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Hi! Something fast, I translated the characters chart of Ohno's new drama (it's short name is Sekamuzu). You can see here the original: http://www.ntv.co.jp/sekamuzu/

I didn't translate the name of the characters except Ohno's who is called Samejima Reiji (the first kanji of Samejima is the kanji for shark (same), Ohno's fave fish, lol). The reason is that the same kanji can be read in different ways and I will not know the correct way of reading them until I hear them. I noted down the name of the main actors in case you want to search more info about them. I didn't write "Ohno Satoshi as" because the space was narrow and everybody here knows his name, lol

I'm not familiar with japanese companies and how they hire so perhaps some title or something is not called like that in english speaking companies.

This is not exactly a review so if you think this is not appropiate to be posted here please delete it^^
Oh! I also got surprised that Johnnys allowed Ohno's photo on ntv web page, at last they noticed how weird was to not see the pic of the main role's actor on the drama web page!!

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Was digging through my old files and came across this review that I did 2 years ago! Was meant to be shared during Ohno's birthday but forgot to do so until now!

Happy birthday Riida, thanks for leading Arashi by letting them grow and mature in their own unique ways. A leader without really being the leader, so much depth to it !

This episode has Ohno in really funny scenes. Ohno probably like the aniki a lot. Look at how enjoyable Ohno was when embracing aniki !
lol the rest of arashi dancing in circles while Ohno enjoys his hug

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The spring season for drama is almost over, how is everyone enjoying Ohno and Nino's drama? Nino's birthday is this month but I didn't manage to make a Nino bangumi review. Gomen Nino, I will do it for next month, it's a promise!

Oh and the Arashi concert in Hawaii and concert screening in Shanghai. Latest update on 16 June: There will be screening of Wakuwaku in SIngapore too! Woots!! ohh!! the new upcoming movie featuring all 5 of them!! Certainly, being an Arashi fan is always in for many many surprise right !

Jya, this month's review shall feature Ohno our dear group's leader in Shiyagare @ 121201
I chose this episode because riida is leading this wonderful group called Arashi ! Therefore this month's review is on him~

The episode that features about the wonders of the human brain.

Episode highlight:

  • MatsuJun interacting with kids. See how he reacts with this bunch of children who does unpredictable things..

  • The art-talented Ohno is able to...

  • Some Arashi members as sniffers

  • The scientist talking about the wonders of the brain (not as boring as I thought !)

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It's November! Time to put up this header!

Gomen, this was supposed to be posted on November 1st.. things got a little busy for me -_-"

First and foremost, happy 14th anniversary Arashi!
And second is happy Satoshi birthday month!

For this month's review, it is Himitsu no Arashi-chan desu.
Let's see which guest was in this episode exactly one year ago? (1st November 2012)

She actually made Ohno changed his mind about marriage and wants her to marry him?

Click the cut to find out
Who is she?? )

The sharehouse segment ended with Ohno proposing (!!) and said : Can't you do something about it?
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And also sharing a fresh news from Japan,
that MatsuJun will be getting a new drama!
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and edited on 18th sep: Ohno's 24hr TV drama to be on dvd

As written on 16 sep
Kagiheya SP promo



I am Ohno Satoshi.
Next year, that Enamoto will return back to meet everyone!
Will be starting to film, I am really looking forward to what kind of strong enemies will appear this time, and what kind of trap awaits!
A closed-door mystery that comes after a year, I will do my best to remember my lines so that the mystery can be really solved! (*laughs*)
Everyone, please look forward to it!

Mezameshi news. Video from fb page Arashi

Web Source (Japanese only) here

kagiheya sp newspaper 1231173_382041641898640_1396806980_n
Credit to fb page Arashi   
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It's the month of Jun's brthday heh heh, so I thought of doing a short review on an episode featuring Jun.

And since it is also near the 24hrTV challenge, which features a SP drama on Ohno,
therefore today's review is on OhJun/  Juntoshi

2013.01.31 Himitsu no Arashi-chan

- Sharehouse: Mama party
- Challenge: Toma Ikuta


  • Funny faces of OhJun papas

  • OhJun papas carrying the toddler carrier

In this HnA episode, Ohno and Jun interviews female guests who are mamas, and the boys tried on some items for taking care of babies such
as strollers and toddler carrier. For this sharehouse segment, it gets boring when the mamas start talking about their babies..The rewarding part about this episode is their peek-a-boo and them wearing the toddler carrier (with a toy baby as demo)

Their expressions when asked to do funny faces to play with babies.
Lol that look! ^0^

Jun's peek-a-boo face is really hilarious that Ohno could not stop giggling too!
Lol Ohno I think that peek a boo will stun a baby haha!

Lol Ohno you looked like you just woken up >0<

Challenge segment

  • Ohno was surprisingly good in one game

  • Jun's series of impersonation on 5 things

  • Toma doing comedian skit wearing english Sir outfit

I think this segment is more interesting then the sharehouse segment, since there is some anticipation on who will excel in the games etc. It's a fight between the 3 Johnny's

Ohno looking good =)

Jun's pursed lips

Love their expression here! Their "unimpressed face" of the appearance of a sporty comedian.

Ohno trying his might to hang on to the bar and... !

Jun gets a forfeit by doing a series of impersonation of 5 different things..4 artistes and a gorilla )=
Was thinking of having Ohno to do the impersonation. His facial expressions are rather epic these days!

Overall, its a (6.5/10) viewable episode, a non subbed version is still fine because the watchable contents are with their actions and expressions. Streaming with chinese subs from tudou here

End of review. Hope you have enjoyed it~

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I was busy celebrating Nino's birthday yesterday so I was kinda lazy to translate the news when I saw it last evening m_ _m. I went around to do some research as a makeup for the lateness ^^ V

Ohno Satoshi (32) will be in the SP drama for this year's NTV "24Hours Love saves the Earth" campaign. Airing on August 24 and 25, the drama is called 今日の日はさようなら [Today's is the day for goodbye].

Based on the original novel by Kazuya Miyuki 幸和也, with the title 大空への旅立ち がんと闘いながらも夢見ていた未来
[A trip towards the sky: battling cancer with hope of still seeing a future full of dreams].

The scriptwriter is 桥部敦子, who wrote the drama of [Freeter, ie o kau] and [Boku no ikiru michi]. The production team will be those that took part in [Yokai ningen bem] and [Hara-chan, don't cry!].

Ohno's role will be 耕太 who is 29 year old man who lives in the countryside, a University dropout and had changed many jobs. Just when he finally decides to live his life well as a chef, he was suddenly diagnosed with "malignant lymphoma cancer" (a type of blood cancer). The story will describe how he faces life and prepares for death.

Ohno is looking forward to the role. He expressed that "耕太 is a very ordinary teenager who faces many emotions after he is diagnosed with cancer and left with little time to live. The theme of the drama is "Live well, die well". I hope I will be able to face this problem and give my best in acting out 耕太's perseverance".

Ohno is the 3rd Arashi member to land a role in NTV's 24Hr TV SP drama, after Jun and Nino.

No repost outside the community. A credit and link back to this entry is fine. Thanks ;)
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Arashi has been even more dazzling these days... and I think that Ohno looked especially good recently.. (^O^☆♪
that explains the mood of me doing many screen caps than usual hurray~! (´▽`)ノ♪

As this review is rather different from my usual short reviews, therefore there may be spoilers..
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Did I mention I like to see Arashi eats? Here just one example of how cute when they eat. And here's pouty Ohno! ^0^
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Than it comes the Aniki segment.

Micro-expressions, eating, dazzling & street fight scenes! )

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Ok… Now after posting half of the entry i realised just how long this thing is...

Woah it scared me for a bit. I think i posted too many pics and sometimes firefox  can't load the pics properly. I tot the SS didn’t get uploaded properly or something! That'll have been really really bad...

Have you read part 1 yet?

NewImage Pinball runner is next!

NewImageNewImageAiba will run while N and the guests will give instructions! 

NewImageArashi team is down by 288 points now! Aiba says that he'll take it seriously! SInce it was partly his fault that they are losing so much. 

NewImageLeader offers aiba a lifeline XD

NewImageC: Aiba are you going the accept the offer from the prince?
A: Since the prince has said it, i'll accept.
O laughs again XDNewImage And so they change the cargo. And aiba takes off his jacket too… why was it wearing it earlier anyway? When he's going to run around… won't he get a heat stroke? :P

NewImageMM starts complaint about aiba. MM: How come you weren't as fast when i went to pick you up?
A: Senpai comes to pick me up often. Like if we were going to play golf, he'll definite come to pick me up.
S: Normally you shd be waiting for senpai (senior) before he comes right?NewImageA: Normally that's the case,  but for me i only wake up when senpai called.

NewImageMM's deadly stare XD
J: So what did you do?
A: I was panicking! Senpai has reached already! What should i do? In any case i'll just take a bath first.NewImage MM: He came only after bathing! I was in the car and he came out looking all fresh and i was thinking 'Uwah that's arashi!' (sarcastic) 
A: I'm sorry!
Lol lol aiba! Making ur senpai wait like this!NewImage

NewImageIn any case, the game starts!

NewImagehe gets 40 points easily with the normal basket :)

NewImagehe managed to get the pink ball!

NewImageHowever the 2nd pink went out! 

NewImagethey scored 180 points! A great score no doubt… but i was w/o the 20% off cargo :P

NewImageAiba and the guest starts fighting again, as the guest refuses to take the blame for the uncaught 2nd pink.

NewImageNewImageNino tries to stop them...

NewImageAw… just let them be. Aiba's been trying his hardest to set this up since the start of the show… i thought it was gonna happen in viking already but i think sho ruined the mood :P

NewImageAudience: KYYAAAAAA

NewImageSomeone is unhappy though XD

NewImageUeshima: How can you do it with just anyone?

NewImageMM is really energetic/expressive eh? XD

NewImageKaibutsu team next!
hmm what's that shiny thing on ohno's cargo?
oo 20% off cargo…
Wait… isn't he on the guest team today? XD 

NewImageNewImageWhat's this look supposed to mean? o.o

NewImageC: Ohno-kun will be challenging the use of the 20% off cargo basket. I'm surprised. NewImageO: Aint i cool?  

NewImage*looks at the arashi members*

hahaha taunting them eh? you're asking for it ohno! XD

NewImageNewImagei can't agree with the caption more! (what's that text in the videos called again?)
S: but as a single player, ohno is a regular so its no surprise that he's using the off cargo basket.


 it took a while for ohno to get the 1st ball, umika is a newbie at giving instructions after all.

NewImagethe pink ball looked like it was going to fall at no. 2/3 for a while, but the moving panel shifted and the ball dropped off at 4. Can ohno get it?

NewImageyup! he got it!

NewImageOhno dips forward just in time to get the 2nd pink ball! NICE ONE!

NewImageHe managed to get the very last ball too with the dipping forward technic. Total of 150 points! Wow nice!

NewImageHow often does the arashi team scores 150 points or more with the off cargo basket? no very often eh?

NewImageNewImageIt’s the last game! kicking sniper! Arashi team is trailing by a hefty 258 points right now! If they don't score more than 260 points, kaibutsu team will win w/o even having to play!

The game starts!


Nino manages to perfect the first target! 


2nd target: N: missed to the left. G: missed to the right...

NewImageSho gets a hit! He knocks off the cans on side side, and the structure loses balance and the red cans on the other side falls as well. But the bottom can remands standing… 40 points for the 2nd target!

NewImage3rd target! Nino knocks one can off!

NewImagethe guest was going to kick already but… his ball fell off lol! He manages to pick it back in time and hits the can on the top right… NewImagesho's kick hits the middle and all but the last can falls off. 100 points for the 3rd target!

NewImageOhno claps in approval.

NewImage4th target: Nino falls all but the bottom most can. 2nd and 3rd sniper both misses the last can.

NewImagelast target! Nino misses.

NewImageGuest hits off 2 cans.

NewImageSho hits off 1 more for a total of 310 points.

NewImageMM: that was cool, especially the later parts. 
S: Yeah… can we cut off korokoro viking and just show this? For the actual on-air…
hahaha!NewImage Arashi's turn next. Opps. I mean… Ohno's turn -.-'''

NewImageMM was doing some weird move here...

NewImageAnd ohno decided to follow suit haha!


anyway… they only need 52 points to win. That's… too easy :P

NewImageUmika-chan missed, but matsuoka scores a perfect! That ends it!

NewImageNewImageYes i can't believe that it ended just like that myself...

NewImageAnd so Ohno, i mean Kaibutsu team won!

NewImageNewImageOhno says that the reason for the win was the great teamwork. He doesn’t look very happy about winning though haha!

NewImageN: You don't look happy at all!

NewImageO: at the end i really wanted to kick the ball!


NewImageAnd here have we it again! Most Dame (fail) Arashi!

NewImageS: that was really yukai tsukai… (relaxed and fun, in the lyrics of the kaibutsu kun song)

NewImageThey congratulate ohno on his win. N: Give us some time (to decide the most dame person)

NewImageO: sure no problem, take your time.
he then steps back, away from the trap door.NewImageJ starts off very defensively. J: I didn’t do anything particularly bad today!
N: Well although we got 0 points in one game, aiba made it up by getting many balls (in pinball runner)NewImage A: That can be used to offset my bad performance right?
they then talked about how S and N worked hard for pinball runner… and came to a conclusion like thisNewImage J didn’t do anything wrong/bad, aiba, sho, and nine's bad performance was offset later by a good performance. So? Nono of them performed badly! XD

J: now that you mention it, leader got a lot of points.

NewImageN: yes he did. He different from the usual leader who doesn’t have any motivation.
J: Your tension was  different from usual right?
S: Honestly speaking, it was different. 
A: Isn't that strange?NewImage N: So if its like this… do you mind, please step forward (to the trapdoor).

NewImageIts pretty obvious what they are all trying to do yeah? 

NewImageNewImage(after that HnA i can't help but notice O's hooked nose…XD)
O: This pattern again!!!NewImageA: Sorry!
N: Sorry! Its dangerous! 

NewImageN pushes O into the middle of the trapdoor XD
O: Why!!! X2NewImage So the rest explains why… about how ohno seemed like a totally different person today, much more energetic and no sleepy… XD Aiba asks Ohno to say "Kaibutsukun movie is going to be screened" while dropping down… LOL! Ohno starts to complain… "You guys are seriously…" Nino happily cuts him off! "Its been decided!"

NewImageDespite Ohno's protest of "are you serious???", they still do the finger pointing anyway...

NewImageHahaha. XD

NewImageGosh you gotta love this guy's expressions XD

NewImage"The movie, Kaibutsu-kun…" 

NewImageNewImageThey sure had fun bullying ohno XD

NewImageNewImageO: Why (did they do this!)NewImageHahaha… cos they love you XD 


After the filming ends...

NewImageJ walks toward the camera and playfully covers it...

NewImageNino ushers O to the camera and asks Ohno to say something.


O: I just had that feeling that I'm going to fall today! I felt it! *staff laughs*

NewImageO: How do i put it? At the break, the members were around but

NewImageO: they were acting weird and refused to talk to me. So i thought, today it's going to be me (who's going to fall)

NewImageNewImageO: So anyway, i won… although i dropped down...

NewImageO: I'm going to have a good sleep tonight

Staff: otsukare deshita!

O: otsukare deshita!

And that ends the episode of VSA! Otsukaresama deshita Ohno-kun! Have a good night's sleep in those pyjamas XD

Yay, that marks the end of the bday celebration post! Wah it was hard working with eng subs. The subs are there so i can't help but read it… but you get unconsciously influenced to write what you just read… so yeah ><

Yay! I finished the review!

Happy Birthday Oh-chan!

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Yay! Its our dear leader's bday today! To celebrate… I present to you Kaibutsu-kun on VS Arashi!

Happy Birthday Ohno! You are now and old man!

Enjoy :)

Video source from very-nadegata. The video is eng subbed too, but I'm NOT trying to make a transcript of the subs here. I'll try not to copy from the subs at all but sometimes its hard to phrase short sentences any other way.

Ok, so my sis was watching all the latest HnA and VSA and laughing really hard and making me all jealous while i was doing this… so i ended up skipping a lot of dialogue about the plus 1 guests… and i thought the review will much shorter then usual. BUT NO! After waiting like an hour++ for my screen caps to upload, I'm told that the post has exceeded the word limit! o.o And i thought i didn’t write as much as usual...
Note: If the screencaps are not loading, try using a different browser...


J complains that there's only 4 of them during the opening recently. The previous week it was the Nazodi team so Sho was missing… Today it's Ohno's turn to disappear :) J complains about how there's supposed to be 5 of them… A: its hard to get everyone here ya? S: We all have our own stuff that we are busy with right? 

Its Nino who stops the talk and suggest that they call the guest team out. N: Er there's 1 scary person (in the guest team)… 
they start talking about the mysterious scary person, who said he wanted to appear on VS a lot before, thought N thought he surely wouldn’t come…NewImage So they finally invite the guest out… before any guest could be seen though, we hear the voice of *someone*. "Kaibutsu team, saikou!!" Yup, kaibutsu kin's trademark line from the drama :)

NewImageIt’s the kaibutsu movie team XD


NewImageYup, this is the mysterious, scary person they were talking about earlier is Matsuoka Masahiro from Tokio. He acts as Demokin in the drama. Demokin complains: I'm the prince of the demon world! Is it ok for me to wear this yellow shirt? *laughs*
hahaha too bad, its ur punishment for losing to kaibutsu kun XD 
The rest starts commenting on the shirt. 

NewImageThis two looks so cute :)

Sho starts teasing Matsuoka, saying that he is looking forward to his performance during the games. Matsuoka (MM) replies that he is more interested to see Sho's glibness.

Then Nino starts teasing Oh-chan… XD Leave it to Nino when it comes to teasing his skinship partner. 

NewImageN: Who's that normal guy over there?

NewImageO: I'm the prince! 
Rest of arashi: Prince!
NewImage Nino bends down really low to stare at Oh-chan. Eventually, it is J who asks the question: Is that pyjamas? 

NewImageSho one ups J. 'Prince, did you just come back from the flea market today?' Hahaha!

NewImageO starts explaining that he has one more of the pants… (i don't see the relation to the flea market question though…) But the other pair is THAT short… like really short… (see pic). A: I would love to see that! O: But i don't have tights so i can't wear that, cos i've got leg hair. (hahaha… thought of wearing fishnets yet? XD)

NewImageToday's plus one guest! Cunning Takeyama and Kojima Yoshio. 

NewImageOhno laughs at their attire XD

The arashi members start giving the two plus one guests the cold shoulder XD

NewImageThey start quarrelling… and taking the time to advertise their gag XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe first game is bound hockey!

The commentator (From now onwards i'll use C to represent the commentator/announcer/'voice from the sky) started asking each of them how much confidence they have on the game. When it came to MM's turn, he commented on how A and N were laughing at him non-stop XD

NewImageNewImageNino pushes the blame to Aiba XD
MM: Are you looking down on me?
A+N: no no not at all, please do your best matsu-ni.
NewImage And so it starts!

NewImageOhno got a goal with the first shot!

NewImageThe blue puck didn’t make it there though… They aren't very good with the passing, a few pucks in between either stopped out, or didn’t reach the next player… the next blue puck however...

NewImageBy some miracle managed to reach Ohno (it really seemed as though it'll never make it there!)


NewImageThis blue puck wasn’t so lucky tho… the 2nd player lost control of it and it went flying into oblivion. 

NewImageOhno manages to get another goal though...


NewImageAnd the very last puck! It looks like its going to score…!

NewImageAw… so total 95 points for Ohno team!
They praise Ohno for getting most of the shots in. O: I think among all our practises this was the best. MM: Eh? We practised? NewImage Ohno gives the ??? look.

NewImageShhh secret!

NewImageSome kind of unspeakable secret? o.o XD

NewImageArashi team is next!

NewImageAnd it starts. Guests are places on the 1st and shooter positions… so it all up to the guests to see how arashi team will perform… XD

NewImageThe 1st pass went into the gutter! Like eh? That's a really terrible shot from the shooter...

NewImage2nd puck hit the side of Sho's bat and flew off at an uncatchable angle...

NewImageJ tosses his playing stick (that orange bat thing) playfully at the passing puck XD

NewImageThey managed to get a goal with the next shot!

NewImageAnother one in the gutter from the shooter. Like… seriously? XD
no problems with the passing on the arashi team… but all the shots are missing the goal and either scoring 5 or 0...

NewImageAnother one! it hit the side of the goal...

NewImageThis time round the puck just stopped at his bat… -.-'''

NewImageFinally! he managed to score with the blue puck!

NewImageThe very last puck! Aiba decides to shoot it himself!

NewImageNewImageIt goes in! So 100 points for the arashi team!

NewImageOhno announces the next game! Rolling coin tower!

NewImageNewImageThe guest wanted to go next, but nino prevents him. Braty nino XD

NewImageYes, Nino got his way, of course :)

NewImageIts pyjama prince's turn. He clears it easily.

NewImageAiba sets some pieces off centre...

NewImageJ puts the last piece really really off XD

NewImageJ thinking "come, take the challenge!"

NewImageThe tower is getting really high now!

NewImageIts going into the 6th round now...

NewImageYoshio's turn now….. NewImageopps. The tower falls!

NewImageNewImageYoshio complains about the order 9of placing the coins): Don't the rest take turns? But i ended up doing 3 rounds in a row!

NewImageHahaha. Just face it… arashi loves to bully their comedian plus one guests XD

NewImageNext up! Korokoro viking!

NewImageArashi team is going first!

Aiba is really really excited today. Not only does he really like korokoro viking, he's also on the orange zone today. A: Its 30 times more exciting in the orange zone than the other zones! 
High tension aiba starts 'strategising' with the guest.

NewImageA This hole is important. There will definitely be balls that fall into that hole so we have to be really careful!

NewImageAiba starts plotting the course for the balls...

NewImageGuest: Aiba-kun!!! There's no other way besides this!!!
Sho comes to save the day by warning the guest about the high tensioned Aiba XD

G: What made your tension increase?
J: Because he got entrusted to play in the last zone.
A: Yes yes yes! They hardly trust me with such things. Its rare XD

NewImageIn the episode, the shuffling score areas are introduced! Every time a point in scored, the score board will shuffle! 

NewImageS: The games on VSA are really interesting! NewImageThey start praising their own show XD 

NewImageTatsuomi suddenly called up to Sho. Sho ask him to repeat what he just said cos it couldn’t be heard clearly… 

NewImageS: What did you say?
T: Nothing… :P
S: Please repeat?
T: EH?NewImageHe did say it though… T: Candleru sho-san!

Hahaha! He watched the previous week's VSA!

Sho: -.-''' *stone face*NewImage

NewImageS: Tatsuomi-kun, I thought you were going to say 'ganbarre sho-san'. But it turned out to be 'candle sho-san'… -.-'''

NewImageAnd as they laugh at candle sho, the game starts!

NewImageThe first ball… sinks into the hole… that was fast… :X

NewImageJ: EHHHHHHHHH???????????

NewImageOk, i take that back. The 2nd ball disappeared even faster… XD

NewImageNewImage3rd ball! Opps… it disappeared between the green and orange zones.

NewImageThe golden ball is here! Yes. Still at zero points. The golden ball disappears unceremoniously down the hole on the pink zone. O.0

NewImageSuch a cute frown XD

NewImage5th ball now. Opps. Where's the ball? Answer: It disappeared between the cracks of the orange and green zone. again. LOL! 

NewImageNewImageNewImagethe 6th ball disappeared too. And the last golden ball? It fell into some hole at the pink zone even before the 6th ball disappeared. 

NewImageYes. 0 points. Yes, they played the game already XD

NewImageEveryone is really amused...

J: There isn't even a need for the score changing boards…
MM: Its your own program isn't it? 

NewImageThey replayed how the 7th ball got 'sucked' into the hole immediately.
Aiba complains about how the orange zone, which was supposed to be a fun zone, wasn’t fun at all today. They started discussing about what happened to the balls that fell down the cracks and blaming each other. MM: Oi we are on TV!

NewImageN digs out a fallen ball and asks them to reenact what happened. The lower the orange zone too much and the ball falls in between the two zones again and 'fighting' ensues.

NewImageThe guest team happily watches the drama. 
G: It was also my fault for letting the ball slip through the crack, but i tried my best! Its my first time playing this and i had to put up with a guy with overly high tension too!
A: Its not my first time playing this but the last time i played i managed to score some points, i think its my partner who is at fault! (he paired with J the last time)

NewImageA: I've had enough! I'm going to pack up my bags and go back to my parent's home! G: No no no you can't do that!
S: What? You you two newlyweds? (LOL Sho!) 

Next is kaibutsu team!

NewImageC: Ohno-san, arashi team scored 0 points.
O: Arashi is always weak at new games
MM: Why are you so sad? You belong to this team! Please do your best!
O: I'm in a very difficult position! But the holes there are different from earlier… NewImage yup, one less hole in the pink zone, handicap for the guest team! (above: arashi's pink zone, below: guest team's pink zone)


MM comments that AMN look really depressed. N: When only is on his own he's always so energetic.. 

NewImageM: I want to join the kaibutsu-kun team too!

NewImageOhno looks worried...

NewImageThe game begins!

NewImageThe first ball disappears in the green zone!

NewImage50 points on the 2nd ball, nice!

NewImageNewImage20 points for the 2nd ball!

NewImageaw only 5x2 = 10 points for the golden ball.

NewImageAnd another 50 points!

NewImage30 points for the 6th ball

NewImage20x2=40 points for the last golden ball! Nice work! That gives them a total of 200 points!

NewImageNewImagethey look erm… sad.
MM: Did we do too well?
haha MM is worried about his juniors XD NewImage Ohno laughs XD

NewImageTatsuomi has to leave after korokoro viking though, cos its really late already and he has school the next day. Like seriously what time do they film till?

NewImageUmika: Arashi seems to discussing strategies now.
MM: Yup, to do so badly on your own program… if its TOKIO we'd be having a huge reflection meeting now! 
O: *laugh*

End of Part 1.

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Mago Mago Arashi Ep 13
Airdate: 050702
Pairing: Omiya

This is always a sure win pair in Mago Arashi. Why? Because you get to see BOTH Oh-chan's painting AND Nino's guitar-song rendition as parting gifts for the elderly. Plus this pair has good rapport with each other and Nino is cuddly to people (*laughs*) 

I love how kawaii they looked when they sit on short chairs like these.

Omiya look like couple don't they? And see, skinship already!arrowup
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Mago Mago Arashi #17 : Juntoshi  (Grandsons-a-day):
Airdate: 050730

Juntoshi as excursion facilitators to bring a group of grandmas who havent met each other for 60 years!!

Main highlight of the show:          
Juntoshi being "bullied" in grandmas' pillow fight !!

I think Ohno has the capability of making many epic facial expressions.

 Caring Jun sat beside nervous grandma. And that made grandma being so happy and blushed!  ̄▼ ̄

These grandmas are so full of energy that the grandsons were tired !
Juntoshi on the swing!

Ahh.. it was good that Ohno was the excursion planner because he had thought about the cultural aspects of the attractions. The excursion will be perfect if he had also considered about the accessibility of the places, such as the rocking boats and staircases. Overall, well done planner Ohno! 

Ohno is a person that likes nature and is evident by how he wants to made the grandmas happy by sharing the comfotable things in nature. Yassashi Ohno ne~

Jun was observant of the grandmas, such as whether grandmas are involved in the activities. He walked close to the grandmas, helping them with their walking and groceries.

Happy faces gallery :D
At the end of the day, all are in smiles and they had fun :D 

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Himitsu no arashi-chan #141 Ohmiya  
guest: Nakatani Miki 


Flower arragement class!
Ohno tries his hands in flower arragement and made an  arragement piece apecially for Nakatani !  
Adult drinking games! 
A very gentleman Ohno! 

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Airdate: 110425, 110426, 110427, 110428

We will see the state-of the-art facilities used to magnify Jakuchu's drawings in details.

The painting may be quite small, yet so much details were painted.
The colours were vibrant and strokes of painting are one-of-a-kind.

Jakuchu was the first to start some of the painting techniques. 
Jakuchu was drawing or thinking of things that are very advanced compared to fellow era painters.  
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