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Happy New Year to everyone! (I know it is a little late now *laughs*)
Today I bring to you a review for Aiba and Sho's birthday!

This episode is rather different since it starts off with Mannequin 5 first than the VIP LIMO part.
Advise is to start watching after the guest-talk segment.

During the intro, Sho laugh at Aiba, saying that Aiba doesnt needs the prompt boards.. because aiba doesnt look at them at all~

After the guest talk part, they get down and start their first date plan. To relieve some stress from the newly-wed guest.
They went to a shop called Conomi in Harajuku that sells cosplay uniforms.

As usual, Sho was busy helping the guest and
then he got worried, "Is it alright, to show me doing such things (selecting girls uniform) on TV?"

Aiba, feeling hentai, asked Sho to look at the camera and say what he is doing, and Sho said
"I just selected a very cutsey uniform set !!"

Then the boys paraded in their boys uniform

Oh such handsome-ness~~
Aiba didnt change right? He looked exactly as how he debuted!

AIba: Sho-chan how old are you by the way?
Sho: "18"
Aiba: "Don't try to lie in front of Tv!! "

They then took Neoprints

Hahaha! ^^

And then they had a competition where they ate extra spicy food and with the help of spicyness, shout as loud as possible.
No water is given until they reach the 125 (decibel?) in the scale

Sho complained:  " Aiba-san, next time don't anyhow come into other's dinning area!!! "

It seems that Sho was dinning with his friends in a restaurant, and so happended Aiba visited the same restaurant. When the restaurant boss led Aiba to Sho's dinning area, Aiba just happily sat down and joined Sho and Sho's friends.

Then it was Aiba's turn to shout:

Aiba complained:
1-3 : Who is going to do the ending for tomorrow's filming? (I think its because the food is too spicy and he is angry what if he loses he voice tomorrow)
4-5: Why is there the word "Ninomiya" on my pants!

Poor AIba baby, look at his face! Grimacing from the spiciness! And realising he don't get his water.

And then Sho complains :
"After this morning's filming, Ohno Satoshi walks off happily and said it was time for his holidays!!! "

After some concession, they were allowed to have bonus 10 decibels if they do a skit before their shoutout. So Sho did

Tano-Shingo's Love injection (Sho's wiggling bums >0< and Aiba laughing~)

Aiba's turn. He's supposed to do an impersonation of an actor, but he impersonated another actor instead! It was too spicy that he wasnt thinking properly! Poor thing );
See the corner of the 3rd picture? That looks spicy isn't it !?

Aiba apologised to the actor whom he supoosed to impersonate. Adding his bonus 10 decibel, he got his glass of water.

The 2 of them are so tired from the spiciness! So heartache seeing their red and tired faces

Poor darlings gulping down the water!

Finally they finished the over-spicy pot of stuff.
Someone has a heat stroke. Heat-stroke from eating a hot-pot.

Omy Aiba looks hot with all the perspiration! (pun also intended >0<)

This episode, well, I felt its not really worth the dL, so I made a
more detailed review (aka spoiler) on the parts which I found


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