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Since [ profile] chai_pieremae requested for it, and i liked the episode… XD Ahhhhh this episode has the Adult show segment too…! If i didn’t rem wrongly it’s the episode where Ohno… yeah it’s the Adult show episode that i wanted to write about too. Great! XD

NewImageThose two… touchy feely as always :)

NewImageNewImageNeen looking at the camera while waiting to enter the studio...

NewImageNo idea what they are talking about here… but Ohno happily slid his hands down his body XD

NewImageEh leader? What were you doing in Sho's room? XD

NewImageWe all saw that... NewImageNo need to pretend… XD

NewImageIt’s the 1st ever Ohmiya share house… Nino asks Ohno to say something interesting. O: I went overseas. N: That's why you turned so black? O: Yeah. N: You went to the south?(I think he means south africa here?) O: No, but i got sleepy, and there was this rock. And i feel asleep leaning on the rock.

NewImageO: But then it got really hot, and when i woke up, my stomach was really tanned. N: That was really interesting talk (sarcastic). O: Told you so! N: YOu are really positive...

Then the doorbell rings!

NewImageToday's guest is Becky! 

NewImageFor some unknown reason ohno started sliding around on the carpet after realising that its really slippery.

NewImageAnd becky joins in the sliding XD

NewImageThen they settle down. And becky immediately asks them 'what shall we do?'. Nino explains that after Ohno did that energetic sliding thing, he'll probably just sit around and no nothing for the next 10 minutes. XD He then talks about how becky is always giving her best at everything, and suggested that they just slack today. He then asks if becky is actually a very 'dark' person, to which becky denies and replies that she isn't dark but is quiet. Nino then ask her to show her 'stoning' face...

NewImageN: That looks kinda different. Ja do you want to see the real thing?

NewImageHahaha leader!

NewImageHe looks like a dying old man here!

NewImageNino then starts telling becky about Ohno's 'secrets'. N: Leader's very stoned/bored look, its actually an act.

NewImageO (whispering, naruse ryo style): Oi, don't say it!

Then Nino continues on about how Ohno gives off the image that he doesn’t do anything besides fishing, but in actual fact, loves his work a lot, and works really really hard. 

NewImageBecky looks kinda shocked. 

NewImageNino continues: In reality, he's really mean/strict to all the staff here. (Laughter from staff) N: He'll reach and green room and immediately look at the script, and say to the staff 'oi! you didn’t write about my stupidness!'.

NewImageNewImageNewImageO: If this were true I'd have hidden it extremely well XD

N: Becky would you like a drink? B: I brought my own drink so its fine! N: Eh? (no chance to aiba tea to make its appearance XD)

NewImageNewImageIts soup! Becky says she loves soup and since its also good for the body, she drinks it throughout the year instead of drinking plain water. The topic drifts to what things becky tries her best to do… to which she replies that she tries to sleep at 10pm every night. B: 10pm -2am is the golden period of time for our body to recover, doing so makes our skin more beautiful and so on. That's why even if i only reach home at 9:45pm, i'll hurried wash off my make up, go the bed, then wake up at 2 or 3am to continue with whatever i need to do.

N: Ah… so its like this… than let's take the photo (because its already 9:57pm then!)

Of course, becky says because its work its alright… and then they decide that everyone should sleep… 

NewImageO: If you say sleep, I'd REALLY fall asleep ya? 

Dear ohno already looks half asleep here XD

NewImageBut Ohno's completely ignored XD O: Ah, then i'll stay awake.

NewImageBecky doesn’t wake the camera to film her sleeping face XD

NewImageOh-chan laughs 

NewImageKawaii nino!

NewImageOhno watches as a tentacle arm reaches out to grab the sleeping princess! (I mean, the camera…)

NewImageNewImageN creeps in!

NewImageAnd tries to move her hair out of the way… but of course becky isn't asleep XD

NewImageNewImageAnd lets out a scream when she sees the camera right in front of her haha!


Next they decide to prepare the food. Today's menu is cheese fondue! yum!

NewImage2 types of cheese (both of which i've never heard of before!) 

Step 1: grate the cheese (emmental cheese and Gruyère cheese) and mix them with a spoon. 

Ingredients available (for dipping): Potato, asparagus, ham, celery, octopus, banana, and apple.

NewImageOhno kept asking if its alright to eat it with octopus XD

NewImageOhno grates the cheese

NewImageBecky chops the ingredients

NewImageNino grates the other slice of cheese while questioning becky about what she cooked for the person she likes. She said she made gyoza, but it didn’t turn out well because there was too little meat, and the person thought it was wonton. N then asked what type of guys she likes. She mentioned she like hyde and some other guy's looks. Between the two though, she prefers...

NewImageOhno! Shy laugh from oh-chan here XD N; You said it really fast! B: Well in arashi, i like ohno the most. I like to be more quiet in my private life, and leader is the most toned down/unexcitable? person. 

O: Shall we try to date little?

NewImage*Laughter from everyone* N: What's up with this campaign? There's no such thing as 'lets try to date a little' campaign!

NewImageCheese fondue complete!

NewImageAhhhhh i love cheese….! *drools*

NewImageLeader tries the cheese tako (octopus)

NewImageOhno is pleased XD

Becky tells them how to 'stack up' a thick layer of cheese on the dip, but N and O are not interested. Then the doorbell rings!

NewImageN: Who's there? Y: Me me. N: Who? Y: Me. N: WHO? Y: Yokoyama desu (Yokoyama You from kanjani 8) Then Y lets himself in XD

NewImageN and O just stay silent and give them the very unwelcoming look/attitude XD

N: What's the matter? Y: I was called so i came. N+O: We didn’t call you. Y: If i wasn’t called but came, I'd be crazy (literally he said i'll have a problem).

They continue bickering about the called and not called issue...

NewImageBecky greets 'good evening'. Very very coldly XD

N: Are you guys like this in your private life? (this cold)

B: Yup!

Y: No no! We even filmed a movie together! 

N: Both of you in a movie...

O: a romance right?

Y: No! who the hell will be interested in a love story between me and becky?

Lol. everyone out to bully Yoko ne XD

They then settle back down and becky asks yoko to try the food.

Y: Sugoi ne? i've watched this a lot of times but its really slack yeah?

N: yeah, it’s a hunted times more slack then the aired segment!

NewImageYoko starts saying something but leader cuts him off: The octopus is extremely delicious!


Yoko starts asking about whether its really fine to be so slack for tv recordings, and nino assures him its alright. Hahaha just look at how nino is 'sitting' now.

NewImagehahaha. Ohno is displeased with the small talk! "Have you eaten the octopus yet?!"

NewImageCausing yoko to laugh XD Y: you really recommend it that much? O: because its delicious! N: try it at least once...

NewImageN (softly): If you don't hurry up try it, he'll keep nagging and it'll be noisy/naggy. Hahaha!

NewImageleader looks pleased after yoko tries the tako. O: Its delicious right? Y: yeah its delicious but… O: I ate 4 of it already! Y: Yeah you ate 4 but… how am i supposed to respond to that? Say WOW or something? What's the correct answer? O: Just say like 'ah ok' will do. N: Of course you should say 'ah i'll eat one more' Y: Also… where's the time for me to promote my movie? NewImageN: If you want, you can just say it. Y: wait normally don't guys have some sort of time to let me promote my movie? I've never heard of such a straight forward way of promotion on tv before. (as in, normally they would say something related to the movie and to cue in the guest to talk about their movie/whatever… XD But with nino and yoko/kanjani… you wish :P) O: its better to say it yeah? 

So without further ado, nino did the promotion. N: Eight ranger. Opens on 28th of July. <etc etc insert a few sentence of promotion talk here> Please watch the movie. And that was our guest, Yokoyama You-san! Thank you!

B: thank you! *everyone claps, except yoko*

NewImageY: I'm feeling really.. ambivalent right now


Y: Is it really ok for things to be like this? Like so free?

NewImageB: Don't worry, leave it to the editors. TBS is great(sugoi)!

NewImageY: So this is how becky sucks up to TBS yeah? So that next time they'll call you again (for filming) B: I really don't like this guy. He immediately talks about money matters. Like how much do i earn a year. (she says like yoko was saying in a manner that he is more superior) Y: I said i earn quite a huge sum, but i think its really not far from my actual earnings… B: Its ok i already forgot how much you said. (hahaha, she really doesn’t like yoko ne?) Then nino gets interested and asks yoko how much he's annual salary is. He gets leader to bring out the big shiny calculator :)

NewImageYoko wants nino to reveal his earnings too if he reveals his. However when nino agrees he says he doesn’t like to talk about the salary anymore, and wants to ask about the house rental cost…. N: I dislike this more! Y: But see annual salary… the whole world knows that i earn less than arashi! I don't want to say it! 

NewImageBecky passes the calculator to yoko, yoko asks her to reveal her rental cost, but becky's staying in her family home with her parents (remember the VIP limousine episode when J and N slacked off in becky's house?) and so doesn’t pay rent.

NewImageLeader looks on with a weird face...

NewImageApparently yoko doesn’t even tell his members such stuff.

NewImageAs yoko presses on the calculator/prepares to press the calculator… the camera suddenly zooms in really fast. 

NewImageAnd by zooming in… i mean… physical movement… XD At a super fast speed too!

NewImageB: Scary! N: Look at the real ability of TBS! 

NewImageO: What great technique! B: Amazing!

NewImageY: With this speed, you can even film Usain Bolt!

Then yoko started asking if arashi would talk about such monetary issues, like the cost of rent and such. Nino says they would.

NewImageThen becky starts asking about the arashi and kanjani relations. B: Are arashi and kanjani members on good terms with each other? N: I don't think you can consider it good. Y: Can't you just say its good? Do you have any idea how powerful your statements are? N: Ok ok… well it’s a lie to say that we aren't on good terms. Y: But honestly, i don't know much about the private lives of you guys. B: Do you know their handphone numbers? Y: I don't! NewImageN and O both don't know yoko's number either. B: Ah… i though you guys would know each other's numbers… Y: The numbers i know right if - provided they haven been changed- are sho's and aiba's. O: i know maru's and okura's. N: For me its murakami and nishikido. Cos nino had filmed a drama with nishikido before. Yoko then asks what they'd talk about. N: With murakami, I'd talk about concerts. Y: So its about work? N: Yeah, that guy will talk about work. 

Nino then asks yoko about his trip overseas with maru. N: Why did you go? Y: Cos its fun.  N: Isn't it fun to go with other friends too? B: But you guys see each other all the time at work already, don't you want to go out with other people? Y: Well for kanjani 8 we really do feel like extended friends, like we'd go take baths together after live (concerts). N: Ah, we do that too. Y: (do you guys) cover up? N: I don't Y: Wont there always be someone in the group who'd cover up? N: For us… who is it? J? O: Does he? Y: For us its okura. N: Ah i understand what you mean. Y: Yeah so if the rest of the members drop something, i'll definitely return it to them. NewImageBecky looks down with an… embarrassed laugh?NewImageN: You don't really stare like that right? NewImageY: I'd really look like this. Like 'oi hina (murakami) it dropped' by elimination I'd know if that item is okura's. (not sure what exactly he means here… but either way its about how he stares and each member's *ahem* part.)

NewImageBecky reminds yoko that there's a girl in the room :P

NewImageY: Ah sorry sorry, i thought you were one of us/the same as us.

NewImageOh-chan chuckles. Y: but that's how we get closer and closer...

NewImageNino then asks how's it like for the girls. B: When i went to the onsen with ueto-san...

NewImageB: As much as possible we'd be back facing each other.

NewImageN: then why go to the bath together? If its like this. NewImageB: Aya don't mind, but for me i don't really want ppl to see so i keep trying my best to cover up.

NewImageY: So Ueto will like 'bong' and show off? 

LOL look at yoko's pervert look :P

NewImageNewImageamused look from N and O :P

NewImageB: Nonono! Well aya would also cover a little, but its only because I'm covering up. Like she doesn’t care if people see. 

NewImageB: Aya would casually cover up like this

NewImageB: But for me I'd be like this… so although its like we are not going to look at each other, occasionally I'd steal a look. XD

B: ah that's enough of talk about me, now about you guys Y: but we want to hear! B: No no no, i want to hear about the two teams. N: What do you wish to know? B: Ja, how does kanjani feel about arashi? Do you consider arashi rivals?

NewImageSince leader barely utters a word… all i can do is cap his expressions :P 

NewImageY: Ah, not at all.

NewImageThese two looks bored. Ohno's probably half asleep already? :P Y: No i don't think of arashi as rivals. Do you guys even take us for anything? N: No no, kanjani sugoi desu yo (kanjani is great too). Y: Look you're laughing! 

NewImageB: Do you feel like 'ah this is bad', or 'we must not lose' that sort of thing? Y: no not at all. N: Nol, right? *nudging leader* O: yeah, we've never thought of it before. Y: Of course arashi wouldn’t think of it like this! B: Ah, what if say, in the yearly CD sales rankings, now arashi is really great but, what if the top 3 rankings were all kanjani 8, would you say congratulations, or would you feel regrettable and that you have to work harder? Y: Yeah how would you feel? N: I won't think of saying congrats. Y: WHY! 

NewImageN: I can't possibly say it from such a superior position. like if its kiss-my-ft, or sexy zone, then I'd say congrats. B: As a senior yeah? N: But for us we are the same age. 

NewImageYoko seems to have a sudden outburst of emotion. Y: Just till when will arashi remain popular!?! Arashi is really great now, what kind of scenery do you see? N: As in? Y: Like for kanjani we are always looking from the bottom (up at arashi). How is it like viewing from the top?

NewImageO: I really don't know. N: Yeah its always like this, we don't know. B: Ah, like you are in the eye of the typhoon ne? Around you everything is spinning real fast, but where you are its all calm. 

Then yoko asks ohno what he wants to do in the future, be it in arashi or solo. O: As long as I'm doing stuff i like its fine. For nino, he says he wants to do variety. 

NewImagehe says he hardly steps out of the house, and like if its not for work, he hardly speaks. Even if its not his own program its ok, he'll still like to do varieties. For yoko, he wants to do everything and anything. Which is kind of why he joined johnnys - he'll get to try loads of stuff. Becky too, would do anything and everything. Nino then asks if she'd like to get married. B: Either way its fine, i believe in leaving it to fate. 

They start quizzing becky over her love life. 

NewImageYoko ask what kind of kisser becky is, leading her to yelp and hide behind the cushion :P 

NewImageO: Becky, you're excited right? HAHA Ohno!

NewImageNino comes to becky's rescue by deciding that they shouldn’t dwell on the topic further. Yoko keeps laughing though :P

Finally, yoko gets to do a proper 8 rangers promotion… and finally, the photo taking! N: Ok, let's take so photo then let them go home. B: What do you mean by 'let us go home'? XD

NewImageNino passes the camera over to yoko. Don't you just love bratty nino? XD

NewImageY: Ah… but i had a lot of fun today so it's fine...

NewImageNewImageN: Be careful on the way home. Yoko send her home? Y: Ok ok. O: Its really late at night...


Ohno does a golf swing. Totally random!!!

NewImageY: Oh-chan what were you doing? What were you doing? 

NewImageB: that was too much! really too much!


Y: Yeah its true that the setting is that we are in your house, but TELEVISION!

NewImageOh-chan just laughs XD 

YAY! DONE! OMG! Started this like on… wednesday or something, then the yoko part was hard to translate + maple phantom was out already so i went to play :P Yesterday too. Then today came back on my mac to watch yesterday's HnA and VSA but in the end i spent a lot of time on my other blogs and since i want to finish this up before watching this week's stuff… yeah, gonna have to watch the other two tmr or sun. Ok, in the end i did cheat and looked for a youku chinese subbed video to help me out... some parts of yoko's convo was still rather... just can't understand what he's trying to say -.-'''

Ok. not really done yet. I still have part 2 :P
Continue reading part 2 here!

Date: 2012-11-16 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much!That was fun to read this!

Date: 2012-11-16 09:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks so much for this..really enjoyed reading it! love the caps of sleepy/bored ohno and nino..watching this ep again:)

Date: 2012-11-16 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I could only read half of it but it looks like a fun episode! :D I'll finish it later ^^ *have to finish some commissions*
thank you a lot for the review, I don't watch raws because I can't understand them but your reviews make want to watch them now (now that I understand what's happenning! :D)

Date: 2012-11-17 04:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
had another great time reading... thanks so much ^o^

Date: 2012-11-17 08:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much. I've laughed so hard when reading this XD Waiting your part 2 <3

Date: 2012-11-17 09:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it's a fun read. thanks so much for sharing ^_^

Date: 2012-11-18 12:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i had so much fun read so hard.i watched the raw but dont really understand it.thax 4 ur review now i understand it.n now im watching this ep again.
thax 4 sharing.
*if its fine for u, can i make a request???13.9.2012 HnA.i really appreciate it if u can make it

Date: 2012-11-18 02:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I wonder what is the connotation of the 'golf swing' movement (if there's any)

Date: 2012-11-18 08:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for translating this, I love this episode (I kinda hope someone subs this one)~


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