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Okay… so i'm doing it again. Starting to write a tv review on some show that i've no idea what it'll be about. Lets hope yesterday's episode was interesting but at the same time the talk isn't too hard to understand :P

Credits to Vendy@hachiA for the video.

NewImageAh… i remember now! Some movie director is the aniki guest today and it seems like it's gonna be a real hilarious episode XD yay! It’s the spring 90mins SP episode woohoo. anyway moving on...

NewImageNewImageToday's guest!

G (guest): Kakkoii! x n

NewImageindeed, sho is looking extra kakkoii in suit today XD

NewImageThe title call is something like… arashi's Spring SP - even if yo fail, everything will still be broadcasted. (can't figure out what the 1st sentence S said means :P)
Arashi starts guessing who the guest might be, and what the title call means. S: A challenge?

the camera then switches to the guest. G: S they really have no idea who's coming eh? Sugoi… doing this every time (w/o knowing who the guest is)NewImage A: is it a group? S: hmmm yes it could be A: ah i see something that's different. the rest: What?

NewImageA: there's a tripod over there!

NewImageS: ah from there ne? The leg (tripod stand) of the camera ne? A: Ah so they are going to be filming from there? G: Wow amazing! Amazing!

Sho guesses that it could be for filming their dance. (implying that the guest will make them dance later) S: but dancing a a tux? J: Social dance isn't it?

NewImageA: *look of realisation*


Aiba guesses that the G could be nanbara-san.

In any case… S invites the guest out!


*laughter and disbelieve on arashi's faces*


Today's guest! Uchimura-san!

NewImagehe's here to promote his new movie

NewImageG: But really, that the movies didn’t open on the same day as platinum data was a great thing! That was so dangerous! If it did i won't be able to come on this show!

NewImageHis present for arashi is...

NewImageNewImageits some sort of walking stick specially for climbing mt fuiji. It can only be bought at the mt fuji.

NewImagehe starts talking about how his wife went to climb mt fuji and bought a lot of sticks, and places like one in each room. and whenever she hears some suspicious noise she'd grab the stick and go 'don!'

NewImageS: so instead of using this as a walking stick, its more for self defence right?

NewImageour boys start fooling ard with the stick XD

NewImagebecause G took one of the sticks for demo purposes, A is left w/o one and complains. :P

NewImagemore fooling ard with the stick XD

NewImagepoking imaginary enemies on the floor and on the second floor...

NewImageTitle call! "Something only known to super stars - uchimura's face unveiled!"

NewImageHere's today's MC

NewImageahahahhhhh dreadful! here comes all the talk in difficult japanese :(

NewImageeveryone bursts out laughing as the MC's partner appears. they'd ask the mc earlier if his partner was coming and he gave some random answer haha. N: that was fast!

udon-san's 1st comment/gossip: he hates it when his waist area is untidy. he always pulls his jeans really high up


next: when he drives, he always holds the steering wheel at the 10:10 o'clock position.

last: when he was freezing at some location shoot and was passed a jacket to warm himself, he was most concerned over whether the pocket is at the back or the front. i.e. like whether it was put on correctly/properly

apparently G has lots of demin shirts, but he doesn’t do the ironing. its all done by his wife. S asks him abt his daily schedule. G normally wakes up at ard 7am. They start talking abt his house etc… not very interesting talk :P

NewImageNext informer…! "He is always a challenger"

Recently in Itte Q filming he did a 120m free fall in some US amusement park

NewImageapparently he tried to break the guiness world record of the greatest length of moonwalk walked in an hourNewImageG hardly gets angry. Like when given cold bentos others might ask the staff to buy a new warm one, but instead G will thank and staff and eat up.

ah this part is interesting… XD

G gets really nervous gng on programs, or even on his own shows when it’s a live recording. Oh and butais too.


Apparently he started getting nervous once it was decided that he was coming on AnS, and before the recording started he threw up :X

S: Out of the 5 of us, MatsuJun also get very nervous. Recently its not so, but 5-6 years ago, before the concerts… only J would be standing in front of the mirror doing this:

NewImageNewImageS: *makes breathing suuuuuuuuuu sounds*

NewImageJ was trying to calm down, relax and focus by breathing.

and now we skip the rest of the not so interesting talk to go to the 2nd part of the show! Which i shall present to you in Part 2 of this guide hehehe
sorry for the cliffhanger there :P part 2 will come tmr... or in like a few hour's time (oh which will still be tmr, since its 11pm now)... depending on what time i sleep o.o
Part 2 is finally out!

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thank you for your translation!

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From: [identity profile]
thanks for the translation!

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Thank you^^

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Thank you! <3

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Thanks for taking the time to share your translation and the screen caps. Love the last one with Jun.


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