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Mago Mago Arashi Ep 13
Airdate: 050702
Pairing: Omiya

This is always a sure win pair in Mago Arashi. Why? Because you get to see BOTH Oh-chan's painting AND Nino's guitar-song rendition as parting gifts for the elderly. Plus this pair has good rapport with each other and Nino is cuddly to people (*laughs*) 

I love how kawaii they looked when they sit on short chairs like these.

Omiya look like couple don't they? And see, skinship already!arrowup
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Mago Mago Arashi #78
Kids Dinner - Junba Pairing

Did I mention how Junba pairing is special to me? Cos they are like elder brothers team, me thinks. And I imagined myself as their younger sister all the time (; 

This episode's child is a kawaii and mature 5 year old girl. The way she cajol her brother is like an adult. The non-stop crying toddler who cried very long, made Junba quite helpless.

Look! The usually composed Jun became erotic!

In my opinion, these 2 oni-chans have some decent experience in cooking, so watching their cooking process is comfortable. And yeah, look at serious Jun cooking a meal! I think this is the base for Bambino in the making!
What funny culinary ideas did Aiba made? My reaction was the same as Jun xD

Aiba was able to play quite well with the little girl, considering that he has younger sibling experience. He knows how to involve the child with his activities, such as getting the little girl to help his with eggs cracking and wiping his tears(!!!) (; 

Jun, as the charmer of the group, also managed to work his magic on the little girl too (;

Junba was clearly enjoying the filming because there are smiles on their faces. Really happy and big smiles. This is one of the episodes that I really enjoyed watching.
Also because you get to see DoS Jun playing tenderly with the girl (; 

Have you watched this episode? You are welcome to comment and share too!
You are welcome to do your reviews on Arashi shows! (;

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Mago Mago Arashi #17 : Juntoshi  (Grandsons-a-day):
Airdate: 050730

Juntoshi as excursion facilitators to bring a group of grandmas who havent met each other for 60 years!!

Main highlight of the show:          
Juntoshi being "bullied" in grandmas' pillow fight !!

I think Ohno has the capability of making many epic facial expressions.

 Caring Jun sat beside nervous grandma. And that made grandma being so happy and blushed!  ̄▼ ̄

These grandmas are so full of energy that the grandsons were tired !
Juntoshi on the swing!

Ahh.. it was good that Ohno was the excursion planner because he had thought about the cultural aspects of the attractions. The excursion will be perfect if he had also considered about the accessibility of the places, such as the rocking boats and staircases. Overall, well done planner Ohno! 

Ohno is a person that likes nature and is evident by how he wants to made the grandmas happy by sharing the comfotable things in nature. Yassashi Ohno ne~

Jun was observant of the grandmas, such as whether grandmas are involved in the activities. He walked close to the grandmas, helping them with their walking and groceries.

Happy faces gallery :D
At the end of the day, all are in smiles and they had fun :D 

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Mago Mago Arashi
Airdate: 070512

This is a special entry because I have a total of 8 sets of screenies to share!! All because this episode consist of my ichiban and also my favourite pairing ★☆ ゝ∀・`


Papa Sho had a great time with the kids!!
I think Papa Sho was even more excited than the kids ♪

What will Sakumiya duo be cooking? Absolutely can't tell from the drawings.....
Papa Sho almost forgot his ingredients!
But he had a great time cooking~ :D


We will also see a very excited Papa Sho ♪

I need a gif on this scene. Such a Kawaii puppy~  (/ω\)

Energetic Sho Papa and a tired nino mama?!

Caring papa looking at the kids eating, and the kids stick with mama ^0^


The Sakumiya duo had a great time with the kids (:

I was grinning from ear to ear after watching this episode.
I want to have Sho papa !!


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