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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a HUGE review coming up! 2.5 Hr SP AnShi! The HQ video itself is a whooping 2.5 GB large! Here’s wishing everyone a good year ahead… and here we go! Its AnShi time!

A word of warning, before you start reading. Part 2 is NOT done yet. I've not had the time to watch the next part of the show! If you
hate 'cliffhangers', maybe you should... come back tomorrow or something instead :P

Finally all finished!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

On a side note, I’d like to recommend Tokio’s Ultraman dash to you guys as well. Just watched it and it was very entertaining :P


Party Tonight? )

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It's November! Time to put up this header!

Gomen, this was supposed to be posted on November 1st.. things got a little busy for me -_-"

First and foremost, happy 14th anniversary Arashi!
And second is happy Satoshi birthday month!

For this month's review, it is Himitsu no Arashi-chan desu.
Let's see which guest was in this episode exactly one year ago? (1st November 2012)

She actually made Ohno changed his mind about marriage and wants her to marry him?

Click the cut to find out
Who is she?? )

The sharehouse segment ended with Ohno proposing (!!) and said : Can't you do something about it?
Next: Mannequin 5 )

And also sharing a fresh news from Japan,
that MatsuJun will be getting a new drama!
jun's new drama about cholatierRead more... )
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This month is the release of Jun's movie with Juri; Hidamari no kanojo.
I thought I do a review about Jun in non-city area. Therefore presenting this month's review ~~

Jun in Kyoto to scatter the seeds of Hope. (岚の明日に架ける旅~希望の种を探しに行こう~_松本润篇).
His segment is on food culture.
Gorgeous guy standing in front of picturesque scenery, along with autumn leaves and the iconic Ninna-ji.
See more )

And cooking~

Attending Jun sensei's class )

And so, Jun sensei concluded his show-and-tell activity with his class.
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It's the month of Jun's brthday heh heh, so I thought of doing a short review on an episode featuring Jun.

And since it is also near the 24hrTV challenge, which features a SP drama on Ohno,
therefore today's review is on OhJun/  Juntoshi

2013.01.31 Himitsu no Arashi-chan

- Sharehouse: Mama party
- Challenge: Toma Ikuta


  • Funny faces of OhJun papas

  • OhJun papas carrying the toddler carrier

In this HnA episode, Ohno and Jun interviews female guests who are mamas, and the boys tried on some items for taking care of babies such
as strollers and toddler carrier. For this sharehouse segment, it gets boring when the mamas start talking about their babies..The rewarding part about this episode is their peek-a-boo and them wearing the toddler carrier (with a toy baby as demo)

Their expressions when asked to do funny faces to play with babies.
Lol that look! ^0^

Jun's peek-a-boo face is really hilarious that Ohno could not stop giggling too!
Lol Ohno I think that peek a boo will stun a baby haha!

Lol Ohno you looked like you just woken up >0<

Challenge segment

  • Ohno was surprisingly good in one game

  • Jun's series of impersonation on 5 things

  • Toma doing comedian skit wearing english Sir outfit

I think this segment is more interesting then the sharehouse segment, since there is some anticipation on who will excel in the games etc. It's a fight between the 3 Johnny's

Ohno looking good =)

Jun's pursed lips

Love their expression here! Their "unimpressed face" of the appearance of a sporty comedian.

Ohno trying his might to hang on to the bar and... !

Jun gets a forfeit by doing a series of impersonation of 5 different things..4 artistes and a gorilla )=
Was thinking of having Ohno to do the impersonation. His facial expressions are rather epic these days!

Overall, its a (6.5/10) viewable episode, a non subbed version is still fine because the watchable contents are with their actions and expressions. Streaming with chinese subs from tudou here

End of review. Hope you have enjoyed it~

Something from weibo...Jun and Mao )
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Jun's NHK dramaJun's new NHK drama based on song [furusato]

Jun will be starring the NHK drama named [Hajimari no uta], story inspiration from the song [Furusato] in which Arashi sang in Kouhaku 2011 and 2012. As the song was so touching, it was used as the annual NHK primary school choir song. The drama was planned to commemorate the competition's 8oth anniversary.

The story is about a photographer who went back to his hometown and met his former crush (acted by Nana Eikura) who is a primary school teacher. His childhood dream, of becoming a teacher was reignited when he saw her determination in leading her students to compete in the  National school choir competition.

There will be scenes where Jun will be playig the piano while the choir is singing. He is currently under training to play the piano.

Other artistes include Naho Toda, Jun Kunimura.

It is scheduled to be broadcasted on September 23rd,  at 7.30pm (Japan time)

Please don't repost outside the community. A credit to me and a link back to this post is fine ;) Thanks!
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Smexy MatsuJun's birthday is coming!

An episode to recommend to make ur day a specially-Jun filled day!

Tunnels 30th Aniversary SP- Moji Kun segment
(VS Arashi Team) - Aiba Sho and Jun
Read more... )

-MJ cries?!

End of review! Short review because this episode has too much entertainment to watch! :D

Have a great MatsuJun-birthday day everyone!
How are you all celebrating his birthday? or does his birthday mean something to you?
For me, him and I share the same birthday month! My b-day is at the beginning of the month while he's is nearing the end of the month (;
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Himitsu No Arashi Chan Ep 160
Harada Tomoyo (VIP Limo)
Hiroshi Abe and Mizobata Junpei (Debunking myths)

I have so much fun screen-capping this episode! So much sunshine-bursting smileys and squishy cute faces from the Junba pair!
Without further ado, let's start the review! (;

The first segment is bringing the guest, Harada Tomoyo to celebrate her 30years in showbiz.
They went to a chinese cuisine shop.
The food was so delicious that Aiba wants to tell his dad to cook these dishes in their restaurant!

Read more... )

Time for the segment: Debunking Myths!
Where they try out city myths to see if it is true or not.

This segment has lots of Junba squishy faces. It's throughout the show so scroll down to the end (; Enjoy!

A wacky and obedient scientist Aiba with a cool scientist MatsuJun

Read more... )

Pouty Aiba dearie trying to create miracle!

The second segment of the show is really entertaining :D I really enjoyed this segment!
End of segment 2------ Hope you had fun reading seeing the caps!

Comments are appreciated!
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Pairing: Junba

This episode is where the mature guest will teach them the skills to become an adult. This time, the pair went to Karuizawa.
They went to the illusion museum and went bowling

Aiba was so excited when he heard that the present for winning the bowling match is 5 million yen worth of hotel stay.

And so the pair, along with the guest started bowling.

Read more... )

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Airdate: 110526
Himitsu no arashi-chan Ep 132
Guest: Ayase Haruka

The pairing is Sakumoto!
And they are getting nervous of today's guest?! xD  Nah....
Today's guest is Ayase Haruka!

This episode is really full of laughs
because Ayase is really a kawaii silly girl.
Because of all her kawaii blunder, it was really enjoyable to watch.
And the sakumoto pair is like her brother, accompanying this kawaii silly little girl :D

Ayase is a girl that can:

1) give you answer B when being asked Question A,
2) Mistook a Japanese castle as a temple

3) Directly asked a senior actor if his name is his show name
4) Forgot about what she had said
5) Apologies to a shop keeper for not buying his items...

Most importantly, she shares very similar drawing ability with Sho (;

can you spot how interesting her neko drawing is? xD
ps: she got perfect grade for art in her high school days! :D

I thought they look like a set of siblings! :D

The brothers sets out to help their little sister hunt down her ideal cooking pan and beautiful house!

And the brothers were also quite amazed by their little sister's light headedness (;

While viewing a house, the brothers "fell asleep"  The little sister attempts to wake her brothers up
Take note that she really did said those lines!! :D

The little sister takes good care of her brothers,
proudly showing her brothers the herbs she picked from their garden

and prepares uncooked vegetables for lunch ! XD

So one day, when the trio sets out to have lunch in a chinese restaurant,

ahhh.. brother Jun looks a bit unpleased with brother Sho! :D      Nah.... 

In fact Jun was so envious of Sho's feast that he was like a litle boy without his sweets.
So cute!! I adore!!  :D

And the trio had a great day out together :D

The little bully No.1 ,     The silly No.3  and        The caring No.2

They looked like siblings dont they? xD

Comments and episode reviews are always welcomed in this comm! :D
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Mago Mago Arashi #78
Kids Dinner - Junba Pairing

Did I mention how Junba pairing is special to me? Cos they are like elder brothers team, me thinks. And I imagined myself as their younger sister all the time (; 

This episode's child is a kawaii and mature 5 year old girl. The way she cajol her brother is like an adult. The non-stop crying toddler who cried very long, made Junba quite helpless.

Look! The usually composed Jun became erotic!

In my opinion, these 2 oni-chans have some decent experience in cooking, so watching their cooking process is comfortable. And yeah, look at serious Jun cooking a meal! I think this is the base for Bambino in the making!
What funny culinary ideas did Aiba made? My reaction was the same as Jun xD

Aiba was able to play quite well with the little girl, considering that he has younger sibling experience. He knows how to involve the child with his activities, such as getting the little girl to help his with eggs cracking and wiping his tears(!!!) (; 

Jun, as the charmer of the group, also managed to work his magic on the little girl too (;

Junba was clearly enjoying the filming because there are smiles on their faces. Really happy and big smiles. This is one of the episodes that I really enjoyed watching.
Also because you get to see DoS Jun playing tenderly with the girl (; 

Have you watched this episode? You are welcome to comment and share too!
You are welcome to do your reviews on Arashi shows! (;

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Mago Mago Arashi #17 : Juntoshi  (Grandsons-a-day):
Airdate: 050730

Juntoshi as excursion facilitators to bring a group of grandmas who havent met each other for 60 years!!

Main highlight of the show:          
Juntoshi being "bullied" in grandmas' pillow fight !!

I think Ohno has the capability of making many epic facial expressions.

 Caring Jun sat beside nervous grandma. And that made grandma being so happy and blushed!  ̄▼ ̄

These grandmas are so full of energy that the grandsons were tired !
Juntoshi on the swing!

Ahh.. it was good that Ohno was the excursion planner because he had thought about the cultural aspects of the attractions. The excursion will be perfect if he had also considered about the accessibility of the places, such as the rocking boats and staircases. Overall, well done planner Ohno! 

Ohno is a person that likes nature and is evident by how he wants to made the grandmas happy by sharing the comfotable things in nature. Yassashi Ohno ne~

Jun was observant of the grandmas, such as whether grandmas are involved in the activities. He walked close to the grandmas, helping them with their walking and groceries.

Happy faces gallery :D
At the end of the day, all are in smiles and they had fun :D 

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Gomen~ i can't locate the date for this video T^T (This will be the only entry where no date is stated for the episode) Found it ! The date is 100424

no one subbed this video yet.
streaming here This is the part where Matsumoto-san appears the most! whereas for here is the video where he appears almost at the last part.

Ahhh.. Jun helps Aiba ! Just another reason "kyaaa" during screencaping frenzy xP 
                                    those yellow caps.. this 2 looks like brothers having fun in kindergarden ^^

ahh.. it does get a little dry when it reaches the section where i stop screencaping.. but nonetheless.. this epsisode is just for us to look at these 2 work together to coax animals to eat their food.  6 for rating (:
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 24hrTelebi-MatsuJun in Cambodia 20080831
here (chinese site: tudou) 
Comments: LQ (but REALLY worth it)
eng sub by LJ community STORMY team sub  

Society issue: Cambodia- The problem of HIV passed from parents to children Read more... )


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