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Hihi everybody, it's been a while since I post here. I am helping [livejournal.com profile] madolyricszone to post because she is busy with life now. She was saying that she forgot about posting a Ninomiya post last month for the  17 31 year old's birthday.

I am currently doing reviews for [livejournal.com profile] smap_bangumi (officially opened! Come join if you like smap!)
and I came across the 情热大陆 Jounetsu Tairiku (Passion Continent) series.
I thought the episode on Nino was quite interesting, so here it is, the review for the month of July, a sneak peak to the episode !

OA: 070506
Jounetsu Tairiku 情热大陆

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Nino fans, this episode is not to be missed !
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*throws confetti*

Whee! According to my own stats this would be my 30th Arashi bangumi review! *claps*
A quick glance at my picasa web albums shows that I have close to 6000 screenshots uploaded! Woots! This is… unbelievable! I really take that many screenshot? >< Wow!

Anyhow… after all those reviews of stuff that aired long ago… I finally bring you something recent! Last week's TSD Aiba and Nino cut! It’s a short one though, just 22 minutes of video. I know the show is a 2 hour SP, but I’m too lazy to review the whole episode :P Too bad kekeke…

Hmm I hope this Aiba cut won’t be too messy… I watched last’s week’s 3 hour SP TSD Aiba cut, and it was kinda… jumping all over the place at some parts. Well it IS Aiba cuts only after all ne? ><  A special double release today! Let’s go!

EDIT: Wow, looks like i went over board with the screen shots again? LJ forced me to split this into two posts!

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The rest in Part 2!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Sorry for the huge two month break ne? >< Work and laziness really got to me. I'd end up lying on the bed after work and dinner, use the phone a bit, and then sleep. A whole week passes by and I'd realise I didn’t use my lappy at all >< And I end up surfing LJ at work during my free time, where I unfortunately can't watch shows and do reviews... But I'm finally getting it finished now! Merely halfway through the show but still...

Nino grumbles at being made to wait 2 months )

Next part is out! coming later today :P

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Arashi has been even more dazzling these days... and I think that Ohno looked especially good recently.. (^O^☆♪
that explains the mood of me doing many screen caps than usual hurray~! (´▽`)ノ♪

As this review is rather different from my usual short reviews, therefore there may be spoilers..
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Did I mention I like to see Arashi eats? Here just one example of how cute when they eat. And here's pouty Ohno! ^0^
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Than it comes the Aniki segment.

Micro-expressions, eating, dazzling & street fight scenes! )

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Arashi ni Shiyagare Ep13
Matsuko Deluxe + Hatori Shinichi and Masu Taichi

Review only on: Boyfriend skit segment only.

This segement review was meant to be shared during Nino month because Nino's bratty self was at it best in this episode. Nonetheless, sharing it here, plus let's take a look at what Cat Holmes Matsuko Deluxe does with Arashi in this skit segment.

For this "Boyfriend" act-out segment, you will see Masu Taichi, Nino, Sho and Aiba acting as Matsuko Deluxe's boyfriend.

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Neen: Ahhh.. Let me have a better look of you.
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The neen's expression when chosen for the Boyfriend skit.
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Watch the boyfriend skit HERE in tudou streaming. (Chinese subbed)

Reviews and comments are welcome *winks*
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Himitsu no Arashi-chan (Part 2: Ninomiya Cup)
Airdate: 101118
Episode: 109 (koyuki as vip room guest)
Status: subbed.

Since it is Nino month, I thought of a segment where it was named after the neen!
Excuse me for a picture-but-no-description review because Neener horse needs more attention. I realized I'm better at picture reviews (;
The Ninomiya Cup!
0-o  I didn't know there are so many "Ninomiya" places in Japan!

This segment was specially made for Nino so that he can achieve first ranking in areas he is strong in.
Was he able to clinch that desired 1st place?

Don't mess with the Neen.
Because he is very strong. He himself said it. (gray picture)

And lastly, Derby group photo

Sakurai willing to sacrifice for Neen? ^-^
End of review
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It's June!!
The month of Arashi's brat/magician/guitarist/composer/left-hander/hamburger fingers owner's birthday!!

Feel free to recommend some "Uniquely him!" bangumi episodes !
Or take this chance to ask about the episode source of that interesting picture or gif u have
 Do a bangumi review if you like, or any congratulatory message to this darling!

Be very bias to him. It is okay.

Because it is Nino Month!
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Mago Mago Arashi Ep 13
Airdate: 050702
Pairing: Omiya

This is always a sure win pair in Mago Arashi. Why? Because you get to see BOTH Oh-chan's painting AND Nino's guitar-song rendition as parting gifts for the elderly. Plus this pair has good rapport with each other and Nino is cuddly to people (*laughs*) 

I love how kawaii they looked when they sit on short chairs like these.

Omiya look like couple don't they? And see, skinship already!arrowup
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Mago Mago Arashi
Airdate: 070512

This is a special entry because I have a total of 8 sets of screenies to share!! All because this episode consist of my ichiban and also my favourite pairing ★☆ ゝ∀・`


Papa Sho had a great time with the kids!!
I think Papa Sho was even more excited than the kids ♪

What will Sakumiya duo be cooking? Absolutely can't tell from the drawings.....
Papa Sho almost forgot his ingredients!
But he had a great time cooking~ :D


We will also see a very excited Papa Sho ♪

I need a gif on this scene. Such a Kawaii puppy~  (/ω\)

Energetic Sho Papa and a tired nino mama?!

Caring papa looking at the kids eating, and the kids stick with mama ^0^


The Sakumiya duo had a great time with the kids (:

I was grinning from ear to ear after watching this episode.
I want to have Sho papa !!

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Himitsu no arashi-chan #141 Ohmiya  
guest: Nakatani Miki 


Flower arragement class!
Ohno tries his hands in flower arragement and made an  arragement piece apecially for Nakatani !  
Adult drinking games! 
A very gentleman Ohno! 

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just too cute. My favourite pairing xD

and the most classic screenshot from this video 
you probably just seen it everywhere >+<


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