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What do we have in this episode? Lots of laughter and fun episode, PLUS Aiba-chan's engrish is back! But in here, we get to see Aiba-chan's MC skill, which I appreciate a lot. He puts in the excitement into anything that he talk about that any ordinary information becomes interesting. From the way he phrases his explanations to how he pokes the guests curiosity, they're so easy to understand and digest. And that, requires skills and experience. Not anybody can work with this kind of style, I think it's more like Aiba-chan's style. Overall, very entertaining episode plus it's informative and we have a sequel next week, yey!!!


This week we have Manabu Taxi (the special tricycle made to torture and grill the boys) XD

So, what's the tips in communicating with non-Japanese aka gaijin?
We have to talk with gesture and louder voice. Well, it's quite true actually, part of culture difference :)

First to go, Sawabe!

Guest of this episode is Lana-chan (works at a gallery) from Canada and Nikola (a patisserie) from French

Sawabe's topics involve megane (glasses), jinbei (summer wear), and famous omocha (toys)

So which part of the glasses that Japanese thought of?
Aiba-chan first thought of frame, then later suspect that it's the nose part, and he's right.
Before Japanese invented the nose part, glasses are placed lower because there's nothing hold it against the nose, but with the nose part, the glasses are place straight at eye level... sasuga...

Nikola's happily said glasses case which Sawabe shut it down LOL

It's damn hot!!!

The origin of this outerwear is from the outerwear for war (too lazy to do the full translation, gomen)

Lana-chan is asking Sawabe if he can cycle faster so that they can have some wind blowing.
Sawabe: can you stop saying speed up? wahahaha...

Sawabe spotting the Mr Donut's poster LOL
He's pointing to the 'shining conspicuously pop star' ... wahahahaha

Japan's big star MASAKI AIBA XD

Aiba-chan: I'm coming out next!!!
Sawabe then asked the guest, what's the famous star that they know. They said 'Lady Gaga'
So Masaki Aiba is the Japan's Lady Gaga

Look at Aiba-chan's face LOL!!! he's like 'oh shit! nooooooo'
You're so damn cute Aiba-chan <3

The last part of Sawabe's segment is the omocha (toy) shop. He's introducing Kendama.
Kendama has been quite popular lately with the extreme kendama and they starting to have the international competition for Kendama in Hiroshima. Anybody participating? XD

Watabe's turn. Sawabe said that we have to give big tension which Watabe sucks at it XD

Watabe segments involve 2 parts that I don't really know how to translate and I don't want to open my dictionary now and the 100Yen shop XD

Engrish! And Watabe ask the guests to call him High Tension Ken LOL

Goodness it's getting hotter!!!

It's really Japanese culture to throw water on the hot asphalt because I didn't see this in any other Asian countries I've been to.
Watabe: Nice water

Watabe lives to his words that his explanation is not that exciting and leaving the guests being rather awkward...
Poor Watabe... pet Watabe's head LOL

Lana commented that Tokyo's outfits are kakkoii. Then Watabe commented that Lana's dress is kawaii but unfortunately it's from Canada, but fret not, the cute hairband is from Japan LOL

ermmm this part is really... I don't really know what is this for.
Except that due to this, they have different color of asphalt in different prefecture.
If anybody can help me translate, arigatou!!!

Are? Watabe stopped talking... High tension ken is at his limit LOL

They're stopping at one of my favorite shops LOL. Watabe literally shoved Nikola to the side (it made a sound too LOL) so that he could act like a gentleman LOL

I WANT THIS!!! This gadget existence is to make onsen tamago in the microwave
*self note: This weekend must go to daisho to check out this!

Watabe warned the guest that the person after him has a very high tension LOL
Well, off course!

Ohisashiburi, Aiba-chan's Engrish!!!
Meet Japanese Lady Gaga!

I love how Aiba-chan always turn around or lean over when he talks to explain things to the guests. His gestures show sincerity. I think this is one of the points differentiating him from Watabe and Sawabe XD
They stopped to look at what's unique in the recycle shop. Lana-chan noticed the Hawaiian shirts.
No, it's Aloha shirts.

The origin of Aloha shirts is off course from the Japanese (see, new learning every week).
As their kimono were damaged, they convert it into shirts and it becomes popular!

Aiba-chan made the gesture to Lana-chan to wear the aloha shirt and ask Watabe to pay the bill LOL

Watabe: I'm not High tension Ken anymore LOL

In here they're talking whether Aiba-chan wears kimono. Aiba-chan, off course. Then they move on to Lana-chan wore yukata before and Nikola wore jinbei once.

Bobby noted that what supprising for gaijin is the fundoshi, it's kakkoii.

Lana-chan notice something... Mets cola CM! LOL
Aiba-chan: that's me hehehe

Japan has that many vending machine, it's literally everywhere (even at the top of the mountain!). note the code at the bottom part of the machine :)

I love how Aiba-chan explains things here. So easy to understand.
So basically the code is useful when there's an accident/incident and you call the 911 but you don't really know the location. You can give the reference of the vending machine code for the 911 people to track.
This is really cool!!!

Everybody are noting how kakkoii Aiba-chan saying 'that's me', the feels LOL, Aiba-chan must be proud (but still humble).. more feels...

Yes it's damn HOT!! Hope you're not toasted Aiba-chan!

Next we have the toilet sign. That kind of signage originated from Japan.

It starts from Tokyo Olympic. Previously the toilet signage is written in alphabetical manner. However, it may be difficult to understand because of language barrier. Hence they create the signage for it and it's being adopted across the globe since then.

They're talking about how good learning this is etc that Watabe commented that this looks like the end already, but it's not XD

Last point. The building looks like a mansion but actually it's not a place for living. It's workshops.

How does Aiba-chan explain workshops? It's 'win win kan kan' LOL!!!

Initially those workshops are all over the place around the residents. As they're working to manufacture things, the noise is inevitable hence complains. So to eliminate the complaints, they put all the workshops in 1 place.

Our guests are impressed!

Goal!!! So everybody presented their topics.

And the winner is...

Off course, off course LOL
Sawabe is very funny here 'desuyo ne' LOL

The guests like Watabe's onsen tamago gadget but the watering the asphalt is not a hit LOL

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Let's see... Date FM, Junstyle, Sho Beat (don't quite remember though), Shiyagare (dance on her song aaaand smth else I don't quite remember), Himitsu (if I'm not wrong coz it may be Mago Mago), Discovery (twice), Rekomen (twice)... Mmm... Of course M-station and Manabu. Lady Gaga and Arashi go from past times to present and in that year there are already 3 pop ups and may be even more of which I just don't know. They certainly love her <3 And I'm sure I'll find some more Lady Gaga with Arashi in the future.


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