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Finally got around to watching some arashi shows… requested by [ profile] chai_pieremae, the the right episode at last :P sorry for the extremely long wait :P

Video from youku… with chinese subs already yay :P

We start off from the backstage again… Ah… this episode is the one right after 'Aiba drink' was chosen.


they start talking about the aiba drink. O: It’s a level up yeah? S: Yeah, can the guest drink this? O: Let's serve the drink, i'll try some too… S: For real? O: I forgot how it tastes like already S: You're so positive thinking….

random note: sky is really dark, its night time filming again.


And the show starts proper :)

NewImageNewImageO: Ah, ya… *shy smile and wave*

NewImageS: *gives a weird look*
Staff: *loud laughter*
S: Is it ok with me? I mean look, last week MatsuJun was picked as your favourite member…
O: No but… but in the end, i went right? To Sho-chan's room XDNewImageS: Its isn't very good to say this but... Among the male idols you found a new standing yeah? I've not heard of such a thing before!
O: Yeah
S: Shall we develop on this role for now? 
O: Instead of should we do this, it should be, we are going to do this. (Kind of meaning, we have to do this and you shouldn’t ask this rhetorical question)
S: *laughs* Stop it

*doorbell rings*

NewImageNewImageToday's guest is Yamada Yuu!

NewImageOhno goes to serve drinks…. XD

NewImageTheir recommended drink: Aiba Drink (written on the yellow label too)

NewImageS: Today's recommended drink!

NewImagelol what's with sho's face?

NewImageThey cheers. Sho stares at Ohno's face to see his reaction haha.

NewImageNewImageS: Who did Ohno-san pour 3 cups of this!
hahaha no wonder Sho was looking on so strangely earlierNewImage
Y: What is this! Its horrible!
O: It becomes like Aiba is horrible doesn’t it?
Y: yeah horrible aiba!

They start talking about when was the last time they met. For Sho, the last time was during VIP room two years ago. For Ohno, he went to a location shot with Y to the comedian's house in VIP limousine, and Y cooked the steam hamburger that O loved A LOT (random note: I can't rem who else was in that episode, but when O was left alone with Y when the two guys went to buy ingredients, they came back to see O happily sleeping on the sofa leaving Y alone to read manga! XD

NewImageOhno praises the hamburger, saying it’s the best hamburger he's ever eaten so far.
Then the talk moves on to Y's marriage to Oguri Shun in march this year.  She says that nothing changed after marriage, because she has been dating Oguri for about four years, and they have been cohabiting for a while already. Plus everyone knew about them together so nothing changed. The only difference is when she gets called by others and realised her name changed to 'Oguri' Sho" How about MatsuJun, he always called you Yamada didn’t he? Y: Yes, now he still called me Yamada… occasionally he'll call Okusan (meaning wife/married women) S: How does it feel? To be called Okusan by your husband's friend? Y: I don't really mind S: Don't you feel like 'ah, so i've become a wife'? Y: No, but i feel that way when the staff called me Oguri-san

Ohno then says: its good isn't it? Oguri Yuu and Oguri Shun. 
S: it just sounds nice…. but it does fit well together
XD lol ohno!  

Sho then asks about the marriage…: Since there's no change before and after marriage, why get married? Y: I want to have kids, and also the feeling of taking things one step at a time.

She says that it was Oguri who brought up the topic during the anniversary of them starting to date with each other - 14th of march. 14th of March is known as White Day in Japan. S: What do you do on white day ohno-san NewImageO:  In my eyes theres nothing called white day!
S: So rock, so cold!NewImage : Don't you want to get married? O: Nope. Y: Why? O: Because if you get married, you won't have anymore time to yourself won't you?S: *LOL* This person is definitely not going to get married... Y: Its not like this! O: but… you're staying together now right? Do you each have your own rooms? Y: No. What do your mean by your own room? O: Like a space for yourself onlyNewImage : No, i don't mind having people around. S: ANd how about Shun-kun? Y: He has his own study room, but he barely goes there. O: So its always the two of you messing around together? Y: Yes
So Yamada and Shun always spend their time together :)
S: How many kids do you want to have? Y: 5!
NewImage : EH???
Yamada loves kids a lot so yeah… she wants to have 5 kids XD That's a lot IMO! XD S and O are impressed. S: But you also have to consider money wise… Y: yeah, so (Oguri) just have to work harder XD

They ask if oguri will help with the housework. Apparently he won't unless told to…NewImage : Your husband does nothing does he? XD
Such a cute face XD

The topic then drifts off to house rules… Yamada says there's no Oguri house rules. O: Sho-chan will definitely set some won't he

Ohno then starts probing Yamada about whether they give each other 'I'm going out' and 'Good night' kisses&hellip

NewImageYamada says she does it very normally, she says it’s a good form of communication

HAHAHA. So this was the episode :P

Sho asks about her hobby… Y: I like to do intricate work, so now I'm into cross stitch

NewImageAn example of Y's work… a bib. She would make it and give it to her friends for the newborn

NewImageO: So intricate!

As expected, our artist Ohno is very interested XD
It takes Y about 1 to 2 days to complete a piece if she works really hard at it NewImage hno continues his inspection of the bib while Sho MCs XD. This is why i love yama pair hahaha. If its Ohmiya I bet nino would have scold O already… Sho just lets it be XD

NewImageY is now working on a pillow cover… she brings it out for Ohno to inspect while Sho continues doing his job as the host :P

NewImageSho flips thru the book of cross stitch patterns Y brought.

NewImageOhno looks at the book while Sho and Y gets the stuff for cross stitch.

NewImageSho found some cloth? table mat? from the kitchen for them to do cross stitch on.

NewImageANd so they start!

NewImageNewImageSho confesses that he has absolutely no interest! HAHAHA

NewImageSho does a sketch of his design. He wants to stitch "SS"

NewImageOn the other hand, Satoshi has drawn the letter S. So pretty…! I can't even write such a beautiful 'S'…. It looks like its been printed on…!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageY tries to explain to Sho how to stitch...

NewImageNewImageY: Is this alright? Is this alright? Doing this on himitsu no arashi-chan… is it alright?
S: For this week, even i myself am not sure anymore.
LOL Sho! Just because you can't stitch!
O is totally engrossed in his stitching, Y progresses fast and smoothly… while S…. Sho….NewImage akes a mist able and ends up getting his thread going 1 round over the edge of the cloth… haha XD

NewImageOhno raides an eyebrow in amusement XD

NewImageY: What happened? How did it end up like this? *laughs* You are not paying attention at all are you?

NewImageY: Are you kidding me? What's this kind of atmosphere…?

NewImageS: Is it ok if i say it

NewImageO: *suppressed laughter*

NewImageS: I've had enough!
(green box: As expected...

NewImageS: I'm not suited for this!
Sho gives up and complains that he is hungryNewImage here is no menu today! Since Yamada is a great cook, the staff asks her to just cook anything she likes.

NewImageO: For real? I get to eat it again? Steamed hamburgers&hellip

NewImageYamada finished her cross stitch

NewImageOk its not finished yet… missing 2 crosses… but still…
O: That's really fast! I'm just doing one line but I'm not even done yet!
You just need more practise Oh-chan XDNewImage : In anycase, Ohno-san please continue with it
O: Hai!
Hahaha XD So Ohno happily continues his art work while Sho and Y moves off to the kitchen. There's a whole bunch of ingredients in the kitchen for Y to pick and use as she likes

NewImageY: Ah if there's grinder pork we can make hamburgers

NewImageWhile Sho asks if there's anything Y cooked recently that got good comments, O changes to a more comfortable position to sew :P

NewImageShe decides to make tan-tan hot pot, and ask the boy what they like in their hot pot. S: Enoki

NewImageO: Hamburge

HAHAHA. Him and his steamed hamburger

S: I've never heard of adding hamburger to hot pots before
Y: Jaa… let's forget about the hamburger. What else?NewImage hey start preparing the ingredients. Y cuts the spring onions with a very practiced hand.

NewImageAh that's the enoki with the cut spring onions XD

Mean while…NewImage up, Ohno's going strong with the stitching XD

NewImageYamada starts frying the grind pork for the hot pot...

NewImageS: Ohno-san~~? Ohno-san what are you doing?
Sho goes over to check Ohno's progress…NewImage : I can keep doing this forever!
Yup, we can see that XD
S: So the next exhibition will be on stitching?
O: I'll put it in i guess?NewImage ho then starts asking whether J has visited Y's house before. She replied that he has, it was some friend's bday party and J came too. They drank till 4 or 4:30am!

NewImageS: EH???? 4:30???
Y: Please come next time!
S: I won't go! Staying over at your house till that late!!?!?!?NewImage he nabe (hot pot) is almost done! She's just going to let the soup base come to a boil while...

NewImageShe makes a small hamburger for leader XD This time it'll be tomato flavoured. Sho is impressed by how she makes use of the time while waiting for the soup to boil to cook hamburger with the left over grind pork. No wastage! XD

NewImageNewImageLeader praised the steamed hamburger, saying that its thicker or something...

NewImageOhno has finally finished his cross stitch and comes over to watch Y cook. Of cos O is really happy that he'll get to eat the hamburger again XD

NewImageAhhhhh the soup base looks good XD


NewImageOhno walks back to the sofa after a while… and picks up the book of cross stitch patterns XD
S: Ohno-san is totally addicted to this ne?
XD let's look forward to Ohno's next art exhibition XDNewImage he completed tan tan nabe!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhno's completed work!

NewImageA little messy at the ends, but i love the way he thickened the bands. Y: Next time i'll use this method!
gotta <3 free style ohno

NewImageThe tomato steam hamburger that O has been waiting for!

NewImageT.T F> my lunch *drools*

NewImageO: This x4
(as in the hamburger he's been waiting for)NewImage e passes it over to Sho to try

NewImageS: Umaiiiiiii! 
S: today was good wasn’t it? There was cross stitch, and then there was dinner. Today's show was completely done for the sake of Ohno-san right?
NewImage : I'm such a lucky person! 
S: You sounded like you found a perfect wife... 
O: Let's get married!!
*laughter from staff, Y and S*
S: Retarded!
Y: Sorry, I'm already married


Photo taking time!



okay, that's the end of the share house part. Gosh i can't believe i started this post like two months ago on the 6th of dec :X
Read part 2 here

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thank you! :D
wow, I didn't notice that Sho would always let Ohno do what he likes. Yappari, Yama is real! ^_^

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yay~ :)))
no problem to me, i understand...
besides everyone is busy with something.
thank u ! :)))

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sure going to enjoy it :))))
thaaank u once again...


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