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Utaban 100302 (YYMMDD)
Opinions on relationships + palm reading

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"Arashi's attitude towards love" segment
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And then the palm reading segment.
I just love watching at how they curiously looked at each other's palm
PS: not providing the palm reading results. Don't want to provide spoilers (;
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Lol I like to see this segment. Just within few seconds and so many expressions from him.

Nino you are so adorable!!

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Utaban 000420
Arashi- First Appearance in Utaban

I bring you a review on a program recorded 12 years ago!
Senior Nakai introduce his juniors, Arashi for the first time on Utaban !
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Arashi x Utaban is just pure enjoyment !

*Note: Nakai-san really said that!!! :D

Comments and reviews are welcome! :D
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Hahaha Utaban is where Ohno and Nakai flirt fight each other ^0^

And kya.. another episode of them on aprons!
This time, Arashi making work bentos!

What kind of interesting lunch boxes will each of them choose?
What will the type of bentos will they be doing?


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