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Hi all! I have a new review! This time it's Sho's interview with Uchimura Kohei.

I personally love watching gymnastics, and am kinda of a fan of Uchimura. I mean, he's the $#!&%$)! king of gymnastics. His form is beautiful. He won 6 individual all around world championships, and two time individual all around gold medals at the olympics... Making it a whooping 8 years of domination. And the most ridiculous thing? He's the same age as me. World champion, married with 2 kids... And everything that I'm not. Lol. But anyway... Click on the pictures below to read the review!

Also made a list of noteworthy vocabulary here!
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I bring you another short review of ichimen! (Actually, the review isn't all that short... It's mostly because ichimen is a pretty short segment.) Click here or the pictures for the review.

If you're interested, also check out the noteworthy vocabulary from this ichimen segment over here.
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Gosh. It's been a long time since we have any reviews posted here! ><

I have not actually forgotten about this community, even though my RL situation and online ventures have meant that I've not been doing reviews in a long time... I did a short review on Sho's Ichimen on my website though! Click on the picture to read it.

Hopefully I'll be able to do more of these short reviews!
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Will recommend the Vancouver videos because there were some interview involved and more Sho ^^  the Beijing olympic one is more of the opening programmes and enthusiastic feeling from the chinese people.
Sho-chan talks about the breakfast at Vancouver,  

saying how tender the meat was (the cameraman laughed) xD     
                                                                         Sho-chan also cried ~
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no one subbed this episode. streaming here (03:19 onwards)
Sho-chan travels to Australia to investigate how Australia has a direct impact to Soba in Japan.

Worst drought in Australia.  
Before-after difference of an Australian lake.

                                                                              2007's harvest of grain      And look at how small this harvest is compared to the big storehouse?

Look at how tall the bridge is! Imagine how deep the lake was originally? (Watch the video to see the real difference. )

It takes just 2 years to dry a lake.

If we continue to neglect taking care of Mother Earth,
what will happen at our future descendents' generations? 

Sho-chan's role is to help us, fans, increase awareness to daily issues like eco and news.
Let's do our part too ! :D

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Ichimen @ News Zero 2011.08.08

How to use an Automated external defibrillator (AED)..  portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Let caster Sho learn with you (:  

better learn.. caster Sho's hotness is already enough to make so many Sho fans' heart skip a beat 

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NewsZero 110815  special segment by Sho, on World war II memorial.   
This year is the 66th year since the incident. 
In this episode, he interviews an oba-chan and goes to the museum to see the records and journals of the pilots involved in the war.  

Ichimen@NewsZero 110801 

Sho talked about the refugee and famine problem in Somalia. text="more.."> From what i read from Time Magazine:

  • droughts and famine happen every year, and Somalians have to go through treacherous jungles to reach refugee camps.

  • Current camp facilities are taking in 30 times of refugees than intended. 

  • Children died along the "yearly migration" journeys, or died shortly arriving. 

  • In addtion, most Somalians said the camps are not very far off from the place that they leave.

Let's live in peace and harmony. No more hatred and wars.. let's give concern to each other and practice how to accept others' differences. Let's care for each other =)  


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