?
G: ah the one after editing
A: after all the rehearsals we did…
N: I'm not sure if you heard about it but… today it’s a special (episode)

NewImageG: *guilty look*
S/J: 90 mins spring SPNewImageG:  a different viewpoint?


and then there ends the first segment of today's AnShi!


Go to Part 3 for the next segment of the AnShi Spring SP!

coming soon in... 24-48 hour's time! Yes. 3 days to watch one AnShi 90mins SP... kinda pathetic I know :X I blame it on the super long time needed to upload my massive collection of screen caps. and the fact that my pathetic computer with 4gb of ram is not enough to keep up with the few programs i opened... esp firefox with its huge memory leak problem... (ah excuses excuses...)

Part 3 is finally out!

Date: 2013-03-25 11:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the translation again!

Date: 2013-03-26 03:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I enjoyed this a lot!
Can't wait for the part 3! (>_^)b


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