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Its VS Arashi time! This week sure looks like its gonna be fun with Ikuta Toma on the guest team! XD

Video from youku by V@Hachi.A

Let's begin!


They are wearing nice bright red outfits today.
S: Its 22nd of Nov today, also the good couple day.
Good is ie in Japanese, which sounds like 1 1. And 2 can also be pronounced as fu. And fu fu means couple.  

NewImageS: And 4 days later, is Ohno's birthday!
(which is like NOW, according to Singapore time… or 52mins ago if i follow the Japan standard time… his bday will be long over by the time this gets posted though...)

NewImageThey ask Ohno how he's gonna spend the 4 days before his bday.
O: Of course i'll be thinking about my mother who gave birth to me…
A: what about things you wish to get? Like from the members…
N: Anything is fine yo.
A: Yeah even if you ask for this outfit...NewImageNewImageHahaha, it’s a really bright outfit ne?
O: Your outfit today is really too much!
A: *insert breathy laughs* 

NewImageN: I'm saying this for real… we are not joking around here!
LOL. Nino, i don't think you outfit is any much better… (will find a chance to SS it for you guys)NewImage

NewImageToday's guest team is from the drama Osozaki no Himawari!NewImageIt’s a battle of Johnnys today!

They mentioned how 3 of the casts had birthdays in October and so the drama team celebrated it together. Sho said it was fashionable and they should do it too… XD Leader gets really excited...

NewImageHe starts doing some weird action with his fists. (see nino's outfit is weird too!)

NewImageNino imitates Ohno. They ask what leader was doing. O: Toma did it didnt he. T: Canoe? Ah canoe is like this.

NewImageO: Ah that...

NewImageToma does a side to side peddling movement… Ohno's movement was more like rowing a double oar boat. 

NewImageToday's plus 1 guest is the two comedians from black mayonnaise. 

NewImageThis guy has put on quite a bit of weight from the last time he appeared on VSA on the 19th of Jan.

NewImageS: How heavy are you now? Or rather, how many months is it? (the baby) XD

J commented on how he grew more hair on the back of his head, but lost hair on the front… XD

NewImageLeader announces that the first game is falling pipe! YES! That game has not actually been cancelled… it was just… hibernating for a year and a half… XD

NewImagePipe catcher is this guy!

NewImageJ will be making the pipe choice for the arashi team :)
In case you've not seen this game before/forgotten about it… 1 person (in this case, J) picks 2 out of 4 pipes to drop, and has a period of 20 seconds during which he can talk and distract the catcher while picking the timing to drop the pipes. The lower down the pipe that the catcher catches, i.e. the faster his reaction, the more points scored. A 50 point bonus is given for making a double catch. 

NewImageJ moves really really slowly to choose the pipes. 

NewImageJ picks pipes 2 and 3 to drop! (no more changing of pipes now)
The catcher is asked to guess which pipes are going to fall. 'Its probably going to fall diagonally (form where he's facing i guess?) Like 1 and 3 or 2, 4. Right? 
He looks at J and tries too see if he can tell anything from J's expression.NewImage J: Saaaaaa (very softly)
Such a sweet smile! 

NewImageAnd the 20 seconds starts!

NewImageJ gets him to do some action… and releases the pipes during that time...

NewImageBut his distraction technique didn’t work! The guest caught both pipes easily! 

NewImageNewImageNot just a double catch, its 50 points on both pipes! 

NewImageJ failed miserably :P The guest team starts off with 150 points!

NewImageNewImageJ: I was completely defeated!

NewImageThe guest starts dancing a celebratory para-para dance :P 

NewImageHe happily sits on Toma cos they always don't leave any space on the VIP stand for the players (so that it won't look empty when the camera films that place). Ah he was doing air drums just now. J explains that he got the catcher to do air drums so that he'll move his hands forward and away from the two pipes that was going to drop…. but it failed XD

NewImageNext is arashi's turn to catch! Catcher is Sho!

NewImageIt’s a face off between Sho and Toma! Sho starts practising the 'air drum + move hands to the back' move XD
S: How did you do it!NewImage Guest (G): I did it ne? XD
Commentator © : So its been a year and a half?
S: Why am i doing this? I'm bad at this game! Why am i the one playing this?
Arashi: Daijoubu! Believe in yourself!  
C: The enemy is Ikuta-san, you know him very well don't you?
S: Yup i do. I don't like it like this!NewImage Everyone laughs XD
Sho starts asking Toma when he entered the Jimousho (JE). T: I entered in Feb 1996.
S: When did i enter?
NewImage Leader answers: 1995.
S: Ah 95? Ah i entered in October '95. So there's not much difference eh?

C starts asking Toma how he feels about Sho. T: He's a really gentle. If we go for meals together, he'll write down if you wan tot go yakiniku we can go to which place, if you want italian we can go to which place. Very detailed mails. Very careful/detailed person. 

NewImageSho is embarrassed XD
C: Sakurai-san is really gentle ne?
S: Please stop it, please stop it Ikuta-san!


They finally start the game - Ikuta starts picking the pipes.NewImage Sho keeps staring at the ceiling while Ikuta is choosing the pipes...

NewImageHe suddenly realises that he was looking in the wrong direction… XD
S: Ah wrong! That was the time when I'm supposed to look that way!NewImage hahaha! he totally forgot about how to play the game already XD

NewImageTrololol! Regardless, Toma has made his choice already! Toma picks 3 and 4!

NewImageToma shrugs playfully. Too bad Sho, you missed a chance to guess ur rival's mind XD

NewImageC: Sakurai-san, what does your instinct tell you?
S: I think its this way (he turns around to face the back) I'm betting it all on 2 and 3!
Toma laughs. S: I can't do that! (referring to the back hand catch earlier)NewImage Sho starts the game in THIS position ^^^
T: About 15 years ago, i was trapped in the lift with Sho, and there i heard a voice of sho that i've never heard else where thereafter 'ITS SCARYYYY!'
At the 'its scary' shout, Toma drops the pipes. 

NewImageSho fails to do a double catch! That poor boy, he didn’t even get 50 points on the 3 he was guarding so closely… :P

NewImageOnly 20 points for sho :P

NewImageToma elaborates on the incident. Two of them were in the lift with about 3 other people. They were on their way to rehearsals when the lift suddenly stopped. NewImageThey were trapped for about 10 minutes. At that time Toma was in secondary school and Sho was in high school/junior college (the one after secondary school yeah? Its named differently in different countries yeah?)

NewImageT: He's the elder one so i thought he'll say something like 'Its ok Toma', but instead, he said 'Its scary!!!!'
S: I do remember this incident, but i thought i helped!
T: Not at all!
Black mayonnaise: Your memories got switched around!
N: No it was completely different
S: Weird… My memories must have been swapped after getting such a (low) score. NewImage Korokoro viking next! 

NewImagehahaha! They are either going to do really well, or die a horrible death, letting the plus 2 guests take the orange zone like this. Plus they still have the -50 zone right? 
C: Ninomiya-san, after getting a really low score in falling pipe…
NewImageS: OI! 
Haha, immediate protest from Sho XD 
They dismiss it,  saying that its just a good handicap for the guest team :) 
N: Let's get 400 points!
You sure about that Nino? XDNewImage The plus 2 guests says that they'll do fine, since they have a lot of cooperation with each other in other to perform their comedy skits together so they'll do fine on this game.

NewImageAnd the game starts! 

NewImageThe first ball makes its way to the green zone. Ooo i spot a new obstacle… the green spinning thing! 

NewImage2nd ball disappears in the pink zone. Shortly after, the 1st ball disappears in the orange zone… not the best of starts… and YES, even with the guest team on the orange zone, there's still a -50 zone. Lol! i hope they won't end up with a negative score :P

NewImageThe 3rd ball DID make it to the bridge but… it rolls off the side LOL.

NewImageThe golden ball enters the orange zone… they try to control the pace of the 5th ball, but it rolls quickly off the green zone and into the orange zone. Two balls in the orange zone at the same time! I wonder if they can score anything at all!

NewImageNot bad! both balls on the brigade at almost the same time. The golden ball scores a total of 100 points, and the 5th ball follows suit to score another 50 points. Not bad! The panels didn’t even have time to change :) The 6th ball only manages to get 5 points though… NewImageit’s the last ball now! They managed to get it into the 50 point zone for a grand of 255 points of the entire game! Not bad! They managed to get 3 balls into the 50 point zone, of which 2 are the double scoring golden balls! Amazing stuff really, looking at how bad the play was at the beginning, as well as how haphazardly the ball was rushing about the orange zone throughout, i was really expecting that they would get a couple of negatives points. The plus 2 guests really surprised me :)

NewImageS: That was great! When the two balls went in at the same time, that was really fantastic! (i agree!)
NewImage Next up is the guest team's turn!
S: Do you have any confidence? 

NewImageT: Honestly, not much… ~ITS SCARY~!!!
hahaha making fun of Sho XDNewImage

NewImageAnd the game begins!

NewImageThe first ball scores a 20!

NewImagethe 2nd ball was on the rim of the bridge, but luckily it fell onto the bridge XD sadly it missed the 50 point area and only got 5 points. 

NewImagewoots, the 3rd and 4th ball went onto the orange zone at the same time!

NewImagethe 3rd ball fell off...

NewImagewoah the golden ball almost fell into the hole! in the mean time though, the 5th ball fell between the pink and green zone. 

NewImageTheir patience paid off though, as the golden ball managed to get them 100 points!

NewImagethey were aiming so hard for the 50 point zone, but sadly the 6th ball only got them 5 points. One last ball left!

NewImageit went into the 10 point zone, so they scored a total of 150 points!

NewImageThey made ikuta do the 'heeehaaa' gag thing that was done earlier by the guy from black mayo. The rest responds wildly, purposely teasing the black mayo guy who was asked to perform the gag twice earlier but both times he was blatantly ignored XD

Next up is pinball runner!

NewImageNino is running for arashi team. Its been a while since he ran right?

NewImageThis four guys will be directing nino XD Arashi team is 25 points behind now, let's see if they can catch up!

NewImageThey gett off to a good start. Black mayo is in charge of pink balls, and they will be saying 'heehaa' after the number...

NewImageNino swings his basket just in time to catch the pink ball among cries of 'heehaa four!' XD

NewImagethe other black mayo was terrible at giving instructions tho! I barely heard him say a single number! needless to say, Nino missed the 2nd pink.

NewImageNino manages to get the last two balls to end off with 140 points!

NewImageIt’s a good score, but nino is pissed XD. He takes off the cargo w/o the staff's help and throws it on the floor. Nino complains that all four of them were slow at saying the numbers.

Next is the guest team!

NewImageIkuta is running!

NewImageThese 3 will give instructions. 

Ikuta starts discussing strategies. Nino runs sideways while facing the wall earlier, and Toma thinks that it’s a great strategy. Arashi agrees that iod watt, but they warn that the camera won't be able to see his face XD T: its difficult ne? XD 

Toma decides to try to run sideways too. Leader helpfully suggests that he runs sideways, but facing the audience XD N: That way your face will be on camera! T: i won't be able to see anything! (as in, the numbers and the falling balls)

haha XD

NewImageS: but we want to see your face!
they totally confused Toma, but didn’t succeed in making him try leader's stupid suggestion. Toma aims for 150 points, 10 points more than nino!NewImageIkuta runs sideways, facing the wall :)

its really quiet at the instructions side. The instructions were slow and sparse... NewImageThe pink ball falls off in front of Toma. NewImageHe manages to get the 2nd pink though!

NewImageToma couldn’t get the last 3 balls, but he managed exceed his goal and scored 170 points!


Next game is bunk bowling!

NewImagef course they are aiming for the red pin. Black mayo starts talking about the he is normally not very good at bowling etc etc...


J and even C completely ignores him. 

NewImageoff they go!

NewImageWoots nice! J managed to get the red pin!

NewImageNewImageGreat job! 

NewImage183 points! yay!

NewImageHahaha! they make him do the heehaw for a 3rd time - in commemoration of them hitting the red pin. Nino takes the cushion and blocks his face XD

NewImageApple nino and sho for the 2nd throw!

NewImageNot many pins left, there's a high chance that they can create a spare! So far a spare has never appeared before!
NewImageS: We are make the 22nd of Nov a memorable day! 

NewImageIn the end their throw was merely grossed over with a narration, as they scored just 23 points XD Oh wells...

NewImageS: just to check, this is for on-air right? 
J: Yes…
N and S: Ah…….
N: recently its been always becoming a narration based…NewImage Its the guest team next!

NewImageThe game starts! (after making fun of the black mayo guy's lack of hair XD) 

NewImageOh nice! The girl's ball went right smack into the red pin!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey score 160 points!

NewImageIts time for the 2nd throw! NewImageThey too, aimed for a spare but in the end scored just 36 points and it became a 'narration base' XD

NewImageWith just 1 more game to go, arashi team is behind by 45 points!

NewImageThe last game is kicking sniper! The guest team is made to go first :)

ANd the game starts!

1st taget, the 1st kicker kicked too far left,and the ball hit the wall of the set! 2nd kicker just missed a little to the right… ikuta missed too!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker hit the target nicely in the middle! 20 points! 
only 1 can remaining… 2nd kicker misses…NewImage But toms hits and perfects it!

NewImage3rd target: ALL miss!

NewImage4th target: 1st guy miss, 2nd guy hits off 1 can, and the target twisted around as seen abv… sadly Ikuta's kick veered to the right a bit too much and missed the target. 

NewImageLast target! 1st guy: hit, but not hard enough. The cans barely moved. 2nd guy: hits off 1 non-scoring can. Ikuta: Hits off the middle pillar of red cans for 60 points. 

NewImage150 points in all! Hmm… not very good… 

NewImageNext up is arashi team! Let's see if they can make a comeback!  They are down by 195 points, that means they only need 200 points to win, not too hard right?

NewImage1st target! Black mayo - miss. Ohno hits off the top two cans for 20 points… the other two cans also fall! It’s a perfect! 70 points under the belt! 

NewImage2nd taget: Black mayo miss. Ohno HITS! And perfect! Nice! Another 70 points!

3rd target: black mayo hits! they score 40 points! Ohno misses. 

NewImageAiba's 1st shot… he misses! the ball hits the wall or something and bounces back out! (abv: ball on its way OUT XD) NewImageSHo frowns at Aiba's bounce shot. Still… just 20 more points to win!

4th target! ALL MISS! Haha!

NewImageIn the end is it black mayo that makes the winning kick in the last round! They score 220 points and win the day's VSA!


10 second challenge time! NewImageThere's one pin that's placed really really far away. Can they hit it down? As long as ANY one hits the pin they win!

NewImageI spy brand new bowling balls! (indeed, in the next week preview earlier, O and N were using these new balls :) )

NewImageHere we go! 10 second challenge - Long Bowling!

NewImageThat's FAR!

NewImageNewImageNewImageJ does it! Challenge Success! XD

NewImageC: Matsumoto did it! One last word from him please!
J: If there were two pins, i would have hit both!


And that's all for today's VSA!

Date: 2012-11-28 07:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank for doing this review :)))) hehehe....
i am sorry for being so persistent pro still plans on that Yamda Yuu share house episode ???

Date: 2012-11-28 08:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
okae :))) thanks thoough :)))

Date: 2012-11-28 11:59 am (UTC)
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love to watch Toma with arashi!!!

thanksss so much again! ^o^

Date: 2012-11-29 02:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! Thanks! I watched it without subs so this helped to clear up much of the talk. Ikuta-san had a very busy show - he played every game!

*sighs* I would love to play all those games too, with Arashi, ofcourse :D


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