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I really need to find a way to speed up my Arashi program review writing. It always ends up taking me like 4 or 5 hours just writing the post… then i have to wait a million years for marsedit to upload the photos for me, then i go on LJ to edit the formatting etc… thank goodness for marsedit. I'd NEVER bother writing any reviews without it… uploading each SS manually is such a pain in the a$$! So now I'm on a quest to speed up my blogging. I guess the most time is spent when i keep rewinding and replaying the videos just so that i can stop it at that exact second to get the nice screenshot. I think i need to improve my reflexes… maybe let more not-so-interesting stuff go by too… I'd rather spend lesser time writing not-so-detailed reviews then getting sick of writing reviews cos they take me way too long...

Ok… back to the main thing now. Its VS Arashi Time!

Video source is from my favourite Hachi.A XD

Opening talk

S: From next week, our tour begins (popcorn!)


Sho starts talking about how Ohno was doing the choreography upstairs, but when he wanted to ask about Ohno, he was told that Ohno had left already. The next day when he asked Ohno why he left so early, Ohno replied "Unnn, i roller skated a 100 rounds and then went home." XD S: So this time are we roller skating? O: Nonono, i couldn’t come up with anything at all (for the choreograph), then i saw a pair of skate there, so i decided to put it on and skated. However after skating a hundred rounds i still couldn’t come up with anything so i put on my shoes and went home.

NewImageToday the guest team is Team Chiba! Yes, Aiba's hometown :) Even the governor is here and he thanks Aiba for always promoting the prefecture :P

NewImageThe green thing they are wearing is made specially for promoting Chiba's speciality product - peanuts!

NewImageGosh the mascot is FREAKING CUTE! The side view of the mascot is just like the shape of the prefecture. What a brilliant idea haha!

NewImageToday's plus one guest is Ishihara Satomi-san. Arashi was quite shocked as they thought someone with a hard image would appear since they were all wearing black. J thought GACKT was coming...

They start of with Korokoro Viking!

NewImageThe governor shouts words of support ^^

NewImageSomething happened in btw, but sadly i couldn’t understand what the comedian was saying properly so I'm just gonna skip it :P And the game starts!

NewImageThe 1st ball made it to the orange zone...

NewImageBut it fell into the hole at the corner… aw what a waste!

NewImageWhile the 2nd ball was still in the orange zone, the 3rd ball fell in the pink zone… that was fast!

NewImageThe 2nd ball fell off as well!


NewImageIt scores 10x2 = 20 points!

NewImage5 points for the 5th ball...

NewImageAiba winces, kawaii XD

NewImageBut at least 5 points is better than 0 points like ball no. 6 over here...

NewImageIt’s the last ball, can they get the 50 their aiming for?

NewImageSadly not… they only got a 10...

NewImage45 points in all… not very good eh? :P

NewImageI guess the governor's face says it all ^^

But whatever… who cares about him when we have Arashi playing next? XD

NewImageS: Hmm, so the Chiba team got 45 points… i hope to beat that. let's aim for 50 points! Audience: Silence J: But look we have minus points as well…! S: I heard that Nino had once gotten 3 minus 50s in a row. N: And so what? (in a cold demeanour) <Video replay of the 3 -50 starts>

NewImageCaption: 3 -50, grand total of -95 points, that's the record for the lowest points scored ever!

They asked the guest if she is confident, and she say's that she's bad at this game. Arashi says that the last time she did really well on the game though, but she replies that she left everything to Oguri Shun whom she was paired with on the orange zone at that time… and so...

NewImageAiba say's that he'll become Arashi's Oguri Shun XD

NewImageS: Are you confident? A: Yes! I'll show you which is the real Chiba! *Strikes pose*

NewImageJ looks around in confusion. J: ?!?!?! I don't understand what you said at all! A: *laughs*

NewImageUnderstand or not, the game starts!

NewImageWith merely 45 points to catch up with, you can be sure there'll be some exciting play… and right off on the 1st ball, we see the ball skating right on top of the hole… it'd have dropped in if not for the speed the ball was going at i swear!

NewImageJust look at Aiba's face haha! Close calls like everywhere!

NewImageBut still, at least the ball made it to the bridge for 5 points!

NewImagethis time round the ball was in trouble at the green zone. N and J were moving the board rather violently to keep the ball in play… and they succeeded!

NewImageOh-chan laughing at the commotion :P

NewImageclose… but sadly, 5 points for the 2nd ball as well

NewImageI guess they were playing it safe to not get the ball on the moving bridge too early to avoid the minus 50… but as a result they miss the 50 points and ends up with 10 points this time for a total of 20 points in 3 balls.

NewImagehaha! the 5th ball disappeared in the pink zone! some of the smoke seems to have gotten into leader's eyes :P

NewImageAiba and Ishihara-san moves the golden ball carefully but… after spinning around the hole… the golden ball disappeared right in!

NewImageWhat are they doing here? EDIT: Ok, no idea what happened to this pic... but basically the ball was going from the pink zone to the green zone DIRECTLY into the direction of the hole

NewImageJ+N gave the board a little jerk and the ball jumped across the hole. Having fun aren't they? :P

NewImageLOL! the last golden ball disappeared in the pink zone!

NewImageSo the 6th ball got 30 points… total of 50 points LOL! Just like Sho aimed for LOL!!!!!! Everyone 'celebrates' but J is not pleased.

NewImageJ: You didn’t become Oguri Shun did you? A: But Arashi no Oguri Shun is like that… Announcer to guest: How was Arashi's Oguri Shun? Guest: I think he did well.

NewImageDelighted Aiba did a little jump and said "Maakino" in a sing song voice XD (Like in HYD, which i've still not watched) Leading to laughter from everyone

NewImageNewImageA: It'll be big trouble if what i just did was shown on TV. XD Sorry Aiba, when you say stuff like this, all the more they are NOT gonna cut it out :P

NewImageThe next game is shot gun disk! The problem with this game is that there are so many players in different positions, it’s a headache when writing reviews :P. Guest team goes 1st, and since i don't know the guest team member's names anyway… J and Ishihara-san are wielding the bazookas this time :)

NewImageNewImageApparently this two guys used to be in the same soccer team and they did a spontaneous cheer XD

NewImageAnd the game starts!

NewImageNewImageNewImageI spy loads of fallen disks!

NewImageTeam Chiba gets 210 points!

NewImageNext is of course… Arashi team!

NewImageAiba is the passer

NewImageSakumiya shooters

NewImageOhno is the receiver! I wonder if fishing helps with this game? Since they also scope up the fish with nets like this don't they? :P

NewImageSho is worried about Aiba in that position, and ask if he's alright. Aiba: daijoubu x4 (while clapping the disks)

NewImageS: Have i done this before? <caption: its his 2nd time> O: Really? Sho-chan has not done it before? I've not done this before either, change with me?

NewImageNewImageJ: You have so little confidence? But earlier on you had a very confident face… O: Ah that's about the only thing i can do. Last time i only caught 3, the staff told be to start from here again…

NewImageN: He's really complaining a lot! Ohno-san right now you're completed the most worst player (for the Most MDA).

NewImageSho said something about how he got really black in the MMDA, and Ohno was like 'I'll do it x 3' XD funny!

NewImageS: daijoubu? O: daijoubu xn Basically they are copying this guy's gag...

NewImage"Mou… i might as well give all my gags to arashi!" hahaha

NewImageAnd the game starts!

NewImageNewImageLets see if Ohno can do better this time!

NewImageNewImageAiba working really hard to pass those disks

NewImageA pretty overhead catch!

NewImageLeader caught the 30 points throw from N even those the disk got deflected by the bazooka!

NewImage270 points! That's a great score :) Nino had to complain about Aiba's constant rate of throwing the disks though. Aiba just kept throwing with no regards as to whether they were free to receive the disks at all. Nino says that the incoming disks actually blocked him from making his throw :P

NewImageNext is bound hockey! This game hasn’t made its appearance in a while right? 

NewImageNewImagethe 1st puck went all the way from the 2nd passer to...

NewImageThe goal?!?!?! Like WOAH! LOL! What luck!

NewImageThe next one went out right at the start though…They hit the pucks really hard, and hit a lot of pucks out… including a blue puck!

NewImageNo goal here though...

NewImageThey started playing more carefully, but the blue puck missed the goal

NewImagethis time they played too careful - the 3rd blue puck stopped in the middle of no where

NewImagethe very last puck was out as well, so they got a total of 90 points

Next up is arashi team!

NewImageThey suspect Aiba of purposely helping the Chiba team XD


Once again the governor thanks Aiba for promoting Chiba. Sho teases him by calling Aiba Chiba-kun XD

NewImageThey pass at a good pace, and Ishihara scores!

NewImageNewImageAiba starts getting anxious and careless, 1st a puck that he and sho passed back and forth a few times than eventually stopped out, then the shot above going wide.

NewImageSadly, the blue punk hit the left bar and went out, scoring 10 points

NewImageThis time its leader who missed the pass :P

NewImagetskk tsk leader

NewImageand he did it again??? 

NewImageJ: OI!

NewImageThis time round its both Ohno and Aiba's fault? LOL!

NewImageA long awaited goal...

NewImagethey manage to make the last puck a goal! So that's 120 points in all!

NewImageAs expected, they start asking Aiba about his performance. They said its not a suspicion anymore, but rather, it has already been proven. Then they ask Ohno how much did Aiba pay him… not only did he miss two shots in a row, but he also laughed after missing XD

Next up is bunk bowling! (Gosh, so much left to write, after spending like 4 hours already. instead of speeding up, i think I'm actually slowing down -.-''')

NewImageAnyway 1st up is Oshima-san and Momochi for the Chiba team!

NewImageNewImageNewImage32 points… not a good score (momochi's pink ball barely made a dent on the pins :P )

NewImageThe governor is here to play!

NewImageLets see if he can get the red pin!

NewImageFull speed ahead!

NewImageRed pin getto!

NewImageThe front pins were utterly destroyed!

NewImage148 points!

Arashi is next! With the great throws from the Chiba Team, arashi is now behind… let's see if they can get back their lead!

NewImageNewImageNewImageSho purposely used the same ball the governor used in hopes of getting the good luck… but he didn’t hit a single pin!

NewImage28 points LOL

NewImageSho pretends that he hasn’t thrown yet XD

NewImageOhba pairing again XD Of course the duo gets questioned if they are actually helping the Chiba team. Aiba purposes that he'll get the red pin to prove his innocence...

NewImageAiba does some weird ritual in hopes of striking the red pin haha

NewImageRandom note: I so love leader's shiny jacket

NewImageYappari they are spies for the Chiba team ne?

NewImageAiba kneels over in embarrassment 

NewImage71 points… but at least it was better than Sho's throw :P

NewImageAiba copying the gag of mooch: Forgive me nyan XD

Last game of the day! (phew at last :P) Kicking Sniper!

NewImageAt this point in time, arashi team is only leading by 14 points…! 

NewImage1st target: kicker 1 and 2 miss, 3rd kicker perfects it! Nice!

NewImageTarget 2: 1st kicker scores 40 points and leaves one can standing, kicker 2 hits down the last can and perfects it!

NewImageTarget 3: 1st kicker missed, 2nd kicker… PERFECT! Gosh…. if they keep this up arashi will never be able to win! The 2nd and 3rd kickers (former soccer players) sure are showing their strength!

NewImageSadly the 4th target with TONS of points they missed… 1st kicker hit off 1 can, 2nd kicker the ball bounced off w/o upsetting any cans, 3rd kicker (abv) missed.

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker hits and score 40 points

NewImage2nd kicker misses and 3rd kicker hits but sadly, left 1 can standing… still, Chiba team gets 350 points! 

NewImageLet's see if arashi team can catch up!

NewImageKickers are Ishihara-san, J and Nino! They need to score 340 points or more to win! Can Arashi team do it? the key point will be the 4th target which team chiba failed to hit.

NewImageIshihara perfects the 1st target! Nice!

NewImage2nd target: Ishihara misses, J hits but leaves 1 can standing, Nino sadly misses the last can. 110 points now!

NewImage3rd target! 1st two kickers miss, but Nino scores a perfect! 

NewImageWoah, its nine's day today. Ishihara misses, J hits but the can merely moved a little… But nino smashes right through the cans and perfects it! With that, arashi scores more than 340 points and there's no need to play on!


Next's week's preview: ikuta Toma is coming (opposing team) and falling pipe catch makes a come back after one and a half years! Man i miss that game! Been wondering why they haven played it for soooo long although its still on their website and featured in the VSA theme parks (not sure what's its proper name) and all… Anyway… now for the 10 second challenge! It’s the Find Leader game again! Basically each of the members (expect Ohno of cos) gets to be in charge of a camera, and they have 10 seconds to spot oh-chan who's hiding in the crowd!

NewImageNewImageMan i so love it when they win XD 10 sec challenge is much more amusing than MDA IMO XD

NewImageNewImageAiba is the 1st to spot leader! Nino's got leader as well but he just needs to focus it properly...

NewImageJ and Sho can't find leader! 

NewImageNewImageOhno: It’s a pity this too too eh? 

Yay! Finally finished! Woots… Took me like 5+ hours this time -.-''' Just why do i take so long? I don't get it! arghs!   Any suggestions how i can write reviews faster? :P

Date: 2012-11-09 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! Thank you for the review <3

My Japanese is really mediocre at best so watching the raws is like watching as some toddler who can only understand clips and pieces (which really doesn't make much sense at the end of the day when conversations become real interesting). So reviews like yours always help <3 Thank you so much.

Date: 2012-11-10 12:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I did basic Japanese way back when but I got lazy and didn't continue XD massive regrets. But yes, for really simple phrases, I can get by and I'm the same, knowing Chinese (tho my Chinese is far from fluent too ;_; i'm just so lazy when it comes to languages) does help especially when kanji flashes on my screen XD. I should get back to relearning katakana/hiragana though. I don't remember most of it ;__;

And that's so ture. Watching Arashi shows made me relearn the language. I thought I've lost even the little Japanese I knew until I started to watch Arashi shows again XD

Date: 2012-11-10 05:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey darling! Thank you soo much for this review! And the time spent for the reviews writing! Admire your ability to write interesting reviews!

Ah~when I first started writing reviews, I encountered the same thing too.. too many Arashi delights to share but time passes so quickly with all the fangirling screencaps and review writing! And all the journal formating and stuffs!

I switched to writing short reviews now so that I can continue sharing delights of more different episodes (; I want to keep alive my passion of lovin' arashi_bangumi ;D

The above is just my experience hexhexhex. What's important is that you feel happy at the end of fangirling through reviews (;

Thank you for the big love of sharing your love for Arashi through review writing *winks*

Date: 2012-11-10 01:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
nooo you are not long winded. I cap a lot of screenies too!

Its like every moment of the bangumi is so interesting and eventful that it is too unworthy not to screencap it. And then we end up capping hundreds everytime


Date: 2012-11-10 05:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
criminals in stealing our hearts and minds xD

Date: 2012-11-10 07:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for translating ~~~

Date: 2012-11-10 07:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you for the review, finally i understand what they were talking about :)))) hahaha... i hope you do review as well of the HnA where Yamada Yuu is the guest :))))
thank you again :))

Date: 2012-11-11 10:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i found it in hachi.A :)) not sure though if the links are still up, but i have downloaded it...

Date: 2012-11-14 07:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:)) yay~ i will be waiting for the review :))) thank you!!

Date: 2012-11-10 08:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for you're hard work. I really enjoy reading it.

Date: 2012-11-10 01:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*hugss*.. should i kiss you too???

I can always count on you for these reviews.

And thanks so much for using your previous time to complete these!!

*Muak Muak*... guess i better kiss ya too!! ^o^

Date: 2012-11-16 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for spending so much time to share these with us:) it really helps enjoying the shows better!


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