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Massugu na Otoko Team
Sato Ryuta, Fukada Kyoko, Kanjiya Shihori, Miura Rieko and Tanaka Kei

Riida breaking record for Pinball runner

Sato Ryuta and Sho interaction during Falling Pipes + Sho's hiding technique
Aiba little fail after cliff climb

Falling Pipe
Round 1:
Kanjiya Shihori and Nino

Somehow i find the 2 of them very adorable.

Nino enjoyed sending sparks from his eyes,
Sho commented (twice) that nino is exercising his charm on Shihori.

Falling Pipe
Round 2:Sho and Sato Ryuta.
To prevent Sato-san from seeing the pole numbers, Nino suggested that Sho to press the buttons without giving Sato-san any hints.

Sato Ryuta was amused because our wacky Caster did something
(which got the audience behind him so excited, they kept pointing at him so excitedly!
I thought he looked like ninja turtle :>

Michael Jackson winning post from Sato-san, and a shocked Sakurai

Pinball runner
Participant: Ohno and Kei Tanaka
Ohno as runner, Aiba and Plus One guest as commanders
Ohno as usual, his mischievous and laid-back style.

The Plus One guest is always on the lookout to making funny antics on the camera.
Good tempered Aiba had to constantly get the guest to focus back to the task.
I feel Aiba makes a good fellow family member. So caring and encouraging!

The guest, Junji Takada exclaimed that he is old and cannot see the yellow balls.
But it became an advantage because the 2 only pink balls were both caught,

riida's score obtained broke record!

I was so amazed by how many he caught !

Rolling Coin Tower
I just love Jun in hat :D

Cliff Climb
Climber: Sato Ryuta and Sakuraiba

I must say the guest team is really strong. Especially Sato-san. His climbing steps are confident and very swift.
Evidence of strength because he climbs up really easily.

The sakuraiba pair discussed strategies to climb.

Aiba failed on his landing and bumped onto the camera man!

I need to put in this picture. Jun look so wacky here (;

Giant Crash
AIba participated the most here, his tension was really high when deciding which number blocks to take down

Jun quoted Aiba's opinion which made Aiba happily agitated. Some junba moments ne.
So.. was aiba's deduction correct?

Well, the giant crashed on the guest team's turn (;

Welcome to give comments on the show or suggestions to the review (;


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