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Yay! Time for AnShi! Let's hope this episode is easy to understand… if its not… gomen ne? That means i'll probably end up leaving out a lot of stuff again :P

EDIT: i ended waiting for the chinese subs to come out...

Video from youku.

Today they'll be listening to rumours!

an impressive looking set they've got there :)NewImage
Arashi: Wah! Eh? 
They're impressed with the set too :)NewImage 
This guy is the bartender aka MC for today :)NewImage 
J: new corner ne?
Mc: yes, its a new corner!
S: I heard that we'll be listening to scary stories…
MC: Ah so you heard about it! You you like scary stories? 
they reluctantly agreed… since they were in the bar (which specialises in telling scary stories) after all  

they started talking about scary stories and the MC gave an example. Like if, on the busy street crossing, there's already a lot of direction panels… but on top of it all there's a special sign saying 'beware or other dangers!' that kind of story. The MC just stopped the story and left it hanging, leaving the member complaining about the cliffhanger.

So today's AnShi will be about that sort of stories...

NewImageand here comes the 1st story teller!

NewImageNewImageyup, that's him! Arashi commented on his dressing and hairstyle, he replied that it’s the 1st time he's spotting such a hairstyle after 16 years in the entertainment industry XD

They move to some chairs and seat down as the first aniki guest starts the story. Its about how tokyo is protected by two dog statues. 

NewImageHe says that tokyo would be unimaginable without these two bronze statues.
S: is this because of feng shui?
Aniki: Yes!
N: Ok next story! 
You gotta love bratty nino. After some fussing with nino, aniki continues the story.NewImage Location of the two bronze statues. The bottom left is the statue of the dog hachiko, the top right statue is of Saigou with his dog… in this story it's the dog that's the main character. Aniki asks if anyone knows why Saigo is out with his dog. N: Of cos its to go on a walk isn't it? Walking the dog…?
MC: this dog is called tsun.  It’s a small hunting dog. It can catch rabbits, foxes, and other small animals.
Aniki then explains that there's been a lot of text and recordings on the contributions make by Saigo-san, but  none of it mentions him hunting with his dog… so why do they build a statue of him and his dog?

Its all because the dog is important. Where the statue is, its called the oni gate (ghost gate). The hachiko statue on located at some other ghost gate, and those two gates are the most important in feng shui. Together, those two are known as komainu, or lion-dogs. One of the dog is male, the other is female… so like yin and yang they protect the boundary of tokyo. If anything happened to the statues something really bad will happen.

Like for example something bad happened to the hachiko statue twice. The 1st was when they melted down the entire statue in during the world war 2, to use the bronze to make weapons (its in wikipedia as well). The next day after the statue was melted down, Japan surrendered in the war. The 2nd incident was when the change the direction of the statue. They were renovating the station and change the direction of the statue. That year Japan's economy burst.

NewImageAt that point in the the bartender made some noise, scary the members a little XD

Then they move on to talk about the hidden feng shui meaning in the anime momo-taro. There are 3 animals in the anime - chicken, dog, and monkey. Why don't they bring along stronger animals like tigers or lions to defeat the Oni? Aniki starts explaining why only those 3 animals will work. They talk about the 12 animals in the zodiac...

NewImageNewImagethe 3 earlier mentioned animals are next to each other in the order of the zodiac.

NewImageJust like the earlier story, the top right location is the ghost gate, the location where the chicken n monkey are is the 'back ghost gate', so those animals can defeat the ghost. That's also why the Oni have horns of the cow, and pants with tiger stripes, like the 2 animals tiger and cow in the ghost gate.

The MC starts talking about feng shui in hong kong. E.g. companies go to court to fight over despots over feng shui (e.g. someone may build a building that will purposely bring bad feng shui to the other neighbouring buildings). Banks and companies hire many feng shui masters to help design the building, and see where to locate things ilike the escalators and so on. Like there's a building with very good feng shui nearby, so they ask the feng shui masters how to break the good feng shui of the other building… they ending up designing the building into a huge knife shape to cut away the rival's good feng shui. So the MC concludes by saying that it won't be weird if in the old times the Japanese thought about all these feng shui stuff when erecting the statues. 


Aniki confirms saying that he thinks this story in highly believable. J forces him to get a % on how true he feels the story is… Aniki: O.o. ???!?!?! How many percent? 
Nino presses him for an answer. Aniki: (after loads of laughing and consideration) Eh… 62%? 

NewImageThey laugh. J: That's not very high!
*nods* I agree with u J.

Next they talk about the feng shui in disney land.
Aniki says that he'll reveal palm reading to them… Arashi asks how many percent XD (reliability). I love it when they do stuff like this XD 

Aniki: Are you going to ask how many percent each time?
Nino: But we are all curious about it!
Aniki: 63%


 N: How many percent is palm reading?
Aniki: 100%!NewImage They start looking at Ohno's palms. 

NewImageAniki says that the lines and shape of the palm is the same as the arrangement of attractions in disney land.

NewImageN asks O to look at his hands. 

Aniki explains that left hand represents the past, and the right hand represents the future.

NewImageIn disney, all the attractions like pirates etc that are kind of… from the past, as on the left. N looks up with realisation. On the right side, there's space land and all the futuristic attractions.  He starts going into specifics about how an attraction with a gold mine storyline is location in the 'gold luck line' of the hand, where the 'wedding line' is in the palm, in disney land it’s the cinderella castle. At the 'children's line' location, disney built the 'it’s a small world' attraction.

NewImageMethinks Ohno is bored.
So anyway… if you know about palm reading and happen to get lost in disneyland, you just need to look at your palm for directions :P

Now they change topic to talk about ghosts and spirits. 

Nino keeps asking really sharp questions that troubles the aniki each time. I'm loving that brat more and more each time XD

NewImageSome place in tokyo… can't quite catch what was rumoured to have occurred in this place (yes, even with chinese subs i don't understand the subs!) Something about it being a general's burial grounds. Anything this place is supposed to be a really powerful spiritual spot, so its best if you don't go there. If you go there to pray whole heartedly, you'll be treated as a friend, but if you are half hearted, or have bad intentions, you'll be treated as a foe and unspeakable things may happen to you. LIke when the GHQ tried to get soldiers to work on the location, a lot of accidents happened and hence the place was still left as it is now. 

Now all the office buildings around the area face that location, because the spot is really powerful.


N: What kind of motivation should you have when you go to a power spot to pray with all your heart?
Ah$@!#@$%$**^* I love nino like this. Suspicious. Loosened tie. Unbutton shirt. Well not much screen caps to show this episode, sine it all story telling… 
Aniki: you shd go with a feeling of 'I'm doing my everyday work really hard, please keep me safe' that kind of feeling.
O: can you go when you are feeling lost?
NewImageNewImage They start talking about the layout of shrines and how it relates to the female reproduction parts… so like if you are half a person (lost) when you enter the shrine, you should come out whole when walking back… like how half a person (i think they are talking about the sperm) enters the vagina but eventually a whole baby comes out.  So aniki explains that its fine to go there even when you are feeling lost.


Then he talks about some well that is known as the 'clothes mirror well'. Apparently it can tell the death day of a person. S: That doesn’t help! Quite the opposite in fact!

NewImageThere's a rumour that if you look into the well and see your reflection very clearly, that means that you are healthy. However if the reflection is blurred, it means you don't have long to live.

NewImageJ's turn this time. J: How many %?


Aniki: i don't quite believe it myself, but it seems that the rumour is quite reliable, about 80%

NewImageJ: Really? 
Aniki: Because of the incident that happened. Some university students heard the story and went to investigate. Because they were still healthy young students, the reflection was clear. But when one of them went to see the reflection, someone tried to play a joke and threw a stone down, blurring the reflection. The next day, that very student died in an accident.

NewImageN: The next day?
The notice at the bottom tells us that the well is no longer open for people to use.NewImage After that, a bell rings, signalling the end of the 1st aniki's talk time.

NewImageThe 2nd aniki makes his appearance!

NewImageA former NHK washington post journalist? not sure if i got that right but anyway… XD

the first topic is about how it seems that Japan's national secrets are being stolen. 

Aniki starts by talking about how instead of calling tokyo an information hub, you might as well call it a spy hub (yay spies! *thinks of my half written spy fanfics*) 

NewImageLike in america you have CIA, the england it’s the MI6 etc etc… It seems like all the spies are gathering in tokyo, like ants swarming to honey, the spies are swarming to tokyo because there's loads of information to be gathered there. Apparently, its easy to get really important information in tokyo, increasing the place's popularity. 

A: Since we know this already, can't we guard against it?
Aniki: yes Japan is trying to, but after the WW2, Japan gave up on its overseas intelligence activities. G8 was the only overseas spy branch but that was stopped. Of cos we have protection against spy and terrorists, like the police force does that, but its not comprehensive enough. The neighbours you guys have, they are ok aren't they?NewImage his question got arashi a little scared

NewImageMC: Are there a lot of such spies here?
Aniki: Its not recorded by the government, but its about the same as the number of carpenters we have here. (Very vague answer… i like haha!)
Nino asks if there can possibly be anything he knows that'll be bad if it ends up in the ears of the spies overseas, aniki says there is. NewImage S: Say if, this Nino that i've known for over 10 years… And i say to him ' recently something happened, and i got some money', is there a possibility that this person is a spy?
Aniki: yes there is.NewImage Nino looks around, unsettled. N: no no no, that was just an example!

Aniki then explains that spies are usually people who are easy and comfortable to chat with (makes a mental note for my fic) So those who looks and feels like spies are actually not spies. So its really hard to find out who are spies (duh, else they won't be called spies anymore right?)

Aniki gives an example.

NewImageThis beautiful lady, Anna Chapman was arrested by the FBI in 2010 for being a russian spy. (more in the wiki link) She was part of the spy swap deal between USA and Russia and now resides in Moscow...

NewImageAniki goes on to talk about other spies. Non-human spies, literally. Like the bald eagle in the picture.

NewImageOn the surface it just looks like a normal blade eagle, but actually this one is flying about of skies of saudi arabia, and is captured during saudi's counter intelligence actions.  On its legs a GPS is installed, and the leg ring has hebrew written on it - i.e. it’s a spy from Israel. Saudi arabia believes its used to locate military bases etc, and protested to Israel. Israel says its just to prevent the capture of their birds, and till now the truth is still unknown.

The MC then talks about a baseball player who came to Japan from America during the period before WW2. Once, he was injured and went to the hospital. From the hospital, he took a photo of tokyo's layout, and that became important information for the bombing of the tokyo airport 10 years later during WW2.

A: DId they ask him for help to become a spy after becoming a major league player, or was he a spy first, who went on to become a major league player?
S: Either way it doesn’t matter, he's still as impressive as a spy.

Aniki: There's a way to test which of you in Arashi is the most suitable to be a spy.NewImage He first asks arashi to guess who they think is most suitable. S: After the chat we just had, i think that someone who's able to be good friends with others instantly will be good. 
Aniki: And who would that be?
S: After 2 counts let's all point to the person?
And they count…NewImage Everyone points at Nino, while Nino points at Sho. Funny… based on the 'instantly take a liking to others/easy to talk with' criterial, I'd pick Aiba.
Aniki: You got it completely wrong. I did a background check on the members beforehandNewImageQn 1: pick 1 out of 3 reasons why they would become spies. 1) Adventurous heart 2) Money 3) Driven by believes.

NewImageJ picked C, and as honourable protecting your country may be, he fails to make the cut.
Why? Those driven by believes may end up doing extra stuff that was not asked of them, which might end up creating trouble.NewImage

NewImageOn the same question, since N loves $$$, he fails to make the cut too.

NewImageThe members laugh at Nino XD A: wow you know that N loves his money N: Its just a rumour, a rumour ok? You've not heard of a money minded idol have you?
Well actually, we have. And his name is Ninomiya Kazunari. XD

 So the most suitable trait out of the 3 would be having a brave and adventurous heart. *Thinks of aiba jumping on rhinos and playing with tigers*

Aniki says that from his investigation, Ohno is the most suitable to be a spy. *Yes! I knew it all along that making him the top rank spy in my story wasn’t a mistake! Okay… i guess its just cos he's my bias…. XD*

NewImageAniki: doesn’t he look like a really normal person? No one will ever point him out. Such ppl are most suitable to be spies. 

Yup. Just like how Ohno can go shopping in crowded places w/o ppl even noticing his presence. VS J who gets recognised no matter how much he tries to disguise himself…. XD

And that ends the talk with the 2nd aniki! That was soooo interesting! Sorry, always liked spy stuff when i was a kid (and i guess i still do)

NewImageA: Ah leader fits (to be a spy)
S: But when Ohno is alone with the camera, he looks like a spy from the southern countries
Hahaha, making fun of leader's tan again XDNewImage 
O: I'm not really happy about that though, feeling quite complex now.

Regardless… the 3rd aniki is about to enter!NewImage The 3rd Aniki is a writer who is very familiar with information about UFOs.

The topic: A conclusion has finally been reached on whether aliens exist or not. (I argue that it exist, from a scientific point of view, many organism can be considered aliens…)

NewImageAiniki replies what kind of image they have of aliens. A: Its tako (squid) isn't it?
EH? Aiba-san? Where did you get that idea from? Aniki helpfully informs Aiba that his image of aliens is severely outdated. LOL! Nino springs up with something about Grue… was there such a movie? Idk… i hardly watch movies :X
NewImage Aniki digs into his suitcase for a model. Its called little grey (says aniki, i don't know).

NewImageNowadays this is the image of aliens, be it in toys or manga… a creature with big head, big eyes, and grey skin. (How un-alien like. tsk tsk tsk) Aniki: actually, this image of the aliens have only been decided about 30 years ago. It all came about because of the movie by Steven SpielbergClose Encounters of the Third Kind.

NewImageThe aliens were portrayed like this in the movie. Also the image was preserved in his E.T. movie. Those movies fixed the image of aliens in minds around the world.

NewImageThere used to be many different portrayals of aliens, but Steven's version replaced them all, and the image of aliens became fixed as such. 

From there, many alien sightings and incidents occurred, and the most compiling of which was this photograph. 

NewImageNewImageThe photo appeared in the 80s, but the body was said to be found in USA, Roswell in 1947. (oh wow apparent'y it’s a big thing…) new of it leaked out in the 1980s, and videos of the autopsy leaked out in 1990s, and created a huge sensation around the world. Even in Japan several news stations reported on it.

The MC shared his take on the matter. He was a news reporter in Roswell and investigating the matter at that time. He interviewed a retired former top military camera man on the matter. The camera man said he'll show the MC something that'll make him really surprised. He show him what used to be top military secret photos of Japan after the WW2. The photos were all in colour. At that time, colour photo was still very rare, and when you mention photos its always in black and white. But because this is a top military secret, the photos were taken in colour. Hence it follows that should the story of the aliens be true, the videos and photos should all be in colour and not be black and white. Thus the camera man reasoned that all the leaked photos are fake. The MC concludes by saying that this story from the retired camera man has high reliability. 

Aniki goes on to explain why there are all these unexplained appearances of UFOs and aliens. 

NewImageIn July this year, a document that's known as the 'last UFO secret' was leaked from the British air force. The British government was investigating documents on UFO sightings, and this document was published. 

The document says that the research on UFO that has been conducted for over 50 years - UFO sightings, aliens, signals from space, communication with aliens etc… not a single of it happened. As in, there was no evidence of any of it happening. 

The UFO lovers of course didn’t believe, and as all the army documents have an expiration date - like after XX number of years, the info will be declassified and the data available for the public to search. SO they all eagerly waited for the day and then sieved through all the data, but didn’t find anything. So this means that its has been confirmed that UFOs do not exist. 

However, instead of UFO sightings decreasing, it actually increased. So if those aliens like little grey don't exist, what are those people seeing? Some author called John A. Keel had a hypothesis in the 1970s as to why there are so many UFO related sightings/stories. He came up with the theory of ultra terrestrials. 

NewImageHe says these ultra terrestrials use their great knowledge and height to go above the earth and looking down on us like ants and cockroaches. LIke a godlike presences, but in fact they actually live on this Earth with us.

NewImageS: So are these ultra terrestrials given birth by other ultra terrestrials? Are they a family or a race?
Aniki: We don't know about that. We don't know who are they, where they are, how they look like. We have no info about them. 

So those beings are supposedly looking down at us just like we occasionally look at ants and wonder what they are doing. Keel says that those being occasionally have some fun and creates those UFO stuff to fool around with humans. That was Keel's hypothesis. 

They move on to talk about the 2nd theory of aliens. 

NewImageAniki says that the worst problem in America is the high rate of child kidnappings. Like up to 80,000 cases every year. Most of the kids are found immediately, but some just disappear forever. For e.g. in America (according to Aniki! I don't know!), they will print the faces of the missing child on milk cartoons...

NewImage(now that's a really old photo)

NewImageHe says that child kidnapping a really bad social problem in the US. Most of the kidnappings are not for money, but rather for child possession rights after parents divorce. (Man he is really going off tangent here, i really don't get it!) So the kids may grow up not wanting to get married or to have boyfriends, because of the childhood trauma they had from their parent's divorce. So the US has a really advanced healthcare system, and in order to combat the trauma, they treated the children with hypnosis or mind influencing techniques, to remove their memory of the divorce. 

NewImage(they look skeptical. So am i) However one day, those memories will still resurface. However as the memories were sealed away, they resurface in a different manner, in the form of 'i got kidnapped by aliens'. Like, the memory of the childhood home and everything suddenly disappeared from the child, when asks date child would reply 'because i got kidnapped by aliens' 


Arashi: Ahhhhhh

NewImageAnd the bell rings! Signalling the end of the last story telling session! Phew… that was a lengthy one to write!

They move back to the bar counter after the Aniki leaves to conclude the session.

NewImageJ has a shocking story to tell. J: 3 or 4 years ago, i went to sedona. MC: Sedona? J: Sedona in America. It's said to be a power spot. At night in the car, i was travelling to a place where the native americans were gathered/living. There were no streetlights and the place was really open. I saw what looked like shooting stars, in various different colours. The objects were flying here and there. They looked like UFOs. I was sleeping at that time, but my friends said 'look! UFOs!' and i opened up eyes and saw the UFOs too. My friends told me that at the beginning, it wasn’t just the 1 or 2 that i saw, but there were like 10 or 20 of them. After that the tour guide asked me if i could see them, if i could see so many of the UFOs. I replied that i could see them. 

NewImageJ: And then the guide said to me 'Matsumoto-san, you're an alien'.

NewImageTrololol! After all the suspense… 

NewImageThe rest gets up to leave. MC: Ah, next time if you want to hear scary stories, please come back to my bar! N: Sorry, we'll take the back door out today. XDXD

NewImageMC to J: Order anything you would like to drink, I'm leaving first. 

NewImageJ is left all alone XD

J: Rumours are interesting ne?

Note: All rumours said today are well… just rumours. 

Yay finally finished. No preview for next week since… erm… the next week episode is out already XD Next week, i mean, the AnShi two days ago… looks very interesting tho XD

As for this episode… well… if you can't understand Japanese very well, no point watching it w/o subs. Its all the rumour talk and there's nothing much in terms of funny arashi expression to watch. Which means less screen caps to upload. It actually finished posting by the time i got out of the bath, cool! XD

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*hugssss*.. thanks for always updating so fast!

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Thax 4 sharing this.
Bratty nino being brat is what make this ep alive.the 3rd aniki a little bit boring.

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hi, may i know where u watch it with chinese sub? :)

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thanx for the translation^^

I'm from Saudi arabia XD and I can assure you that they are just rumors XDD


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