Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.01.15

In a way, I start to appreciate this show, not all aspects of it, but some. I'm still only going to watch the episodes whereby the guests are either Johnny's or those that I like because this show somewhat makes those Johnny's idols that we know somewhat more human and though lots of aspects are still made for TV, we get to see a glimpse of the different side, not so glamorous and flashy side of them, and I really appreciate this.

So, for this time, it's Ouroboros combi aka Hanakimi reunion time! If you haven't watched the episode 1, you should watch it, seriously. And if you don't find me convincing at all (afterall I'm very bias LOL), maybe after you watch this episode, you really feel like watching it because they really do a good job with the promotion, mostly Toma's doing the work while Oguri is just laughing on the side, ha!

What's with Oguri Shun and lemon sour?

Abunai Yakai スタート )

Well, I'm definitely watching this drama, especially after Epi 1..
Some caps from Epi 1

Ouroboros Epi 1... )

Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2014.10.09

Sakurai + Hawaii + invasion of privacy, what a perfect combination. Johnny's seriously made full use of Arashi while they're in Hawaii. The boys were practically worked non stop there even up till late night (well, guess they're used to this... am not though LOL).

A little peek of what Sho-chan looks like outside TV... )